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78 ideas What to give a guy for 18 years from a girl +Gifts and Tips

To receive an invitation to a coming-of-age celebration is a special honor. This suggests that a person respects, loves you and dreams of spending his own youth next to you.

So, what to give a guy for 18 years if he invited him to a celebration?

The guest of the holiday on the 18th birthday of the young man will think about what to give the guy for 18 years the original, in order to make the offering memorable and at the same time not too hitting on her sometimes rather modest budget.

Below you will find a ready-made list of gift ideas for a guy coming of age.

TOP 78 ideas that you can give a guy for 18 years from a girl

  1. Bean bag or hammock for home.
  2. Lava lamp or electronic firefly in a jar.
  3. Table hockey.
  4. Kettlebell or dumbbells.
  5. Boxing gloves.
  6. USB vacuum cleaner or mini fridge.
  7. Stylish travel bag.
  8. T-shirt with an equalizer that allows clothes to glow in time with the music.
  9. Bookmark-flashlight for reading books.
  10. Ant farm.
  11. LED candle or aroma lamp with a set of essential oils.
  12. Blanket with sleeves.
  13. Electric Toothbrush.
  14. Form for sandwiches or scrambled eggs.
  15. Leather men’s bag.
  16. Tripod for smartphone or camera.
  17. High quality power bank.
  18. Antigravity machine. Yes, the guy has gotten older, but not yet enough to give up the dream of driving a car on the ceiling!
  19. A USB hub is a device that increases the number of USB ports and allows you to use multiple devices at the same time.
  20. Coded door lock for your future home. Why not?
  21. Smartphone holder with joystick.
  22. Cooling glass for drinks.
  23. Leather apron.
  24. Chocolate fountain. An 18-year-old man can enjoy the same amount of chocolate as Carlson.
  25. Wireless headphones.
  26. Waterproof speaker.
  27. Non-spillable thermo cup for tea or coffee.
  28. A media streamer is a device with which you can watch movies and videos on your TV directly from online cinemas.
  29. To-do list poster.
  30. Cocktail shaker.
  31. Action camera for shooting videos.
  32. Funny case for a suitcase.
  33. Mini popcorn machine.
  34. Aeroball.
  35. Freezer.
  36. Turk. Soon the guy will probably move out from his parents, and he will need a device for making coffee.
  37. Aquaboard.
  38. Tourist or urban backpack.
  39. Siphon for water carbonation.
  40. Magnetic bracelet for smartphone.
  41. Horizontal bar on the door.
  42. A Bluetooth tracker that will simplify the frequent search for keys in the morning.
  43. Bicycle bag under the seat.
  44. Vertical computer mouse.
  45. New keyboard or backlight for it.
  46. Leather belt.
  47. Music retro player.
  48. Bar stool or table stand for glasses.
  49. Massage electric bath board.
  50. Vest for strength training.
  51. Classic shoe polish set.
  52. Game console.
  53. Orthopedic pillow.
  54. Dryer-sterilizer for shoes.
  55. A set of magnetic laces.
  56. A board game for a large company or an option for two (Mafia, Monopoly, Elias, Fanta).
  57. Fitness bracelet or pedometer.
  58. A nominal piggy bank of a cool shape (for example, in the form of an ATM or a safe).
  59. Eau de toilette of the guy’s favorite fragrance.
  60. A set of chocolates or a box of fortune cookies.
  61. Flip flop portrait kit.
  62. RC helicopter or quadcopter.
  63. Projector or sound system for mobile phone.
  64. Breakfast table in bed.
  65. Couple pendant with a romantic inscription.
  66. Name set for growing any plant.
  67. Scratch map of the world.
  68. Virtual reality glasses.
  69. Picnic set.
  70. Gyroscooter or skateboard.
  71. Disco ball for parties at home.
  72. Shower radio.
  73. Shaver.
  74. Classic shaving set with shaving brush.
  75. Heated USB slippers.
  76. Sweatshirt with an unusual pattern.
  77. Webcam.
  78. Gamepad.

Original gifts for a guy from a girl on his 18th birthday

The main thing that should be remembered for a birthday present at 18 is its originality.

To surprise a guy on the first major date of his life, choose one of these surprises.

Writing set . With this surprise, you will hint to the guy that a great future awaits him, where he will have his own office and a decent life. It remains only to put some effort into it.

Men’s bouquet . Such a composition is usually edible. The bouquet is made up of meat products, crayfish or sweets that the birthday person loves. Such a surprise is nice to complement with drinks or a set of good coffee or tea.

Lamp with levitation and rotation . It’s a good idea what to give a guy for 18 years so that the gift is remembered. Does the guy like to solve magic tricks and puzzles? Give him a new and quite tangible “problem”.

Ideas for inexpensive gifts for a guy for 18 years from a girl

Not all people who were teenagers yesterday have enough money to make a chic expensive gift. But this is not necessary – you can pick up an inexpensive gift for a guy for 18 years, which he will definitely like.

The main thing is to choose a surprise with all care, and give it with warmth and love. A list of inexpensive gift ideas for an adult guy from a girl:

A set of covers for documents. Not only inexpensive, but also a practical gift. You can give a cheerful guy covers with cool images, a serious young man – covers in a solid color or options with classic drawings and patterns.

Alarm clock with a target. A gift for a person who has difficulty getting up early in the morning. In order for the alarm clock to stop playing a melody, you need to shoot it with a special toy gun. You can also give a running away or flying away alarm clock – it all depends on your imagination and originality.

LED faucet or shower head. Inexpensive, but very interesting gift for 18 years old guy. The color of the LED in such devices usually depends on the temperature of the water – it illuminates it in different colors. Now such a simple household action as washing can be turned into something cool and unusual.

Gifts that are sure to come in handy for a guy

Men at any age value practicality first of all, and therefore a gift that will definitely come in handy for a young man is a win-win option.

Pay attention to the following practical gifts for a guy on his 18th birthday:

Multifunctional multitool. A useful gift for anyone, even a young man. A standard knife contains pliers, scissors, a saw, a file, screwdrivers, wire cutters and other most common tools. You can also pick up a multitool in the form of a credit card, bracelet or key ring.

3D pen. A gift from a girlfriend for a guy who enjoys engineering and design. With the help of this item, the birthday boy will be able to create figures of varying complexity right in the air.

Men’s home suit. A gift for a guy who will definitely come in handy in winter or summer on cold evenings. It can be a funny kigurumi (a costume in the form of an animal), ordinary homemade pajamas or thermal underwear. The main thing is to choose clothes that will match the character and preferences of the guy.

DIY gifts for the 18th birthday of a guy from a girl

A surprise created by a girl with her own hands was previously mandatory when she congratulated a man.

If you want to revive this tradition, we are glad to offer you some gift ideas for your 18th birthday.

Panel “Heart”


78 ideas What to give a guy for 18 years from a girl +Gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • thin branches of a tree;
  • one big branch;
  • brush with palette;
  • paints;
  • threads;
  • the basis for the panel, better – cardboard.

Working process:

  1. Draw a heart on cardboard.
  2. Lay out the branches according to the contour drawing, fit them in size.
  3. Color the branches as you wish. In the photo – gradation of color from pink to white. Dry the paint.
  4. Hang all branches on threads on a large branch. Adjust the length of the threads so that the original “pattern” of the branches in the form of a heart is preserved.

A couple more interesting ideas of what to give a guy from a girl for 18 years

The skill of choosing gifts for loved ones is not developed immediately, so we have prepared a number of options for a surprise for a guy on his 18th birthday.

By the way, these gift ideas for a guy for 18 years will cost inexpensively:

  1. Phone screen magnifier . A great device to watch videos on the Web with friends.
  2. Spoon with fastening on packaging with coffee . The measuring spoon for coffee beans will not be lost, and the beans will not absorb excess odors from the external environment. Solid symbiosis – and imperceptible resource savings.
  3. Magnetic board for notes . This obligatory attribute of French cafes has long become a symbol of romance. On such a board, you can write a menu, words of love and wishes for the day. Alternatively, you can use a wall sticker or a door with a slate layer. It is more than a miniature board for notes and options for creativity will increase.
  4. Aquarium with its own ecosystem . The guy will not have to carefully monitor the cleanliness of the aquarium, and there is more than enough rest from contemplating the measured life of fish!
  5. Luminous LED cap . For walks under the moon together.
  6. Desktop sports pear . It can even be put on the desktop in the office – and the boss will not be against such an accessory.
  7. USB drums . Well, what guy at least once dreamed of putting together his own band in his youth? Fulfill his dream at least partially!
  8. A bowl with a phone holder , just so that the guy always has everything at hand.
  9. Shirt folder . It costs a little, but saves decent time.
  10. External Enter key . It breaks most often, like a gap. If a guy spends a lot of time at the computer, this is a very useful and at the same time impressive gift.


Choose a surprise in such a way as to emphasize the transition of a man to a new life stage. However, cutting off ties with childhood memories is not worth it. The guy expects from the girl that she will understand his inner doubts and even fears before the start of adulthood.

Choosing an original gift for a guy on his 18th birthday is one of the most difficult tasks. The slightest mistake can lead to misunderstandings and even quarrels.

To avoid this, follow a few guidelines:

  • Thinking about what you can give a guy for 18 years, do not worry and do not run to the store for the first trinket that comes across. Communicate more with the future birthday man, memorize the words that he says. Perhaps he inadvertently hints at what is dear and interesting to him.
  • Take a closer look at the hobbies of the hero of the occasion. Ask the experts in this business what accessory, tool for developing a hobby could please him.
  • Choose luxurious gifts only if you can afford them, and the guy will be able to “answer” you with the same on the next holiday. If not, then it will put both of you in an awkward situation.
  • If you want a gift for a guy to remember, give preference to the highest quality gift. Sometimes even a leather purse can be bought from a novice master at the best price. Look for interesting offers on social networks, read customer reviews before ordering.
  • Even the most modest gift will please a guy if it is beautifully and lovingly packaged by you. Prepare a birthday wish for the guy when presenting your surprise. Rehearse it at home. Do not be afraid of slight excitement. Believe me, the guy will be touched by your sincere speech, as well as your concern.

What is better for a girl not to give a guy for 18 years

For adulthood, as well as for other birthdays, you should not give guys:

  • Money . If this was not agreed in advance with the hero of the occasion, it is better for the girl not to give the guy money.
  • Too revealing gifts . Surprises in the style of 18+ are acceptable if all participants in the celebration are adults, and children and teenagers may be at the celebration. If you want to give a guy a souvenir with an adult label, do it when you are alone.


The age of 18 is a turning point in the life of every guy, which he often remembers all his life. To make an original and memorable offering to a guy on this day, consider his interests, aspirations and plans for the future when choosing a gift.

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