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TOP 43 ideas What to give a Boy for 10 years +20 gifts and Tips

A boy’s 10-year-old birthday is the first date when he celebrates his first serious anniversary. No longer a child, but not yet a teenager, the guys learn about the world, conduct their first experiments and draw their own independent conclusions about the world around them.

Boys more often than girls begin to study global issues at the age of 10. Isn’t that why the age of the birthday boy, when he wants to prove his worth in knowledge and physical abilities, often confuses relatives when deciding what to give a boy for 10 years?

In order not to get into an awkward situation when presenting another car for a boy’s birthday, get acquainted with modern ideas of what to give a child for ten years.

They will emphasize your respect, love and care for the interests of the hero of the occasion.

TOP 43 ideas that you can give a boy for 10 years

  1. Finger football.
  2. Levitating Iron Man toy.
  3. Laser keyboard.
  4. Mini safe.
  5. Electric roller skates.
  6. Flexible computer mouse.
  7. Cube labyrinth.
  8. A water-repellent T-shirt is an interesting gift idea for a 10 year old boy. It will remain dry, even if the hero of the occasion spills juice on it.
  9. Magnetosphere.
  10. Segway.
  11. Joystick for mobile phone.
  12. Pen-scanner for instant translation of texts and images into electronic format will delight the young hero of the occasion.
  13. 3D pen.
  14. Kigurumi pajamas.
  15. Glasses with LEDs.
  16. Horizontal bar on the door.
  17. Candy machine. Yes, now you can train in the control of a mechanical arm at home!
  18. One wheel scooter.
  19. Jumpers. Outwardly, they look like roller boots, but instead of wheels on the sole, they have stable springs.
  20. Slime antistress.
  21. T-shirt with equalizer. A young music lover will definitely like such a gift!
  22. Pen shocker.
  23. Electric scooter.
  24. Ferromagnet in a cylinder.
  25. Magnetic stand to create an object that will float in the air. It remains only to properly assemble the installation so that it works. Every ten-year-old boy wants to feel like a magician! Fulfill your birthday dream.
  26. Wireless charger for phone.
  27. Electric pencil sharpener.
  28. Playstation Joystick Charging Cradle is the perfect gift for your 10 year old godson if he dreams of becoming a professional gamer.
  29. A set of pens in the form of magic wands.
  30. Kinesiology tape. Such a patch is suitable for a sports boy. It does not hinder movement, allows air to pass through and protects muscles and tendons from damage. This tape can also be used for prevention.
  31. Folding bicycle.
  32. An inflatable bivan will come in handy if one of the friends decides to spend the night at the birthday party.
  33. Home volcano.
  34. Sound therapy device.
  35. Cryptokitten. A digital pet will be a great simulator for developing our smaller sibling care and even a child’s financial skills.
  36. Digital lighting for bicycle wheels.
  37. Bike computer.
  38. “Children’s course in various sciences” by Sergei Ivanov is one of the best decisions on which book to give a boy for 10 years. Whatever the child’s hobbies, he is always looking for answers to emerging questions. Solutions to many of them he will find in this book.
  39. Smart garden with lighting.
  40. Gel ant.
  41. LED lighting for books.
  42. Snow blaster.
  43. Light tablet for drawing.

Original gifts for 10 years for a boy

When looking for what gift to give a boy at 10 years old, it is important to strike a balance of uniqueness and prudence. Remember that the hero of the occasion is entering a time of active study of life processes, physical laws and testing his own capabilities. At this age, he will need:

Electronic designer . The best surprise for a curious child. The educational game will clearly show many phenomena and patterns, which will satisfy the cognitive needs of the child.

3D printer . Such a surprise will make the world of scientific discoveries closer to the boy, and will come in handy more than once in school or in creating new interesting objects.

Telescope . Models of devices for children today practically do not differ from adult equipment. It will certainly be interesting to observe space objects with such an instrument, even if he does not dream of becoming an astronomer or astronaut.

Board games . Not a single boy will refuse to fight with friends, father or brothers in football, hockey or billiards, in which the excitement of the conqueror of the world burns.

Floating globe . Delhi, which is 10 years old, is usually very fond of such exciting things. Exploring the world is always more interesting in an unusual format.

A couple more interesting ideas of what to give a boy for 10 years

Pay attention to some more ideas that you can give a boy who is turning ten years old:

Sports equipment . The initial stage of the formation of personality, character and self-development makes the boys vulnerable and unsure of their own abilities, which is why it is so important to develop in them the spirit of competition and internal growth.

Fingerbike . Finger trainers are good because they develop fine motor skills. At the age of ten, many games for this hero of the occasion may be considered too “childish” hobbies. Give him a full replacement for such fun.

3D puzzle . Assembling such a constructor is not an easy test for many adults. Give the boy the opportunity to be proud of himself.



TOP 43 ideas What to give a Boy for 10 years +20 gifts and Tips

Universal advice on what to give a boy for another 10 years does not exist.

Each boy is an individual with unique talents, preferences, upbringing and opportunities.

However, we will still try to give general recommendations on how best to choose a gift for a birthday boy of this age.

  • Pay close attention to the boy’s hobbies and interests. If you have not seen the future hero of the occasion live for a long time, his social pages will help you, where you can track his moods and hobbies.
  • Ask people close to the boy or himself what he wants to receive as a surprise. Respect the wishes of the birthday person to the voiced list of gifts.
  • On a birthday, it is customary to give those offerings that the hero of the occasion will use, and not his whole family.
  • Pets or plants are given only in those cases when all members of the boy’s family are really ready for this surprise. Such a gift cannot be made without their prior approval.
  • Choose a gift not on the eve of the celebration, but in advance. This will save you from buying a gift, “just to be.”
  • Stop at the gift option in the middle price segment so as not to put the boy’s parents in an awkward position. This rule may be neglected by family members or people who give a common gift to a child.
  • When handing over books, do not write on the title pages. Only its author has the right to write a message to the future owner of the work.
  • Follow all the same rules of etiquette when choosing and presenting a gift to a boy at 10 years old as when preparing a surprise for adults. Pack a gift in a beautiful package, tear off the price tag, prepare a greeting card.
  • Think over what warm words to address to the birthday man. Let the speech not be long, but also not be reduced to the thesis “be an obedient boy.” Remember that for a child, the age of exploring the world is coming – the era of finding your own way and rebelling against outdated principles.

DIY gifts for a boy for 10 years

When resources are limited, it is worth finding options for what to give a boy for 10 years inexpensively. If you create such a surprise with your own hands, you can create an absolutely unique gift that the boy will be proud of. Such a gift can be:

  1. Plaid from old T-shirts of the whole family of the hero of the occasion or his personal clothes.
  2. Diary with wooden or leather cover.
  3. Sweet tree.
  4. Shelf for books.
  5. Set of photo frames.
  6. Handmade writing set.
  7. Piggy bank made of papier-mâché.
  8. Decorative panel.
  9. Backpack.
  10. Casket.

wall organizer


TOP 43 ideas What to give a Boy for 10 years +20 gifts and Tips

For manufacturing you will need:

  • pieces of leather or leatherette;
  • studs made of brass or other materials;
  • hole puncher;
  • knife;
  • textile glue;
  • stationery clips;
  • sample.

Working process:

  1. Mark the contours of the paper blank. It consists of 4 isosceles triangles stacked together.
  2. Cut out the future organizer according to the workpiece.
  3. Fold the canvas into a pocket.
  4. Mark the location of the future fastener.
  5. Expand the canvas, process the intended place with a hole punch. Return the canvas to its original position and mark the location of the valve. Poke it with a hole punch.
  6. Expand the panel, glue one of the corners of the triangle with an overlap. Let dry. You can additionally secure the junction with clamps.
  7. Remove clips and install clasp.

Tip : To prevent the organizer from looking like a “stranger” on the wall in the boy’s room, create several organizers.

Lamp “Dog”


TOP 43 ideas What to give a Boy for 10 years +20 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • wooden block 30 * 25 cm in cross section;
  • electric wire;
  • lamp;
  • cartridge;
  • planter;
  • 6 bolts;
  • drill.

Working process:

  1. Cut bars in 6 sizes. The first is 13.5 cm (1 pc), the second is 35 cm (2 pcs), the third is 22.5 cm (2 pcs), the fourth is 27.5 cm (2 pcs), the fifth is 20.5 cm (1 pc.), sixth – 10 cm (2 pcs.)
  2. Draw the “legs” of the dog. Tape the ends of the bars with painter’s tape and paint them black. Drill holes for assembly.
  3. Drill two holes in the pot. One will go for the wire, the second will serve for fastening with the frame.
  4. Assemble the parts of the “dog”, fasten with 6 bolts.
  5. Fix the planter, thread the electrical wires into it, screw in the cartridge and the lamp.

What is better not to give a boy for 10 years

If you are faced with the problem of what kind of gift you can give a boy of 10 years old, you should first decide on a list of unwanted options for a surprise.

  • Jewelry . A gold chain, bracelet or ring can get lost or damaged in a series of boyish games and experiments. This will upset the hero of the occasion no less than the donor himself and can form a guilt complex in front of you in the boy.
  • Toys . Refuse such a gift if you have not discussed it with the birthday person in advance. If you give such a surprise to a boy at 10 years old, he may be offended that you do not consider him an adult. You don’t want to spoil everyone’s holiday with your offering, do you?
  • Gift certificate . This gift is also not appropriate if it is not approved in advance by the birthday person. But is it worth insisting on it if the hero of the occasion wants to get a surprise for his first serious anniversary?
  • Fiction . Without taking into account the preferences and interests of the child, you can miscalculate the style of the work.
  • Impression gift . An excursion to the museum, to a role-playing game, can only be planned by the family of the birthday boy. Do not violate the plans of people close to the boy, if it is necessary to indicate the date of the visit and the preparation of a quest or other event.


Accumulate ideas of what is the best gift for a 10 year old boy over a long period of time. Decisive when choosing a surprise for a birthday boy should be the hobbies, hobbies and goals of the boy himself. To know about them, it is important to follow a number of rules: to maintain a constant connection and dialogue with the child. To do this, do not dismiss the “stupid” problems and questions of the boy when he turns to you for help.

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