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Needed 64 ideas What to give a boy for a year old boy + Tips

Many are sure that you can give a boy for his 1st birthday any, almost the first toy that comes across.

According to many guests, the child still does not understand anything at this age and will be happy with any little thing, as long as it is brighter and noisier.

However, this approach is fundamentally wrong. Perhaps the baby will not be upset when he receives an unnecessary gift, but there will obviously not be any benefit from it. Moreover, resentment can follow from the side of parents who expect a reverent attitude towards their child.

Thus, it should be understood that it is important to give a child (boy) a special present for a year.

TOP 64 ideas that you can give a boy for a year

If you were invited to such an important event, you should seriously think about what you can give a boy for 1 year old.

  1. Talking electronic toys . Most often, these gadgets look like hamsters or cats. They differ from other toys in that they record sound and reproduce it, which causes indescribable delight and laughter in small children. Deciding what to give a child (boy) for a year such a miracle of technology is a brilliant idea, you will help the baby improve his speech skills.
  2. Cubes . It is believed that it is better to give a boy for 1 year not a complex set, where you need to put together a picture from parts, but large cubes made of soft plastic and decorated in bright colors.
  3. Sorter .Considering the desire of many kids to put everything in piles, the birthday boy will definitely like the toy. The sorter can be a simple rectangular platform or look like a pot, a ship or a house. With the help of the device, a small person will be able to develop spatial thinking and quickly learn the shapes of objects.
  4. Pyramid . It seems to some that it is too banal to give a boy a similar product for a year. However, given the variety of modern toy models, you can choose a very original version that will amaze the imagination of any adult and, at the same time, positively affect the development of the hero of the occasion.
  5. Puzzle mat . We are talking about huge puzzles, from which it is very easy to assemble a whole rug, which is subsequently used for games or physical exercises. Parts can be in the form of numbers or letters. Due to this, the mat performs 2 functions at once – entertaining and educational.
  6. Bath set made of rubber toys . Ducks, pirates, hippos, frogs and many other figurines will make water procedures a real entertainment.
  7. Wheelchair . To date, you can find 2 main types of these products: classic toys on strings or wheelchairs with a plastic handle. Given that the birthday boy is learning to walk, the gifts presented will not go unappreciated. The option of a wheelchair with a handle may be more convenient, as it will create additional support for the baby, giving him more confidence in his own movements.
  8. Rocking chair . When choosing what you can give a boy for a year, feel free to take a classic rocking horse – it has remained at the peak of popularity for many years, being a favorite toy of many children. If you want to move away from the classics, pay attention to other types of rocking chairs in the form of giraffes, elephants, camels, etc.
  9. Seesaw . If you are not left with the idea that to give a child (boy) for a year you definitely need something that will lead him to indescribable delight, give preference to a swing. The dream, perhaps, of any kid is his own swing in the house, on which you can ride when and how much you want.
  10. Wheelchair-tolokar .We are talking about a miniature car or motorcycle, for the movement of which the young driver needs to push off the floor with his legs. Everything in the device is like in a real car – there is a steering wheel, sound signals and an opening trunk.
  11. Development center . If you are puzzling over what you can give a boy for 1 year for his development, such a device will be the best option. The main element here is an interactive panel, which contains many useful game elements, the work of which is accompanied by sound effects. It can be attached as a tabletop when the child starts walking.
  12. Busyboard . All children, without exception, show an interest in everything from which their parents so stubbornly try to protect them for the sake of safety. We are talking about all kinds of hecks, buttons, sockets, locks, etc. All this can be found on a special game board, which is called a business board.
  13. Sandbox . Many will agree that giving a boy such a device for a summer cottage for his 1st birthday would be a very right decision. What little kid doesn’t love to tinker in the sand and play with wheelbarrows, trucks and other boyish joys? Moreover, according to psychologists, sand therapy has a very positive effect on the child’s becoming more independent.
  14. Jumping . You can easily repeat your mother’s exercises on the fitball – with the help of special rubber horses, donkeys and other cute animals. More expensive models easily turn into wheelchairs due to the curved skids in the kit.
  15. Constructor .With the help of such a toy, you will help your baby to develop and explore the world faster. The emphasis here is on improving fine motor skills, motor coordination and spatial reasoning. For small children, special models are sold, consisting of large parts that are easily attached to each other.
  16. Children’s play tent.
  17. Inflatable complex for games (you can jump, slide and climb in it).
  18. Developing and teaching table.
  19. Warmer toy.
  20. Warm blanket for baby’s bed.
  21. Speaking alphabet.
  22. Personalized height meter that can be placed in a children’s room.
  23. Set of children’s bed linen with the image of different cartoon characters.
  24. Set of toy dinosaurs.
  25. Children’s game ball.
  26. An educational tablet for children that can tell stories, as well as play the sounds of different animals and birds.
  27. A set of children’s dishes made of quality materials.
  28. Non-spill drinker.
  29. Music rug.
  30. Coloring book.
  31. Interactive book with music and sound effects.
  32. Finger theater toys.
  33. Puzzles with large pieces.
  34. Xylophone or metallophone.
  35. Home planetarium or night light projector of the starry sky.
  36. Toy railway.
  37. Cars – fire, police, truck or ambulance.
  38. Jump ball.
  39. Massage Mat.
  40. Toy steering wheel with bright buttons.
  41. Mini trampoline that can be placed in the apartment.
  42. Sled or children’s snowmobile.
  43. Electric car with remote control for parents.
  44. Ring throw.
  45. Bright kaleidoscope.
  46. Bubble.
  47. Children’s bowling.
  48. Toy set of tools.
  49. A balance bike or a bicycle with a controlled handle for parents.
  50. Children’s phone, computer, remote control or other toy in the form of a household item.
  51. A set of felt-tip pens for drawing on fabric.
  52. Ionizer or air purifier in the nursery.
  53. Arena for safe games.
  54. Set for accustoming a child to brushing his teeth.
  55. Inflatable or dry pool with balls.
  56. A set of soft vegetables with a toy knife.
  57. Magnetic drawing board.
  58. Kite.
  59. Water pistol or children’s model of a hunting rifle.
  60. Training shoes with which the baby will be able to learn how to lace up shoes and use Velcro.
  61. Frames with inserts that will help you remember and match the names of animals and various household items.
  62. A set of natural children’s cosmetics (shampoo, soap, bathing gel, body cream).
  63. Matryoshka, musical top or tumbler.
  64. Comforter is a toy that will help you sleep better when mom is not around.

What can I give a boy for a year for creative development

Thinking about what you can give a child for a year (a boy), you should be guided, among other things, by the goals set by parents in his upbringing.

Many mothers and fathers pay special attention to the development of the creative abilities of the child.

You can make the task easier for adult family members by giving the birthday boy an appropriate gift for a child for 1 year:

A set of finger paints and whatman paper . It is too difficult to draw with a brush for such a small child, but any kid will be able to create a real masterpiece with his own hands, smeared in harmless dyes.

An easel can be an addition to the presented gift, which will allow the boy to feel like a professional artist;

A set of quality plasticine or kinetic sand . Modeling classes are incredibly useful for the hands of a child, so both gifts will make a significant contribution to the physical and creative development of the child.

The second option will be especially appreciated by parents, since kinetic sand is more convenient to use: it does not crumble and does not stick to surfaces;

Table with chair . Great idea what to give a child a year. The presented set of furniture can become a favorite place for drawing, modeling and other developmental activities;

Musical Instruments . You should not think that you can give a boy a similar gift for 1 year only if the birthday boy is initially a creative person.

In fact, a children’s piano, synthesizer, maracas, drum, guitar or xylophone can awaken the love of music in any child.

In addition, such devices have a positive effect on hand motility, associative thinking and understanding of causal relationships.

What can I give a boy for 1 year from memorable souvenirs

Most people are sure that to give a boy for his 1st birthday, you definitely need such a present, which the hero of the occasion will be happy with. However, others do not agree with this opinion, believing that the first serious holiday requires a special gift that will last a lifetime and will remind the birthday man of this day.

If the second point of view is closer to you, but nothing suitable comes to mind, you should consider the following ideas on what to give a child for a year:

A cast of the baby’s legs or arms .You can buy a kit for creating casts in any children’s goods store. As a rule, it includes gypsum powder and a container for diluting it.

Some kits include a frame for the owner’s photograph of the cast. A touching gift for a year will please the parents of the crumbs for a long time, and when the birthday boy grows up, it will become a memorable souvenir in his own house;

Planted tree . Great idea for a birthday present. The present presented, perhaps, can be considered the most symbolic of all and the most suitable for the first birthday.

The plant will grow with the boy, and when the child is older, he will be able to take care of the tree on his own;

Chain with a medallion . To make the medallion really memorable, you can make it to order and engrave the date of birth of the hero of the occasion or any other significant inscription on it.

How to choose what to give a boy for a year

The first year is the most significant developmental period for a child. During this time, the baby has learned the main skills: to pronounce elementary sounds, crawl, sit and, possibly, even walk.

A one-year-old child, more than ever, strives for knowledge of the world around him, and the task of adults is to satisfy this need.

At the same time, it should be understood that a multi-colored rattle or a tumbler is already too primitive toys for him.

Preference should be given to more interesting games that correspond to his level of development and will be able to attract his attention for a long time.

We must not forget about safety. When buying a gift, check if it contains small, sharp, detachable parts. Pay attention to the materials from which the toy is made – they should not be toxic. It will be useful to familiarize yourself with certificates of quality and conformity. It is better to refuse products with a pungent odor, unevenly applied paint and damaged packaging.

Remember that the attention of a little birthday boy is likely to be more attracted to a bright toy than a pastel-colored object.

What is better not to give a one-year-old boy for his birthday

At first glance, it seems that choosing what to give a child for a year is very simple, and you can give almost everything to a boy.

However, even in the case of presents for such little birthday people, you should be extremely careful and avoid the following options:

  • Gifts for parents . We are talking about diapers and other hygiene products, as well as wardrobe items. Of course, such things can help to significantly save the family budget and will definitely be needed by the baby. However, it is unlikely that a one-year-old child will appreciate the next jeans or the highest quality diapers. You should buy something that will really please the hero of the occasion.
  • Gadgets . Many advanced guests give kids real mobile phones, tablets, etc., believing that in the world of modern technology, this is still inevitable. However, most doctors and psychologists agree that it is necessary to delay until the last moment the child gets acquainted with various kinds of gadgets. This will help maintain the physical and psychological health of the child.
  • Sports gymnastic corners . For a one-year-old baby, this equipment is simply not suitable, since at this age the birthday boy will most likely receive only injuries from him, rather than benefit;
  • Animals . Of course, it rarely occurs to guests to present this kind of present, but such cases do happen. You need to understand that the baby is still too small to take care of the pet and this care will fall on the shoulders of the parents. In addition, a child may be allergic to wool, and then your gift will cause real harm to his health;
When choosing a gift for a very small birthday boy, you should not count on the fact that he deserves less attention. In reality, there are much more requirements for such a present than in the case of an adult. Having made the right choice, you will receive a triple return – joy from the baby, gratitude from the parents and satisfaction with yourself.

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