What to give a woman

TOP 124 ideas What is unusual to give a woman +25 gifts and Tips

Every year it becomes more and more difficult to surprise and delight the beautiful half of humanity with interesting and desirable gifts. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the choice of what an unusual gift for a woman should be carefully.

It doesn’t matter who you are, a caring husband, a relative or a colleague who shares the working days, in this situation it is not easy for those who are looking for an interesting gift for a loved one, and for those who are familiar. After all, unusual gifts for a woman involve considerable costs and, at times, efforts on the verge of fantasy. In addition, women are skeptical natures who are very scrupulous about presents, paying attention to little things. And congratulating the lady on the holiday, you need to be 100% sure that this or that option will be needed, liked, otherwise you can get a lot of dissatisfaction in your direction.

No panic! Below you will find a huge list of ideas that will help you make a really nice surprise for a woman for any occasion!

TOP 124 ideas What can be an unusual gift for a woman

  1. Carved wooden comb.
  2. Traditional Marseille soap.
  3. Scraper Gua Sha for the face.
  4. Tea bag dispenser.
  5. Yoga set.
  6. Rose in gold stabilized.
  7. Box of exotic fruits.
  8. A set of silkworm cocoons.
  9. Aromatic beldi.
  10. Cookbook for recording recipes.
  11. Instant camera.
  12. Makeup brushes – in a beautiful tube.
  13. Tourmaline shower head.
  14. Acupuncture mat and pillow to relax.
  15. Cozy cushions for chairs.
  16. Alarm clock with imitation of dawn.
  17. Bucket for ice and cooling drinks.
  18. Fur or cashmere mittens.
  19. Visualization poster.
  20. Chocolate wrap set at home.
  21. Heating blanket.
  22. Mask for sleep.
  23. Board and knife for cheese.
  24. A bowl of coconut for smoothie bowls.
  25. Fitness towel.
  26. Wicker baskets are a fashionable novelty this year.
  27. Pepper grinder or a set of kitchen tools on wooden handles.
  28. Rainbow bath bombs.
  29. Home mushroom farm.
  30. Electric curlers.
  31. Flamingo inflatable mattress.
  32. Glider for every day with checklists.
  33. transparent umbrella.
  34. Magic twist with sage, dried flowers and quartz crystals.
  35. exotic spices.
  36. A jar of eye patches.
  37. A decorative dish with an unusual shape, such as the shape of leaves.
  38. Fur braid on the steering wheel.
  39. Cushion tray.
  40. Caricature doll from a photo.
  41. Bedside rug made of eco-fur.
  42. Massage honey.
  43. Vitamin set of jams and jams, for example, from pine cones, walnuts.
  44. Waffle iron.
  45. Merino wool blanket.
  46. Wishing candle.
  47. Stoneware pot.
  48. Slicer for cutting.
  49. Jacquard coverlet.
  50. Porcelain milk jug, gravy boat.
  51. Satin pajamas Victoria Secret.
  52. Carving set.
  53. Associated tea.
  54. Case for cosmetics.
  55. Embossing machine.
  56. Wool slippers.
  57. Velvet or lace choker.
  58. Honey in a candle.
  59. An elegant vanity mirror.
  60. Garland mesh.
  61. Double-walled rainbow glasses are very Instagrammable.
  62. Liquid iron.
  63. A necklace with a zodiac sign – if she loves astrology.
  64. Natural wood cabinet.
  65. A set of bamboo dishes.
  66. Cordless smoothie blender.
  67. Dry body butter.
  68. Window cleaning robot.
  69. Smart jump rope, dumbbells.
  70. Air fryer.
  71. Cooling facial roller.
  72. Walking board on water SUP.
  73. Cappuccinatore.
  74. Eco glass.
  75. Stylish baking dish.
  76. Mask-gloves for hands and feet.
  77. Pen for drawing on coffee milk foam.
  78. Oriental sweets.
  79. Stylish raincoat.
  80. Home sauna for the face.
  81. Jam with rose petals.
  82. Turkish set for making coffee on the sand.
  83. Chain for glasses.
  84. Illuminated glasses.
  85. Electric Toothbrush.
  86. Effective snood.
  87. Transformer decoration.
  88. Beach mat “sand demon”.
  89. Neck accessory – kerchief-necklace.
  90. Memory foam pillow.
  91. Himalayan salt slab for baking dishes in the oven.
  92. Glass jug for homemade lemonades.
  93. Bath pearls with exotic scents.
  94. Suitcase cover.
  95. Warmer toy.
  96. LED candle that simulates a real flame.
  97. Instagram.
  98. Gorgeous reusable cosmetic bottle.
  99. Hydromassage foot bath.
  100. Decorative lantern with LED candles.
  101. Picnic set in a wicker basket.
  102. Turk electric.
  103. Eternal composition of fragrant dried flowers.
  104. A jar of natural almond or peanut butter.
  105. Styler with multi-rod.
  106. Leather harness.
  107. Cactus bristle brush for dry massage.
  108. Glass watering can.
  109. Water bottle with quartz.
  110. SPA bouquet.
  111. Automatic dispenser.
  112. Turban for drying hair.
  113. Tourmaline massage socks.
  114. Mini refrigerator for cosmetics.
  115. Live bonsai tree.
  116. Dryer for vegetables and fruit.
  117. Eco shopper.
  118. Poncho with fringes.
  119. Niche perfumery.
  120. Designer flower pots.
  121. Lip masks.
  122. Ring lamp.
  123. Engraved bracelet.
  124. LED tree is a fantastic luminous tree for coziness and mood.

Unusual gifts for beauty and health

A selection of unusual and interesting gifts designed for beauty and personal care will please everyone. But it is better to choose what a woman is unlikely to buy for herself. It should not be associated with something everyday, it’s still a surprise!

Bracelet with essential oil diffuser –  improves mood. Such an accessory is not only stylish and beautiful, but also healthy. The use of aromatic oils has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect.

It also improves sleep, mood, increases efficiency and the functioning of the cardiac system. In the bracelet, you can use not only oils, but also your favorite perfume.

Heavy blanket. Thinking about what an unusual gift can be given to a woman, feel free to opt for this idea. This is a novelty in our country that improves sleep.

The principle of action is based on the production of serotonin, which, under the influence of a “heavy” cover, is released more actively. Sets the body for healthy sleep and complete relaxation. The pressure of the blanket is very soft, so it will be comfortable even for children.

Japanese kimono is  a chic gift for any woman. Versatile silk kimono will become her favorite home set and make every evening magical for her.

This type of clothing gracefully fits the silhouette, creating a unique effect of airiness. It is best to choose a kimono made of satin, silk, or a budget option – cotton.

Honey with edible gold is  an elite surprise for beauty and health. And, most importantly, the price of such a gift is not so great.

A beautiful surprise in the form of “liquid gold”, is a natural antiseptic, blat affects the cardiovascular system, improves sleep, is an excellent antidepressant and much more.

Aromatic stones are  a small, but very pleasant and useful souvenir.

It is enough to put a couple of drops of aroma oil on the stones and spread them around the house, at the workplace or in the car. Such a gift easily replaces an aroma diffuser and an aroma lamp.

Original gifts for women

Despite the fact that the selections above have several universal gifts, this one also has unusual gifts for a woman that would not disappoint her. Whether she’s a fashionista, a homemade pastry chef, a beauty fan or a romantic person.

Rosé wine  is a classic option for any celebration. Pink brut is always expensive and appropriate. Many believe that it is obtained by mixing red and white wine, but this is a mistake.

Pink drink is obtained using a special processing technology for red grapes. You can complement the present with a box  of sweets stuffed with Damascus rose petals.

An airy bouquet of gypsophila,  symbolizing happiness and sincerity. The trend for such bouquets came from China:

  1. Firstly, it is an incredibly persistent flower that will delight a woman for a long time;
  2. Secondly, it is something fashionable, non-standard, minimalistic;
  3. Thirdly, the ratio, price – quality;
  4. Fourthly, such a present will attract the attention of all guests at the holiday!

Therefore, if you cannot decide what you can give women an unusual and colorful gift, feel free to give a composition of gypsophila.

Pendants with several interchangeable inserts. The trend for transforming jewelry has long settled in the wardrobe of fashionistas and bloggers. Such things make their owner special, unique.

There are many options, they can be of different shapes, lengths, jewelry alloy, and a model with colored precious inserts will set you apart from the crowd.

Smart spoon.  Every housewife knows that any recipe needs accuracy. Salt, spices, herbs, in this matter, weighing by eye is not suitable.

The electronic device is equipped with a display that reflects all the information, providing accurate information to the hostess. Believe me, such a kitchen appliance will become a favorite after the very first use.

An exclusive stand for incense sticks is  a very necessary thing if a woman likes to use incense sticks or cones at home. After all, incense is not only a pleasant, soothing aroma, but also a source of fire.

Therefore, the original stand will keep them in the process of burning and protect the surface from hot ash and heat.

Inexpensive unusual gifts when the budget is limited

This selection contains the TOP-5 most interesting gifts, each of which costs no more than 1 thousand rubles. Choose the right one, pack it in beautiful paper and give it with pleasure to your girlfriend, wife or colleague.

A parking business card with a phone number  is an unusual gift for a woman, a car lady.

Such a business card is installed in the passenger compartment to resolve issues with the parking of the vehicle. The material can be plastic or wood with a laconic design.

Special spoon for ice cream , this is a cool gift for a friend with a sweet tooth. The special shape of the spoon allows you to put your favorite treat in the form of balls, decorating the dessert like in restaurants.

The device is made of stainless steel, which makes it durable and completely safe.

Look for an interesting and unusual gift for a woman, then take a look  at the molds for baking muffins, cookies, pizza, bread, original shapes.  It can be a rectangular model for large cupcakes, portion molds, models in the form of flowers and animals, etc.

A figured rolling pin with a pattern,  with such a present, a lady will be able to pump her homemade cookies!

Rolling pins are made from solid beech, which makes them environmentally friendly and fragrant, as the surface is treated with natural linseed oil.

Only the hero of the occasion can boast of such pastries.

Sketch posters:  planners, travel diaries and achievements. The ideal solution to the question of what can give women an unusual gift.

Perhaps the lady has long wanted to get rid of bad habits or pump some skill, then this gift is what you need. With such a poster, she will become a different person in the challenge format.

A selection of interesting gifts

There are a number of gifts that everyone will be happy with – they are appropriate, beautiful and functional. This list includes:

Calabash and bombilla.  Your friend loves teas, then this mate tea utensil is perfect as a gift for the upcoming holiday.

They are special tube spoons for brewing aromatic tea, herbal teas, fruit and berry mixes, hibiscus, etc. Be sure to pair with delicious loose leaf tea.

A salt lamp is  such an unusual present that will not leave anyone indifferent. It is a raw crystal of Himalayan salt, which, when plugged into an outlet, illuminates the room due to a lamp located inside it.

The lamp has an antimicrobial effect, strengthens the immune system, purifies and ionizes the air, relieves stress and fatigue.

Wine soap.  The unique aroma of vineyards and Crimean wine will plunge a woman into a romantic mood and a sunny day on the seashore.

In addition to alcohol, the composition of the soap includes honey, vitamins and amino acids, which will make the skin soft, moisturized and nourished.

Set for making mulled wine with spices  and a bottle of suitable wine. There are many variations of such a gift, everything will depend on your budget.

It can be: fragrant spices and a glass, a set of beautiful glasses with carved handles, utensils for making a drink, a bottle of red wine and citrus fruits.

A box with tropical butterflies  is an unforgettable gift with a WOW effect! You can order a live present on Internet sites by choosing a box with the required number of butterflies.

Be sure when a woman sees your gift, it will definitely cause joy, amazement, delight.

List of unusual ideas for a woman’s home

If you want to be remembered for an unusual present that will always find a use, and, most importantly, it will please the owner, then this collection is for you.

Realistic lamps in the form of planets  – this original product has a realistic 3D print that imitates the surface of the planet, its continents, seas, rivers, oceans, mountains.

The soft light of the lamp will allow you to comfortably use it as a night light, which will not irritate your eyes. And, thanks to environmentally friendly materials, the lamp is completely safe, odorless, does not heat up.

Glasses with a straw  are a cool accessory for themed photo shoots and decorating a festive table. With such a gift, words are not even needed, because it is intended for a true connoisseur of the drink.

Therefore, in the kit for this option, you can add a bottle of good rose or red wine.

A digital  photo frame  is a memorable present for a loved one and another option that is unusual to give a woman for her birthday. To date, you can choose a huge number of models, both budget and expensive.

The device will allow you to enjoy the most memorable shots of life at any time, in slide show mode.

Protective talisman for the home , they can be different, made of stone, fabric, metal, wood, drawn or embroidered.

Such a souvenir will help to maintain a favorable atmosphere in the house and between households. It will eliminate negative energy, attracting only Shares, heavenly spins, to the dwelling.

A miniature fruit tree in a pot,  with care that even a novice amateur gardener can handle. The tree has fragrant inflorescences, which, with proper care, turn into juicy, tasty fruits!

You can opt for a tangerine, a dwarf pomegranate or a miniature peach.


Hear, decide and understand that you can give women something unusual, then go and buy it, not so bad.

If a man can, as is, buy a gift in its original packaging, then from a woman you can get the same surprise in the face and ruin her festive mood for a long time, so it should be  beautifully packaged .

Therefore, before buying, it is important to consider a number of important points:

  • First of all, you need to try to  rationally allocate your time , because leaving the solution of such an important issue for the last moment, you simply may not find what was planned. And also in a short time it is difficult to organize unusual gifts to order.
  • It is advisable to  accompany any gift with a bouquet or a small flower arrangement , the main thing is to take into account its color and the symbolism of the flower.
  • You can always  go to the trick  and announce to the lady that the gift has already been bought, and let her guess what it is. The first few options that she will announce to you will be the best options for a presentation.
  • Quality is the first thing you should pay attention to. Let it be something simple, not branded, but of excellent quality, tailoring.
  • Social media  is another clue in finding the perfect surprise. This is just a fantastic resource for finding out what a girl likes without having to ask her directly.
  • occasion . It is also important to try to match the present with the theme of the holiday. Birthday, March 8, or maybe housewarming? On Valentine’s Day, for example, it is better to make a romantic and cute surprise, and leave useful and practical things for others.

The main thing to remember is that a gift is a mirror of the soul of the giver, even if you try not to show your character when buying. And handing it over is not a duty to the hero of the occasion, but first of all a sign of attention and respect for her.

What is better not to give

When choosing an unusual present, remember the worst surprises that you received. Below is a selection that can save you from losing face on a holiday.

  • Useless trifle, from the nearest supermarket . Yes, and supermarkets sell interesting things, but getting a photo frame for a birthday, a kitchen towel or a box of soy chocolate … is the dream of a limited number of ladies.
  • Fragrant gifts.  This includes eau de toilette, perfumed lotions, milk, etc. Firstly, this is the personal territory of a woman, which is better not to step on if you are not 100% sure of the purchase. And, secondly, acquiring even the most expensive bottle, you can make a mistake with the aroma, it can cause allergies or headaches.
  • Expensive things, so  you can put the girl in an awkward position, involuntarily humiliating her or making her feel the obligation to repay you with the same expensive present for your celebration.
  • Brand fakes  are the other side of expensive gifts. Such things are rarely of excellent quality, and if the birthday girl also understands brands, then believe me, the reaction that you will see on her face will be as fake as the gift item.
  • Gifts that hurt the feelings of  the hero of the occasion, these can be scales, remedies for wrinkles, cellulite, acne, etc. Such options “with a hint” can not only hurt a woman greatly, but also shake her self-esteem.
  • Artificial flower toys.  The shelves of online sites and flower shops are littered with bears made of foamiran flowers. Many sites have information that such toys were originally created for children’s funerals, so they have a black bow. Trust or not, this information is up to you. If you opted for such a bear, remember that the woman could also see this note.
  • Money.  Everyone has a moment in their life when there is a blockage at work, business and other responsibilities, but few people like to realize that you didn’t have enough time to get to the boutique or order a present on the Internet. In addition, you can always unusually give money to a woman. For example, a balloon filled with banknotes, a message in a bottle, a pot filled with coins, or a small gold bar (in any bank).


An interesting and unusual gift for a woman is not a myth! This article contains the most non-standard gifts that can be presented on others, any other holiday or just like that. We hope they will help you finally decide on a gift and choose one that a woman will really be delighted with.

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