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TOP 72 ideas of what to give a girl for 18 years from a guy +58 gifts and Tips

The 18th birthday is the starting point of growing up for every citizen of Russia. This age gives boys and girls the opportunity to make independent decisions, get a full-time job, cast their vote in presidential or parliamentary elections, get a driver’s license, buy a lottery ticket in their name or get a tattoo. Every birthday person wants to celebrate such a holiday on a grand scale, and on such a day, parents traditionally give impressive gifts to young people.

And how to congratulate your beloved, and what to give a girl for 18 years, we will discuss with the guys today.

Thinking about what you can give a girl for 18 years sometimes conflicts with the emotions and minds of young people. On the one hand, I want to surprise the birthday girl with an unforgettable surprise, and on the other hand, funds at a young age can be quite limited. However, there are many options for how to please the hero of the occasion inexpensively and at the same time in an original way. We offer several gift options.

TOP 72 ideas that you can give a girl for 18 years from a guy

The choice of gifts for the girl’s 18th birthday is huge. This list is a real mix of cool ideas: with a wide range of features, prices, and expected effects.

  1. Jewelry.
  2. Professional lamp for manicure.
  3. Hydromassage foot bath.
  4. Styling tool.
  5. Humidifier or air ionizer.
  6. Cozy blanket.
  7. “Smart watch.
  8. Portable speaker. Choose a waterproof model. If a girl likes music, she will want to listen to it everywhere.
  9. Perfumes with an unusual aroma.
  10. Pouffe or bean bag chair.
  11. Donut maker.
  12. Mobile phone.
  13. Tabletop chest of drawers for jewelry and other small items.
  14. Massage or orthopedic pillow.
  15. Beach or terry bath towel.
  16. A panel with hooks is an opportunity for a girl to place pictures, clippings and drawings directly on the wall in her room.
  17. Device for instant freezing of desserts.
  18. A plan to conquer the world or a travel map with a wash layer.
  19. Instant digital camera.
  20. Pocket printer – with this device you can print photos anywhere.
  21. Beautiful handmade comb.
  22. A picnic set that includes a blanket, basket and dishes.
  23. Aroma lamp with a set of essential oils of different aromas.
  24. A gift basket filled with fruits and the girl’s favorite sweets.
  25. Japanese style sushi set.
  26. Florarium – an unusual flower arrangement under a glass frame.
  27. “Eternal” rose in a flask or flowers in ice.
  28. Waterproof shower radio.
  29. Set for self-growing a plant.
  30. Stylish jewelry – bracelet, earrings or pendant.
  31. Jewelry box or figurine.
  32. Heated slippers in the shape of an animal.
  33. Kigurumi is a funny pajamas in the form of an animal.
  34. Electronic piggy bank.
  35. Lava lamp or other original night light.
  36. A beautiful pendant with a zodiac sign, a cute figurine or the first letter of the birthday girl’s name.
  37. Shaker for mixing cocktails.
  38. Set for making mulled wine or punch at home.
  39. A projector for a smartphone, with which you can display the image from your phone on a large screen.
  40. Computer mouse with rhinestones.
  41. Electric Toothbrush.
  42. An LED shower or faucet is a device that “colors” the water in different colors.
  43. Eco alarm clock with nature sounds.
  44. Wall perpetual calendar.
  45. Virtual reality glasses.
  46. An aqua farm is a closed living ecosystem with fish and plants.
  47. A set of natural cosmetics – decorative or care.
  48. Illuminated umbrella.
  49. Apparatus for making cotton candy or ice cream.
  50. A set of professional makeup brushes.
  51. Sports water bottle.
  52. T-shirt with a creative inscription or a cool pattern.
  53. Portfolio folder or leather holder for documents.
  54. Mirror glasses with a monolithic frame.
  55. Bamboo bathroom table. A wonderful gift for an 18th birthday for a lover to comfortably soak in the foam – with a book or a glass.
  56. Organizer for cosmetics.
  57. Electronic butterfly or tornado in a jar.
  58. Designer notebook in genuine leather cover.
  59. Chocolate fountain.
  60. Persian kitten.
  61. Wall clock with a hiding place.
  62. Illuminated mirror.
  63. Scratch poster “100 things to do in your life.”
  64. Toaster, “stamping” emoticons.
  65. Medallion with your joint photo.
  66. Styling device: hair dryer, straightener, corrugated tongs or multi-styler.
  67. Pillow Beauty Sleep.
  68. Sushi set.
  69. Electronic book.
  70. Manicure set.
  71. Table fountain.
  72. Painting with Swarovski crystals depicting the hieroglyph Love.

Girls’ best friends…or something about the perfect gifts

Jewelry made of noble metal is a symbol of positive emotions and sincere feelings. By right – among the best gifts for a girl. A ring, bracelet or chain with a pendant keeps memories of the giver for many years. Sometimes for a lifetime. 

Take a look at what your loved one likes. Keep in mind that gold and diamonds are expensive gifts. If finances allow, think about whether the girl can accept a luxurious present without a doubt.

If you are dating recently, it is better to pay attention to designer silver – this is ideal.

Life hack hint: look at the page on social networks – suddenly the girl is subscribed to online jewelry stores, and even marks something with likes. Choosing a decoration will become much easier.

A little trick is to increase the value of the jewelry with a commemorative engraving.

Original gifts

A coming-of-age surprise is a way for a guy to express his feelings one more time.

The girl looks forward to receiving a gift from you more than from other guests, so do not disappoint her.

Fireworks . Arranging fireworks in honor of the birthday girl is a great idea for a guy who wants to please a girl.

Chocolate fountain . If the hero of the occasion loves sweets, give her such a fountain, a popcorn or cotton candy machine.

Paired accessories . Bracelets, rings or medallions that complement each other can be presented not only on February 14, but also on the day the girl comes of age.

These are not all the ideas of original surprises for a girl on her 18th birthday, but only you can choose the one that will bring positive emotions to the hero of the occasion. Simply because you are more familiar with her preferences.

A traditional gift (even an expensive one!) will not have an effect on a lover of creative things. If your girlfriend loves something unusual, check out the ideas in this section.

Lucid Dreaming Mask. “Always own the situation – in a dream, and in reality!” – a great wish when presenting this original little thing.

Insta Book in Instagram style. All the bright memories in one book. Insta Book will securely save your Instagram story in paper format. Insta-book is a good gift for a fan of social networks.

Mosaic portrait of a birthday girl. An unusual gift will decorate the interior, and the process of joint assembly of the mosaic will make many evenings enjoyable.

Luminous slippers Unicorns . If you are thinking about what you can give a girl for 18 years old positive and unusual, this is a good option.

Poster “100 things a real girl” . A creative gift, a ruthless motivator, a nice interior detail.

Pillow from loneliness “Hand of the Beloved”. A cool gift with a wish not to be bored in separation. Put a drop of your perfume on the pillow – enhance the effect of presence).

Inexpensive gifts for a girl on her 18th birthday

Not everyone has the opportunity to please their beloved with an expensive gift. It’s time for luxury gifts is yet to come. A gift chosen with care and attention will be the best, no matter the cost.

Purse. Microscopic bag for traveling light: two compartments for the phone and money, a thin strap for free hands. Stylish and comfortable.

Alarm clock with projection of stars and sounds of nature. Another option is a light alarm. Simulates the onset of dawn, can charge a smartphone wirelessly. Or a less romantic option: an alarm clock with a target.

Portable USB mixer . If your girlfriend is a goddess of fitness (or a fitonyasha – as you like), a converter of healthy fruits into an equally healthy smoothie that is used anywhere (even at work!), She will definitely like it.

Wine glass with a straw . Of all the non-banal things that you can give for DR, choose a surprise for your friend with humor. When presenting, wish the girl the most cheerful holiday – without brakes.

Braiding device. A creative girl who prefers to change hairstyles often needs such an assistant.

Useful gifts for a practical lady

Serious girls are waiting for practical gifts. For example, such.

I have scales. Through a smartphone, they specify the percentage of fat, water and muscles, take the necessary actions to correct the indicators.

It is better to give a gift in agreement with a girl who is fond of fitness, diets or a healthy lifestyle. A birthday girl, far from the above, may perceive the gift as an offensive hint of excess weight or figure imperfections.

Designer aroma lamp with Himalayan salt and backlight. Purifies the air, creates cozy lighting, makes the interior mysterious.

Air humidifier with replaceable caps. You can find a cute device that resembles a well-fed cat, while it is quite functional.

Leather women’s backpack. An elegant black accessory will suit any look, will become a stylish companion of your beloved on a city walk, while traveling, at school.

Accurate kitchen scales. A battery-powered device will be appreciated by a pedantic adherent of a healthy lifestyle or diet. Every gram of proteins-fats-carbohydrates will be seen, calculated and accounted for!

Cool DR gifts for a sports girl

An active girlfriend who is passionate about fitness or training will be happy to receive as a gift for her 18th birthday:

Balanceboard. A cool thing is a fun game and balance trainer. Helps maintain muscle tone without leaving the apartment.

Urban folding scooter Razor Your sporty girl will love its stylish look and compactness.

Quad rollers. Bright and fashionable four-wheel rollers. A fun and useful gift – roller skating has been proven to improve body flexibility and orientation in space.

Clock-column. A cute device will please a lover of fitness and morning jogging – doing sports to the rhythm of your favorite tracks is much more pleasant.

The best gifts for a romantic girl

A sentimental girl will open the festive packaging with bated breath. Do not disappoint yesterday’s child, treat the choice of a gift with special trepidation.

Rose from a fairy tale. The rose is beautiful, not withering for many years, tastefully faceted… This is a beautiful gift. Almost like the same rose from “Beauty and the Beast” …

Unusual nightlight. Their choice is simply immense: imitating a scattering of stars, a neon heart-shaped night light, an hourglass-shaped relaxing night light, or a 3D lamp in the form of a scarlet heart with an arrow.

Portrait of a girl made of threads. Made by hand from a kilometer of strong thread, the gift will become one of the most original.

The picture of the voice ” Love is …”. The gift combines your joint photo, the recognizable design of the legendary gum and a declaration of love.

Set for abstract painting in a moment of intimacy with a loved one. Your bodies will create a unique art object.

Sentimental photo present. There are many of them – a floor lamp with the best shots, a sweatshirt with a group photo, an iPhone case with a photo, a wristwatch with a picture of your couple …

Pendant with the words “I love you”. The magic pendant contains the words of lovers from all over the world – in 100 languages. An unusual birthday present will make your loved one the star of the party.

A couple more interesting ideas of what to give from a guy to a girl for 18 years

A girl’s desired birthday gift at 18 does not have to be expensive.

Sometimes even yesterday’s girl is waiting for a miracle and believes that you will give her a little magic on this special day for her. How to implement it?

  1. Launch lanterns into the sky with her. Each sky lantern can carry into space a birthday wish for her personally or for all her family and friends.
  2. Choose an edible bouquet or basket for the girl. The filling of such compositions can be made sweet or not, it depends on the taste habits of the girl herself. You are probably familiar with them.
  3. Hand the girl a love message on papyrus or other paper in a beautiful design. A bouquet of the girl’s favorite flowers will perfectly complement such an offering.

Electronic massager . After playing sports, you really want to relax your muscles … A vibration self-massage device with adjustable intensity and depth of exposure will be a good alternative to a professional massage therapist.

Rose in gold. Great idea for a beautiful gift. A real rose in 24 carat gold is a unique and priceless symbol of your love.

DIY gifts for 18 years old girl

Was there no answer to what to give a girl for adulthood? This is not a reason to refuse an invitation to a holiday!

Prepare a gift for the hero of the occasion with your own hands. Such man-made surprises can be:

  1. Notebook.
  2. Carpet made of stones.
  3. Laptop table.
  4. Frame.
  5. Panel made of natural materials.
  6. Smartphone holder.
  7. Garland for a photo shoot.
  8. Kiss book.
  9. Chandelier, night light or handmade lampshade.
  10. Bedside table.

Shell fruit vase


TOP 72 ideas of what to give a girl for 18 years from a guy +58 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • shells of pistachios, peanuts and other nuts;
  • non-toxic glue for dishes;
  • permanent paper;
  • building or regular hair dryer.

Working process:

  1. Accumulate shells from about 200 nuts.
  2. Pistachio shells need to be boiled slightly to remove salt from them.
  3. Cover the mold (any vase of suitable shape) with permanent paper.
  4. Mix the shell with a spoonful of glue.
  5. We paste over the prepared form with it, as in the technology of papier-mâché products.
  6. Let the form dry.
  7. Check for unglued areas on the vase. If there is, add glue to them, dry them. You can use a hair dryer for this.

Tin phone case


TOP 72 ideas of what to give a girl for 18 years from a guy +58 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • an empty can from a drink;
  • scissors or stationery knife;
  • marker;
  • ruler;
  • silicone bumper.

Working process:

  1. Cut off the top and bottom of the jar.
  2. Make a cut on the back so that the name of the drink is in the center.
  3. Straighten the jar, circle the outline of the smartphone on it with a marker.
  4. Cut out the blank with scissors or a clerical knife.
  5. Attach the part to the bumper and cut out holes for the cameras, speaker and fingerprint scanner, if any.
  6. Cut out the required holes with a knife.
  7. Insert the tin part into the bumper, put the smartphone into the finished case.


How best to choose a gift for a girl’s birthday for 18 years? The guy is able to think about this question for more than one hour. Let go of your own perfectionism and ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What does the girl like to do? If she loves sports, then gifts should be chosen at a sports store, and if the birthday girl is crazy about books, go to a bookstore or a second-hand bookshop.
  2. How often is she in society and how much does she like to party? A guy can pick up a miniature bag for an active party girl, and pay for cooking classes or a master class for a homebody.
  3. Where she lives? At the age of 18, girls often leave their parental home for the sake of studying or, on principle, move out to a rented apartment. In this case, help the hero of the occasion to equip life with a practical gift.

To make the offering interesting and memorable for all guests, ask the birthday girl to complete a series of comic tasks, ask friends to create a flash mob for a friend, or choose an unusual gift wrapping option.

Choosing the “best” gift for your soulmate is not easy. What do girls value the most? Attention, tenderness, care… Focus on your feelings, be sincere. Let your beloved feel on her birthday the very best – beautiful, beloved, priceless.

Coming of age is a big holiday worthy of a significant gift. For example, a new gadget . Especially if you’ve been together for a long time.

Please the girl with a phone, wireless headphones, tablet.  An expensive gift for 18 years from a guy who can afford it – a girl with whom he has been in a relationship for a long time.

If your beloved is a homebody and a hostess, give her a “cozy” present for the house: a vase, a floor lamp, a soft blanket or cushions .

In this category, refrain from aroma candles – we have different attitudes to smells, it is impossible to guess with aroma.

Hobbies are a great gift tip. Replenish the collection of dolls or soft toys , present something useful that will come in handy in her hobby. Athlete – a new projectile, a cool backpack, a simulator needlewoman – a box for small things, an easel or brushes, a sewing machine . Just remember what your beloved lacks for creativity, what she dreams of. 

You can treat the gift with humor: a radio-controlled car model at the age of 18 will completely replace a luxurious foreign car.

If you are in an intimate relationship, it is appropriate to give your beloved sexy lingerie, erotic accessories .

A universal gift at any stage of a relationship is good cosmetics . A consultant in the store will help you choose an eyeshadow palette, a set of professional makeup brushes .

You can give a stylish accessory – a brooch, scarf, gloves, belt or bag .

Don’t forget the flowers. Give your beloved a huge bouquet of peony roses in delicate shades . These flowers surprisingly subtly emphasize youth and beauty. And they look great in photos.

What is better not to give a girl for 18 years from a guy

It’s not a good idea to give a ring if you don’t plan to propose marriage yet.

You should not give clothes and shoes: it is difficult to choose without trying on, it is almost impossible to guess the color.

It’s a bad idea to disappoint your loved one with a fake of a well-known brand. Fakes speak of a lack of taste and inappropriate savings.

Tools and benefits for weight loss, a fitness subscription, scales, accessories for home workouts (for a girl far from sports) – Hint at being overweight – a guarantee that the mood of the birthday girl will be spoiled. And relationships too.

There are other things that are tactless / inappropriate / strange and so on. Here is a small selection of unsuccessful presentations:

  • alcohol, cigarettes and smoking accessories;
  • needlework kits, if the girl is far from such a pastime;
  • gifts from an intimate salon, if your relationship has not yet crossed the “adult” boundary;
  • a razor, an epilator, products for problem skin and other “gifts” indicating physical imperfections;
  • pets;
  • artificial plants;
  • master classes, classes and trainings, a priori not interesting to the birthday girl.

A good gift cannot be formal. The cost doesn’t matter either. Put your love in the gift, the desire to please, to see a happy look – and the present will forever remain in the memory of the birthday girl. Like this unusual day – the day between childhood and the future.

Before buying, check your own ideas for a list of gifts that a girl should not accept from a guy. The forbidden rating of offerings includes:

  1. Money . Whatever the amount, a guy cannot give banknotes to a girl on her birthday. Money is a method of management, power over others, not a gift. In a couple, conversations about finances arise, but there is no need to put the girl in an awkward situation at her own birthday party.
  2. Weapons, knives or other cutting objects . They are considered harbingers of scandals, quarrels and even parting.
  3. Books . Alas, a popular sign says that giving a loved one a book as a gift is a parting.
  4. Pectoral cross . Even if the girl does not turn out to be an atheist, then along with the gift you will give her part of your “cross” – ailments, misfortunes and disappointments.
  5. Alcohol . This is not the best surprise for a girl who has just embarked on the path of growing up. It also cannot be called a practical, useful or romantic gift for the development of other bad habits, such as smoking.
  6. Cosmetic set for shower and wash . Firstly, you are not the only one to think about such a present. Secondly, signs say that the girl will simply “wash away” from your life path after such a gift.
  7. Underwear . Only very close people can make such a gift to each other. Even if your unity with a girl is not only spiritual, but also physical, you should not advertise it at her birthday.


Listen to the words of the girl and take a closer look at her actions and hobbies long before the significant date. This will help you choose one of the best and touching gifts for her coming of age day, something a girl will never forget.

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