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TOP 56 ideas What to give an employee and 26 more gifts + Tips

But what if the employees are not one, but many? Perhaps you have to look for gifts for your employee on her birthday or other holidays once a month.

Below you will find the best ideas to help you decide what to give your employee for various holidays.

You can give a surprise from yourself or chip in with the whole team – if it is customary in your organization to give gifts that way.

TOP 56 ideas of what to give an employee for a birthday or a holiday

  1. Mug for tea or coffee with soft touch coating.
  2. Chocolate figurine shaped like a computer mouse or other office accessory.
  3. External battery charger.
  4. Office hammock for legs (for desktop).
  5. Elegant pocket key holder.
  6. USB vacuum cleaner for the table.
  7. A small box for storing little things.
  8. Mini desktop lamp.
  9. A gift for travelers or employees who often go on business trips – a set with an inflatable neck pillow, an eye mask and earplugs.
  10. Lunchbox with automatic heating.
  11. Mini fridge with computer charging function.
  12. Magic ball predictor.
  13. A souvenir water balloon is an inexpensive, but original gift for an employee.
  14. Silicone backlit keyboard.
  15. Wall or table clock.
  16. Magnetic hourglass.
  17. Massage chair cover.
  18. A gift set of spices for creating real culinary masterpieces.
  19. Cool alarm clock (running away, flying away, target alarm clock or dynamite).
  20. A small painting depicting nature for the home or office.
  21. Lunch bag with foil interior.
  22. A cute tea or coffee holder with a USB heating function – such a gift will come in handy at the workplace.
  23. A set of fortune cookies.
  24. A case for business cards with the initials of a colleague or a women’s purse.
  25. Shaped stand for mobile phone or office supplies.
  26. Holder for documents of gentle coloring.
  27. Office diary, sketchbook or stylishly designed notepad.
  28. Levitating plant – thanks to special technology, the plant floats in the air and rotates above the stand.
  29. A digital pen that automatically stores written text in memory.
  30. Desktop planner in a cute feminine design.
  31. Mini thermos.
  32. Thermal mug with congratulatory engraving or original design.
  33. Souvenir money tree.
  34. Desktop pendulum or Newton’s balls to decorate your desktop.
  35. Compact travel bag.
  36. Compact desktop fan.
  37. Living plant in a pot.
  38. Original design photo album.
  39. A book on the topic of professional activity, if the employee really likes her work. And if not, you can give a book dedicated to her hobby.
  40. USB stick in original form.
  41. Stylish leather folder for papers.
  42. Stylish water bottle.
  43. Humidifier or air ionizer.
  44. Souvenir wall thermometer.
  45. Desktop punching bag.
  46. Compact bag for laptop or tablet.
  47. Piggy bank in the form of a safe, weight, animal (or other original form).
  48. Headphones with original design.
  49. Beautiful women’s purse or purse.
  50. Writing accessories in a gift box.
  51. Perpetual or flip calendar.
  52. A set of gingerbread cookies in a spring-themed box.
  53. Unusual computer mouse in the form of a chocolate bar, donut or typewriter.
  54. Cream honey or jam in a beautiful jar.
  55. A set of sweets in a gift box – macaroons, muffins or cupcakes.
  56. Topiary is an original souvenir in the form of a tree.

What to give a colleague inexpensively

Sometimes you don’t really want to spend money on an expensive gift, especially if the salary is still far away. But you want to please a colleague on an important holiday for her. This can be done with inexpensive but interesting gifts. List of best ideas:

Magnet for notes. A colleague at work or at home will definitely come in handy – she can attach a magnet to her desktop or refrigerator. Now leaving work or personal notes will be easy and simple.

Antistress toy. It is especially useful if a woman has a morally difficult job. This present should be given from yourself personally, and only if you have a warm relationship. Otherwise, a colleague may recognize such a thing as a hint.

Lightning bookmark or set of bright stickers. With the help of these items, it will be easier for a colleague to deal with various documentation (relevant if you work in an office). Bookmarks will help you quickly find the page you need, and stickers will help you draw attention to important tasks and documents.

Keychain with backlight or search for things. Inexpensive, but very practical gift to a colleague. Suitable as a surprise for a birthday, March 8 or any other holiday.

Ideas for original birthday gifts for an employee

Birthday is a joyful holiday, and any woman will be pleased to receive congratulations from the whole team or a colleague with whom she communicates well. A list of ideas for what exactly you can give an employee for her birthday:

Souvenir from a store dedicated to Feng Shui. You can give a female employee a figurine in the form of an owl (symbolizes wisdom), a frog (leads to wealth) or a small tree with pebbles, which is responsible for comfort in the family.

A set of good tea or coffee . Choose a set depending on which drink the birthday girl prefers. You can buy elite green, black tea or coffee, put it in a small basket, add sweets and various small souvenirs. A colleague will definitely be delighted with such a present.

Original photo frame for several pictures. Or a photo board. A symbolic and simple, but really practical gift for an employee. She can put her favorite family photos in a photo frame and place it on her desktop, or take it home and put it there.

Nominal award. It’s a good idea to give an employee an anniversary gift. A casual but funny surprise from a colleague, team or boss – a diploma, a medal with a personalized engraving or a cup. You can reward an employee for punctuality, courtesy or success in work.

Prepare a surprise for a colleague – decorate the workplace with balloons, posters with congratulations and photos from your joint events. Let the birthday girl feel special on this day.

What can you give an employee on March 8

A surprise should cheer you up and create a festive atmosphere. Ideas for original gifts for a colleague for the spring holiday:

Flowers. On this spring holiday, it is customary to give girls beautiful bouquets. To complete the gift, you can buy a beautiful porcelain, ceramic, marble or glass vase and insert flowers into it. If you want to make a gift original, make a composition of different varieties, sweets or present flowers in ice.

Stylish French press. The thing that everyone should have. A French press is a device for brewing drinks by infusion. With its help, the hero of the occasion will be able to prepare tea or coffee (only for herself or a large company). Easy to use, easy to wash, and tea or coffee is fragrant and rich.

Mobile phone accessory. Girls spend a lot of time on the phone, and sometimes they do not part with it even at the workplace. What to give an employee on March 8 for a phone? It can be a fashionable case, a curly stand or a memory card.

The holder for a lady’s bag. If an employee appreciates stylish and unusual things, give her a high-quality bag holder decorated with Swarovski crystals, a beautiful butterfly or decorative embossing. The principle of using a fashion accessory is simple – you need to place it on the edge of any surface, and hang a handbag on a hook.

A few more gifts for an employee on various occasions

Above you can find gifts that can be given to an employee on her birthday and March 8, but there are many other occasions and holidays. Ideas of what to give an employee from a team or one person, depending on the situation:

Upon dismissal , you can give a colleague a thing that will remind her of a large and friendly team. It can be a desktop florarium or a kit for self-growing plants.

If an employee retires , chip in with the whole team and give her a chic service or a tea pair (you can make a personalized inscription on a cup or box). Older women usually adore such beautiful items.

At a wedding , present a fondue set or canapé skewers to an employee. This is a good enough, but non-binding gift. Another idea: indoor fountain or biofireplace to decorate the interior.

On a professional holiday , give things that are inextricably linked with your work. For example, a financier or economist can be presented with beautiful souvenir accounts, a geography teacher or a tourism manager – a scratch map of the world.

Do-it-yourself gifts for an employee

People like to receive gifts made by themselves – this indicates that the giver approached responsibly in choosing a gift. Let it be an inexpensive surprise, but it is made and presented with all my heart. What kind of handmade gift can you give to an employee? Here are some original ideas:

  1. Video congratulations from all colleagues, filmed and edited by myself.
  2. Postcard with your own hands in the style of scrapbooking.
  3. Homemade photo frame made of durable cardboard.
  4. Balloons filled with confetti and congratulations.
  5. Original poster with congratulations and sweets glued to it.
  6. A huge origami figurine made of bright colored paper (you can make crafts in the form of an animal or a flower).
  7. Composition made of polymer clay or salt dough.
  8. Homemade soap in the form of a heart, shell, flower or animal.
  9. Bright colored candles. To create this surprise, grated and melted cinders are suitable. To give bright colors, use wax pencils.
  10. Decorative pillow with an image printed on it. You can do this with acrylic paints.

Tips: how to choose a gift for an employee for the holiday

There are several nuances that will help you choose the best gift for a female colleague. Use the following tips to make this day unforgettable for the employee and the entire team as a whole:

  • Everyone has hobbies and hobbies, including colleagues. You can choose a gift based on these features – think about what the employee is fond of? Maybe she enjoys driving, gardening, or sewing. In this regard, you can give an accessory for a car or an item for her hobby.
  • An integral part of any surprise is a congratulation. When giving a gift, give a speech prepared in advance. If you present a gift with warmth and care, it will please all participants in the giving process.
  • If you don’t know what to give an employee at work, try asking a colleague what she likes shortly before the holiday. Perhaps she herself will tell you an original and suitable gift for her. Alternatively, you can consult with other colleagues – perhaps they will throw some interesting ideas.
  • When choosing a gift for an employee for her birthday, March 8, or another holiday, consider the level of your relationship. Don’t give an overly personal gift to a colleague with whom you’re not in a close relationship.

What is better not to give an employee

There is a list of things that under no circumstances should be given to employees. In addition to the standard list, which usually includes socks and souvenir magnets, it is better to refrain from the following gifts to a colleague:

  • Underwear. This category also includes tights and stockings. This is too intimate a gift, which is not worth giving even to close friends, and some are hesitant to buy underwear for their loved ones. A woman buys such things herself.
  • Perfume or hygiene items. Another bad gift idea for an employee for the holiday. Firstly, it can be regarded as a hint of the woman’s untidiness. Secondly, you can easily misguess the tastes of an employee and her favorite flavors. This also applies to cosmetics.
  • Too expensive gifts. Even if you have a good relationship with an employee, she is unlikely to appreciate too much investment. You should not give various jewelry, chic figurines or bags made of genuine leather.
  • Alcohol. Alcohol is one of the things that should not be given to an employee. Not everyone drinks alcohol, in addition, it is not customary for women to give strong alcohol. Such a gift is very difficult to pick up – even if a colleague drinks, it is likely that you will not guess with her tastes.
  • Fixed date tickets. Think twice before giving tickets to an exhibition or concert. Perhaps your colleague will be busy that day and have to change her schedule in order to use your gift. It is better to give such gifts openly – so you will know in advance what event a colleague wants to go to and when she has free time.


Choosing a gift for a colleague is a difficult and responsible task. It is not always easy to choose a good gift that a female colleague will definitely like. Use the list provided in the article to choose what to give an employee for her birthday, March 8, or any other holiday. You can surprise a colleague with a souvenir, practical or original present, the main thing is to give a positive and good mood on a memorable day for a colleague.

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