What to give your husband

TOP 114 ideas of what to give a Husband for 50 years + 12 gifts and Tips

A half-century anniversary is usually celebrated in a big way. This is a serious date for men, and choosing a gift for your husband for 50 years is not an easy task at all.

Puzzling over what is best to give your husband for his 50th birthday, remember that the thing must be chosen with soul. At the same time, the gift should not only seem sweet to you, but also correspond to the preferences and needs of the hero of the occasion.

Below you will find solutions and ready-made lists of gifts for the 50th anniversary of the spouse, tips for choosing and other interesting things.

TOP 114 ideas What can I give my husband for 50 years

  1. Spyglass or binoculars.
  2. Home sports simulator.
  3. A course of wellness or firming massage.
  4. Home mini golf set, tennis racket, soccer ball.
  5. Travel or camping bar.
  6. Set for shoes in a stylish box, consisting of various care products for leather and textiles.
  7. High-quality leather briefcase, purse or document case.
  8. Wallet, men’s clutch or purse.
  9. Telescope for men interested in astronomy.
  10. Powerful flashlight.
  11. Jewelry made of gold – bracelet, ring, chain with a cross.
  12. Favorite perfume or toilet water of the birthday boy.
  13. Original cufflinks with clockwork.
  14. Tie clip embellished with precious stones.
  15. Stylish real leather belt.
  16. A tie case or a set of expensive and high-quality ties.
  17. Elegant shirt in a gift box.
  18. Men’s scarf made of natural cashmere.
  19. Windproof umbrella in a classic style.
  20. Leather apron.
  21. Bathrobe, large terry towel and soft slippers.
  22. Massage mattress with remote control.
  23. Orthopedic pillow for comfortable rest.
  24. Travel bag on wheels complete with travel kit (neck pillow, sleep mask and earplugs).
  25. Electric samovar.
  26. A full-length portrait of my beloved husband, commissioned from a professional art studio.
  27. Rocking chair.
  28. Hammock or wicker furniture for country rest.
  29. Inflatable sofa for giving.
  30. Comfortable leather massage chair for work and leisure.
  31. Souvenir hourglass on the desktop.
  32. A gastronomic set consisting of elite meat and cheese delicacies.
  33. Chocolate tools, weapon or figurine.
  34. Multifunctional shovel with built-in tools – an ax, a nail puller, a can opener and others.
  35. Shtof or coffer for drinks.
  36. Decanter for wine.
  37. Swiss Watches.
  38. A new phone or tablet, if a man understands modern technology.
  39. Electronic book.
  40. Xbox or PlayStation game console.
  41. Virtual reality glasses.
  42. professional video camera,
  43. Decorative indoor fountain or waterfall.
  44. Leather diary or notebook.
  45. Organizer box or tool case.
  46. Desktop mini-garden or bonsai tree.
  47. Table football or air hockey.
  48. Aquarium with fish or aqua farm (aquarium with a tree).
  49. Floor or table fireplace with basalt stones.
  50. Collection set of quality black or green tea for connoisseurs of these drinks.
  51. A set of conventional or automotive tools in a stylish case.
  52. Chess, checkers or backgammon handmade from natural wood, stone or ivory.
  53. Video recorder or navigator.
  54. Wooden or forged photo frame.
  55. Wireless charging for gadget.
  56. Eco alarm clock or model with LED-backlight.
  57. Portable radio.
  58. Waterproof shower radio.
  59. Desktop or wall perpetual calendar.
  60. Wrist Swiss watch.
  61. Watch box.
  62. Figured bronze cup holder complete with crystal glass.
  63. Quadcopter.
  64. Electric Toothbrush.
  65. 3D puzzle or souvenir model of a ship, car, aircraft or tank.
  66. Smart watch.
  67. A miniature weather station that measures barometric pressure, wind speed, and indoor and outdoor temperatures.
  68. Compass handmade.
  69. Portable flashlight for hunting or fishing enthusiasts.
  70. Tourist tent and sleeping bag.
  71. Globe bar or bar in the form of a bookshelf.
  72. Silk linens.
  73. A high-quality thermos or a thermal mug with a congratulatory engraving.
  74. Apparatus for marinating meat at home.
  75. Hot dog utensils.
  76. Electric grill or electric grill.
  77. A picnic set for several people (a blanket, plates and cutlery, skewers and a basket).
  78. Thermal underwear or a suit for hunting.
  79. Key holder – wall or pocket.
  80. A city bike for the birthday boy who enjoys a healthy lifestyle.
  81. Good sports bag for uniforms and shoes.
  82. Widescreen TV.
  83. Certificate for individual tailoring of a suit or shoes in a good atelier.
  84. Home weather station designed in retro style.
  85. Home brewery.
  86. Picture of forged metal or carved wood.
  87. A set of coins or an embossed leather stockbook for the collector.
  88. Music center with the ability to listen to vinyl records.
  89. A set of skewers with personalized engraving.
  90. Traveler’s globe, on which you can paint over different groups of countries in different colors: one – places that the hero of the day has already visited. the following are selected for visiting in the near future. the third – unattractive countries for men.
  91. Minisink-steam generator for the car.
  92. Paperweight in antique style.
  93. Humidor (special box) with a set of expensive cigars.
  94. Smoking pipe.
  95. Eco-cube, which is a pot with ready-made soil, planted seeds and instructions for growing a plant.
  96. A rare book related to a loved one’s hobby – about weapons, hunting, fishing, travel, and so on.
  97. A coffee lover’s set that includes a copper cezve with a removable handle, a mechanical coffee grinder, a long-handled spoon and several varieties of coffee.
  98. Massage cape with heating for the car.
  99. Expensive lighter (for example, Zippo) with personalized engraving.
  100. Special hunting knife or multitool.
  101. Cooler bag powered by a car cigarette lighter.
  102. Whiskey cooling stones.
  103. Set for care of a beard and mustache.
  104. Salt lamp-night light.
  105. Poker set.
  106. Lawn mower for a lover to engage in a summer cottage.
  107. Billiard table with all necessary accessories.
  108. Ionizer or air purifier.
  109. Reliable safe or original electronic piggy bank.
  110. High quality electric shaver.
  111. Mini wood splitter.
  112. Poncho or plaid with sleeves.
  113. Heated lunchbox.
  114. Collection set of honey or jam.

Romantic birthday gifts for husband

Even adults who have long past the candy-bouquet period, sometimes it will be nice to add a little romance to a relationship. Even if you haven’t been walking hand in hand around the night city for a long time and don’t arrange dates in restaurants, a man will like it if you remember how much you love each other. Romantic 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas:

Breakfast table in bed. A great idea what you can give your husband for DR for the concept of mood. You can bring a delicious breakfast directly on your birthday and at the same time present this gift, which can later be used as a tray.

Aroma lamp. If your husband likes to feel comfortable, give him an automatic aroma lamp with a set of different pleasantly smelling essential oils. Not only decorates the interior, but also has a practical value.

Male ring. A good romantic birthday present for a loved one. You can buy jewelry or jewelry made of precious metal, you can also decorate the ring with a personalized engraving.

Inexpensive but practical gift ideas for 50 year old husband

It is not at all necessary to give your husband expensive gifts, especially if he has achieved everything and he does not need anything. Show your imagination and get an inexpensive, but useful thing in all respects. List of ideas for the best inexpensive and at the same time practical gifts for her husband:

Case for glasses. If your husband uses glasses, you can give him a special case. Choose a model of the man’s favorite color – different stores offer different inexpensive covers and cases to choose from.

Keychain. It can be an ordinary, but beautiful pendant keychain or a model with the function of finding lost things. Suitable for the birthday boy, if he often loses his keys.

Brutal men’s apron. Many men in their 50s love to cook, especially when it comes to meat. If your husband has an electric grill, barbecue or other cooking device, but no apron, feel free to buy and give it to your loved one.

What can you give your beloved husband for 50 years original

Over the long years of family life, you managed to give each other a huge number of different gifts. It is not surprising that for the next birthday I want to present something original, especially when it comes to the anniversary. Ideas that the original can be presented to a husband from his wife for his 50th birthday:

Model weapon, souvenir wall sword or saber. A wonderful gift for decorating the interior, if the husband is fond of history or historical films.

Bath set. Many men love to go to the bath, especially after a hard day at work and in the cold season. Give him a special set for the bath, consisting of a hat, brush, broom, as well as a tea with different herbs for the bath.

Desktop mini-aquarium. A funny and practical accessory as a gift for your beloved husband on his 50th birthday. Such a model is usually powered by USB and acts as an organizer for stationery.

What to give a husband for 50 years, depending on hobbies

Often, many women try to give their spouses some necessary things, forgetting about presents for the soul. The latter include gifts associated with a man’s hobby. From his beloved wife, a man on his 50th birthday will like to receive the following presents:

An avid hunter or fisherman will be happy to receive as a gift:

  • special clothing;
  • roomy bag;
  • inflatable boat;
  • tackle;
  • echo sounder;
  • good scope for a gun.

The listed items will make the process of hunting game more efficient. For the comfort of a man with such hobbies, a tent, a sleeping bag, a comfortable flask, unbreakable dishes, a mosquito lantern or a solar charger will also come in handy.

Beloved spouse who loves picnics in nature will like:

  • compact brazier;
  • grill set;
  • a set of folding furniture;
  • umbrella or awning from the sun and rain;
  • a convenient bowler hat or other utensils for outdoor activities.

By deciding to give such a gift to your husband for 50 years, you will not only please the hero of the occasion, but also motivate him to travel more often out of town with his family.

Spouse-athlete will definitely like gifts that help maintain his athletic form:

  • new running shoes or tracksuit;
  • weights or dumbbells;
  • stylish water bottle
  • fitness bracelet;
  • A quality towel that can be used in the shower after another workout.

What else can you give your husband for his 50th birthday from a beloved woman

When wondering what to give a husband for 50 years, it should be remembered that a present given by a beloved wife is of great value to a man. Having “scrubbed” numerous forums on the Internet, you can add a few more good ideas to the list:

T-shirt with original inscription . To do this, in the store you should buy a regular T-shirt (without drawings and inscriptions) and fabric paint. Think over the drawing, the text of the inscription in advance and apply it to the surface of the T-shirt. It can be the words “I love you”, “My dear spouse” or other satirical inscription. After application, the pattern dries for 2-3 hours, it is recommended to wash the product at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees.

Miniature color copy of a man . A great idea for a wife who can’t decide what to give her husband for another. A chic gift that can be given on the 50th anniversary is a 3D figurine made of composite material. She looks exactly like a real person.

Pillowcases with photographs . Buy beautiful light-colored pillowcases in the store (not cotton, preferably silk) and print photos of children, grandchildren or places and events dear to your heart on them in the salon. Alternatively, you can purchase a set of silk bedding with an unusual pattern. A pretty original present will come out!

How to choose a gift for your husband for 50 years

Given the variety of goods in modern stores, choosing a present for an adult man becomes a real problem for the giver, and the question “what can I give my husband for 50 years?” threatens to go unanswered.

To avoid such problems and give pleasure to your beloved spouse, you can go to any forum dedicated to the topic under consideration.

The most common recommendations for choosing the right gift for a 50-year-old birthday are the following tips:

  • When thinking about what to give your husband an original, do not overdo it with creativity. No matter how beautiful and stylish this or that thing may seem to you, think about its functionality. Men appreciate practical gifts that can be useful, and useless trinkets, as a rule, are bypassed;
  • When giving preference to a gift-impression, consider the health features of the hero of the day. At this age, people often suffer from problems with the heart, pressure, joints, etc. A gift suggesting physical activity can cause serious harm to the condition of the birthday person and thereby cause extremely negative emotions. Consideration should also be given to the character and temperament of the man;
  • Consider the significance of the date being celebrated and choose a present appropriate for the occasion. You need to understand that the 50th anniversary is a serious date and requires special attention in terms of gifts to your beloved spouse. Give preference to solid, high-quality things and do not waste your time on trifles.

Try to perpetuate your present – this way you will further emphasize the importance of the date being celebrated. This can be done by engraving on the handed product or a congratulatory inscription, depending on the presentation.

To know for sure what is better to give your husband for his 50th birthday, watch your chosen one before the holiday. Perhaps the future hero of the day will let slip during a casual conversation about his secret desires or express admiration for some thing in the store – this will become your guideline in finding the perfect present.

Think over the proper presentation of the gift in advance. Come up with warm words that, in your opinion, could touch the hero of the day to the core. Creative spouses can compose congratulatory poems, perform a dance or organize a real quest for the hero of the occasion, the prize for passing which will be a prepared present.

Remember that giving your husband this or that thing for DR is not all. It is important to take care of the beautiful design of the presentation by wrapping it in special paper or putting it in a gift bag.

What is better not to give your husband for his 50th birthday

Any forum that answers the question “what to give my husband for 50 years?”, Among other things, is teeming with recommendations on what to give is unnecessary. The list of such gifts includes:

  • Alcoholic drinks, even expensive ones . The exception is cases when the birthday boy really understands elite alcohol and collects it. In all other cases, alcohol is threatened with rapid destruction right during the festive feast. In addition, the hero of the day, who is not addicted to this kind of drink, can be offended by such a present and put him in an awkward position in front of the guests;
  • Money . To please your man, choose a more suitable gift for his 50th birthday. From their spouses, men usually want to receive gifts chosen with attention and care.
  • Homemade trinkets . Creative vases, decoupage housekeepers or banknotes are unlikely to make the birthday boy jump for joy. No matter how cute these little things may seem, in any case they do not carry special value, therefore it is better to present them on less significant occasions;
  • Pets . Even the most thoroughbred kittens or puppies can be left without attention, since it is not known whether the hero of the occasion wants to devote his attention and time to these creatures;
  • Necessary things . We are talking about underwear, clothes, shoes, etc., i.e. about what would soon have to buy anyway. Firstly, the 50th anniversary requires special gifts, and the items in question can be purchased on any other day. Secondly, such objects are associated, first of all, with peace and comfort, which can become a hint at the age of the birthday person and humiliate his dignity;
  • Men’s cosmetics . Again, a half-century anniversary deserves a much bigger present. In addition, you can simply make a mistake with the choice and cause only disappointment in the hero of the day;
  • Gifts hinting at the imminent aging of a man . Hints of approaching old age can be a ticket to a sanatorium, anti-aging cosmetics, medications, etc.


To please a 50-year-old birthday boy on his holiday, it is necessary to responsibly and in advance search for a present, after which it is equally important to competently bring your idea to life. This approach will allow you to study in detail the entire range of potential gifts and ultimately make the right choice, depending on the interests and characteristics of the character of the birthday person.

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