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TOP 76 Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Men +28 Gifts and Tips

Many of us at least once in our lives wondered what to give a man inexpensively, for example, when it comes to a friend or colleague. It is always difficult to choose such presents. After all, it is not enough to buy a souvenir or other useless thing.

In order for your present to be remembered, it must evoke positive emotions, and for this you need to make an effort. Protect yourself from the wrong choice by arming yourself in advance with useful tips and recommendations from specialists and people who have been in the same situation as you.

Today you will save time and nerves, as you will learn a huge number of ideas that you can give a man from an inexpensive one. Feel free to choose one or even several of the presents below and enjoy the enthusiastic emotions of the recipient!

TOP 76 Inexpensive gift ideas for men

  1. A set of luminous glasses.
  2. Pear chair.
  3. Desktop weather station.
  4. External battery.
  5. Business card holder.
  6. Set for cleaning shoes and clothes.
  7. Hookah.
  8. Table game.
  9. Wall barometer.
  10. Mini fridge for beer.
  11. Shaker.
  12. Multifunctional shovel.
  13. Dishes for open fire.
  14. Salt lamp.
  15. Interesting piggy bank.
  16. Sauces set.
  17. Magnetic money clip.
  18. Portable speaker.
  19. Vacuum insulated stainless steel mug.
  20. Mini basketball hoop above the door.
  21. Fishing box.
  22. A set of tools for the garden.
  23. Original shtoff.
  24. Lamp with wireless charging.
  25. Heated gloves.
  26. Tactical flashlight.
  27. Folding glass.
  28. Smart notepad.
  29. Tourist ax + sharpener.
  30. Camera trap.
  31. Weight.
  32. Corkscrew.
  33. Backpack chair.
  34. Push up platform.
  35. Gingerbread set.
  36. Book limiter.
  37. Screwdriwer set.
  38. Luminous LED cap.
  39. Cash box with key and combination lock.
  40. Nightlight.
  41. Electric sharpener.
  42. Table fan.
  43. Luminous shoelaces or headphones.
  44. Gaming mouse for a computer with high-speed modes.
  45. Leg hammock.
  46. Hidden book.
  47. Paracord.
  48. Stones for cooling drinks.
  49. Holder for documents.
  50. Chameleon mug.
  51. Universal multitool.
  52. Convenient organizer in the trunk or car interior.
  53. Cool alarm clock (running away, flying away, with a target).
  54. Key holder (wall or pocket).
  55. Set for assembling polygonal figures.
  56. A set of high quality Belgian chocolates.
  57. Jar of honey with gold.
  58. Cocktail set.
  59. Wrist trainer.
  60. Ordinary or engineering compass.
  61. Ship model.
  62. Pine nuts in honey.
  63. Interesting bookmark.
  64. Puzzle set.
  65. Convenient table lamp.
  66. Turk and coffee in a gift box.
  67. Space food in tubes.
  68. Figured spoon for shoes.
  69. Filter pitcher for water.
  70. Clay teapot for a connoisseur of oriental culture.
  71. Salt lamp.
  72. Flask in a case.
  73. Business card holder with magnetic cover.
  74. Handmade soap.
  75. Desktop perpetual calendar.
  76. Keyboard vacuum cleaner.

Original inexpensive gifts

Birthday, New Year, February 23 are special holidays for which you want to rejoice, make wishes and, of course, receive unusual gifts. It is hard to believe in this, but an inexpensive gift for a man can be non-trivial. Brighten up your boring everyday existence with one of these gifts!

Glowing glasses. It is quite a good option what to give a man inexpensively. The set includes several glasses equipped with LED-backlight. It turns on automatically as soon as liquid is poured into the container, and also turns off when the glass becomes empty.

With such accessories, any party will turn into a fun and unforgettable holiday.

Notebook with a wooden cover and interchangeable blocks. Inexpensive, but original present to the head. Wood is an environmentally friendly material, such a cover is saturated with the energy of wildlife, so touching it causes pleasant emotions.

A notebook with a wooden cover will faithfully serve its owner for more than a dozen years, it is enough just to change the blocks from time to time.

Coated mug for drawing with chalk. These are interesting and inexpensive gifts for colleagues. You can write something special to each employee: warm wishes, etc.

The mug is covered with a special base on which they write with chalk, so the design of the product will change every day. In addition, you can make notes on the mug, make a to-do list so as not to forget anything important.

Multitool credit card. If you are wondering what an inexpensive gift to give a man, take a closer look at this idea. This is a kind of multi-tool made of hardened steel. Its shape is very similar to a credit or discount card, so it is convenient to store the product in your wallet.

A multi-credit card can easily replace 18 tools that are indispensable in nature, on a hike, etc.

A beer helmet  is a thing with a capital letter for fans of watching football matches.

If your friend is a fan of some team, give this cool inexpensive gift to a man.

Unusual alarm clock – inexpensive and tasteful. This is a watch that will please the original appearance. Surely the birthday boy does not have this yet.

To add an unusual gift, complete it with a cool postcard or pick up interesting words for congratulations. This will definitely cheer up your friend and guests for a long time.

What to give inexpensively and tastefully

Agree that an acquaintance, friend, colleague always wants to give something cheap and tasteful. We all strive to choose a gift that can outshine all the others. Do you think this mission is impossible? Then hurry up to explore the following ideas, you can be sure that your surprise will not be equal!

  1. Metal “eternal” pencil. This is an inexpensive unusual gift for a man who, by the nature of his activity, is often forced to write. Thanks to your present, he will be able to avoid an unpleasant situation when, at the most inopportune moment, the pen stops writing. The tip of the pencil is made of a special alloy that leaves marks on paper very similar to the marks of a slate pencil.
  2. Plant growing kit. Such an inexpensive birthday present for a man cannot but be liked! Many have heard more than once that a real man must do three significant things in his life, one of which is to grow a tree. Some will say that this is a stereotype, but why not listen to ancient wisdom and give the birthday man the opportunity to grow, for example, a blue spruce or a dwarf pomegranate.
  3. Addictive board game. Since many men remain mischievous and cheerful boys in their hearts, this small present should also not be left unattended. Choose an exciting game that can be played by the whole family or a large company. A man will experience pleasant emotions and will thank you more than once from the bottom of his heart for this.

Budget and useful gifts

Budget gifts for men are not necessarily useless souvenirs that just gather dust on the shelf. Even in this category, you can find many interesting options that are beneficial in everyday life.

Telescopic flashlight. Great gift for a male friend. After all, this is no ordinary flashlight. With the help of this product, you can easily get the metal objects that have fallen and rolled into nooks and crannies. After all, the body of the product is equipped with a powerful magnet.

The advantages of the gift also include a thin and flexible telescopic handle, bright light, small size (a flashlight can even fit in a pocket). This thing is especially useful for motorists, and will also be a real find for minor repairs.

Heated lunch box. An inexpensive gift for a loved one. So you can show care for him without words. With such a present, a man will enjoy warm homemade food in an office or travel setting.

Screwdriver with a set of bits and nozzles. These are undoubtedly necessary and inexpensive gifts for men. The kit is useful in everyday life, will help out in an emergency. It can be used at home, on the road, office, etc.

The advantages also include multifunctionality, ease of use, compactness, quick change of nozzles if necessary.

Blanket with sleeves. Considering a variety of ideas for inexpensive gifts for a guy, it is impossible to ignore this option.

Benefit and functionality are one of the main components of good, high-quality gifts.

Fitness bracelet with pedometer.  If you are looking for ideas for inexpensive gifts for a guy, and your friend has not yet acquired such a device, then it’s time to give it.

And if your friend is also trying to “lose too much”, then the device is simply indispensable for a man for both 60 and 50 years.

edible gifts

An edible inexpensive gift is not only tasty, but also bright and beautiful. And sometimes even helpful. What can you give inexpensively to a man:

Festive tea or coffee set . A good gift for an avid coffee lover or tea connoisseur. Especially suitable as an inexpensive gift to colleagues, so that there is something to color the office routine.

A men’s edible bouquet  is a nice present, a festive mood and a great idea of ​​what to give a man inexpensively.

Anything can be used as a filling for a bouquet: nuts, sweets, chocolate, fruits, dried fruits, wine, cheese, etc. Choose what the birthday boy loves the most. The shops offer different options for decorating gifts-bouquets. But they are all incredible.

A bright, tasty, beautiful cake  is the main decoration of the festive table. And men’s holidays are no exception.

A birthday cake or pie can be purchased at the store or baked by yourself.

Holiday honey set . Delicious, healing honey in a beautiful package is a great gift idea for the holiday. Tasty and healthy.

These delicious gifts can be given for any occasion: for an anniversary, New Year, February 23, etc.

Gift set with honey and jam. An unusual sweet congratulation will appeal to a young guy, it is also a memorable gift for a man for 50 years.

The set includes honey, which is known to be extremely beneficial for the body, as well as jam made from natural products. This excellent spiritual present will definitely not go unnoticed.

Chocolate making set. Another interesting surprise that will cause a storm of positive emotions in a true sweet tooth. The kit includes only natural ingredients, and the cooking process itself is very exciting. This is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the intricacies and nuances of all the processes of creating treats, spend time with your family, and please children.

Gift set of candied fruits. In addition to the fact that this set, thanks to a kaleidoscope of colors, looks very impressive, candied fruits have many useful properties. These are high-calorie foods, so they are recommended for people who experience severe psycho-emotional and physical stress.

The composition of candied fruits includes only natural ingredients. It is also a storehouse of vitamins, macro- and microelements, so the reasonable use of the product strengthens the immune system, improves performance, etc.

Inexpensive gifts for a good friend


TOP 76 Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Men +28 Gifts and Tips

A gift here should express respect, care and appreciation. In this case, take a look at the following inexpensive gift ideas:

Winter set of a motorist.  In cold weather, the car needs special care. This is the time when car care becomes a daily routine. Every day, the motorist cleans the body and windows from snow and takes care of the engine.

A set of useful tools will greatly facilitate the life of the car owner and save valuable time. Suitable as an inexpensive gift for a loved one.

A home cooler for drinks  is an analogue of an office cooler that is used for beer, kvass and soda.

The main difference from the cooler is an attractive and original design. Therefore, this device will not only fit perfectly into the kitchen interior and keep the ideal temperature of the birthday person’s favorite drinks.

A sun lounger  is a good opportunity to relax in nature or in the country. The compact piece of furniture weighs little and can be easily installed anywhere.

A sun lounger is just what you need to relax after a hard day at work.

A voltage converter  is an indispensable thing for every car owner. The fact is that the internal generator of the car supplies current with a voltage of 12-24 V. And all household appliances operate on a voltage of 220 volts.

A voltage converter is something that a rare motorist can do without. Very useful as a valuable little gift to the boss.

A few more universal gifts

In order not to make a mistake in choosing, you need to consider as many interesting ideas as possible. So take a few more minutes to explore a couple of win-win options. They definitely deserve your attention and will delight the recipient!

  • Office survival kit. A great present if your friend is an office worker. Uniformity, monotony – a routine that literally eats a person. But there is one very simple way to cheer up and recharge your batteries for a long time to come – a kit that will help you survive in the office. The kit includes stickers, a sleep mask, an anti-stress bubble wrap, and instructions with funny tips.
  • Home weather station. A good gift option for 60 years. This is a wall or table device with which you can determine the temperature and humidity of the air, both indoors and outdoors. Many products are equipped with other useful functions: alarm clock, calendar, clock, etc.
  • A set of growing pencils. An interesting and inexpensive present for a man. At first glance, these are ordinary pencils, however, their “secret” lies in the eraser. In fact, there are seeds of different plants there, and in the case when the pencil runs out or just gets bored, it must be stuck into the ground, with the rod up. In a few days, the first shoots will appear. Watching them grow is pure joy!


The modern market sometimes shocks buyers with its assortment and it is quite difficult for a simple layman to determine what inexpensive gift to give a man so that he brings joy and cheers up. This is a common problem.

For a distant relative whom you have never seen before, but you know that he will attend the holiday with you, a good symbolic gift is appropriate: an interesting umbrella, a stylish phone case, a book, a diary or planning. There are many such presents in the category of cheap gifts for men.

When it comes to a friend or former colleague , then you can stop at something original. For example, a comic suitcase of a dollar millionaire would be appropriate.

Let’s say you met and just started dating , but did not have time to get to know each other better. When choosing a gift, focus on the benefits and romance, but not pronounced. You can donate a neck pillow and a sleep mask, especially if the person travels a lot. Or settle for a wine cabinet or gaming mouse with speed settings.

Do not give obviously unnecessary things to men. Usefulness, unusualness, normal price and interesting packaging are the main criteria for a good gift for any event.

Haste is not the best adviser. Choosing an inexpensive gift for a man is already not easy, and if you rush, then nothing will work at all. Well, if you are invited in advance, then there will be time to think carefully about everything and pick up some kind of neutral little thing. If you found out about the invitation at the last moment, you should not go all out and buy the first thing that came to hand, it is better to limit yourself to a classic present.

Budget . If the budget is limited, this does not mean at all that you need to buy a useless souvenir. In order for your gift to evoke positive emotions, it must be not boring. Therefore, departments with items whose fate is only to collect dust on the shelf, it is better to bypass.

Packaging . The preparation of any holiday must be approached responsibly. Despite the fact that you will be giving an inexpensive gift, be sure to take care of its beautiful design. Save money on wrapping paper, you can also purchase a postcard in which you write a few kind words by hand. Thus, you will be able to create a festive atmosphere, and the person you present will be pleasantly surprised.

What is better not to give

With a tactless present, you will only show your upbringing and frivolity. Do not buy the following gifts, even if you are in a hurry. In order not to make mistakes when choosing inexpensive gifts for a man, carefully study the list of items that are not customary to give.

  1. Personal hygiene products are also individual items. The shaving lotion or foam you choose may not suit the birthday person, even if you chose the products with great care. They also need to be excluded from the list of possible presentations.
  2. Animals . Cats, dogs and fish are great. But the person himself must choose his pet. In addition, any animal requires care, responsibility and emotional return. By making such a gift, you oblige the person to take on unnecessary obligations.
  3. The degree of originality must be appropriate . If we are talking about unusual gifts, then immediately exclude from possible gifts any options with photo printing or comic “black” statements. Stick to the boundaries of decency. If you decide to buy something with humor, then it should be harmless.
  4. Immediately exclude any types of alcoholic or tobacco products if you are not sure of your choice.
  5. Outdated technologies . CDs, flash drives, cassette players, tape recorders – gifts are very much for everyone. Such things are only suitable for a collector. But then it should be relevant, rare items.
  6. Fake originals . With “fake” things you will cause bewilderment and will not look in the best light when the birthday boy realizes that the thing is not real. And he will guess, no doubt.
  7. Underwear and socks . Such a gift can even be called indecent. Since these things are very personal and people acquire them on their own.
  8. Perfumery . Not the best option if you are new to the tastes of the recipient. You may simply not guess with the flavor, so throw your money away.
  9. Expensive things . Even in the budget category, you can find many worthy presents, and choosing an expensive gift will make a man feel indebted to you.
  10. Photo printing options . Such a present cannot be called original, it will not make a proper impression on the hero of the occasion.
  11. Gifts with humor . When choosing cool gifts, try to stick to the boundaries of decency. Remember that your gift should not be offensive.


I hope now you will not have a question what to give a man you know. Use ready-made ideas and congratulate your loved ones and friends on important holidays.At first glance, it may seem that finding an inexpensive gift for a man is not an easy task. However, if you follow the tips, you will be able to pick up a lot of neutral things that will arouse the interest of a large number of the stronger sex.

Put meaning and soul into your gift, regardless of who it is intended for: be it a close friend or a colleague from a neighboring department. A gift made from a pure heart and with positive intentions will immediately be appreciated!

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