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TOP 93 ideas What to give a child for 7 years +23 gifts and Tips

Every year, the question of what to give a child for 7 years becomes more and more relevant. This is due to the abundance of toys, gadgets, clothes on store shelves. In addition, at this age, boys and girls go to school, lifestyles change, new friends appear that influence their opinions and interests. However, there is something that unites all children of this age. They still continue to study the world around them, learn its mysteries and secrets.

At seven years old, a child can declare his desire, but what if it is far from reality or you do not communicate closely enough and cannot know exactly about his preferences. Then the gift ideas collected in this article for a child for seven years will come to the rescue.

Since children at this age enter school time, many are at a loss: to give a new toy or an object that is useful for learning. A few tips that you will find here will help you cope with this difficult task.

It is easy to make a child happy, and his holiday bright and memorable. In order to find a cool gift, it will take quite a bit of time, but believe me, it will pay off for you a hundredfold as soon as you see the admiring eyes of a child!

TOP 93 ideas What you can give a child for 7 years

  1. Interactive toy.
  2. Light tablet.
  3. Musical instrument.
  4. Slide projector.
  5. Portable speaker.
  6. Microscope.
  7. Radio controlled toy.
  8. Bike.
  9. Railway.
  10. Gyroscooter or segway.
  11. Skateboard.
  12. Wall stickers.
  13. Rollers or skates.
  14. Trampoline for home.
  15. Table game.
  16. Loft bed.
  17. Tablet or phone.
  18. Snow scooter, sled, ice or tubing.
  19. Swedish wall.
  20. Ball (soccer, basketball, volleyball).
  21. Kick scooter.
  22. Pear chair.
  23. Set for playing tennis or badminton.
  24. Telescope.
  25. 3D night light.
  26. Stylish backpack.
  27. Interactive piggy bank.
  28. Huge wall art.
  29. Basketball basket for home.
  30. Set for experiments.
  31. Basket with goodies.
  32. Magician’s set.
  33. Sculpting kit.
  34. Easel, brushes and paints.
  35. Inflatable outdoor pool.
  36. Constructor.
  37. A large set of pencils or markers.
  38. Children’s decorative cosmetics.
  39. Harmonica.
  40. Archaeologist’s set.
  41. Tent or wigwam.
  42. Electronic butterfly in the bank.
  43. Sand painting kit.
  44. Snowflake.
  45. Rubik’s Cube.
  46. Gel ant.
  47. Large bright pencil case with handles.
  48. Fortune cookies.
  49. Set for creating artificial snow.
  50. Magnetic whiteboard.
  51. Markers for drawing on glass, ceramic or fabric.
  52. Table lamp for classes.
  53. Set for creating engravings.
  54. Lightboard.
  55. Aqua farm.
  56. Bookshelf with original design.
  57. A set for creating products from plaster.
  58. Umbrella and rubber boots.
  59. Bedding set with the image of your favorite hero.
  60. Skipping rope with an electronic counter.
  61. Boxing gloves with pear.
  62. Kaleidoscope.
  63. Balanceboard.
  64. Personalized spoon or cup.
  65. Candy machine.
  66. Tarzan with a soft seat.
  67. Protective equipment (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads).
  68. Twister.
  69. Training uniform and shoes.
  70. Metal detector.
  71. Disco ball.
  72. Frisbee or boomerang.
  73. A set of paints for face painting.
  74. Unusual alarm.
  75. Apparatus for making popcorn.
  76. Keychain with search function.
  77. Star map.
  78. Interactive cartoon character.
  79. Toothpaste dispenser.
  80. A set of growing pencils.
  81. Illuminated sneakers.
  82. Lava lamp.
  83. Children’s kigurumi pajamas.
  84. LED lighting for shoes.
  85. Set for growing plants.
  86. Wood burning kit.
  87. Shadow play.
  88. Children’s video camera.
  89. Jumper.
  90. Luminous shoelace.
  91. Sand painting table.
  92. Mini karaoke.
  93. Crystal growing kit.

Original gifts for a 7-year-old Child

Unusual gifts will make a great impression on the child and will be remembered for a long time.

The next category of presents will please both the bully and the princess, help you feel like a real wizard, and will not ruin you.

Instant camera. If you notice that the child has begun to be interested in photography, then it’s time to present him with a camera. But since children are impatient people, it is better that the result of the work is immediately visible.

The camera is easy to use, functional, available in different colors, so you can easily choose a model for both girls and boys. A good gift for a child on his 7th birthday, he will contribute to creative development.

3D pen. What used to be fantasy is now reality. With this pen, you can draw contours, creating three-dimensional objects right in the air. Depending on the principle of operation and the type of materials used, the handles are “cold” or “hot”.

Keep in mind that the first ones are safer for the child, as they do not have heating elements, therefore they minimize the risk of burns. Also, when working with “cold” handles, there is no unpleasant smell.

This is one of the most appropriate ideas that you can give a child for 7 years.

Jacket-transformer. Clothes that turn into an interesting toy and vice versa are an interesting option for what to give a girl for 7 years.

The child can take his favorite toy with him for a walk, which then transforms into a cozy blouse. It is important that both items perform their functions to the fullest.

The jacket is made of high-quality cotton, has several convenient pockets and a hood that covers the back of the child. The toy is so cute and soft that you don’t want to let go of it.

Installation with soap bubbles for a bicycle. The product is attached to the bike frame. An original gift with which you can blow a large number of bubbles. The child will actively pedal, leaving behind a train of rainbow balls.

It looks like real magic. In order to put the installation into action, it is necessary to pour a soapy solution into the tank and press a special button. Such a device is inexpensive, and the emotions and impressions will be remembered by the child for a long time.

Ideas for inexpensive birthday presents for 7 years

Not everyone can afford to buy an expensive present, do not be upset. Here you will find inexpensive gifts, but no less interesting.

Kite. This is one of the favorite children’s toys, a great reason to go for a walk with the whole family and a good option, which is unusual to give a child for 7 years.

To successfully fly a kite, when choosing a product, you must consider several rules. The design should inspire confidence, be strong, but light.

Give preference to classic models, rather than snakes made in the form of animals or cartoon characters. Such products are of lower quality and cannot boast of good aerodynamics.

Pen with invisible ink. Both boys and girls at the age of 7 begin to secretly with their friends, so this pen is very useful for them. An ultraviolet flashlight is built into it, which will allow you to read what is written.

Pen can write not only on paper, but also on any other surface. Buying such a gift will not be a problem, it will also come in handy in the school process, for creating cheat sheets.

Kendama. A popular Japanese toy consisting of a handle, a ball on a string and two bowls. You can consider this option if you don’t know what to give your child for DR at 7 years old.

The meaning of the game is to toss the ball and catch it in turn on different bowls. Such an activity trains the reaction, calms, teaches to concentrate, develops an eye, attentiveness, dexterity, coordination of movements.

Boys and girls are equally fond of the toy, it protects children from extreme or computer games.

Puppets. These are dolls on ropes, threads, elastic bands or wires. Symbolic gifts with which the child will be able to independently create a theatrical production.

Children, playing, will train perseverance, develop imagination, memory, learn to concentrate their attention on what is happening. Such an activity, in the best possible way, relieves emotional stress, and by playing life scenes, the child learns to resolve many conflict situations.

Useful gifts for a child for 7 years

Considering the best gifts for children at the age of 7, many focus on practicality. Here are ideas that any child will definitely like.

Smart watch . A useful gift and a reliable assistant to the child. The watch performs the functions of a telephone, allows you to track your location, and is equipped with a listening device.

Any boy or girl will be happy to receive such a gift, it gives self-confidence, speaks of independence. The advantage of smart watches over phones is that they are always on hand, so the child will not lose them and will not miss a call from their parents, and will not be too fond of games.

A set of children’s dishes made of bamboo. Such products are characterized by environmental friendliness, they are absolutely harmless and hypoallergenic.

Bright objects arouse the interest of the child, increase his appetite. Bamboo tableware is much cheaper than glass or ceramic counterparts, even with a long service life it does not change its original appearance.

In addition, despite the apparent fragility, it is almost impossible to break bamboo products, so the child will enjoy your gift for a long time.

Electronic toothbrush. We all know how kids hate brushing their teeth. For them, this is a boring and burdensome procedure. An electric brush will come to the rescue. This is a suitable birthday present for a 7 year old child.

A modern device will arouse interest and instill a good habit. The brush minimizes the risk of inflammation and significantly reduces plaque on the teeth. Choose a model with a not very long handle so that it fits well in the child’s palm, remember that the height of the bristles should not exceed 10 millimeters.

Notebook with lock. Girls and boys at the age of 7 are already fully formed individuals who have their own opinions, secrets, thoughts, ideas. Such a notebook is one of the most suitable gifts for a child who  has everything.

To make your present memorable, choose leather-bound notebooks with interchangeable blocks. The cover can be engraved, and interchangeable blocks can always be replaced if desired.

What can be presented for the 7th anniversary for creativity

Creativity plays a very important role in a child’s life. With its help, children develop fully. Creative gifts presented below will help to reveal abilities and talents.

Potter’s wheel. A suitable option for a 7 year old boy. Pottery develops creative thinking, perseverance, motor skills.

Included with the circle is a set of clay, the necessary stacks and other consumables, with the help of which everyone will independently create a bowl, candlestick or cup. Everyone can purchase such a kit, let the child try his hand, perhaps this will affect the choice of profession in the future.

Tablet for drawing with water.  In another way, it is called an aquaboard. Creative kids will love it. They will be able to bring all their ideas to life. The tablet comes with a special marker and a bamboo brush.

To get started, you need to install the tablet on a stand and pour water into a special container. In order to correct imperfections, an eraser is not needed, the strokes disappear over time, and this happens quite quickly.

Such an activity develops imagination, because the drawing changes all the time, so you can draw and come up with new images for a long time.

Flexible synthesizer. A musical instrument that you can take with you. This is not only a way of entertainment, but also an opportunity to realize your creative impulses.

A child at the age of 7 is at the beginning of his musical career, much is still unknown to him, and you can train with such a synthesizer anywhere and at any time. In addition, the sound will not bother anyone, because it is possible to connect headphones.

Watercolor pencils. At first glance, they are very similar to ordinary ones. But at the first strokes, it immediately becomes noticeable that they draw much brighter. The whole secret lies in the rod with a special watercolor composition.

You can draw with such pencils on wet paper, then the result will be visible immediately or apply strokes, which are then blurred with a brush. Spectacular overflows, color transitions will impress anyone.

Educational gifts for a 7 year old child

Since all adults want to see their children smart and active, educational gifts will never be superfluous. The following list consists of presentations that teach useful skills and provide the necessary knowledge about the world around.

Neurorope. The product is fundamentally different from the rope we are used to.

The neurorope is attached to one leg and is an axle with a wheel at the end, which will glow when moving.

This is an excellent simulator for girls and boys, improving the functioning of the vestibular system, coordination of movements, training balance, attentiveness and concentration.

Interactive globe.  If you do not know how to attract a child’s interest in geography or, on the contrary, notice his passion for other countries and continents, consider that you have already found a suitable gift.

The globe is equipped with a mini-computer and a special pen. One has only to touch it to the country, river or other object, as you can immediately find out detailed information. There are different models of the globe, for example, with backlight, the ability to change languages, periodically update information via the Internet, etc.

Kickboard. Many people do not know this word, but almost everyone has seen this transport. It is a hybrid of a skateboard and a scooter. The kickboard is controlled by tilting the steering wheel, it is also important to balance the body. To change the direction of movement, it is enough to deviate to the side.

This is a real find for active children. Skating develops flexibility, coordination, strength and endurance.

Dance mat. Such products, as well as possible, develop a sense of rhythm, hearing, reaction speed.

When choosing a gift, pay attention to the number of game buttons (they can be from 4 to 8), make sure that it can be connected to a TV or computer. Keep in mind that during the dance the child will actively move, so you should not buy models with a sliding, oilcloth coating, give preference to rubberized models.

A couple more interesting thoughts, What to give a 7-year-old Child


TOP 93 ideas What to give a child for 7 years +23 gifts and Tips

Even if you have already managed to pick up a present, do not rush to complete the search, check out a few more options. Interesting gifts will definitely please you, impress the child and his parents.

Battery car. This is every child’s dream. Choose models designed for 7 years and older, it is important to take into account the weight and physique of the child.

Such cars can accelerate up to 8-10 kilometers per hour, have several speeds, headlights that can be turned on, reverse gear and other important functions. Also, when buying, consider the surface on which the child will ride, the type of wheels depends on this factor.

Quadcopter. Modern children from an early age are fond of fashionable gadgets, so they will be delighted with such a gift. It is important to remember that the first drone must be safe, choose models that are resistant to damage, as the child does not yet have the experience of flying.

Do not chase expensive quadcopters, the main thing is that the product is simple and comfortable to use.

Sneakers on wheels. They are better known under the name Khilis. Such shoes have a positive effect on the physical health of the child. With the help of sneakers, you can have fun and interesting time with friends, and regular skiing contributes to the development of certain muscle groups and coordination of movements.

In the kit, special plugs are sold, inserting which, in sneakers, it will be possible to walk, not ride.


Choosing a gift for a 7-year-old child is much more difficult than it seems at first glance.

Many do not hesitate to purchase the most fashionable toys or gadgets of the latest model.

However, it is important to think about what will bring maximum joy and benefit to the child. If you find it difficult to answer this question, hurry up to read some important tips.

  1. Remember, the older the child becomes, the more specifically he declares his desires and preferences. But, if you cannot achieve anything, it is important to listen to what the children are talking about, what they are talking about their friends. Also, pay attention to what cartoons the child is interested in, what books he reads, what kind of sport he prefers.
  2. Since a child at this age is preparing to go to school, the most win-win options will be educational and educational games, “smart” gadgets, toys that make you think.
  3. Most likely, a 7-year-old child already has a cherished dream, try to project it into reality. But here it is very important to understand that if you can’t do it, then you don’t even have to try, otherwise tears and disappointments cannot be avoided. For example, if a child dreams of seeing Spider-Man live or flying in a blue helicopter, explain to him that you cannot fulfill this desire now and offer a worthy alternative.
  4. If you are looking for a gift for the child of your acquaintances, be sure to consider that the toy must correspond to the mentality and traditions that the family honors. For example, a child growing up in an Orthodox family should not be given African masks or figurines that are used in various ceremonies or rituals, etc.
  5. It is desirable to get rid of the cliches: for boys – blue cars, for girls – dolls in pink dresses. The assortment of modern stores is huge, so the main thing is to focus on the originality and quality of the gift. The product must be certified, have an attractive appearance, instructions for use and other information about the manufacturer.
  6. The child does not care at all how much your gift costs. Children at this age do not yet understand the value of things, the main thing is that it is fashionable and cool, fun and interesting. Also, do not forget that it is better to give one good present than several small, but unnecessary ones.
  7. Do not forget to pack your gift in an interesting package, so it will be even more pleasant and guaranteed to be remembered. Say a few words about what you are giving, how to use the toy and what it can do. But do not overdo it, let the child learn a new game on his own.

What is better not to give

In order for your gift to evoke positive emotions in the child and leave unforgettable memories behind, his choice must be approached with all seriousness.

It is advisable to prepare in advance and study the list of presents that are not recommended to give.

  • Presentations that conflict with interests. Many adults, in their desire to develop the child in every possible way, try to give a “useful” gift at every opportunity. But, you must admit, a boy who does not like to read is unlikely to be happy with a book, even if it is interesting and colorful, and a girl who prefers to spend time actively will be disappointed when she sees a needlework kit.
  • Living gifts. There is probably no child who would not dream of a cute kitten or a funny puppy, but before giving such a surprise, be sure to consult your parents. After all, a pet is always a concern and additional financial expenses.
  • Sound toys. These include synthesizers, drum kits, guitars, as well as talking dolls or animals. On the one hand, these items develop the child, and on the other hand, they can negatively affect his nervous system, making him irritable. In addition, if the toy sounds very loud, it is very bad for hearing.
  • Things to grow.  Children are very impatient and want to use their gift right now, not in a year or two. You run the risk of greatly disappointing the child than ruining his holiday. If you are afraid that it will grow quickly, then purchase, for example, a scooter with a retractable handle, rollers that move apart, etc.
  • Useless gifts.  Cute trinkets decorating the interior, paintings and other souvenirs will not please the child. By the way, this category of gifts includes huge plush toys. At first, it seems that they will delight anyone, but such a bulky thing will quickly get bored, take up space and accumulate dust, which can subsequently cause an allergic reaction in a child.

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