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TOP 102 ideas of what to give grandpa for 70 years +46 gifts and Tips!

70 years is an anniversary that should be taken seriously. Especially if your grandfather is celebrating it. A native person expects more attention and care from you than the gift itself. However, it’s worth thinking about what to give your grandfather for his 70th birthday in advance.

Surely it will be difficult to surprise a grandfather with adult grandchildren, because over the past years of his life he managed to accumulate not only a baggage of material values, but also impressions.

Question: what to give grandfather for 70 years, makes you think. When the grandchildren are small, the gift is simple – an application card or a funny handicraft from improvised means. However, when childhood is over, the problem of a good gift from grandchildren for a beloved grandfather becomes very acute.

  1. Firstly , an elderly person at that age has almost everything they need, and their main joy at this age is to spend time with their children and grandchildren more often, while material things fade into the background.
  2. Secondly , many pensioners try, in principle, not to spend money in vain, so they often ask relatives not to give them anything and spend this amount on themselves. Therefore, in such conditions, deciding what can please the head of the family is quite difficult, but feasible.

All the happy owners of grandfathers, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The article will help you not to rack your brains over what to give grandpa for 70 something original and useful at the same time. Separate collections contain current options and ways of how best to congratulate a dear person, grandfather, on such a significant event – his 70th birthday!

TOP 102 ideas of what to give grandfather for 70 years

  1. Electric kettle.
  2. Gift set for tea ceremony.
  3. Alambik with a column is a fun idea to give grandpa for 70 if he likes to make homemade liqueurs.
  4. Leg hammock.
  5. Thomas Kurtz umbrella.
  6. Spill-proof thermocup.
  7. Headlamp.
  8. Edible bouquet.
  9. Electric screwdriver.
  10. Plastic racks for storing shoes.
  11. Belt with a secret pocket.
  12. Door alarm.
  13. Neck purse. Just do not forget to replenish your purse with a bill or coins!
  14. Electric fly swatter. This gift is for a grandfather with a good sense of humor.
  15. Folding table.
  16. A large collection of crosswords / puzzles.
  17. Lightweight warm blanket.
  18. Orthopedic pillow.
  19. Lightweight telescopic fishing rod, pocket fishing rod.
  20. Raincoat and rubber boots.
  21. Sheepskin slippers.
  22. Portable heater.
  23. Thermo mug.
  24. Cushion with armrest for sitting reading.
  25. Insoles heated.
  26. Keychain – search engine.
  27. Good flashlight with different modes.
  28. Scarf and hat made of soft and warm material.
  29. Wall clock with a large dial or projection.
  30. Binoculars.
  31. Garden trimmer.
  32. Electronic book.
  33. Umbrella cane.
  34. Filter jug.
  35. Grocery basket (cheeses, sausages, fruits).
  36. Coffee table on wheels.
  37. Lamp with motion sensor.
  38. Home weather station.
  39. Garden swing, hammock, hanging chair, wicker furniture.
  40. Wool belt.
  41. Electronic door peephole.
  42. Unbreakable thermos.
  43. Multifunctional knife.
  44. Rubber mat and handrails for the bathroom.
  45. Gift basket with a set of herbal teas.
  46. Air purifier.
  47. A set of necessary tools in a case.
  48. Keychain – an eternal match.
  49. Garden vacuum cleaner.
  50. A magnetic chalkboard where grandfather can write down his plans and notes in order to take his medicine on time.
  51. Modern heating pad for legs, electric blanket or sheet.
  52. Portable radio.
  53. Fluffy bathrobe.
  54. Gift nickel-plated coaster with a glass.
  55. Vane.
  56. Desk calendar with family members.
  57. Smoking accessories: pipe, cigars, tobacco, mouthpiece, good lighter.
  58. Book-safe, clock with a hiding place.
  59. Thermal clothing.
  60. Flask in a leather case.
  61. Assorted honey in a basket.
  62. Electric fireplace.
  63. Mixer mug.
  64. Folding chair for fishing and picnic.
  65. Comfortable rattan garden furniture.
  66. Electric knife sharpener.
  67. Gas burner or lamp.
  68. Orthopedic mattress.
  69. Shaving set – shaving brush and razor with wooden handles.
  70. Fan.
  71. Multifunctional shovel 10 in 1.
  72. Nice leather belt.
  73. Carved shoehorn with a long handle.
  74. Electric Toothbrush.
  75. An ultrasonic mouse or mosquito repeller if the grandfather lives in the private sector.
  76. Bedside floor lamp with LED lamp.
  77. Convenient shopping bag with wheels.
  78. Suspenders.
  79. Portable compact TV.
  80. Walking stick if you have problems with your feet. You can choose a model with a flashlight.
  81. Powerful table lamp with magnifying glass for needlework.
  82. Mushroom picker’s set: special knife, basket, reference book of forest mushrooms and berries.
  83. Mobile phone with big buttons.
  84. Health bracelet or pedometer.
  85. The Pravda newspaper in a frame with an article about the hero of the day and his photo.
  86. Garden decor (fences, solar-powered garden lights, decorative figurines).
  87. Tub with oppression for salting crops, fish, meat.
  88. Automatic watering system for the garden.
  89. Mug – a chameleon with a photo of grandchildren and children.
  90. On-ear or full-size headphones, Grandpa can connect them to a TV or radio.
  91. Siberian box with nuts, wild berry jam, herbal teas, dried berries and mushrooms.
  92. Catalytic hand warmer, relieves cold and stiffness in the hands.
  93. Soft uggs, felt boots.
  94. Set for making tinctures.
  95. Bath thermometer with hygrometer.
  96. The Cetraria tree is a unique doctor tree.
  97. Comfortable sheepskin vest.
  98. Retro shoe shine set.
  99. Bedside floor lamp.
  100. Wooden barrel for storing homemade wine, tinctures.
  101. Electric or talking corkscrew.
  102. Thermopot.

Original gifts for grandfather

How else is it interesting to congratulate grandpa on his anniversary? All grandchildren think about this on the eve of a significant date.

If in childhood there was enough drawing, crafts and hugs, then what to give grandfather for 70 years from his granddaughter when she has already grown up?

Retro music center . You can get an antique model, or you can opt for modern models. They are stylized as retro turntables, but have additional features. For example, you can listen to songs from a digital drive with your grandchildren or alone with your memories.

Massage mattress . With such a device, grandfather will always be in shape!

Gift set for golf . Play a game with your grandfather without leaving your home.

Pillow-warmer . With such a “thumbnail”, grandfather will never feel cold, and you can adjust the heat supply with a convenient switch.

Aroma lamp . Health support at the age of 70 is needed comprehensively. Certain scents can keep Grandpa awake, productive, and in a good mood.

What else to surprise grandfather, try to determine for yourself or read about a number of gift options for the 70-year-old hero of the day.

Gifts for good health

Quite often, the main topics of conversation for older people are health problems. And, health at this age is a fragile and expensive thing. Therefore, when choosing a gift for grandfather, you can build on this topic:

Salt lamp . Such a gift has a beneficial effect on health and has many useful properties.

Such as, calming effect, immune-strengthening, anti-inflammatory, effective in maintaining the treatment of allergies, systemic respiratory and blood diseases.

A unique device that will become a highlight of the grandfather’s interior, will have a beneficial effect on his body and purify the air in the room.

Yoghurt maker.  A simple device that will allow grandfather to enjoy natural homemade yogurt and other fermented milk products. In the kit, you can present various starter cultures.

The Pranamat massage  mat is a new generation mat that combines the ancient principles of acupuncture with modern technology.

An eco-friendly accessory for a healthy lifestyle will relieve muscle tension, eliminate insomnia, relieve headaches and much more.

Himalayan salt briquette.  Grandfather is a bath lover, then this is a present for him. The hero of the day will be able to enjoy a calming and healing effect on the body. It is enough to place the briquette on the stones and let it warm up.

Under the influence of temperature and hot water, the briquette is transformed into a cloud of salt ions, which positively affects the respiratory system and the body as a whole.

An oxygen concentrator  is a compact device for the prevention of common ailments. It can also be used for the preparation of healthy oxygen cocktails.

“Heavy” blanket  – a novelty for improving sleep. Linen blanket with glass beads inside.

It works on the principle of sensory therapy, relieves tension, stress, helps the nervous system tune in to rest and complete relaxation. Completely safe and comfortable.

Gifts that make life easier

When choosing a gift for the hero of the day, think about whether grandfather’s life is comfortable enough? Maybe you should give something that will improve the quality of life of the birthday person. Here’s what you can donate:

Multitool  is a multifunctional tool. One multi-tool can contain up to 35 useful devices to quickly solve repair problems.

Compactness and versatility are the main advantages of such a gift.

The Smart Home system  is the best solution for what gift to give to a grandfather for 70 years, especially if he lives alone.

A smart home is a comprehensive security solution. The system monitors smoke, leaking pipes, power surges and temperatures. It also provides automatic or semi-automatic operation of appliances and household appliances.

An electric dryer for shoes  is a necessary thing in the household, especially in the autumn-winter season and beyond. Allows you to dry any shoes from slippers to fishing boots.

Depending on the budget, you can purchase: a portable model or a multifunctional station.

If  a grandfather is from a village  or lives in the private sector, then indispensable things for a comfortable life can be:

A chainsaw  is a useful tool for a person living in a village. Such a device will help to cope easily with cutting trees, harvesting firewood.

A dry closet,  surprisingly, but in some cases it is simply the best gift for an elderly person who lives in a village or has a country cottage.

Flexible wall heater . At first glance, it is a picture, but in fact it is a film wall infrared heater.

Completely safe and comfortable to use. With such a gift, cold evenings for grandfather will not be terrible.

Instant hot water faucet . One turn of the lever and the instantaneous water heater starts to work.

Due to a special device, hot water is supplied in unlimited quantities, and a convenient LED screen allows you to adjust the temperature and pressure.

A selection of gifts with warmth and care from the granddaughter

What could be nicer for an elderly grandfather than to receive a gift from his granddaughter? So, interesting ideas that you can give your grandfather for 70 years can be:

Annual supply of socks . Such a gift looks very solid, you will not immediately guess what is in the box. A universal gift for a man of any age, which is 100% useful to everyone.

An electric samovar  is a technological device and an original interior element. Allows you to enjoy aromatic tea with the whole family.

You can complement the present with natural sweets: marmalade or marshmallows on natural juice, handmade sweets.

Cozy home textiles  – a gift for grandfather for 70 years from his granddaughter. It can be bedding made from natural fabrics (linen, cotton, nettle), a terry dressing gown or pajamas, a plaid – such nice things will definitely make every day more comfortable.

Warm model of gloves or mittens . The most popular models of mittens are considered to be made of natural or artificial wool.

If the weather is not so frosty, then pay attention to fleece mittens. You can pick up mittens-transformers.

If you are a creative person, you can knit mittens with your own hands, such a touching gift will definitely please the hero of the day.

A smart pill box  is a device with a built-in timer that will remind grandfather about taking medicines or vitamins.

You can supplement such a gift with a special  vitamin complex  for the elderly or  herbal balms .

To please the brightest and wisest person – grandfather can be something sweet, he deserves it. For example,  a congratulatory cake to order or do-it-yourself . A warm family evening, the attention of children and grandchildren, fragrant tea and a delicious cake – this is what will certainly please an elderly person!

If grandfather doesn’t like sweets, surprise him  with a box of deli meats (game box).  Gift set, may include game pates, natural sausages, dried bear meat, wild boar.

List of practical surprises from the grandson

Deciding what to give grandfather for his 70th birthday is not easy, since he is a person of the older generation. His preferences differ from modern tastes.

But there are universal presents that, having received from a grandson on the DR, will please any birthday person of age.

We decided to give grandfather something from technology, then it is important to consider several important factors:

  • Household appliances should not be fancy. The device should make life easier and help you perform routine tasks.
  • The technique should be as independent as possible and, first of all, safe. Since people aged quite often forget about the included devices.
  • Simple control (no control functions via smartphone).
  • Buttons on the control panel must be clearly legible and visible.

So, for example, when choosing  a kettle for  a birthday person, try to choose a model with automatic shut-off and a loud sound signal that the appliance has started or finished its work.

Brazier or a set of skewers  – will appeal to the hero of the day, who loves to receive guests. So, a set of skewers with carvings or commemorative engraving will be a great gift for an active grandfather who lives in his own house.

Satellite dish for television . This is an incredibly useful thing that is in almost every home today, and if your grandfather does not yet, be sure to give it. Satellite TV will brighten up grandfather’s evening leisure.

A gift damask  is a worthy gift for a pensioner on his 70th birthday. You can pick up a souvenir damask – ceramic, crystal, old Gzhel and damask, made for a thematic plot, for example, in the form of a fisherman or a hunter.

A “smart” assistant  is an original version of what to give grandfather for his 70th birthday. The column will save grandfather from the anxiety of forgetting something, will allow you to receive hands-free calls, learn about the weather, news and much, much more.

Inexpensive but sincere gifts for Grandpa


TOP 102 ideas of what to give grandpa for 70 years +46 gifts and Tips!

There are many simple but very interesting gift ideas:

Illuminated magnifier  is a useful surprise for a grandfather who loves comfortable reading, radio engineering needlework, watchmaking and repair of small items.

Terry bath towel  with personalized or commemorative embroidery. Such a thing will surround the grandfather with tenderness, care and attention. It is better to choose a jacquard towel, it will be incredibly pleasant to use and last a long time.

Beer mug or glass . You can awaken a spark of youth and enthusiasm in grandfather in the old proven ways: a bathhouse, joint fishing with your beloved friends or a glass of fresh beer.

Can be purchased with a commemorative inscription, “To Grandfather with love from grandchildren.”

Homemade mycelium  is a kit that allows you to grow mushrooms (mushrooms, porcini, chanterelles, etc.) at home, without any financial costs. This is interesting!

Large photo frame collage , where you can put pictures of all family members, grandchildren. Such a thing will definitely take a central place in the house, so that relatives and friends are always in front of your eyes.

Decanter  – it can be glass with a cooling element, figured, decanter-decanter with a tap, etc.

A set of jams with alcoholic flavors  is an unusual and rather non-trivial gift that will definitely not seem boring and banal to your hero of the day. It can be liquor, rum or cognac flavored jam.

Memorabilia to Grandfather at 70

What a touching gift you can give your grandfather – of course, pleasant memories of the past years and bright family moments.

If you have not yet decided on a gift for your beloved grandfather, we offer you the following list of ideas:

Gift set “Nostalgia for the USSR”  – a memorable gift for grandfather on the DR. A gift that can turn back time. Ready-made kits can be purchased online or in gift shops.

Honey with edible gold  is an amazing gift for a dear person. The edible gold contained in honey is absolutely safe. And it is an excellent prophylactic against diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Such a present will pleasantly surprise the hero of the day, and will save you from having to think about the topic “What to give grandfather for 70 years?”.

A modular painting  is a traditional painting with a modern twist. Such a picture consists of several “fragments”. Can be ordered with a family photo, made of natural wood.

A photo album with restored old photographs  is the best keepsake that will definitely amaze and evoke a sea of ​​emotions in an elderly person.

3G frame . You can’t visit your grandfather often, give him a smart photo frame. The main feature of the frame is the ability to quickly receive photographs and other images “over the air” without any actions of the grandfather.

Vinyl record clock . Looking for a creative gift for grandfather – then this is it. There are an incredible number of different options on a variety of topics.

For example, you can order a watch with a portrait of an idol on the watch – Vladimir Vysotsky! At the same time, the cost does not exceed 2 thousand rubles.

Barometer,  for example, in the form of a steering wheel. It will allow you to measure atmospheric pressure, and, knowing the value of pressure, grandfather can easily determine the weather.

In addition, modern models are produced with a large number of additional functions – for example, with a clock, a thermometer, and so on.

Hobby Gifts


TOP 102 ideas of what to give grandpa for 70 years +46 gifts and Tips!

If your grandfather has a hobby and you want to surprise him with a gift, then a 70th anniversary gift for a hobby is the best solution.

The choice of a particular thing depends on the hobbies of a man, we offer you a selection of the best presents for the most common hobbies in men at such a respectable age.

Gifts  for grandfather, who spends a lot of time in the country , in the garden:

  • Solar powered trail lighting. Economic design element of the local area.
  • Racks-holders for garden tools – durable and convenient hinged holders, will allow grandfather to keep order in the garden or summer cottage.
  • Bath accessories. It can be a carved plate for a bath, brooms, a wooden tub or a ladle.

Surprises  for grandpa – a homebody:

  • Chess for three is an interesting variant of the classic game.
  • The tablet. It will allow grandfather to search for the necessary information, communicate with relatives and friends, watch movies and read books. The main thing is that the device is understandable and convenient for an elderly person.
  • Encyclopedias and book editions on the subject of interest to the grandfather.

A selection of gifts  for a grandfather who is fond of fishing :

  • A fishing bag will allow grandfather to put things in order in equipment and reliably protect accessories during transportation.
  • Cotton thermal underwear. This is one of the essential things in the arsenal of any fisherman. The main requirements when choosing thermal underwear: moisture removal, heat saving, lightness and convenience.
  • Electronic float. Due to a special led-indicator, it will inform the grandfather and the bite, with a sound and light signal. Effective and comfortable both day and night.

If  the hero of the day leads an active lifestyle:

  • Sport suit. The main thing is that the clothes are of high quality and comfortable for an elderly person.
  • Scandinavian sticks are a wonderful type of cardio load and the prevention of many diseases. A gift for a very cheerful and seasoned grandfather who is ready for outdoor fitness all year round.
  • Home exercise machine (treadmill, exercise bike, stepper). Regardless of age, health should always be taken care of. A home simulator will allow grandfather to increase joint strength, support the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and much more.

A couple more interesting ideas of what to give grandfather for 70 years

The hero of the day appreciates your attention more than any gifts. But what to give your grandfather for his 70th birthday to make him smile sincerely? We continue to make a list of ideas.

Shtof with stacks . Such a surprise will be appreciated by a hospitable host or a wine collector.

Home weather station . This device will warn a loved one in advance about changes in the weather. So grandfather can prepare for bad weather or plan a trip to the country in good weather.

Shashlik set . With such a set, grandfather will be able to invite the whole family more often to country picnics.

DIY gifts for grandfather for 70 years

When a loved one has everything, the idea often comes to guests that they can give grandfather for 70 years with their own hands.

Such a present always looks original, and when you look at it, you feel the care of the giver. Make the following gifts for the birthday boy:

  1. Knitted plaid.
  2. Textile hammock.
  3. Panel from saw cuts.
  4. Cup chandelier.
  5. Embroidered pendant.
  6. Patchwork quilt.
  7. Baskets from newspaper tubes.
  8. Bracelet made of stones or leather.
  9. Video postcard.
  10. Picture by numbers.

Table lamp


TOP 102 ideas of what to give grandpa for 70 years +46 gifts and Tips!

For work you will need:

  • glass jar for 1, 2 or 3 liters;
  • glass beads or shards;
  • glue;
  • ribbon;
  • brush;
  • sand;
  • water;
  • candles or flashlight.

Working process:

  1. Wash and dry the jar.
  2. Consider a pattern on the outer surface of the can.
  3. Spread the jar with glue and lay out the glass pieces in a certain order or over the entire surface of the container.
  4. Let dry.
  5. Pour sand and fill the jar with a small amount of water.
  6. Tie the neck of the jar with ribbon.
  7. Put small flat candles or a flashlight inside the jar.

Tips: How to choose a gift for 70 years old grandfather

In the question of what to give grandfather for his 70th birthday, it is important to follow a number of rules.

  1. Give something that will bring positive emotions to the elderly person.
  2. Consider the thing for practicality. People of the third age attach little importance to objects that do not benefit them.
  3. Remember how grandpa likes to spend time. If he is a homebody, then he will be pleased with the book of a gift format. If he likes outdoor activities, then other things will be more useful to him.
  4. Before presenting a gift, carefully pack it, put a small postcard with your signature inside the package.
  5. Complement the main gift with a bouquet of flowers.
  6. When presenting a present, say kind words to grandfather, but do not drag out the speech. Other guests are also waiting for their turn.

The most important thing for grandfather is your attention, however, this does not mean at all that you can buy a souvenir from the nearest supermarket, and he will definitely like it. Before buying a gift, read the helpful recommendations that will help you in choosing a great gift for the hero of the day.

  • Attention and care  is the main criterion for choosing a gift. Try to analyze his life, what is missing for a loved one, and how you can make his life easier and more comfortable.
  • More communication . We remind you that any communication with an elderly relative is more expensive than anything for him. And this is a great opportunity to find out what he needs. It is unlikely that grandpa will say directly, and most likely, he will generally refuse a gift, however, he may make a reservation, they say, he is tired of messing with such and such a device.
  • When choosing a new technique, do not be afraid to buy new items . Among most manufacturers, there are a lot of those who produce special series for the elderly. In addition, pensioners quickly master new models of devices. You just need to be patient and explain everything. Believe me, having mastered your gift, which will make life easier, the hero of the day will thank you.
  • Do not impose your tastes and habits when choosing a gift . Grandfather is already at an honorable age with formed life principles.
  • Golden mean . Choose a gift with an average value. Expensive things can confuse the birthday man. If you still want to present an expensive gift, put together the whole family.
  • After retirement, there is a lot of free time. Men begin to dive deeper into their hobbies, go to the garden or go fishing more often. You probably know about  grandfather’s hobbies, take this into account . So you show interest in his affairs. The main thing is to choose the thing that he does not have.
  • Quality . The purchase must be made in trusted stores with certificates and a license.
  • Clothes,  no matter how trite it may sound, you can always give things to an elderly person. After all, grandfathers often wear the same jackets and shoes for years. Most importantly, choose according to the taste of an elderly person.
  • Any  gift can be easily made memorable and unique . To do this, it is enough to apply engraving or embroidery on it. For example, a bathrobe with grandfather’s “family nickname” embroidered on the back or the phrase “For taking the anniversary!” will look very interesting.
  • In addition to the gift, do not forget about the celebration itself. The anniversary is a big and very troublesome holiday. Therefore,  try to take over the organization so that the troubles of the celebration do not concern the hero of the day. Also make sure that as many people as possible congratulate the birthday man. After all, it is so important for an elderly person to know that he is remembered and appreciated.

What is better not to give grandfather for 70 years

A gift for a person at such a respectable age should express the degree of your attention, care and respect for him. Therefore, when choosing a gift, you need to think that grandfather lived a long life and give up the following things:

  • Gifts reminiscent of age . Older people feel younger than their age and will not be very happy about the reminder of age. Therefore, it is better to immediately exclude a tonometer, medicines and other things from the list of gifts that remind you of old age and illness.
  • Hygiene products, cologne . Yes, quite practical things, but they are not suitable for such a solemn event.
  • Alcohol, tobacco products.  They are also not suitable because they can significantly shorten life, worsening health.
  • Fashionable now coupons and certificates for something like that . Even if your grandfather is active and in his prime, it is better to refuse such a gift. At the age of 70, even going to the theater can be a test for a person.
  • Home comfort  (various tablecloths, dishes, figurines and the like) are also inappropriate for a gift to the hero of the day. At any age, men prefer practical things, but not decorations for the home.
  • Jokes and practical jokes . Even if the hero of the day is famous for his good sense of humor, such a surprise can upset him. And this is not surprising, because the 70th anniversary is a solid date, and therefore the presentations should be appropriate.
  • Superstition.  If your grandfather believes in certain superstitions and tries to adhere to them carefully, then give up sharp objects, handkerchiefs, watches, mirrors.
  • Money . It looks like neglect and unwillingness to pick up a good gift. In addition, most likely, grandfather will return them to you with the words: “you need it more.”



TOP 102 ideas of what to give grandpa for 70 years +46 gifts and Tips!

If you’re tired of saying “ok google what to get grandpa for his 70th birthday”, check out our tips and ideas.

Grandchildren for grandfather are a vaccine against old age. Therefore, he will be happy with any of your gifts. The main thing is that the surprise should definitely please the grandfather, to supplement it with a large portion of attention to the birthday man. Especially when we are talking about the closest and dearest people, then the present generally fades into the background, your presence and time are more valuable!

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