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TOP 74 ideas of what to give Grandpa for 80 years +19 gifts and Tips

It is not always clear what to give your grandfather for 80 years, if you have already given all the popular options to a loved one.

Does it sound like your situation? Then look for clues in the extensive selection of ideas below.

TOP 74 ideas that you can give Grandpa for 80 years

  1. Orthopedic pillow.
  2. Harmonica.
  3. Massage Mat.
  4. Nightlight.
  5. A cane-chair is a great idea what to give grandfather for 80. With it, he can relax on any walk, even if there are no benches nearby.
  6. Humidifier.
  7. Electric blanket.
  8. Orthopedic mattress.
  9. Biofireplace.
  10. A universal remote control is another option that you can give your grandfather for 80 years when there are a lot of remotely controlled devices in his house.
  11. Digital photo frame.
  12. Rocking chair.
  13. Chinese bamboo flute.
  14. Home weather station.
  15. Bar book.
  16. Decanter for wine.
  17. A barbecue set is a necessary thing that can be presented to a grandfather for an anniversary if he leads an active lifestyle.
  18. Barbecue stamp.
  19. Electric piano with backlit keys.
  20. Map of conquering the world with an erasable layer.
  21. A folding tray table will help grandfather to have tea with his grandmother on the balcony, veranda or in bed.
  22. A set of coasters is an idea to give your grandfather for his 80th birthday if you want to surprise him in retro style.
  23. Folding auto-shovel. It will come in handy even in the country.
  24. Men’s bathrobe.
  25. Flute Pan.
  26. Leather wallet.
  27. Universal external battery.
  28. Portable hammock.
  29. Comb butterfly knife.
  30. A set of tools in a case with a flashlight.
  31. Wine glasses with steel ice.
  32. Automatic window cleaner.
  33. Robot vacuum cleaner.
  34. African drum.
  35. Massage foot bath.
  36. Antique gramophone.
  37. Lampshade in retro style.
  38. Radio receiver of the beginning of the last century.
  39. Hair removal trimmer.
  40. Apron for cutting beard.
  41. Headlamp.
  42. Unusual corkscrew.
  43. amateur microscope.
  44. Telescope.
  45. Night lighting on the toilet.
  46. Air sterilizer.
  47. Ozonator.
  48. Shoe sterilizer.
  49. Funny hot pot.
  50. Lock with code or fingerprint.
  51. Water aerator.
  52. Decoder for receiving digital television.
  53. Charger on the solar battery.
  54. An irrigator or a special nozzle on the faucet with an irrigating function will help grandfather keep his mouth in order.
  55. Ultrasonic scaler.
  56. Electronic book.
  57. A mandolin is ideal if your grandfather loves rare musical instruments and romantic melodies.
  58. Wine table for giving and outdoor recreation. It is very compact and sure to please grandpa!
  59. Vacuum clothes dryer.
  60. Magnetic hanger. It can be used in the refrigerator, garage, workshop or on the balcony.
  61. Slicer for instant and safe cutting of small fruits, berries and vegetables.
  62. A cotton candy machine will come in handy for grandfather when his grandchildren come to visit.
  63. Anti-theft for phone.
  64. Automatic brush cutter.
  65. Forearm trainer.
  66. Beverage dispenser.
  67. Grabber. This device will help grandfather pick up any little thing from the floor or reach it in hard-to-reach places.
  68. Mini zen garden with incense sticks.
  69. Wrist trainer.
  70. Board games set.
  71. Writing set made of precious wood or stone.
  72. Signal keychain.
  73. Chip-lever.
  74. Model of a ship or retro car.

Original gifts for grandfather for 80 years

In the question of what to give grandfather for his 80th birthday, it is worth emphasizing the originality of the gift.

Such a special date obliges the guests of the holiday to show the depth of their warmth and kindness through a present.

Consider how Grandpa would react to the following gifts:

Salt fireplace . Such a gift will not only warm the birthday man, but will also bring considerable benefits to the health of the hero of the day.

Cufflinks . Being elegant is a quality beyond age. Please your loved one with an interesting and truly masculine decoration for a classic suit.

Siphon for carbonated water . Drinking soda like in childhood or adolescence – your grandfather’s place? Make it happen with this simple gift.

Pen with invisible ink . While you keep repeating voice requests: “ok google what to give grandpa for 80 years”, remember grandpa’s dreams. He probably wants something extraordinary instead of the traditional set of socks or a tie. Remember if Grandpa mentioned that he once learned how to make invisible ink. If he admires such things and dreams of writing a letter that no one else will see, give him such an interesting pen.

Ecotester . Health is the greatest value in human life. So that grandfather can choose the best products for his table, give him such a useful device.

A couple more interesting ideas for what to give grandfather for his 80th birthday

When the dilemma is being solved, what to give grandfather for 80 years from his granddaughter, look for interesting answers to this question.

We offer a number of ideas to help you.

GPS jammer . Big Brother is watching us. If grandfather adheres to this theory, then give him this device. The device will help the grandfather feel more confident in the rapidly developing digital world.

Belt with hidden pocket . The safety and security of personal funds probably occupy the thoughts of a person close to you. With such an accessory, the hero of the day will not be able to accidentally lose banknotes, because they are inside a secret wallet inside the belt.

Heraldic shield . To develop your own symbolism for the family was a matter of particular importance in past centuries. Today this tradition is being revived. Order or design a shield layout based on the grandfather’s personality. So you show how deeply you appreciate the hero of the day for his life principles.

Each grandfather has his own model of moral values ​​and priorities by the 80th birthday.

Try to rely on them when you choose a gift for a loved one.

DIY gifts for grandfather for 80 years

When it seems that a loved one has everything, think about what you can give your grandfather for 80 years with your own hands.

  1. Knitted plaid.
  2. Bouquet of photographs.
  3. Decorative bookends.
  4. Table lamp.
  5. Pencil drawing.
  6. Stand for a cup made of improvised materials.
  7. Tea house.
  8. Housekeeper.
  9. Belt organizer.
  10. Photo frame.

Panel from saw cut “Owl”


TOP 74 ideas of what to give Grandpa for 80 years +19 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • saw cut oval;
  • covers of three different diameters;
  • twig;
  • glue;
  • two forks;
  • a spoon;
  • a thread.

Working process:

  1. Prepare sleep. Remove excess sawdust and level the surface if necessary.
  2. Glue the thread on the reverse side of the saw cut.
  3. Connect the covers with glue, as shown in the photo. Let dry.
  4. Glue lids, spoon.
  5. Glue two forks to the branch.
  6. Attach the branch to the saw.

Tips: How to Choose a Gift for Grandpa on his 80th Birthday


TOP 74 ideas of what to give Grandpa for 80 years +19 gifts and Tips

It is not worth looking for special recommendations on how best to choose a gift for grandfather and give him a surprise.

Just remember a few basic gift etiquette rules that your loved one probably follows.

  • The main thing is the warmth of your heart . Choose any item for Grandpa so that it serves him in a practical sense or brings back fond memories. It is important to maintain positive emotions with all your might at such a serious age that your grandfather enters.
  • Focus on the pace of life . A grandfather at 80 can be a desperate homebody, summer resident or a person who leads a vibrant social life. Or maybe your grandfather is an athlete? All this will influence the decision of what to give to the hero of the day.
  • Look for a mid-range gift . Expensive offerings can be made to your grandfather if you have the support of other relatives. A pooled gift will not oblige the grandfather to repay each of you with an equivalent surprise.
  • Conduct reconnaissance . Before sending to the store for a gift, you can ask your grandfather what he would like to receive for his anniversary. However, people brought up in strict rules may answer that it is important that you come to them for a holiday, and not at all what you bring as an offering.
  • Congratulatory speech . Prepare a few warm words for the hero of the day, which should be said when presenting a gift. Let the congratulations be neither short nor too long. To find the sweet spot, try rehearsing these words at home.
  • Quality packaging . A carefully packaged gift will tell grandpa more than a hundred words. A present wrapped in beautiful paper and tied with a ribbon will show the hero of the day how dear he is to you.
  • Give things not from the “black list” . Remember the most common superstitions about gifts. Think about what can upset your grandfather, and do not present it. If the grandfather does not believe in omens, the guests of the celebration can also remind you of superstitions. Do not overshadow anyone’s holiday with an ambiguous surprise.

What is better not to give grandfather for 80 years

In order to decide what to give grandfather for his 80th birthday, it is also important to know the list of gifts that are best not to present to a loved one for an anniversary.

  1. Clock . Chronometers are presented to business partners as a sign of stability and respect. Giving loved ones a watch for their birthday is another bad omen. It is believed that this accessory counts the hours of life that the birthday person has left to live.
  2. Hygiene products . When giving offerings, you need to show all your delicacy. With shower gel, shampoo or lotion as a gift, this will not work. Etiquette says that a hint of imperfection in congratulations is unacceptable. With gifts like this, it’s hard to avoid.
  3. Medicines . Are you sure that you need to help your grandfather in buying expensive (or not very expensive) drugs for his birthday? Do it when you need it, without waiting for the celebration.
  4. Alcohol . A drink of even premium quality will not benefit either grandfather or his guests. An exception may be a bottle of wine if the grandfather collects a collection “for history.”
  5. Cigars . Just read the paragraph above.
  6. Gifts in the style of “last time” . Calling masseuses, dancers and strippers to your house is a bad idea. This violates the personal boundaries of Grandpa’s life and can confuse his guests. Would you like to be in a similar situation yourself?


Going to your grandfather’s 80th birthday, choose a gift that will bring him positive emotions.

To do this, stop your attention on those things that do not “speak” directly about old age or the ailments of older people.

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