What to give a guy

TOP 102 ideas of what to give a Guy for 16 years + 48 more gifts and Tips

When a guy turns 16, he enters a new phase of life, from a teenager he begins to turn into a young, stately and handsome guy. On this day, the birthday boy is waiting for gifts from relatives, friends, and especially from his beloved girl. What can you give a guy for 16 years so that his birthday is remembered for a long time?

16 years for a young man is a small rehearsal of his coming of age. Parents and other older relatives begin to take the young man’s words, actions and desires more seriously.

This is noticeable already on the day of the 16th anniversary itself. Gifts are chosen with special attention to the wishes of the young man, but in such a way that the element of surprise still remains.

You can spend more than one day thinking about what to give a guy for 16 years.

To avoid downtime looking for options for a surprise, use ready-made gift ideas for the sixteenth birthday.

Remember that you need to organize a surprise with all your heart and from the bottom of your heart, then the holiday will leave an unforgettable mark in the memory of the birthday man. Most importantly, do not ignore the guy’s wishes, even if they seem useless to you, then the young man will accept your gift with great pleasure!

TOP 102 ideas that you can give a Guy for 16 years!

  1. Guitar or other musical instrument.
  2. A set of screwdrivers with a handle and a flashlight.
  3. Mini exercise machine for home.
  4. Aquarium with fish.
  5. Predatory plant.
  6. Home weather station.
  7. Bed linen with 3D pattern.
  8. Shoe shine kit.
  9. Mini-station Yandex.
  10. Biofireplace.
  11. Cardholder.
  12. Smart pen.
  13. Bicycle gloves.
  14. Carpal expander.
  15. Smart watch.
  16. Backlit keyboard.
  17. Night-vision device.
  18. Multitool.
  19. LED sneakers.
  20. External battery for phone.
  21. Inflatable sofa (lamzak).
  22. Chameleon mug.
  23. Luminous shoelace.
  24. Engraved jewelry (bracelet, signet, pendant, etc.).
  25. Running away or flying away alarm clock.
  26. Fortune cookies.
  27. Gamepad.
  28. Basket with sweets or fruits.
  29. Flexible keyboard.
  30. Pocket fan.
  31. Electric skateboard or electric scooter.
  32. Steering wheel with pedals and joystick.
  33. Soccer ball.
  34. Color music.
  35. Electronic piggy bank.
  36. Aeroball with LED light.
  37. Tourist flask.
  38. Compass in a shockproof case.
  39. Portable speaker.
  40. Mask for lucid dreams.
  41. Wireless headphones.
  42. African mask.
  43. LED shower or faucet.
  44. Instant camera.
  45. Monowheel or gyro scooter.
  46. Illumination on the spokes of a bicycle.
  47. Game console.
  48. Hot dog maker.
  49. Heated Gloves.
  50. Bag chair.
  51. Portable USB Mixer (useful for making cocktails).
  52. A set of lenses for a smartphone.
  53. Bluetooth hat.
  54. Flask-weather predictor.
  55. Reflex camera.
  56. DJ controller.
  57. Telescope or microscope.
  58. Punching bag and gloves.
  59. Assembly car on the remote control.
  60. Metal detector.
  61. Basketball ball and ring.
  62. Electric Toothbrush.
  63. Blanket with sleeves.
  64. Sports bag or backpack.
  65. Backpack anti-theft.
  66. Stacked dumbbells.
  67. Stylish laptop table.
  68. Traveler’s globe.
  69. Bike computer.
  70. Siphon for water carbonation.
  71. Parker fountain pen.
  72. Apparatus for making popcorn.
  73. Camping set (dishes, folding barbecue, skewers, etc.).
  74. Flint (kresalo).
  75. Walkie-talkies.
  76. A soundbar is a great idea what to give your boyfriend for 16 years if he is a real music lover.
  77. IQ lamp. Something between a puzzle and a 3D puzzle. And it is also convenient to use as a night light.
  78. Fast SSD.
  79. Telescopic seat. It folds into a miniature tube that fits easily in a backpack. If necessary, it unfolds in seconds into a full-fledged place for the seat.
  80. Juicer bottle.
  81. Board game for the company – “Monopoly”, “Dungeons and Dragons”, “Mafia” and others.
  82. Eau de toilette or men’s perfume.
  83. A cup with a funny inscription that can be removed and reapplied with a special marker is an inexpensive gift idea for a guy for 16 years.
  84. Purse.
  85. A projector for a smartphone that can project video and photos on the wall is a great device for spending time in a company.
  86. Remote controlled car or radio controlled tank.
  87. Stylish leather diary or notebook.
  88. A set of military flask and compass in a shockproof case.
  89. A mini-fridge that connects to a computer via a USB connector.
  90. A charging wallet is a regular wallet with a built-in charger for gadgets.
  91. A custom-made painting does not have to be a portrait; the landscape of the birthday boy’s favorite place in his hometown will do. A 3D pen with which you can draw in the air, bringing to life any ideas of engineering.
  92. Soft slippers with LED light or USB heating.
  93. A fingerboard is a small copy of a skate designed for fingers.
  94. An airplane controlled by a phone.
  95. Shower radio.
  96. LED nozzle on the watering can, which “repaints” the water in a different color.
  97. Magnetic whiteboard.
  98. Stylish pocket key holder or keychain key finder.
  99. A set for growing a tree at home (for example, cedar or spruce).
  100. An encyclopedia that focuses on the interests of the birthday person – cars, motorcycles, weapons or natural science experiments.
  101. Collectible model of a car, ship, tank or aircraft.
  102. Party disco ball with music playback function.

What to give a guy for 16 years cheap

A young man celebrating his birthday, most likely, really expects attention and interesting presents from the people around him.

At the same time, not everyone has the means to buy an expensive surprise.

The best and inexpensive ideas for what you can give your loved one for 16 years:

Case for mobile phone. In stores, we offer a huge selection of accessories for smartphones. You can choose a model with an original pattern or an image of your favorite birthday hero, a waterproof case or a special case-stand.

A kite or sky lantern. On your birthday, you can go outside, make a wish and launch a beautiful sky lantern into the sky, or get out into nature for the weekend and play with a kite.

Thermo mug. If you want to make a gift for a guy for 16 years inexpensively, but to make it practical, pay attention to this idea. Buy a thermo mug with a changeable pattern, heating or other modern features.

Such a gift will be appreciated by a guy who likes his drinks to stay hot for a long time.

Not always in the wallet there is a decent amount for organizing a surprise. Do not worry in advance, there are many worthy gifts from the budget category.

Graffiti paint can. A great gift up to 500 rubles for a person who is fond of creativity.

Don’t worry, even if the guy has never tried himself in this kind of street art, you will give him such an opportunity, thanks to which he will discover new talents. And who knows, maybe in the future he will become a graffiti artist, will decorate the walls of houses, fences and asphalt of his city.

Cushion with built-in speaker. This is the best gift that will allow you to comfortably listen to your favorite musical compositions. All you need to do is connect the pillow to your smartphone.

Many people like to listen to music before going to bed, but everyone knows how uncomfortable it is to do this with headphones that put pressure on your ears, you just have to lie on your side. With this pillow, you can enjoy music in any position, in addition, it promotes good blood circulation in the neck and head.

Salt table lamp in the form of a rock. A suitable gift idea for  an inexpensive  and tasteful gift. This decorative lamp has a unique shape created by nature itself.

The lamp not only decorates the interior, but also has a beneficial effect on the atmosphere in the room. With regular use, it can neutralize the radiation of household appliances, and also increases immunity, vitality, has bactericidal properties, and promotes emotional relief.

Water bottle with wireless speaker. Not a bad idea if you can’t decide what gift to give a guy for 16 years.

This bottle will appeal to connoisseurs of multifunctional things, as well as those who love to travel. Your gift will help quench your thirst, cheer you up, and always tell you where to go, since a compass is built into the product.

Romantic gifts for a guy for 16 years from a girl

Romance is an integral part of a relationship, especially when it comes to such a tender age as 16 years old. And therefore, a great idea would be to buy a thing that will remind your loved one of your warm attitude and love.

If you want to make a romantic birthday gift for a guy of 16 years old, pay attention to this list:

Charms in the form of two halves of the heart. Banal at first glance, but very gentle and romantic gift. You keep one part for yourself, give the second to the guy.

If you do not want to give two halves, you can choose another surprise – for example, a pendant with his zodiac sign or a beautiful men’s leatherette bracelet.

Soft plaid with sleeves. A gentle and warm present from a girl to a guy on the DR. The next time, when the birthday boy freezes, he will take a soft plaid bedspread, and he will definitely remember you and your care.

The gift can also be used together – for example, while watching an interesting movie.

At the age of sixteen, young people already have a romantic relationship. Often girls, thinking about what to give a guy, get into a dead end. However, choosing a gift is much easier than it might seem at first glance!

Just analyze which of the proposed presents will please the birthday man the most.

Heated external battery. A wonderful gift from a girl, as a sign of love and care. There is a common expression: “cold hands, hot heart,” however, if a guy has poor circulation, a warm sweater, jacket, gloves will not warm him up, except perhaps your love and this battery.

The latter can be used for its intended purpose, as well as a mini-heater.

3D lamp in the shape of a heart. What else can you give your beloved guy, if not your heart. Such a lamp will perfectly complement the interior, as well as create a romantic atmosphere in the room.

Most often, such a lamp is used as a night light, because it gives a soft, diffusing light. The product has several glow modes, can smoothly change color. Turns on and off with the touch button. Runs on batteries and doesn’t get hot.

Personalized phone case. A good idea what to give your loved one for 16 years. On the cover, you can write the name, surname of the guy, or depict your joint photo. This personalized gift is sure to please.

Every time he uses the phone, he will remember his soul mate. The cover can be made of plastic, silicone or even wood.

Night light projector of the starry sky. Another no less romantic gift. Just imagine how you will look together at the stars, planets and other celestial bodies and dream about the future.

Thanks to the built-in program, you can change the color and number of projections. The product works both from the mains and from batteries, does not heat up, has no glare, does not blind the eyes, and most importantly does not interfere with sleep.

Original gifts for the sixteenth birthday

If you want to make this birthday unforgettable, you should abandon the standard and banal presents.

Try to surprise your boyfriend with an original and unusual gift. List of best ideas:

Plan to conquer the world. An original gift for your beloved boyfriend for 16 years is a map of the world, the surface of which is covered with a scratch layer.

After each trip abroad, he erases the layer in place of the country he visited. Especially for those who cannot imagine their life without traveling. You can also donate a traveler’s globe – in this case, its owner will not erase the layer, but paint the right place on the globe.

T-shirt with equalizer. An original youth gift for parties or everyday wear that will surprise any 16 year old guy. The t-shirt has a dynamic image that glows to the beat of the music.

The set of such an unusual thing includes a graphic LED panel and a power supply with a built-in sensitive element, the action of which can be adjusted.

Smile keyboard. This unusual device can be presented to a guy who is very difficult to surprise. A small keyboard connects to the computer, but instead of letters, it contains different emoticons.

The gift will come in handy if your young man is an active user of social networks. Now the guy will send you cute emoticons in messages.

When you want to make a unique surprise, you should think about what you can give a guy for his 16th birthday, long before a significant date. Or check out these ideas:

  1. Smart glasses . Every young person dreams of feeling like a hero or a spy. Why not give him the opportunity?
  2. Mini toaster . You can take it with you anywhere and everywhere to enjoy baked toast.
  3. Collapsible model of an AK assault rifle . They say that such a toy was at every OBZh lesson back in the 80s. Today, such a thing can be purchased as a rarity.
  4. Umbrella with glasses . With such an accessory, it will be easier to see everything that is happening around and not get wet during the rain.

This is a separate category of presents that will certainly impress the young man. A young man will gladly accept a gift in which you have invested not only love, attention and care, but also a slice of creativity.

Anti-umbrella or umbrella vice versa. This is an original gift for a guy for 16 years. The umbrella got its name because of a special mechanism, thanks to which the outer side of the dome, affected by bad weather, remains dry even when folded, without causing inconvenience to either its owner or the people around.

The product has a handle resembling the letter “C”, which greatly simplifies the transportation of the umbrella, both in closed and open form.

Neuroheadset.  A technology that allows you to control a TV or computer by reading signals from the visual cortex of the brain.

Until recently, it was considered science fiction, and now many people use this device as a way of self-development, for example, with the help of special programs, you can train your brain by playing games for memory and attention. Undoubtedly, such a creative gift for a guy for 16 years will not go unnoticed.

Smart glasses with navigation, receiving calls and messages.  Another good gift for a guy for 16 years. Smart glasses are controlled by voice commands. And on one of the arms is a touchpad that can recognize gestures.

There is no doubt about the gift, the young man will definitely find a use for it, for example, to prepare a delicious dish according to a recipe that you can watch without stopping from the process, or during sports, to get information about running speed, heart rate, etc. d.

Ideas for useful gifts for a guy for 16 years

Since 16 years is the age of change, guessing with a gift is not easy. If you do not want to take risks, it is better to use win-win options.

Choose practical gifts that the guy will be happy to use.

Backpack with speakers. Depending on the guy’s hobbies, choose a city or tourist backpack, in any case, it will become a real find for cheerful and active people.

This is a suitable gift idea for a guy on his sixteenth birthday. The speaker not only plays music, but also glows in different colors, which will allow you to arrange a mini-party in the fresh air.

The column has a high degree of protection, so you should not worry that dust or moisture will get on it, besides, it can always be removed and used separately.

Smart selfie ring. Such a gift for DR will appeal to a guy who is fond of photography. After all, you don’t always have a camera at hand, and with the help of such a ring you can take high-quality pictures at any time of the day.

Due to its compact size, the product fits in your pocket. Using it is very simple, you just need to put it on your smartphone and choose one of three backlight modes, as a result you get the perfect photo.

Bag for linen in the form of a punching bag.  Such a gift to a guy for 16 years will certainly impress him. Many people know firsthand how annoying piles of dirty laundry are, which sometimes do not fit in a regular basket.

The bag will help to economically use square meters in the apartment, turn any room into a boxing ring. And what is inside the bag will be reminded by the inscription: “Laundry”.

At first glance, such a bag is indistinguishable from the real one, since at the top it is securely pulled together with a rope, preventing dirty things from falling out and hiding them from the prying eyes of guests.

Gifts to keep fit

Any guy will be delighted with a present that will stimulate him to physical development. Here are the top gifts for 16 years old that you can give for an active pastime.

Bow for sport shooting. Archery is one of the most developing sports in recent times. Some do it professionally, some just have fun. Therefore, if you do not know what gift to buy for a guy for 16 years, pay tribute to the fashion trend, choose a bow.

Keep in mind that if the guy has never shot before, you should not choose too powerful and complex weapons, get a product for recreational shooting (near the house or during outings, on a picnic).

Jumpers. An interesting device that will help a young person to realize their hidden abilities. Thanks to these devices, you can move quickly, jump high, and perform tricks.

Such an activity will bring a lot of pleasure, and also have a positive effect on the whole body: it will help you lose extra pounds, make all muscle groups work, and develop the correct posture.

Modern jumpers are made of heavy-duty materials used in the creation of space technology, which will ensure the safety of users.

Overdoor horizontal bar. Use this tip if you can’t decide what gift to give a guy for 16 years. Many dream of a multifunctional simulator that will take up little space.

Such a horizontal bar is an ideal solution to the problem, as it is easily installed on the doorway and also easily dismantled. It can be attached to the door frame with just one movement, and it will strengthen all muscle groups, develop the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Swimming kit (fins, mask, cap, etc.). A very interesting birthday present for a guy of 16 years. To make the present look even more original, complete it with a subscription to the pool.

If the guy is not a professional swimmer, he is unlikely to buy such a set for himself, so you are guaranteed to please with a gift. Going on vacation or to the beach, he will no longer think about what he needs to take, since you will provide him with everything he needs.

Gifts with humor


TOP 102 ideas of what to give a Guy for 16 years + 48 more gifts and Tips

16 years is a serious date, but no one has canceled the fun, so cool gifts will be quite appropriate.

If you are sure that the birthday boy has a sense of humor just like you, feel free to choose a present from this category. You will have something to remember and something fun to laugh at together.

Music line. Choose this item if you don’t know what to give a guy for 16 years who is not afraid to experiment. The ruler will give a lot of joyful emotions and amuse everyone who is around.

The ruler makes different sounds, depending on how far it is from the edge of the table. Also, it comes with instructions and even a songbook, so the guy, thanks to your gift, can become the soul of the company.

In addition, scientists have proven that playing musical instruments helps to keep the sharpness of the mind, develops logical thinking, and teaches you to quickly make the right decisions.

Radio controlled car . A memorable gift for a guy for 16 years does not have to be expensive and serious. If the donated item evokes vivid emotions, it will be remembered for many years.

You will not be mistaken by giving such a gift to a young man, because even successful men remain little hooligans in their hearts.

You can give an ordinary radio-controlled car or a more serious model that you need to assemble yourself, up to electronics. Start from the hobbies and interests of the guy.

Toilet golf. A cool gift that will make you feel like a member of an elite golf club. This thing will help to combine business with pleasure, leave thoughts about the essential, cheer up, and also provide an opportunity to hone your skills.

If a young man wants to professionally engage in this sport and succeeds, know that this is only thanks to your gift.

Anti-stress pillow in the shape of a log. At first glance, it may seem that you are really giving a real log. But, as soon as a young man takes this pillow in his hands, a smile will immediately appear on his face.

The product can be used at home, in the car or during a long trip. A Lycra cover envelops the pillow, and inside it there are thousands of tiny granules.

The pillow can be wrinkled, folded, rolled, it will still return to its original shape.

A couple more interesting ideas for what to give a guy for 16 years

TOP 102 ideas of what to give a Guy for 16 years + 48 more gifts and Tips

A selection of ideas for what to give your beloved boyfriend for his 16th birthday is not yet completed. Think about the fact that some things can push a guy to action. For example:

Scooter suitcase . With such a “friend” you can quickly get ready for a trip, ride at the airport or get to the metro station. There are many options for implementing ideas. Such a gift will definitely not be boring!

Polarized sunglasses . You don’t have to travel with them. When a guy likes to relax by the water, such an accessory will come in handy for him. These glasses will get rid of such “interference” as sun glare and excessive light intensity.

Boxing equipment . A great option to relieve stress at a convenient moment. For small spaces, you can pick up a desktop punching bag.

If you still can’t find what to get your boyfriend for his 16th birthday, take a look at the following interest ideas:

Musical gift. At the age of 16, guys often get into music – they listen to their favorite artists, go to their concerts, collect records and autographs.

You can support your passion for music and give a guy for 16 years an instrument on which he has long wanted to learn how to play. There are more budgetary ideas – this is a tutorial on playing the chosen instrument or a case for it.

For sports and fitness. At the age of 16, many guys are fond of sports. Gift ideas for an athlete: kettlebells, collapsible dumbbells, horizontal bar, expanders or high-quality sportswear. Winter sports fans can buy ski goggles or gloves. More expensive gifts: skateboard or longboard, roller skates, skis.

Gift for a tourist. If a young man likes to go hiking or just get out into nature, you can give him a karemat, an ax in a case, a flint or a cooking pot. He will also like a tourist survival kit: a knife with nozzles in the form of different blades.

The book is the best gift. Some teenagers enjoy reading non-fiction or fiction. What book to give a guy for 16 years? This is the time when you can start reading “adult” books. These may be books such as Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, The Catcher in the Rye by Jerome Salinger, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, or other world-famous works.

DIY gifts for a guy for 16 years

It is not necessary to spend big money on a chic birthday present for a young man. Any teenage guy will be happy with a gift that is made by the hands of his beloved girlfriend. What to give a guy for his 16th birthday, made by yourself?

  1. Frame. It can be decorated with multi-colored buttons, small stones or other decorative elements. Inside you can insert your joint photo.
  2. Panel from joint photographs . Or whatman paper with congratulations and wishes (not only from you, but also from friends) – a touching souvenir that will melt the heart of even the most serious and restrained guy. It is not difficult to make such a gift, and the effect will exceed all expectations.
  3. Socks knitted by yourself. A warm and romantic gift for a guy for 16 years with his own hands. If you do not know how to sew, choose the simplest pattern – such a gift will pleasantly surprise a guy.
  4. Flower with wishes . If the gift is small and fits in a box, glue a large flower made of colored and white paper on top (for example, you can make a camomile). On each petal, write good wishes and congratulations on your birthday.
  5. Sweets basket. Decorate a nice box or basket with your boyfriend’s favorite sweets, fortune cookies, or exotic fruits.
  6. Secret book. To make such a little thing, take an unnecessary book with a thick cover, glue the pages around the perimeter of PVA with glue, then make an incision in the middle in the form of an even rectangle. You can also decorate the cover of the book – for this you can use denim, zippers, rivets or laces.

Care, attention and participation can be shown in different ways. One of these solutions is the creation of handmade things for the birthday man. So what do you give a guy for his 16th birthday? Can be made:

  1. Passport cover.
  2. Knitted bedspread.
  3. Desk organizer.
  4. Leg hammock.
  5. Edible bouquet.
  6. Pendant on a chain or bracelet made of natural materials.
  7. Leather wallet.
  8. Sweet basket.
  9. Handmade soap.
  10. Diary handmade.

decorative arrow


TOP 102 ideas of what to give a Guy for 16 years + 48 more gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • branches;
  • feathers;
  • wood beads;
  • leg-split;
  • jute;
  • glue;
  • scissors.

Working process:

  1. Branches to check for strength. Dry wet branches.
  2. Cut the branches into blanks 10 cm long.
  3. Apply some hot glue to one of the ends of the branch and glue the feather. Feathers can be trimmed before gluing.
  4. Drop glue on the branch, put on the beads in the right amount on the branch.
  5. From jute, cut blanks for the arrowhead (two triangles).
  6. Glue one of the tips to the end of the branch. Glue the second triangle. Squeeze them together for a better connection.
  7. Glue the twine in the form of a loop to the arrow. Let dry. The arrow is ready to decorate the birthday boy’s room!

Shell chair


TOP 102 ideas of what to give a Guy for 16 years + 48 more gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • old carpet;
  • legs;
  • cord;
  • awl.

Working process:

  1. Cut the carpet into strips (about half a meter wide).
  2. Fold the blanks with a fan.
  3. Pierce the inner part of the fold, stretch the cord into it. Pull tight.
  4. Fasten the outer folds by hand, as shown in the diagram.
  5. Attach the legs to the seat.

What is better not to give a guy for 16 years

When looking for options for a birthday surprise for a guy, the first thing to do is make a list of gifts with the prefix ANTI. Such things can be both inexpensive and very impressive, but they are definitely not suitable as a surprise. The following gift ideas for a guy for 16 years can be considered unsuccessful:

  1. Alcohol . Even for adult birthdays, close people do not give such things: some because of a bad omen, and some for other reasons. At 16, liquor is still illegal for the hero of the occasion. Better look for another present.
  2. Cigarettes, cigars, cigarette case, pipe . And dozens more attributes for smoking. The reason is the same as with alcohol. Tobacco is harmful to health and is allowed for consumption only by persons who have reached the age of majority.
  3. Knife . The signs of Russia, Europe and Latin America claim that giving piercing and cutting objects on a person’s birthday is tantamount to wishing him misfortune, loneliness and quarrels with you and other surroundings.
  4. Underwear . We have already mentioned clothes, but this gift is often given by girls to their boyfriends. And in vain! Popular rumor claims that such a surprise can push a guy to treason.
  5. Animal.  The age of 16 is one of those stages in the life of young people, when they can soon expect cardinal changes in their lives. Moving to another city, living in a hostel or in a rented apartment is not conducive to pets. And if you have to leave your beloved puppy or parrot in the parental home, this will not have the best effect on both the animal and its young owner.
  6. Banal souvenirs. If you do not know what to give your boyfriend for 16 years, you should not buy the first trinket that comes across. The list includes figurines, various congratulatory medals, or standard photo frames bought from a gift shop.
  7. Expensive things. Too expensive gifts are also not worth making – you risk making the guy obligated to you in something. As long as you are young and do not have your own income, it is normal to give romantic, cute, but inexpensive gifts.
  8. Money. Most teenagers prefer to receive money as a gift. But in the case of the second half, this is not a very good gift – it is better if the beloved girl spends more time and shows more attention. Money is usually given to a teenager by relatives or parents.

16 years is a memorable date that you would not want to overshadow with an unsuccessful present. If you have several options for what to give, but think about each one for a long time, just find out which gifts you need to exclude from your list.

  • Stuffed Toys. Do not forget that you are choosing a gift for a man, and not for a gentle young lady, so refuse such presents. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money on your part.
  • Casual wear.  Do not confuse it with the trendy one that every teenager dreams of. The rest, everything a guy needs, is already acquired by his parents, so he will not be happy at all when he sees your gift.
  • Hygiene products.  There is nothing special about such gifts, even if they are beautifully decorated. Shower gel, shampoo, shaving foam are consumables that any person purchases as needed.
  • Presents hinting at flaws in appearance. These include: acne cream, a book about healthy eating for an overweight teenager, dumbbells for a thin guy, etc. Even if you give a gift with the best of intentions, you should not do it on a holiday.


It is not easy to give recommendations on how best to choose a gift for a young man, what to give to your beloved guy for 16 years. To do this, you need to know the subtleties of a person’s character, his habits and lifestyle. But there are also universal tips that relate to giving birthday gifts.

When thinking about what gift to give a guy for 16 years, first of all, observe what the guy is interested in. The friends of the young man, his words and even photos on social networks will help you with this. Do not neglect any of these sources to choose the best gift for a guy.

Avoid overly expensive gifts as well as frankly cheap souvenirs. Both the one and the other situation will put you in an unpleasant situation on a par with the birthday man.

For a birthday, they give only the thing that the hero of the occasion himself will use. Gifts for the home are made for common family holidays.

The guy can unpack the presents the next day. Be sure to include a postcard with your signature in the box so that he knows who to thank and for what gift.

When presenting a gift, it is not customary to emphasize that you got this thing with great difficulty. So you can offend other guests of the holiday and put the young man in the position of a debtor. That’s not what you came to his birthday party for, right?

Buying a gift for a guy for 16 years is not all, you need to present it correctly. Do not give a gift with instructions. Any present that was accompanied by a “lecture” will cause negative emotions in a young man.

You can ask how much the birthday person liked your present only once. The rest of the questions will be redundant.

The last of the rules says that the offering should be such that you want to keep it. This means that the item must be of the best quality that you can pay for.

Not only girls love with their eyes. When the gift is already in your hands, do not forget to decorate it beautifully. Even the most brutal guy will be pleased to receive a neat, interesting package.

Don’t be afraid to reveal intrigue. If you know the guy well, ask him directly what gift he would like to receive. Let the surprise not take place, but you will get into the top ten: the birthday boy will receive the desired present, and you will save time and not throw money away. In no case do not criticize his desires, even if they seem useless to you, do not try to convince him, if you have the opportunity, just present what he wants.

Check out his social media profile. Usually there is a lot of information that interests a teenager. Photos, pictures, reposts can tell a lot about a person.


There are many good ideas and gifts that you can give your beloved guy for his 16th birthday – you just need to spend a little time and be creative. Surround the birthday man with attention – the main thing is that the birthday man will remember the holiday for a long time, and his good mood will not leave him throughout the day.

When deciding what to give a guy for 16 years, listen to his plans for the near future and, of course, your own intuition. This will help you make the right choice.

A gift that can emphasize a special attitude to the birthday person, will express your love and care, meet the tastes and desires of a young person, contribute to his creative and physical development, will definitely cause a happy smile on his face, impress and be remembered for a long time!

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