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54 original ideas of what to give a Husband for 45 years +18 gifts and Tips

Every loving wife seeks to please her husband on his birthday. The importance of the occasion increases at times when it comes to the 45th anniversary.

The situation is complicated by the fact that during the years they lived together, a wide variety of presents were given to each other, and finding some fresh and original idea is not so easy.

However, with the right approach, the question “what to give my husband for 45 years?” will not remain unanswered – it is enough to take into account all the distinctive features of your chosen one and put a special meaning into the gift.

TOP 54 ideas that you can give your husband for 45 years

Puzzling over what is best to give your husband for his 45th anniversary birthday, you should focus on proven options that are one hundred percent likely to produce the desired effect. As practice shows, you can cause delight on the part of your beloved man with the help of the following presents:

  1. A self-winding watch box that will not only protect the accessory from dust and dirt, but also ensure the precise movement and maintenance of the movement settings;
  2. Electric barbecue;
  3. A checkbook of desires that allows the hero of the day to make wishes for you with the impossibility of refusing to fulfill them on your part;
  4. A good roomy suitcase for travel and business trips;
  5. Massage chair;
  6. A 7-in-1 set containing everything you need for games like dominoes, chess, cribbage, checkers, etc. of your choice;
  7. Camcorder, still camera or action camera;
  8. Subscription to the gym or swimming pool;
  9. A comfortable desktop or armchair for a husband who spends a lot of time at the computer;
  10. A set of aphrodisiac delicacies in the form of chocolate, seafood, exotic fruits;
  11. Radio receiver with clock and barometer;
  12. A wicker rocking chair, a swing with a sun awning, a folding garden pavilion, an inflatable pool (for an avid summer resident);
  13. A rare coin, a selection of stamps or a klaiser (a special album for storing them) is a great gift for a collector;
  14. Diode LED watch in the form of a steel bracelet;
  15. A bar for alcoholic drinks in the form of a globe, which serves not only as a place to store alcohol, but also as a stylish decoration for the interior of the office;
  16. Gorgeous antique candlestick;
  17. A starter charger that can recharge any gadget and even a car battery;
  18. Spinning or fishing kit will appeal to an experienced or novice angler;
  19. The oak barrel for alcoholic drinks will help the connoisseur of alcoholic drinks to enjoy their quality;
  20. A set of tools made of quality material will please the master of all trades;
  21. Car communicator (a device with which the driver gets the opportunity to express positive or negative emotions through various emoticons or text messages displayed on the rear window);
  22. Luxurious skin of a wild animal;
  23. Cooler bag for car;
  24. Massage mat for the front seat of the car;
  25. GPS navigator or video recorder;
  26. Comfortable hammock for outdoor recreation;
  27. Mini golf;
  28. Barbecue grill or a set of alloy steel skewers;
  29. A box of good Cuban cigars or a smoking pipe;
  30. A camping set of shot glasses made of silver or a flask with a congratulatory engraving;
  31. Perfume – a time-tested and favorite fragrance of her husband;
  32. Belt made of genuine leather;
  33. An exclusive tie with a precious pin or stylish cufflinks;
  34. Stylish tie case made of genuine leather ;
  35. A set of bath accessories, including a hat, mittens and a good pine broom;
  36. Warm blanket or blanket;
  37. Pedigree book;
  38. Desktop biofireplace;
  39. Antique music player;
  40. Men’s travel kit, including a razor with a blade, as well as tweezers, a nail clipper and a case;
  41. Souvenir rynda (ship’s bell);
  42. A beautiful painting for an art connoisseur’s office – a reproduction of a famous work or a modern creation;
  43. Panel with an ornament, decorated with a clock;
  44. Gift set for shoe care in vintage style;
  45. Real hunting knife or multitool;
  46. Crystal damask with several stacks;
  47. Briefcase or purse made of genuine leather;
  48. air grill;
  49. Whiskey cooling stones;
  50. Cup holder made of nickel-plated brass with a crystal glass included;
  51. Signature Zippo lighter;
  52. Collectible ceramic beer mug;
  53. Caucasian horn for wine;
  54. Set for making coffee – cezve, coffee grinder, spoon.

What to give your husband original for new emotions

What is better to give your husband a birthday present for 45 years so that the present is necessary and original? A gift for a spouse can be practical or with a touch of romance, stylish, discreet, cozy or spectacular.

Having visited any thematic forum, you will see that today it is quite difficult to surprise someone with a material present – most of them look ordinary and familiar. If it seems to you that it is better to give your husband something original and out of the ordinary for his 45th birthday, we advise you to pay attention to impression gifts. You can give your beloved spouse dizzying emotions with the help of the following ideas:

Parachute jump . It may seem to many that giving a husband such a present on the DR is too much. However, every real man is obliged to experience such an extreme at least once in his life, even at such a mature age. The jump will enable the hero of the day to feel all the charm of free flight and feel the rush of adrenaline, as well as remember the fearless youth;

Extreme driving courses .Thinking about what to give your husband for 45 years, if he has always appreciated calmness and measuredness, you should not wool store shelves in search of appropriate presents. Without exception, all representatives of the strong half of humanity, even the most distant from extreme sports, are not averse to pushing the gas pedal all the way and testing the power of the iron horse. At the courses in question, the birthday boy will be able to enjoy a fast ride without violating the rules of the road and without posing a threat to other road users. Among other things, an experienced instructor will tell your beloved spouse how to drive a car professionally in conditions of increased complexity;

Tickets for a sporting event . When a man is an ardent sports fan, the question “what can I give my husband for 45 years?” resolves on its own. Going to the match of your favorite team, regardless of the sport, will allow your beloved spouse to plunge into the atmosphere of drive, adrenaline and sports passion;

A trip to an amusement park . What can I give my husband for 45 years? As you know, men are just grown-up children. Get together and visit the amusement park with the whole family to give the birthday boy the opportunity to feel like a child again. If your lover prefers a more relaxed pastime or his birthday takes place in the winter season, arrange a romantic dinner for two in a restaurant or at home for your husband. Don’t forget to light candles and turn on relaxing music.

What to give your husband for 45 years with your own hands?

An original birthday gift idea for a loved one: a topiary in the form of a coffee tree. This is a great gift to decorate your work or dining table. The gift is not only eco-friendly and fragrant, but also beautiful – it will delight the birthday man and remind him of your care. To make a gift for a 45-year-old husband with your own hands, prepare the following tools:

  • grain coffee (it is better to choose smooth and fragrant grains);
  • a ball with a diameter of 8 centimeters (blank for a crown);
  • glue gun;
  • plastic pots;
  • plastic barrel tube (recommended length – 25 centimeters, diameter – 12 millimeters);
  • alabaster and a bucket for its breeding;
  • satin and nylon ribbons;
  • double sided tape;
  • scissors.

Instructions for creating crafts :

  1. Take a ball and cover it with coffee beans using a hot glue gun. Place the grains with a strip down to make the crown even.
  2. Next step: to make the crown look neater, glue it with a second layer of grains (but on the other side, stripe up).54 original ideas of what to give a Husband for 45 years +18 gifts and Tips
  3. Take double-sided tape, glue it obliquely over the tube with an indent from both edges of about 3 centimeters.
  4. Take a satin ribbon and wrap it over the tape.54 original ideas of what to give a Husband for 45 years +18 gifts and Tips
  5. Take a planter and pour some water into it (so that about 3 centimeters remain to the edge).
  6. Pour the water into a bucket and carefully add the alabaster, stirring the mixture occasionally. If it resembles sour cream in consistency, you did everything right.
  7. Transfer the finished mass to the pots. Insert the stem quickly but carefully into the pot.
  8. Wait until the mass hardens and dries completely. Cover the resulting mass with grains (in two layers – as you did in the previous steps).54 original ideas of what to give a Husband for 45 years +18 gifts and Tips
  9. Take a glue gun, put a little glue on the tube, then put the crown on it exactly in the center, press it lightly.
  10. Decorate the finished topiary with ribbons.


54 original ideas of what to give a Husband for 45 years +18 gifts and Tips

What can I give my husband for 45 years, depending on his hobby

Almost all representatives of the stronger sex by the age of 45 have time to form certain interests and hobbies. This circumstance greatly facilitates the life of their beloved women, who seek to please their soul mates with an ideal present. So, what is better to give your husband a birthday present for 45 years, based on his hobby:

  1. A sports bag, a tracksuit, a home exercise machine, a gym membership, a handy timer or sports equipment are what you can give your husband for 45 years if he is an ardent fan of a physically active lifestyle. It is worth noting that with the help of such a present you can not only please the birthday man, but also take care of his health;
  2. A spouse, who can most often be seen bent over another detective story or novel, can be presented with the first edition of his favorite book, a certificate for purchase in a bookstore, or a set of collectible copies of world classics;
  3. If you are looking for something original to give your husband, provided that he is a real music lover, pay attention to devices that make the process of listening to music more comfortable. We are talking about good headphones, portable speakers or a player. A good solution would be to purchase a device with the ability to play vinyl records if the birthday boy loves retro music;
  4. Any forum will prove that the main male hobbies are fishing and hunting. If your hero of the day is also ready to disappear for hours in the forest or on the banks of the river, then you should go to a specialized store. The best option would be to present a certificate for the purchase by the hero of the day of everything necessary for his hobby. If you know exactly what will please the hero of the occasion, you can choose specific things: for example, new gear, spinning, a fishing box or an inflatable boat are suitable for a fisherman, while a night vision device, digital binoculars, a camouflage poncho, dog GPS are suitable for a hunter -collar, etc.

What to give your husband for his 45th birthday inexpensively

There are situations when you want to please your beloved man, while the choice of presents is extremely limited due to lack of finances. At such moments, many donors fall into despair, believing that it is almost impossible to find a worthwhile gift for little money. In fact, even an inexpensive thing can cause admiration and gratitude from the hero of the day, if it was chosen with love. The following options will help please your husband at no extra cost:

  • Order of the Beloved Spouse . You can supplement the product with inscriptions explaining the reasons for awarding the order – “For Courage”, “For a Happy Wife”, “For a Strong Family”, etc.;
  • Name glass for cognac . A man who prefers an expensive drink will like this glass, especially if it is heated;
  • Trunk organizer . This part of the car is often filled with things piled up. A special organizer will help to solve this problem and keep order for a long time, which can have a very different look: organizer bags, elastic containers, luggage nets, protective partitions, etc. All you have to do is choose what suits your family.

Stylish accessories and status gifts for a spouse

  1. Jewelry, such as a chain or bracelet, will serve as a wonderful present for your husband.
  2. An elegant, durable umbrella is the perfect gift and everyday essential for any gentleman.
  3. Stylish engraved watches are an integral part of the image of a business person.
  4. A Parker pen, decorated with a personalized engraving, will be a wonderful and status gift for a spouse.
  5. Handmade document holder made of genuine leather is a convenient and stylish accessory that can be put in your pocket.
  6. A leather purse will guarantee that money, keys, phone, bank cards and documents will always be at hand at any time.

What can I give my husband for 45 years if he has everything?

  • Dinner at a restaurant with good cuisine and a pleasant atmosphere will appeal to a real gourmet and lover of solitude.
  • The organization of a noisy party with surprises, among friends, with jokes and unexpected gifts, will appeal to a sociable man.
  • Tickets for a trip for a couple of days are a great way to change the situation and take a break from everyday worries.
  • If a man loves massage, then give him a couple of hours of relaxation in a massage parlor.

How to choose what is better to give your husband a birthday for 45 years

Using the recommendations below, the right choice of gift and sincere joy on the face of the birthday boy will be provided:

Try to make your present unexpected for the hero of the day . To do this, you should take care of it in advance in order to independently take into account all the preferences and characteristics of the spouse. If you can’t arrange a surprise, try to get the necessary information about your husband’s desires in other ways: resort to the help of his other close people, go shopping with him, or just talk unobtrusively with him about what he likes;

Don’t overdo it with creativity and originality . For example, not every representative of the stronger sex will appreciate a mocking caricature of him;

If possible, give preference to status expensive presents – this way you can emphasize the significance and importance of the birthday man for you . If financial opportunities do not allow you to purchase this kind of thing, buy something that is not so expensive, but at least made of quality materials and has a stylish look;

The stronger sex appreciates, first of all, not beauty, but functionality, so choose practical things ;

When deciding what to give your husband an original in the form of an impression gift is a brilliant idea, consider his physical condition and character traits . For example, a man who has back problems and appreciates peace and quiet is unlikely to be happy about the opportunity to jump with a parachute.

Tips for original gift wrapping

Now no one can be surprised by a gift that is neatly wrapped in gift paper and beautifully decorated with ribbons. For real brutal, there are more interesting options. For originality and showiness, you can present a gift in a wooden box that opens with a crowbar. Such a non-standard presentation of a gift will be remembered by a beloved man with a good sense of humor.

What is better not to give a man for 45 years

Every forum dedicated to the issue of choosing a present for a beloved husband is full of warnings about unwanted gifts. The stop list includes the following ideas:

  • Trinkets from souvenir shops and other gizmos that do not carry any practical load;
  • Presents, the value of which exceeds the income of the hero of the day – this will negatively affect his self-esteem and dignity, and will also put you in an awkward position;
  • A gift with a price tag attached is simply indecent;
  • Money – demonstrate indifference and unwillingness to spend time and energy searching for a present;
  • Sets of shampoos and shower gels are too simple and inappropriate gift for the anniversary of 45 years;
  • For those who believe in signs – piercing and cutting objects, watches, handkerchiefs and napkins, empty dishes or a wallet, etc .;
  • Ready-made cosmetic kits, socks, shorts, etc. – “on-duty” gifts that look like they were bought at the last moment, “in haste”.


Choosing the right present for your husband’s 45th birthday is undoubtedly very important, but that’s not all. Much depends on its competent presentation, with which you can demonstrate all your love and respect. Pleasant manifestations of these feelings are hugs, warm words and kisses that can turn even the simplest and most inexpensive thing into a truly royal gift.

Any forum will offer a lot of options for what to give an original husband for his birthday, and the gift can be completely different: expensive and almost requiring no investment. But the essence of any gift for a spouse is to convey the importance of a loved one in the life of his soulmate, his love, attention, warmth and care. Then the gift will be priceless and memorable.

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