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TOP 88 ideas what to give an Aries man +7 gifts and Tips

Impulsive, direct, romantic and striving forward, Aries men, the pioneers of the zodiac, attract everyone’s attention to their own person for good reason.

Their optimism, the desire to change the world and the ability to make loved ones happy offsets outbursts of aggression and harmless admiration of the bearer of this sign.

If you have a choice of what to give an Aries for a birthday or other occasion, take a closer look at the man’s hobbies and check out our list of options for Aries surprise.

TOP 88 ideas that you can give an Aries man

  1. Balanceboard. Aries loves to challenge themselves just as much as those around them.
  2. Leg hammock. Aries will like to settle down at the table with convenience.
  3. Keychain GPS navigator for tourism.
  4. Virtual reality glasses.
  5. Planted aquarium with its own ecosystem.
  6. Oral irrigator. The body of Aries is strong, energetic, but any trifle can “dump” this representative of the fire element into bed. For example, insufficient care for teeth and gums.
  7. Portable coffee maker. In a series of cases, Aries may forget to eat, but he can drink a cup of hot coffee thanks to your concern for this man.
  8. Sports bottle for water and cocktails.
  9. Writing set made of precious wood.
  10. A wine cabinet or an unusual bar.
  11. Ultrasonic toothbrush.
  12. Navigator.
  13. Exclusive or vintage perfumes.
  14. Portable camp stove.
  15. A name frame for a license plate is an interesting idea of ​​what to give an Aries guy, because he believes in his own exclusivity.
  16. Traveler’s globe.
  17. Personalized thermostat.
  18. Gas grill.
  19. Picnic set.
  20. Engraved ring.
  21. Flying alarm clock.
  22. USB refrigerator.
  23. Tobacco jar and smoking pipe.
  24. Gift set for a sommelier.
  25. Sport equipment.
  26. Hookah.
  27. Aroma candles.
  28. Travel bag or backpack.
  29. A Cossack checker or a samurai knife is an option for those who are looking for what to give Aries on February 23rd. Aries love for souvenir weapons is explained by their main patron, the planet Mars, which is dedicated to the god of just and heroic war.
  30. 3D Puzzle.
  31. Wireless stereo speaker.
  32. Voice picture.
  33. A set of spices for meat.
  34. Pen with USB stick.
  35. Electronic weather station.
  36. Device for folding T-shirts.
  37. Phone holder for steering wheel.
  38. USB microwave.
  39. Portable accumulator.
  40. BBQ set.
  41. Name pen with engraving.
  42. Set for care of a beard and mustache. The kit is suitable for those Aries who care for facial hair, and do not get rid of it.
  43. Glass for cooling drinks.
  44. Lantern-glove.
  45. A car thermo mug is an interesting option to show how much you appreciate your loved one’s hobbies.
  46. Men’s leather bag.
  47. Model of a car or military weapon.
  48. A set of candlesticks with candles. Contact with the native element is important for Aries.
  49. Candle extinguisher in vintage style.
  50. Poker set.
  51. Gaming computer mouse.
  52. Door bell and knocker.
  53. Hanger-mannequin.
  54. Ashtray in an interesting design.
  55. Leather ball.
  56. Collectible coin. This is a gift for those Aries who are fond of numismatics.
  57. Set of book holders.
  58. Support for wine bottles.
  59. A set of puzzles in a box.
  60. A breakfast table in bed is a ready-made solution for what to give an Aries man on February 14th. To make this day memorable for a long time, you can serve coffee to your beloved man in the morning when you wake up.
  61. Original stand for shoes or umbrellas.
  62. Floor hanger in a brutal style.
  63. Chair-cocoon.
  64. Laptop stand with cooling fans.
  65. Shaver.
  66. Shoe care kit.
  67. Case with removable keyboard for tablet.
  68. A box for fishing tackle, if Aries likes to relax on a fishing trip.
  69. Multilevel thermos.
  70. USB-hab for simultaneous operation of several USB-devices.
  71. Keyboard vacuum cleaner.
  72. Endoscope.
  73. polygonal sculpture. Aries will collect it with genuine interest.
  74. Master’s leather apron. Aries never trusts others to do what he can do himself. Even in small things, he wants to be the best.
  75. Wall holder for guitar.
  76. Hair dryer for beard and mustache.
  77. City backpack.
  78. Flask for drinks.
  79. Heated glass scraper.
  80. A car wash kit will come in handy for Aries with a personal car.
  81. Powerful power bank.
  82. Set for creating cocktails.
  83. Horizontal bar on the door.
  84. Leather cardholder or business card holder.
  85. Home brewery.
  86. Signal keychain. When Aries faces important tasks, spending time looking for keys is inappropriate.
  87. Laser pistol with a target. And do not say that Aries is already an adult boy. Wrong! Aries mature late, if at all.
  88. An anti-sleep device for the driver.

Additional Gift Ideas for the Aries Man or Boyfriend

You can endlessly think about what to give an Aries man. Win-win options for surprises for him will be:

Table fireplace . As a representative of the element of Fire, the Aries man feels a connection with him, and such a mini-format of the hearth will create in him a feeling of comfort and a place where warmth and support are always waiting.

Premium quality alcohol . Friendly meetings are important to Aries, where a glass of good wine is just as valuable as an exchange of opinions and ideas.

Hand forged weapons . The bearer of the energy of the militant Mars and the fiery element will appreciate such a gift.

Board game of unusual format . Aries needs to develop their intuition, feelings through new experiences.

So a party of your favorite game with edible figurines or on a unique field will cause excitement in the soul of an Aries man. It is important for him to feel like a pioneer and a winner, so he will be delighted with a new opportunity to prove himself.

Map of the conquest of the world . Aries will be especially flattered if you yourself draw up a plan for him to conquer the planet.

This gift is the only format of a reminder of the order that Aries, accustomed to spontaneity and non-standard decisions, will gladly accept.

 What to give Aries to a man with your own hands

When you can’t decide on shopping trips what gift to give an Aries guy, create a present yourself.

Pebble rug


TOP 88 ideas what to give an Aries man +7 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • pebbles or other flat stones;
  • rubberized mat;
  • water-repellent glue;
  • scissors or a construction knife.

Working process:

  1. Rinse the pebbles and dry the stones well.
  2. Cut out the dimensions and shape of the future rug from the rubberized base.
  3. Arrange the stones on the canvas to check that they are enough. The distance between the stones should be small.
  4. Glue each stone in turn to the base.
  5. If the canvas is thin, it is better to place a grate under it so that it does not stick to the table or floor.
  6. Dry the rug.

USB drive in a Starbucks cup


TOP 88 ideas what to give an Aries man +7 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • a new simple-shaped USB flash drive;
  • decorative form for a flash card – a glass of Starbucks in a mini design;
  • cover for glue stick;
  • filler;
  • universal colorless glue.

Working process:

  1. Fill the glue lid with coconut fiber or other filler.
  2. Insert the top edge of the USB drive into the cushion.
  3. Fill the cup with filler.
  4. Glue the lid to a decorative Starbucks cup.

Tips – how to choose a gift for Aries for the male

It is difficult to make recommendations on what is better to give Aries to a man. However, men born under the auspices of the first sign are open and focused on their emotions, therefore:

  • Choose a gift only for Aries . Even if you go to a family holiday with such a man, give him a small personal gift separately. It is important for Aries that friends and loved ones remember him;
  • Try to take a closer look at the hobbies of Aries . If he loves fantasy books, he is unlikely to be interested in a classic, even if it is in gift format;
  • Invest in emotions, not practicality . Yes, Aries will play with the food processor for a couple of days, but then he will abandon, like any object that cannot participate in his adventures or give new impressions.

Gifts for carriers of the first sign of the zodiac are a litmus test of your attitude towards him. This does not mean at all that Aries will not like the budget option of offering. If he sees in him a reflection of his interests, such a gift to a man will be very dear, like the one who gave it.

To make the gift even more enchanted Aries, create a premonition of the holiday for the man.

Prepare bright unusual packaging and a bow for dressing, and to make the surprise really a surprise, put it in several boxes. Men born first in the zodiac love puzzles and difficult tasks, even among friends.

 What is better not to give Aries to a man

When compiling ideas for what to give an Aries man, test yourself for intuition. In the list of unwanted gifts for the pioneers of the zodiac, the main points can be distinguished:

  1. Envelope with money or piggy bank . For Aries, banknotes in rubles or foreign currency are just a tool to achieve the desired goals. Accustomed to minimalism, he can manage small sums for a long time. Unexpectedly received money Aries can quickly spend and also instantly forget about your gift.
  2. Small souvenirs for home . Aries like lightness and spartan conditions. It is unusual for him to overload the space with details, so your gift will bewilder Aries or will soon be lost somewhere in his home. An exception may be objects that are significant for the romantic nature of the pioneer of the sign. He will carefully keep the first picture of his younger sister, his mother’s figurine or his father’s mug as a reminder of family warmth.
  3. Clothes or accessories to enhance his image . Aries sincerely does not understand why he needs a large wardrobe. A comfortable set for leisure and travel, a few pieces of clothing for the office in casual style, a pair of comfortable sneakers and shoes for the season suits him just fine. But, if you all want to give Aries a T-shirt, he will not refuse. This thing will please Aries if it is from a pure heart.


When you decide what to give an Aries man for his birthday, be sure to remember his desire to always be ahead of the rest and the desire to improve the world. Choose the gift that will bring Aries one step closer to this dream, whether it be a self-improvement book or a flagship smartphone.  

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