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Solid 76+8 Birthday Gift Ideas for the Boss and Tips

It is not easy to choose a suitable present even for a loved one, and when it comes to a gift for the authorities, the task becomes more complicated several times.

You will have to sweat even more if you need to please the fairer sex, because only the most attentive can predict women’s desires.

How not to spoil the holiday for a female leader and what to give the boss for her birthday – tips and ready-made lists of gifts below will help you figure it out.

TOP 76 ideas of what to give the boss for her birthday from the team or from yourself

  1. Handmade box or jewelry organizer;
  2. An original mirror in the shape of a hand with a thumbs up with a personal inscription (for example, you can put a company slogan, a compliment, a personal motto of the birthday girl or just a motivating phrase on the surface);
  3. Portrait of the headmistress, painted from her photograph;
  4. Certificate in a beauty salon or spa;
  5. Congratulations from your favorite actor, singer or his double (depending on the budget);
  6. Antique clock on the wall or desktop;
  7. Live flower in a beautiful pot with carved patterns;
  8. Vase of original form handmade;
  9. A set of elite varieties of coffee or tea in a gift box;
  10. A handmade perpetual calendar that can be placed on the table or hung on the wall;
  11. A set of personal fountain pens in an elegant case;
  12. Designer ashtray or lighter for a smoking boss;
  13. Monthly subscription to a massage salon;
  14. Personalized set of handmade chocolates;
  15. Personalized thermo mug with lid for car or office;
  16. Large gift set of honey;
  17. A very large bouquet of flowers;
  18. Elegant leather briefcase or clutch;
  19. Lunch box with original design;
  20. Soft bath towel or dressing gown with personalized engraving;
  21. Instant camera (instant camera);
  22. Collectible fountain pen;
  23. Chic wooden desktop business card holder;
  24. Compact laptop bag;
  25. Marble miniature fountain;
  26. Alarm clock with an original melody (birdsong, sounds of nature);
  27. Decorative “smart” lamp, activated by movement;
  28. Mouse pad with an unusual pattern or inscription;
  29. Designer case for glasses;
  30. Certificate to a furniture store for the purchase of a high-quality office chair;
  31. Retro radio receiver;
  32. Decorative hourglass on the office table;
  33. GPS-navigator for the boss-car enthusiast;
  34. Gift set of glasses with personalized engraving;
  35. Original sand painting on the wall;
  36. Decorative candlestick, antique;
  37. Original photo frame for several photos in the form of a tree;
  38. Certificate for meditation or yoga classes;
  39. Personal 3D figurine based on a photograph of the boss;
  40. A modern gadget is a “smart” watch or an e-book;
  41. Collectible chess or mahogany checkers;
  42. Exquisite scarf in a beautiful gift box;
  43. Newton’s gift pendulum – a mechanism for demonstrating the transformation of energy of various types into each other (potential and kinetic);
  44. Japanese hieroglyphs made of rhinestones, symbolizing success, good luck and wealth;
  45. Traveler’s globe – a white ball with the contours of countries and continents;
  46. Name diary or organizer;
  47. A set of chocolates from around the world;
  48. A trip by carriage or limousine to work in the morning and home after a working day;
  49. Tickets for an exhibition, theater or museum;
  50. Large wooden wall map or scratch map of the world;
  51. Massage chair or a special cape on a regular work chair;
  52. Certificate for a master class related to the hobbies of the hero of the occasion;
  53. Purifier, ionizer or humidifier;
  54. Mini-bar in the form of a globe;
  55. Blanket with sleeves;
  56. Aquarium with goldfish;
  57. Florarium (a miniature garden with live plants in small glass containers);
  58. Certificate for completing an exciting quest, flying in an airplane or hot air balloon, skydiving, extreme driving, etc. (for fans of active and extreme recreation);
  59. Book-safe in leather cover;
  60. Named external battery;
  61. Statuette of a girl who looks like a birthday girl;
  62. A set for your favorite game (for example, for the classic Monopoly);
  63. A set of personalized pens made of expensive wood;
  64. Fur cape on the seat in the car or office chair;
  65. A book that motivates for further achievements (for example, a biography of a successful person);
  66. A bottle of wine of the birthday girl’s favorite variety in a wooden box with the inscription “To the best boss”;
  67. A reusable notebook that makes it possible to erase everything written on its pages with a damp cloth;
  68. Rock garden with bonsai in the center to attract happiness and wealth;
  69. Small biofireplace;
  70. Desktop weather station;
  71. Expensive table lamp;
  72. A picnic set consisting of a capacious basket, cutlery and dishes, a pack of napkins, a cutting board, a salt shaker, a pepper shaker and other necessary attributes for outdoor recreation;
  73. A musical film with a video sequence about the boss and the team, which may include footage from various corporate events;
  74. Ring of Omnipotence, an Oscar figurine or a magic ball for making decisions (for a lady with humor);
  75. Rocking chair or hammock to give;
  76. A note in the favorite newspaper of the hero of the occasion, written on behalf of all members of the team.

What to give the boss for her birthday inexpensively

Often, it is very problematic to collect a decent amount for a gift to the headmistress for employees of small organizations. However, this situation is not a reason to resort to “duty” presents in the form of champagne and sweets.

Many do not believe that a lot of unusual things can be inexpensively presented to the boss, although these include:

Bracelet-charging for iPhone .When choosing what to give a female leader for her birthday, do not forget that a real boss should always stay in touch. By handing this useful gadget to the headmistress, you will allow her to avoid a complete discharge of the smartphone, always having a charger at hand (or rather, on hand). In fact, this is an ordinary data cable for Apple smartphones, which is easily folded into a bracelet, so with its help you can not only restore the phone, but also transfer important files from it to your computer;

Medal “Honored Workaholic of the Russian Federation ” It is a great idea to give a female leader from the team such a symbolic souvenir, because he will definitely find a place of honor in the birthday girl’s office and will remind her of recognition and respect from her colleagues for many years.

At the same time, the very moment of presenting the presentation requires special organization – you need to carefully consider who will present the award, with what words, in what images and to what music. Otherwise, it will not be possible to achieve a solemn atmosphere. An interesting option is to arrange a quest for the female leader, the prize for completing which will be a medal.

Naturally, the scenario of the quest should be related to the activities of the company and the characteristics of the team;

Plant growing kit . When choosing what to give the boss inexpensively, for example, for 35-40 years, give preference to the presented option, because it will help create a cozy atmosphere in the head’s office.

The components of the set are a ceramic container of any shape with fertile soil and lawn grass seeds. As for the cache-pot, it should be chosen based on the characteristics of the organization or the hobbies of the birthday girl.

For example, if you work in a car dealership, the choice should obviously fall on a ceramic car model. It is worth noting that caring for a planted plant can be called elementary – it is enough just to water the grass and cut it curly;

Paperweight “Euro” . The presented accessory will not only be the answer to the question “what to give the boss inexpensively?”, But it will also allow a woman to keep documents in a neat form.

With a limited budget, preference should be given to glass products, and if finances allow, you can purchase a model made of bronze, marble and other more expensive materials. The symbolic appearance of the paperweight will make your manager’s visitors smile and become a kind of talisman to attract money.

What can you give the boss for her birthday original

Puzzling over what you can give your boss, it is important to show imagination and ingenuity. Otherwise, there is a chance to disappoint the birthday girl with a banal present that will look like you didn’t want to bother and bought the first thing that came across.

You can give the female boss the following original gifts:

A book written by the whole team . Giving a female boss a birthday present, for example, for 45 years, such a collection of stories on behalf of all subordinates is a great idea, because this way you can remind your boss of the positive aspects of your common work.

In addition, with your present, you will demonstrate not indifference to her holiday, because to write such a book, you will have to sweat. First of all, we should remember the fun and joyful events in the life of the headmistress associated with her professional activities.

It would be useful to supplement the stories with wishes from all colleagues. Naturally, all notes should be accompanied by suitable photographs and fun drawings.

You can give such a creation to a female boss after it is properly designed in a printing house and enclosed in hardcover;

Star with the name of the hero of the occasion . If you need to give a female manager an anniversary gift, such as a 50th or birthday gift that she has never received in her life, check out this idea.

The headmistress, who has everything, will be pleased to become the owner of such an unusual property. Also, the birthday girl will receive all the necessary certificates, which will indicate the data on the registration of the star, as well as a description of the constellation and its photo. Moreover, modern technologies will enable a female leader to watch the star at any time through a special program;

Arrangement of natural roses under glass .It would be appropriate to give a female boss something romantic and feminine.

Nothing better emphasizes the vulnerable nature of a birthday girl than flowers, and not ordinary ones, but almost eternal ones. Dehydrated plants in a flask retain their freshness for more than 5 years.

At the same time, they do not require watering or special care – it is enough just to clean the glass from dust from time to time;

Tea set “Wise Boss” . When deciding what to give the boss for the anniversary, especially if the age of the birthday girl can be called solid (for example, when she turns 55), in addition to femininity, it is worth remembering another important feature of the weaker sex – wisdom.

The set may consist of a crystal glass, an openwork coaster and a beautiful spoon with a personalized engraving. A distinctive feature of such a tea set for one person should be wise quotes and congratulations, the text of which will be printed on the outer surface of the glass.

How to choose what to give your boss for her birthday

To give a woman boss, of course, you want something solid. However, often the team spends a lot of money and receives in response only polite words of gratitude, not accompanied by special enthusiasm.

At the same time, the hero of the occasion can be presented, at first glance, a trifle and hit the bull’s-eye. To cope with this task and give the female boss exactly what will cause her real admiration, you need to follow simple recommendations:

  • Before you go in search of a present, it is important to clarify the age of the birthday girl . This factor should be taken into account when choosing the color scheme and theme of the thing;
  • Consider the status of the hero of the occasion and the organization itself . So, for example, if a woman runs a small company with a small team, you can give the boss a present of average value for her anniversary. In addition, in small firms, the team, as a rule, is more cohesive, and the distance between ordinary employees and superiors is not so pronounced, so the gift can even be humorous. If we are talking about a large company, and the rules of subordination are carefully observed, it is better to give preference to an expensive and discreet gift;
  • Take into account the hobbies of the birthday girl – she will be much more delighted with a present related to her favorite business than with work, albeit no less beloved;
  • Spend time looking for an original gift – it should be clear from the thing that it was chosen with a soul and a desire to please;
  • Think over the words of congratulations that you will say at the time of the presentation . An ideal addition to the gift would be a song or a poem written by employees specifically for the hero of the occasion;
  • If a thing is donated on behalf of the entire team, then all employees must be present at the solemn moment ;
  • Before you give a bought present to a female boss for her birthday, think about its design . We are talking about a festive package or a gift bag. In any case, your choice should fall on pastel colors (brown, beige, navy blue, pale pink, gold, etc.). It would be even better if the packaging is made in the corporate colors of the company or contains the company logo – the boss will definitely appreciate such attention to detail.

What is better not to give the boss on her birthday

There is no doubt that giving the boss from the team an unsuccessful present is much worse than in the case of a male leader. The fact is that the representative of the stronger sex can simply get upset, while the birthday girl will hold a grudge and turn your work under her supervision into a real hell. You can avoid these terrible consequences and understand what you can give your boss by giving up the following options:

  • An office trinket like an ordinary stationery set (a woman always wants to remain, first of all, a woman, and not a director, and besides, such a present looks like a hastily bought one);
  • Things, the delivery of which is considered bad form in the case of superiors (we are talking about jewelry made of precious metals, cosmetics and personal belongings, household items, underwear or bed linen, etc.);
  • Gifts with a hint of age or external flaws of the birthday girl (subscription to a fitness club, anti-aging cosmetics, a ticket to a sanatorium, etc.);
  • Cheap gifts (with the exception of an original hand-made thing, or taking into account all the features and preferences of the birthday girl);
  • Useless things (they will only take up extra space in the house of the hero of the occasion);
  • “Funny” gifts (may offend a woman).


To give a woman boss a good present, you will have to spend money, effort, nerves and time. However, if a gift from the team brings pleasure to the leader, we can assume that you managed to win her favor and, most likely, work under her leadership will bring only positive emotions.

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