What to give your husband

93 gift ideas for a 35 year old husband (and tips) + Extra Gifts

Do you want to surprise your husband with a cool birthday present? Below you will find ready-made solutions, gift lists, ideas for what to give your husband for 35 years and tips!

TOP 93 ideas that you can give your Husband a birthday for 35 years

  1. Action camera.
  2. Large TV or monitor.
  3. A map with flags on which you can mark the places you have visited and those that you plan to visit.
  4. Glasses made of natural wood, made in a classic design.
  5. Designer wallet made of genuine leather.
  6. Leather purse, business card holder or clutch for documents.
  7. Personalized damask made of crystal in a gift box – you can store any drinks in it.
  8. Thermocup with personalized engraving, which has the function of heating from the cigarette lighter and USB.
  9. Gift leather holder for important documents or bank cards.
  10. Vintage shoe care set.
  11. A set of elite coffee and dark chocolate.
  12. Certificate for tailoring a formal suit and accessories.
  13. Multitool with tools and interchangeable nozzles.
  14. Men’s wrist watch with personalized engraving.
  15. Set for a picnic, barbecue or barbecue.
  16. Electric barbecue, grill or tandoor.
  17. A marinator is a device for marinating meat.
  18. Quadcopter.
  19. Music center or stereo system in the car.
  20. Quality headphones.
  21. A powerful wireless speaker loaded with the birthday boy’s favorite tracks.
  22. Sound system or projector for smartphone.
  23. Portable radio.
  24. Outdoor globe bar or original minibar.
  25. Gift game set 3 in 1: chess, checkers, backgammon.
  26. Poker set.
  27. Virtual reality glasses.
  28. A book with a personalized cover and individual congratulations from relatives.
  29. A set of honey or jam in a personalized gift box.
  30. A new exhibit for the collection (if your beloved spouse likes to collect).
  31. A set of skewers with personalized engraving.
  32. Home gym equipment, punching bag with gloves, or sporting goods store certificate (for a healthy lifestyle).
  33. Board game for the company (“Monopoly”, “Alias”, “Dungeons and Dragons”).
  34. Smoking pipe + quality tobacco.
  35. A set of cigars or a humidor is a device for storing them.
  36. Hookah with several types of tobacco.
  37. A camping tent, an unbreakable thermos, a set of tackle and hooks (for a fishing enthusiast).
  38. Convenient hammock for giving.
  39. Sweatshirt with an original design (for example, with a printed man’s favorite saying).
  40. A travel case that allows you to keep all your important things close at hand while traveling.
  41. An e-book with my husband’s favorite works loaded there.
  42. An encyclopedia that is entirely dedicated to the birthday boy’s hobby – for example, hunting, fishing, weapons or cars.
  43. Adult entertainment: kama sheet, twister for adults, etc.
  44. Cognac tasting glass with a heating element.
  45. Set of swinging glasses.
  46. Whiskey cooling stones.
  47. Decanter for alcoholic beverages.
  48. Set for office golf, poker or any other favorite birthday game.
  49. Printer or office equipment.
  50. Video recorder or navigator.
  51. Tablet or new mobile phone.
  52. High-quality Turk or coffee maker with several modes.
  53. Fragrant perfume or husband’s favorite eau de toilette.
  54. Stylish men’s umbrella.
  55. Bluetooth headset for comfortable conversations on the go.
  56. Name belt with engraved buckle.
  57. Robot, car or helicopter on radio control.
  58. Home brewery.
  59. Device for making hot dogs at home.
  60. Trimmer or good quality electric razor.
  61. A sonic facial brush to use before shaving.
  62. Hunter set complete with compass, flashlight and holster.
  63. An engraved lighter or a figured ashtray for a smoking man.
  64. Beautiful silver bracelet or men’s ring.
  65. Tool box (in which you can donate a ready-made kit or some kind of power tool).
  66. Decorative crossbow, rifle, saber or switchblade.
  67. Set for self-creation of a flip-flop portrait.
  68. Multifunctional shovel.
  69. A cooler bag that you can take with you on a trip.
  70. Mug with heating function from USB.
  71. Comfortable massage chair.
  72. A case for gadgets with an individual design is an inexpensive gift for a husband for 35 years.
  73. Stylish shirt and matching tie.
  74. Cufflinks or tie clip.
  75. Bag chair.
  76. Flask with name engraving.
  77. Quality thermal underwear.
  78. Pocket key holder or key ring.
  79. Laptop bag or cooling pad.
  80. Manual wood splitter.
  81. Silk bedding set.
  82. Warm plaid with sleeves.
  83. Bathrobe or soft pajamas.
  84. Bath set, which includes a hat, a broom and a variety of herbs for the steam room.
  85. Breakfast table in bed or folding tray.
  86. Beard and mustache care set (wax, balm and styling oil, as well as a special comb).
  87. The night sky projector is a romantic gift for your beloved husband.
  88. Flexible lamp that connects via USB.
  89. Magnetic whiteboard.
  90. Table hockey or football.
  91. High-quality fountain pen for a business man.
  92. Travel backpack.
  93. Solar charger.

Practical gifts for your beloved husband for 35 years

Every man appreciates practicality. Between a gift that has no meaning or practical value, as well as a good set of tools (even if he already has several of them), he will choose the second option.

Ideas that you can give a practical and useful gift to your beloved husband on DR:

Pedometer or fitness bracelet. A gift not only for athletes, but also for those who take care of their health and body condition.

Such a bracelet not only shows the time, but also counts steps, reads the pulse, displays the weather and even has an alarm clock function that will not annoy its owner with a vile sound, but will wake him up with a slight vibration.

Travel organizer bag. Suitable for men who are often on the road – on business or on vacation.

The set usually includes a comfortable inflatable neck pillow and all the necessary hygiene items – a toothbrush and paste, a soap dish, a set of razors and other items in a cosmetic bag in a simple masculine style. You can also give a man a compact travel suitcase.

Wireless charging for gadget. In our modern world, you can’t do without a special device with which you can charge your smartphone or other gadget when there is no free outlet nearby.

If your man hasn’t got a portable power bank yet, it’s time to buy this thing for him. You can pick up exercises in a classic style or an original shape – for example, in the form of a banana or a chocolate bar.

Original gifts for the modern man

Nowadays, no one can be surprised by a banal musical postcard or a photo frame.

If you are choosing a birthday surprise, you should choose something more original, especially when it comes to your beloved husband. Ideas for what to give your spouse:

Electronic piggy bank. A funny and interesting gift for a husband for 35 years. You can buy a piggy bank in the form of an ATM, a safe with a combination lock, or even a bookcase.

Some models can recognize coins and banknotes, display the current balance, and also work as a calculator and alarm clock.

3D puzzle. You can choose a model in the form of a world landmark or a puzzle in the form of a car, boat, helicopter and even weapons – it all depends on the specific interests and hobbies of the birthday person.

After assembling the puzzle, you will receive a beautiful figurine for decorating the interior, which can be disassembled and reassembled an unlimited number of times.

Eco alarm clock. This gadget will help you get up in the morning with joy and good mood – it plays the sounds of nature or your favorite tunes, gradually increases the brightness of the backlight and even works as a radio.

Another original gift idea for your husband on DR is an alarm clock with a luminous panel on which you can write a sweet message or wish.

A few more ideas on what to give your beloved husband for 35 years from his wife

Men are different, which means that gifts should be different. One will like a beautiful desktop fountain, the other will be happy with a radio-controlled typewriter.

Depending on hobbies and character, you can give your spouse the following things:

  • a man who appreciates comfort in the house and a pleasant atmosphere, you can give an aromatic lamp with a set of essential oils or incense sticks;
  • a husband whose work is inherently stressful can be given a desktop punching bag, Newton’s pendulum or other desktop anti-stress accessory for 35 years;
  • as a gift for a sweet tooth, buy a set of chocolate tools, as well as delicious muffins, muffins or cupcakes in a gift box;
  • if a man is fond of sports, give him smart sports shoes with an activity tracking function or an intelligent scale;
  • massage seat covers or a special vacuum cleaner will be a wonderful gift for a motorist;
  • an avid gamer will be delighted if you give him a professional mouse, mouse pad, as well as a laser keyboard or other computer accessories.

What to give your husband with your own hands

Thinking about what you can give your husband for 35 years, many girls are faced with the problem of lack of finances. Obviously, it is impossible to buy a quality thing for pennies.

However, there is a way out of this situation – to make a present with your own hands. Ideas for such a gift can be:

Knitted scarf or sweater . A wardrobe item made of high-quality yarn will allow not only to give your beloved spouse a feeling of comfort and warmth, but also to demonstrate your care for him;

Tree-magnet for attracting money from beads . In conditions of lack of money, the presented gift will be most welcome. If your chosen one believes in the energy of things, you can finish with thoughts about what to give your husband for 35 years old, and get down to business;

Stylish mobile phone case . It seems to many that to give your beloved husband on his 35th birthday, you definitely need something practical that can be usefully used in everyday life.

A case for a smartphone just belongs to the category of such things – it can protect the gadget from damage and diversify its appearance. For its manufacture, a variety of materials can be used – fabric, leather, rivets, spikes and much more;

Cake . If you are still puzzling over what to give your husband an original one, provided that he has a sweet tooth, then the presented option will come in handy for you.

Home-made confectionery is not only tastier and healthier than store-bought. In the process of creativity, you can also show all your imagination in terms of decorating a surprise, taking into account the hobbies or profession of the hero of the occasion.

A few more DIY gift ideas for your beloved husband for 35 years:

  1. Postcard in the form of a shirt with a tie;
  2. A set of towels, a bathrobe with hand-embroidered husband’s initials;
  3. An edible bouquet of vegetables or fruits;
  4. Original paraffin candle;
  5. A beautiful box with wishes and compliments for her husband;
  6. Photo frame made in quilling technique;
  7. Handmade soap.

Master class: do-it-yourself soap with lavender and lemon aroma


93 gift ideas for a 35 year old husband (and tips) + Extra Gifts

Prepare the following ingredients and materials:

  • soap base (100 grams);
  • zest of half a lemon;
  • honey in liquid form (1 teaspoon);
  • dried lavender flowers (1 teaspoon);
  • essential oils with lavender and lemon aroma (3-5 drops);
  • soap mold.

Instruction :

  1. Using a knife, cut the base into cubes, then melt it in a water bath. Cut and squeeze the lemon zest, add it together with lavender to the base, mix thoroughly.
  2. Wait until the workpiece cools down a bit. Take honey, essential oils and add them to the mixture. Mix thoroughly.
  3. Place the finished mixture in molds, decorate with lavender flowers on top. In a day, the soap will be ready – you can please your beloved husband with a gift.

How to choose what to give your husband for 35 years

Having studied 100 and 1 forums devoted to the issue of presents to a spouse for a thirty-fifth birthday, a number of axioms can be deduced. First of all, when choosing what to give your husband for a DR of 35 years, you need to focus on the following criteria:

  • Interests and hobbies of the birthday person;
  • Profession of a man;
  • your financial possibilities.

It will also be useful to recall your previous gifts to your spouse. Analyze which of them were successful, and which ones were rather the other way around. Based on the findings, you should look for a gift this time as well.

In addition, the following recommendations should be followed :

  1. Consider the tastes and preferences of the hero of the occasion only, ignoring personal beliefs. It is far from certain that what you like will be to the taste of a man – do not impose your own ideas;
  2. Try to pick up something individual, not the same as everyone else, something that is ideal for your birthday. Thus, you will not only demonstrate how well you know and feel your beloved, but also that you spent a lot of time and effort looking for a present;
  3. Give preference to functional things. The representatives of the stronger sex are mostly lovers of practicality, so you should avoid all sorts of trinkets;
  4. Buy gifts designed specifically for the birthday boy. It is not recommended to pay attention to things in common use, no matter how necessary and of high quality they may be;
  5. Ask your spouse in advance about his preferences. This can be done covertly, during a conversation on abstract topics. At the same time, some men don’t mind direct questions. If your partner values ​​directness, don’t be afraid to ask a direct question. A surprise in this case, of course, will not work, but you definitely can’t go wrong with a gift.

What you should not give your spouse for 35 years

A gift, as you know, should give delight, not disappointment. In order not to violate this rule, you should avoid purchasing the following presents:

  • Personal care products in the form of shower gel, soap, deodorant, etc. To buy them, such a serious occasion as a birthday is not required at all, so such things look rather ridiculous as a gift;
  • Souvenirs with no practical value. Representatives of the strong half of humanity often do not understand why these beautiful figurines and caskets are needed. Most likely, your birthday boy is no exception and simply will not appreciate such a little thing;
  • Underwear in the form of socks and shorts. Here the situation is the same as with deodorants – you can buy these wardrobe items on a normal day. In addition, such a present looks completely uninteresting and unromantic.
When choosing a gift for a beloved husband, it is important to remember that the present is intended, first of all, to create a special holiday atmosphere and evoke genuine emotions in the birthday man. Whatever thing you choose, you need to put all your care and warm feelings into it – then the gift will definitely please your spouse and will once again make it clear that his woman is the best.

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