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TOP 45 ideas What to give for 14 years + 31 gifts and Tips!

At the age of 14, a person begins to experience all the hardships of adolescence, which is characterized by frequent changes in mood and desires. In this regard, it is difficult for parents, relatives and even friends to choose a good gift for the 14th birthday.

Below you will find a huge list of ideas that you can give for 14 years to a teenager – a girl or a boy.

Among the huge number of different things for teenagers, it is difficult to choose something really worthwhile. The best gift options for 14 years old that a girl or boy will like:

TOP 45 ideas What can be presented for 14 years for a birthday

  1. A new modern model of a smartphone or tablet for entertainment and education.
  2. Sony Walkman.
  3. An e-book with a large library of books in a genre that a teenager likes.
  4. Portable speaker or speaker system for a mobile phone.
  5. Digital or instant camera – so that a teenager can capture the bright moments from his life.
  6. Lava lamp is a beautiful interior decoration, a good gift for a brother or sister.
  7. Original alarm clock or stylish wrist watch.
  8. A musical instrument that a girl or boy wants to learn how to play. A guitar, synthesizer, drums will do – this can be one of the best gifts for 14 years.
  9. Silver or gold jewelry – earrings or a pendant with a pendant for a girl, a chain or a ring for a boy.
  10. Roller or ice skates with a set of protection – these are elbow pads, knee pads, a helmet.
  11. A piggy bank in the form of an ATM, a bomb or a safe is a useful idea for what to give for 14 years.
  12. Bicycle – mountain, road, pleasure or highway. This gift should also include a protection kit.
  13. Electric scooter, gyro scooter, skateboard and other means of transportation popular with young people.
  14. Jumper or “grasshopper” (pogo stick) – devices designed for jumping.
  15. A cool case for a smartphone or tablet is an inexpensive gift for a 14-year-old teenager.
  16. Universal portable battery for phone, portable hard drive for computer.
  17. Virtual reality glasses.
  18. Webcam to communicate with peers online.
  19. An interactive robot is a gadget that can walk and talk with its owner.
  20. Smartphone accessories – touch gloves that allow you to use your phone in the cold, a selfie stick or a gadget stand.
  21. Comfortable and roomy backpack that a teenager will use for school and travel.
  22. Comfortable sportswear in a compact bag.
  23. Brushes, paints, a decoupage kit or a sketchbook for a teenager who enjoys drawing.
  24. A passport cover is a symbolic gift for 14 years (at this age a citizen receives a passport).
  25. A projector for a smartphone is a device with which you can display an image from your phone on the wall.
  26. An ant farm where insects live behind glass.
  27. Board game – “Jenga”, “Mafia”, “Monopoly”, “Svintus” or other options.
  28. Scratch map of the world – with its help, a teenager will explore the world, marking on the map the places he has been or plans to visit.
  29. For those who are fond of science – an electron microscope, a telescope for studying celestial bodies, a set of “Young Chemist” or “Young Physicist”.
  30. Game console.
  31. A big puzzle is a picture that depicts a favorite hero or a portrait of a birthday person.
  32. Figurine made of real Belgian chocolate, made in the shape of a favorite hero of a birthday man or a birthday girl.
  33. Device for making homemade ice cream, popcorn or cotton candy.
  34. A home planetarium is a good idea what you can give a girl or a guy for 14 years.
  35. A smart electronic bracelet is a watch that counts steps and measures the pulse. A gift for those teenagers who go in for sports and take care of their health.
  36. Set for creativity. For a girl, a set of yarn or thread for embroidery, weaving from beads, and making soap is suitable, for a boy – a set for wood burning.
  37. Sneakers with LED-backlight.
  38. An aquarium with fish and accessories for it – shells, stones.
  39. Thermal mug with interchangeable pattern.
  40. Thematic encyclopedias with illustrations – the topic must be chosen depending on what the teenager is fond of.
  41. A book of a birthday boy’s favorite genre is a good gift if a teenager enjoys reading.
  42. Collectible set (complete with magnifier, album, tweezers, exhibit cleaner).
  43. Folding table or laptop stand.
  44. Illuminated globe – for an amateur or a lover to study geography.

Gifts for a girl for 14 years

During the transitional age, any girl wants to feel special. This is where the perfect birthday present comes in handy.

Good ideas for what to give a girl for 14 years:

Set of natural decorative cosmetics. At the age of 14, the girl already uses cosmetics, she is very concerned about beauty and fashion.

You can support the birthday girl’s passion and buy high-quality cosmetics made from natural ingredients – lipstick, mascara, eye shadow palette and makeup accessories. You can also buy skin care products – branded cream, shampoo and body balm.

Designer table lamp. As well as a lamp, a night lamp or a projector of the starry sky. You can pick up an original model in the form of a flower, a cup of coffee or a cheerful man in a hat.

Another good gift idea for a romantic granddaughter or 14-year-old daughter is a smart alarm clock with light effects that plays your favorite music or sounds of nature instead of an unpleasant signal.

TOP 45 ideas What to give for 14 years + 31 gifts and Tips!

The Diary. Every girl at 14 years old wants to have a personal space that will be respected by her parents, as well as brothers and sisters. The girl has grown up, she is turning into a beautiful young girl, and she needs a place where her innermost desires, thoughts and experiences will be collected.

For her birthday, you can give the girl a beautiful personal diary that closes with a lock.

A few more good gift ideas for your daughter, granddaughter, sister or teenage friend turning 14:

  1. Manicure set – a special apparatus for drying, as well as multi-colored varnishes and rhinestones for nails.
  2. Jewelry storage box.
  3. A set of jewelry – colored bracelets, rings, pendant, hairpins. A good gift for a 14 year old best friend.
  4. Hair care accessories – hair dryer, hair straightener, curling iron, styler.
  5. A musical rug for a girl who is interested in dancing.
  6. A cosmetic bag in a set with a comb and a mirror is another gift for a 14-year-old friend.
  7. Funny kigurumi costume.
  8. Delicate silk scarf is a caring and cute birthday present for your sister.
  9. Branded perfume in original handmade bottle.
  10. Soft toy warmer in bed.

Gifts for a boy for 14 years

Boys also need attention from their parents and friends – they have their own desires, goals and dreams.

If you do not know what to give a boy for 14 years, use the following ideas:

  • Quadcopter. The dream of most boys of absolutely any age is a flying machine with a video function. Such a gift is suitable for lovers of walks in nature, fishermen and hunters, connoisseurs of beautiful views from a bird’s eye view, as well as teenagers who are attracted to travel. Together with the boy, grandfather or dad will be able to shoot.
  • Weapon imitation. Boys at 14 are usually addicted to cars and guns. And if it is still too early to purchase a car, then weapons can be donated right now, but not real, but imitation. You can buy a bazooka that shoots air, a snow blaster or a snow crossbow. In the summer, powerful water pistols, a bow or a crossbow with arrows will be relevant. If the birthday boy is not interested in such “toys”, you can give him a 3D model of a tank or other military equipment.
  • Accessories for a computer or laptop. Boys are more interested in computers and video games than girls. If you are choosing what to give your grandson or son for 14 years, pay attention to various accessories – an optical mouse complete with a mat, a luminous keyboard, a fashionable functional bag or a laptop stand.

What else can you give a teenage boy for his birthday so that the gift is practical or original?

Here are some more good ideas:

  1. Sports equipment for sports – dumbbells, door horizontal bar, mini-trainer.
  2. Leather soccer, basketball or volleyball.
  3. A 3D constructor in the form of a car, plane, tank or world landmark is a good gift for a friend for 14 years.
  4. Youth wallet made of genuine leather, folded in half and fastened with a button.
  5. A gadget for computer games: a steering wheel for racing or a gun for shooting games.
  6. Table football or air hockey.
  7. RC car, helicopter, plane or boat.
  8. Basketball hoop for the wastebasket.
  9. A leather bracelet or medallion on a cord is a gift for a guy for 14 years from a girl.
  10. Suitcase with tools useful in everyday life.

Do-it-yourself gifts for a teenager for 14 years

DIY gifts will be nice to receive from friends, younger brothers or sisters, and also as an addition to the main gift.

A list of good birthday present ideas for a teenager that you can make yourself:

  • Unique photo frame. Some teenagers at this age already have a couple. A good gift for your beloved boyfriend or girlfriend for 14 years is a do-it-yourself photo frame. It can be made from a regular frame and decorated with shells, beads, coffee beans, buttons or coins.
  • Photo present. You can give a sister, girlfriend, as well as a brother or friend an inexpensive but memorable gift – a T-shirt or mug with a photo print, a backpack with an original print or a photo collage of your conscientious funny pictures.
  • Box with sweets. Banal at first glance, but a very nice gift, especially if you don’t know what to give a girl for 14 years. You can make the box yourself, and put your favorite chocolate and sweets of the birthday girl with a sweet tooth inside.
  • Prediction presentation. A memorable gift for a guy for 14 years. 365 predictions and wishes for the future can be packed in a box – the birthday boy will open one at a time throughout the year. You can make cookies for him and put notes inside, you can also decorate the box with photos, ribbons and bows.
  • A cup made by hand. An inexpensive birthday present – glue a mustache on a mug or paint it with acrylic paints or special felt-tip pens. In the same way, you can make a unique t-shirt.

Tips: what gift to choose for a teenager on his birthday

Finding what to give a boy or girl for 14 years is difficult, but this task is doable if you are serious about choosing and giving a gift. To make your teenager happy with the holiday, pay attention to the following tips and tricks:

  1. Some are still children at the age of 14 – girls play with dolls, boys are fond of cars, and some live a full adult life and even earn money on their own. The gift should focus on the hobbies and interests of the birthday person that excite him at the moment.
  2. In terms of interests, boys at the age of 14 are more interested in electronics, radio-controlled toys, and girls are more interested in sweets, cute interior items and beauty items. But remember that there are always exceptions – each child is individual.
  3. When choosing what to give for 14 years, take an interest in the opinion of the teenager himself about a possible present. Try to satisfy the wishes of the birthday man or girl, but you should not fulfill absolutely any whim – children at the age of 14 tend to do bold and rash acts.
  4. Many relatives give teenagers money – this is a gift that any 14-year-old who knows how to independently manage finances will gladly accept. To make the surprise not so official and boring, add a twist to the congratulations – put banknotes in a piggy bank, a beautiful wallet, or make a money tree with your own hands.
  5. A few more nuances that you should pay attention to when choosing a gift are its age-appropriateness and your degree of closeness with the birthday person. The same things can evoke completely different emotions. For example, a soft toy given to a loved one will be warmer than if it were given by a grandmother or mother – a teenager expects more serious presents from them.
  6. If a teenager lives in a separate room, you can give him a designer item of a suitable style to decorate the interior or organize a personal space – it can be a new chair, bed, soft ottoman, stylish coat hooks or a closet. From this day on, this thing will belong to a girl or a boy who celebrates his birthday, and the teenager will learn to take care of things.

What is better not to give a girl or boy for 14 years

At the age of 14, teenagers are vulnerable – they may not like the gift that you buy in the first store that comes across. If you want the birthday boy or girl to remember this day for a long time, try not to buy the following gifts:

  • Gifts for children. At the age of 14, a girl or boy cannot be fully called adults, but they are no longer children. Soon a person will become a full-fledged citizen and receive a passport. It is unlikely that a birthday boy or a birthday girl will like a toy that is intended for young children.
  • Items of a personal nature. Gifts of a too personal nature should not be given to a teenager of 14 years old – girls and boys at this age may be embarrassed, they can already choose such things on their own. The list includes underwear, pajamas, razors and other similar items.
  • Cloth. At the age of 14, a boy or girl independently decides what clothes to wear. Their tastes change as often as fashion. If you want to give a teenager just such a present, give a certificate for visiting a fashionable youth store, and the hero or hero of the occasion will choose clothes on their own.
  • School supplies. Some consider things for school to be the perfect birthday present. But this is not so – in addition to studying, a teenager has friends, hobbies and hobbies. Pay attention to this aspect of life and donate a thing without reference to school.
  • Gifts with a hint. For a vulnerable teenager for 14 years, it is better not to give books like “How to lose weight in two weeks”, “How to turn from an ugly duckling into a swan”, and such gifts as acne creams should also be abandoned. This gift can offend or embarrass a young girl or guy.
  • Animals. Such a gift should be given only if you are confident in the desire of a teenager to take care of a small kitten, dog or turtle. You also need to make sure that the parents of the birthday boy or birthday girl are not against the new tenant in the house.
  • Past hobbies. The gift must be relevant, otherwise it will collect dust thrown on the far shelf. The hobbies of modern teenagers change very often – make sure not to give a thing that the birthday person no longer needs.


Choosing what to give a girl or boyfriend for a birthday of 14 is a difficult task, because teenagers at this age are difficult to please, and adults are lost in the assortment of modern goods.

But this is possible – before going to the store, you need to find out about the desires and hobbies of the child, show imagination, and then the maturing boy or girl will be sincerely grateful to you.

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