What to give a girl

TOP 98 ideas What you can give a girl inexpensively +24 gifts and Tips

Finding a suitable gift is always difficult, the task becomes twice as difficult if you need to answer the question of what to give a girl inexpensively.

At first glance, it may seem that it is impossible to choose a good gift from the budget category. However, there are a lot of presents that will delight you with their value, give the girl positive emotions.

A modest budget is not a reason to leave a girl without a present, but a wonderful opportunity to turn on her imagination and purchase a truly original present.

If you don’t know what to give a girl inexpensively, it’s time to turn to the list of ideas proposed here. You will see from your own experience that you can find a way out of any situation and please the hero of the occasion with a pleasant surprise.

Today you will learn what to give an inexpensive but pleasant gift, how to make a girl’s eyes sparkle with happiness, and a smile shine on her lips. Choose a gift with love, then it will be doomed to success!

TOP 98 ideas, What to give a girl inexpensively

  1. Manicure set.
  2. Luminous bookmark for books.
  3. Belt bag.
  4. A set of jars of honey.
  5. Aroma lamp and a set of oils.
  6. Vase for fruit or sweets.
  7. Illuminated pocket mirror.
  8. French press or original teapot.
  9. Fortune cookies.
  10. Colored crayons for hair.
  11. LED shower head.
  12. Stylish accessories (gloves, scarf, dress strap, etc.).
  13. Bag holder.
  14. Decorative cutting board.
  15. Turk for making coffee.
  16. A set of scented candles.
  17. Jewelry box.
  18. Cool alarm clock (for example, running away or flying away).
  19. Comb set.
  20. A set of electronic candles.
  21. Salt, bombs, pearls or bath powder.
  22. Flowers in ice.
  23. An umbrella of an unusual shape or with an original print.
  24. Star map.
  25. Wall or pocket key holder (this gift can be supplemented with a commemorative engraving).
  26. Mixer mug.
  27. A set of hair accessories (elastic bands, hairpins, headbands, etc.).
  28. A set of growing pencils.
  29. An apron with a fun print complete with bright potholders.
  30. Keychain with search function.
  31. Colorful beach towel.
  32. Set for growing plants.
  33. Recipe book.
  34. Business card holder.
  35. Magnetic chalkboard for refrigerator.
  36. Name vase.
  37. A set of nail polishes.
  38. Soft bedside rug.
  39. UV lamp for drying nails.
  40. Jam from flower petals.
  41. Case for phone.
  42. Dance mat.
  43. Selfie stick.
  44. Aromatic sachet set.
  45. Named external battery for the phone.
  46. Mini fondue set.
  47. Shopping bag.
  48. Bright popsocket (stand for phone or tablet).
  49. Scratch map of the world.
  50. Beautiful silk robe.
  51. Organizer for cosmetics.
  52. Ceramic bathroom set.
  53. Cosmetic case.
  54. 3D night light.
  55. Thermoglass.
  56. Humidifier.
  57. Beautiful sports water bottle.
  58. Body massage brush with natural bristles.
  59. Starry sky projector or ocean ox with music.
  60. A set of aromatic tea or coffee.
  61. A set of cosmetic masks for face and neck.
  62. Decorative pillow.
  63. A room filled with balloons.
  64. A set of spices for mulled wine.
  65. Florarium or rose in a flask.
  66. Mug in a knitted sweater.
  67. Fur earmuffs.
  68. Sweets basket.
  69. Leg hammock.
  70. Book-safe with a combination lock.
  71. An elegant candlestick.
  72. Plaid pillow or plaid with sleeves.
  73. Unusual molds for baking or ice.
  74. Tea or coffee pair.
  75. Unusual jewelry (for example, a bracelet on the leg).
  76. Salt lamp.
  77. Big lollipop in the shape of a heart.
  78. Cozy slippers.
  79. A set of marshmallows or marshmallows in a gift box.
  80. A set of temporary tattoos.
  81. Fitball or a set of rubber bands for fitness.
  82. Sugar bowl with a spoon or cup for honey.
  83. Jewelry holder.
  84. Flower in a pot.
  85. Fitness tracker.
  86. Soft toy.
  87. Personalized champagne glass.
  88. Dream Catcher.
  89. Soap bouquet.
  90. Hair dryer, curling iron or hair straightener.
  91. A set of massage oils or peeling creams.
  92. A set of coasters for hot.
  93. Stylish diary.
  94. Bathrobe or special bath tunic.
  95. Facial massager.
  96. Designer kitchen timer.
  97. Tree of happiness.
  98. Drawing tablet with water.

Original presents

Even with a minimal budget, you can choose an unusual present that will touch the girl to the core. Check out the options below to see for yourself.

Scarf with jewelry. A suitable option to give an inexpensive and beautiful. Stylish and sophisticated decoration will not go unnoticed.

This is a fashion accessory that can be used as a scarf, scarf or necklace. He will emphasize the individuality of the girl, her natural beauty, elegance, add zest to the image.

Mandala making kit. Use this idea if you want to give something unusual. Often people, during a telephone conversation or in lectures, draw circles on a piece of paper. This is the mandala – an ancient symbol that helps to meditate.

Mandalas can not only be drawn. Having given a girl a set for creating a mandala, she will be able to weave a decoration with her own hands, which can be used in the interior. The process itself will give her pleasure, help develop creative abilities, relieve stress and tension.

Bouquet of carrots. It is a good idea to give a girl an original and inexpensive gift. The bouquet can be supplemented with other vegetables, such as cucumbers, broccoli, tomatoes, etc. He will appeal to the young lady who watches her figure, leads the right way of life.

This is a great alternative to the usual flower arrangement. A vegetable bouquet is an unexpected, pleasant and useful present that will cheer you up.

Stone according to the sign of the zodiac. A good option to give a girl an inexpensive birthday present. Such a present will act as a kind of talisman.

He not only protects from troubles, but also gives his owner vitality, awakens her dormant talents, attracts good luck and luck to life.

Inexpensive but useful gift ideas

Many are sure that only useless trinkets can be inexpensive, however, in the budget category, you can find presents that will be useful.

Spices set. If you do not know what inexpensive gift to give a girl, you will definitely like this option. He will especially impress a girl who loves to cook.

With this present, cooked dishes will sparkle with new colors. It is advisable to purchase natural seasonings that do not contain flavor enhancers, dyes, flavors, salt, preservatives.

Salt stove. An interesting option for a gift for a girl. No electricity, no hot water, no batteries are needed to operate this type of heating pad. The heating pad is filled with a concentrated salt solution, it begins to release heat immediately after the crystallization process starts.

To do this, just press on a special stick, which is located inside the heating pad. The product can be used repeatedly.

The saline applicator will help not only to warm up, it can also be used as a cooler (for this, the product must be kept for several minutes in the refrigerator or freezer).

Led flash on smartphone. Many girls like to take selfies, so if you are looking for an inexpensive gift, pay attention to this option. This is a universal backlight that fits any device up to 2 cm thick.

The product is equipped with several brightness modes, which allows you to choose the optimal light intensity. The girl will be very grateful to you for such a present, because thanks to him her selfies will become unique.

Lunch set. This is the best gift option if you have little money. The set includes everything you need so that the girl can enjoy warm homemade food anywhere.

Typically, such sets consist of several containers with sealed lids, the set also includes cutlery and a special thermal bag.

The girl will be happy to use such a present, because it has an attractive appearance, it will help to eat right outside the home.

Gifts for a girl with a touch of romance

The vast majority of girls love romance, so if you want to melt the heart of your beloved, pay attention to the following ideas.

Pair of key rings with engraving. Take a closer look at this option if you are looking for what an inexpensive gift you can give a girl. Such a present will always remind your beloved of your feelings.

Keyrings can be made of wood or metal, but the most popular products are made of genuine leather.

You can make any inscription on them, compact size key rings attract attention with their originality.

Breakfast table in bed. Be sure to use this idea if you are thinking about what to give a girl an inexpensive but pleasant gift. The table can also be decorated with any engraving. Bamboo tables are popular.

They are light weight, compact and easy to fold. The girl will be able to have breakfast in bed, the table is also often used as a stand for a laptop.

Pair of gloves. A suitable option to give your loved one just like that. The set includes one large heart-shaped mitten, as well as one male and one female mitt.

A couple in love will be able to walk holding hands, not being afraid of cold and wind. Such a present brings together, makes it possible to feel the warmth of the hands of a loved one.

Sky lantern in the shape of a heart. A good gift option for a year of relationship. This is exactly the gift that you can please and surprise your loved one. Make a wish with the girl and “release” it into the sky so that it comes true faster.

First of all, you give your beloved positive impressions, and emotions, as you know, are the best gift.

Unusual sweets for a girl

If the girl has a sweet tooth, then you definitely can’t go wrong by choosing a present from this category.

Having received any of the offered gifts, the girl will not even think about its value, as they look very original.

Chocobox.  Pay attention to this idea if you don’t know what to give a sweet lover on DR. This gift is gaining popularity, as it impresses not only with great taste, but also with original design.

This is not just a box of chocolates, but a sincere and, most importantly, an exclusive gift, proving that you worried in advance, showed imagination to surprise the hero of the occasion.

Assorted marmalade. A great solution if you are looking for inexpensive gifts for a girl. Treats of all colors of the rainbow will cheer her up, charge her with positive emotions.

In addition, marmalade is not only tasty, but also a very healthy product. Eating marmalade in the form of beautiful raspberries, strawberries, bananas, grapes, apricot slices, the girl’s body will cleanse itself of toxins and replenish the supply of nutrients.

Candy bouquet. A very original present, at the sight of which the girl will definitely be delighted.

Do not despair if there is no money, such a bouquet is easy to make on your own. To do this, you do not need to have special skills, and improvised tools that can be found at home are suitable for work.

In addition to sweets, you will need wooden skewers, adhesive tape, wrapping paper, and decor elements. Collect a bouquet and hurry to please the hero of the occasion.

Chocolate postcard. Another inexpensive gift for a girl. This is a souvenir that cannot be bought in a regular store, so it will definitely deserve attention.

At first glance, this is an ordinary postcard, however, opening it, the girl will see an unexpected surprise – chocolate bars. If desired, the card can be signed by hand, then the gift will become even more valuable.

Inexpensive gifts for health and beauty

Gifts that will emphasize the beauty of the girl, help her take care of her health – a win-win option. Therefore, do not waste time, hurry to choose the right present.

Perfumed water. A great idea what to give a girl on DR inexpensively. This tool can also be called “day perfume”. Water has an unobtrusive, fresh aroma. It is applied to open areas of the body.

A thin, light train lasts for several hours. A suitable option if you are afraid of not guessing with the aroma.

Mini set of cosmetics. Many girls are delighted at the sight of boxes filled with a variety of face and body skin care products.

Often, such kits contain new cosmetics in the form of small probes, thanks to which you can choose the right product for yourself without spending a large amount of money on its purchase.

Yoga mat. If a girl does yoga, such a present is exactly what you need! This mat features an anti-slip surface for added comfort and safety during exercise. However, before buying a present, you first need to find out where the girl plans to use it.

Remember, the outdoor rug should be thicker than the product that will be used at home.

Fitness bag. Often sports bags are compact in size, but they are characterized by spaciousness. This is very important, because when going to the gym, you need to take everything you need with you – sportswear and shoes, a towel, a bottle of water, etc.

Choose a comfortable and bright bag so that it cheers up the girl, and fitness classes bring even more pleasure.

More great gift ideas


TOP 98 ideas What you can give a girl inexpensively +24 gifts and Tips

If you are afraid of making the wrong choice and want to consider as many options as possible, you are doing the right thing. The following gifts will definitely please the girl, and their purchase will not hit your pocket.

Chocolate cosmetics. An interesting and inexpensive gift that has many advantages.

This is a great way to get your skin in order, as chocolate cosmetics contain many useful substances, for example, different groups of vitamins aimed at nourishing and protecting the skin, as well as caffeine, which removes toxins, phenylephamine, which acts as an antidepressant, and much more.

Boom postcard. A spectacular gift that will be remembered for a long time. A BOOM postcard is also called an exploding postcard. This is a voluminous surprise that the girl will immediately want to open.

As soon as she tries to do this, she will hear a pop, after which confetti will fall on the hero of the occasion. It looks very impressive, bright, and most importantly unexpected.

Hug pillow. A cool gift for a girl who does not have enough hugs. Such a pillow will give care, provide support, relieve stress, improve mood, energize.

It comes in different shapes and sizes, but no matter which model you choose, the pillow will take the shape of the body, allow you to take a comfortable position, provide coziness and comfort.

Slippers-flip flops with grass. Another extraordinary gift, it will definitely impress the hero of the occasion. These are massage slippers that will relieve tired feet and help you relax after a hard day’s work.

In addition, grass shoes during operation take the form of a foot, due to which they have an orthopedic effect.



TOP 98 ideas What you can give a girl inexpensively +24 gifts and Tips

In order to choose the “same” gift you need to try. To do this, it is not enough to have a desire, it is important to know the key points that you should rely on when buying a presentation.

  1. Active life in social networks . If you have absolutely no ideas, take a look at the girl’s page on social networks. You will surely find a lot of useful information there.
  2. Original packaging.  Beautiful packaging is very important for girls. Therefore, try to make your present as interesting as possible, so it will have a much greater effect. Do not forget to remove the price tag from the presentation, and it is better to keep the check with you.
  3. Emotions are the best gift . It is not necessary to give a material gift, give the girl impressions. She will remember this surprise for a long time. For example, you can take her to a place where she has long wanted to visit, even a picnic trip, a walk in the forest will bring her positive emotions.
  4. Get creative.  Without a large sum in your pocket, it is difficult to prepare a surprise for a girl, but it is possible. Try to draw a big poster for her, write your warmest wishes on it, decorate it with joint photos, sweets, leave room for wishes from all the guests. You can also write a song or poem for a girl, such a surprise will impress her very much.
  5. The moment of delivery.  When giving a gift, be sure to say something nice to the girl. In no case do not complain about how much time you spent on choosing a present. Even a small budget needs to be distributed wisely. It’s good if you have some amount left that can be spent on packaging, a postcard, a small bouquet of flowers.
  6. Stretch your memory.  Remember what the girl was talking about recently. After analyzing the conversations with her, you will find many answers to your question.
  7. Choose the right helpers.  Having decided to enlist support, the main thing is not to make a mistake with the choice of advisers. Girlfriends, mother, sister can talk about your gift, as a result of which the surprise will be spoiled.

What is better not to give

Many girls are gentle and vulnerable natures, therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, it is better to study in advance the list of things that are undesirable to give.

  • Clothes or shoes. Most likely, you will make a mistake with the size or color scheme, which will upset the girl very much, so you should not take risks.
  • Things that a girl already has in abundance. Do not rush to buy the seventh handbag or the fifth pair of ballet shoes for the young lady, such a present will not cause a wow reaction. So if you want to surprise, give up this idea.
  • Gifts that contradict hobbies. A girl who is far from extreme does not need to give a parachute jump or a buggy ride, she definitely will not appreciate such a present.
  • Kitchen utensils and household appliances. These are not the gifts that should be given to a girl for a holiday. The exception is if she herself asks you about it.
  • Hygiene products. Shower gel, shampoo, a set of soap will make the young lady doubt her attractiveness. She will think that she smells bad or that she cannot acquire these items for herself.
  • Hint gifts. Each girl is jealous of her appearance, attaches great importance to it, so a subscription to a fitness room, scales, a book of weight loss tips are insulting gifts.
  • Alcoholic drinks and cigarettes.  It is not customary to give these things to the fair sex, and it is not necessary to encourage bad habits.
  • Decorative cosmetics.  If you are new to a girl’s preferences, then don’t even try to guess with the choice of lip gloss or eyeshadow palette.
  • Useless souvenirs. No need to purchase a thing, knowing that it will gather dust on the shelf idle.
  • Money.  Putting a small amount in an envelope is inappropriate. Therefore, it is better to try to buy some kind of symbolic gift, or try to make a souvenir with your own hands.
  • Gifts associated with superstitions.  It is believed that the presentation of piercing and cutting objects, pearls, mirrors, handkerchiefs, watches is not good. If a girl believes in signs, it is better not to upset her and choose something else as a gift.
  • Perfume.  With a small amount, you will not be able to buy high-quality perfumes. Cheap perfumes, in addition to being pungent, are more likely to cause an allergic reaction.
  • A trip to a restaurant.  This is not a gift, but a nice addition to it. Therefore, if you do not have enough money, think about purchasing something material.


You don’t need a reason to make someone happy. It is important to realize that the price of a gift does not matter if it was chosen with a soul and from a pure heart. Indeed, from such presentations it breathes warmth, love and care, it immediately becomes clear that a person wanted to surprise and please with something original.

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