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TOP 89 ideas What to give a scorpion to a man or a guy + Tips

What might interest a scorpio man? What gift will seem to him the most useful, valuable and memorable?

Scorpions are not like the others . They are independent, strong-willed and passionate people. They combine polar qualities: toughness and kindness, struggle and calmness, composure and a volcano of emotions. These are workaholics who simply do not have time for idle affairs, and truly enthusiastic people who love travel, sports and fishing.

The powerful energy and inner strength of a person is felt even at a distance. Scorpios are not in illusions, they clearly see the situation as a whole. These are strategies and tactics.

The main feature is a lively and sharp mind. Whatever the scorpion has to do, he will give it his all. Passive idleness destroys him, he cannot bear inaction.

A Scorpio man is able to achieve success in any field. They can do everything: build, cook, repair, dive, be interested in speleology. These are extreme people who need to climb higher, further, deeper. It is important for Scorpio to prove to everyone and to himself what he is capable of.

They are passionate about everything that does not fit into the framework of the usual and ordinary, and the mysterious world of esotericism attracts them like a magnet. Secrets, astrology, prophecies of the past – this is also a scorpion, an incomprehensible and mysterious sign.

The selection of ideas below characterizes the versatile scorpion well: a traveler, a fisherman, an athlete, and just a non-standard personality. I wish you find the best gift for your man!

TOP 89 ideas What can you give a scorpion to a man

  1. Monocular, spyglass, binoculars. The traveler scorpion is a curious creature. The device will help to look into remote corners, to correctly build a route.
  2. Hoba – a special tourist rug, protection of the “fifth point” from dirt, moisture, uneven surfaces. Attaches to the lower back, always remaining with the person.
  3. Buff – “3 in one”: scarf, bandana, pipe.
  4. A multitool is a pocket tool kit. Functional little thing for opening canned food, repairing equipment. You can find a copy at an affordable price or purchase a branded kit.
  5. Gas burner for cooking. They choose, focusing on the preferences of the tourist: for single trips and ascents, for large companies.
  6. Chip oven, oven with generator. Camp kitchen equipment. Non-standard gift: few tourists have it.
  7. Catalytic heater. A small appliance will keep you warm in cold weather. Works without an open flame, so you can safely put it in your pocket or shoes.
  8. Compression bag. A handy thing to reduce the volume of clothing and equipment. The best option is a bag with silicone impregnation, which reliably protects against moisture.
  9. Barbecue set, engraved skewers.
  10. Wireless headphones.
  11. Solar panel for charging gadgets. A solid and necessary gift.
  12. Ammo signal. If you’re worried about your hunter scorpion, give him some extra security. It is used to attract attention or scare away wild animals.
  13. Dear compass.
  14. Glasses. There are many options: ski, polarized, bicycle.
  15. Travel kit set. Mini care kit in a small box: shampoo, shaving gel and shower.
  16. Folding furniture: table and chair. Compact furniture fits easily into the trunk and is very useful on vacation and fishing.
  17. Trekking poles. On a long hike with a heavy backpack over your shoulders, you will reduce the load on your knees. In stores you can find both economical options and lightweight models for impressive money.
  18. Road blanket.
  19. Topographic map. You can find a large copy of good printing quality. Scorpio will be happy to look at her and build new travel routes.
  20. World map. A special copy for travel collectors, on which you can erase places you have already visited with a coin.
  21. Electronic book. A rather banal gift, but a tourist will appreciate it: scorpions love to read. Modern readers download large amounts of information, make bookmarks. The best energy-saving option is an electronic ink gadget.
  22. Vest made of natural down. Lightweight and bright vest will warm you on cold days while fishing and jogging.
  23. Poncho awning. A waterproof raincoat with a hood in the expanded form is used as an awning, stretched between trees, or with the help of trekking poles.
  24. Fluffy Chuni. Super-socks will give you warmth and comfort at night at low temperatures, you can bask in them in the country.
  25. Titanium cookware. Lightweight and durable items are indispensable for hiking. Solid gift.
  26. Camping mug-carbine.
  27. Travel bottle or non-spill mug.
  28. Cooler bag powered by a car cigarette lighter.
  29. Camping water sterilizer.
  30. Windproof mask made of membrane fabric. It comes with an interesting design and easily turns into a fashion accessory after leaving the track.
  31. Snowshoes.
  32. Cover for a ski mask.
  33. Picnic set for several people
  34. Navigator.
  35. Satellite tracker – a device that fixes the location, with the function of sending a sos signal, etc.
  36. GPS tracker for luggage. It will help you find your suitcase, record information about transportation
  37. Pocket saw. If your scorpion loves hiking in a big company, give him a chain tool. With the help of such a saw, you can easily prepare an impressive amount of logs.
  38. Walkie-talkie.
  39. Travel tripod.
  40. Hand warmer.
  41. Brazier.
  42. Hammock.
  43. Ax “Pravdorub”.
  44. Nice flask with engraving.
  45. Camouflage helmet.
  46. Helmet. Useful for rafting, mountain hiking, for a scorpion speleologist.
  47. Rug tourist self-inflating.
  48. Rechargeable shaver. It is important for a Scorpio to look good even on single trips; he will be happy with such a gift.
  49. Quality thermal underwear.
  50. Packraft is a light inflatable boat.
  51. Echo sounder. If your scorpion often fishes on a boat, this is a wonderful gift.
  52. Carp set: carp rods, landing net, bite alarms, various tackle. The gift will expand the possibilities of the fisherman.
  53. Motoledobur is a useful gift for fans of winter fishing.
  54. Fishing bag.
  55. Electronic bait for fish.
  56. Balanceboard. Great idea for home fitness.
  57. Fitness bracelet.
  58. Smart scales. The gadget will show not only weight, but also BMI. For a Scorpio with a healthy lifestyle, a gift will help you stay in shape.
  59. Laces that do not need to be tied. Special clips will not allow them to be untied even with intensive training.
  60. Tracker-pedometer. The smart gadget will count steps, calories and even sleep quality.
  61. Smart watch. Cool new product from Apple. The fitness gadget will control the physical form, monitor the performance and health of the owner. For those scorpions who need to “keep everything on the shelves.”
  62. Player for the pool. So that your man does not get bored, conquering the water surface.
  63. Tennis rackets.
  64. Basketball or soccer ball.
  65. Action camera.
  66. Compression underwear. Protect your scorpion from traumatic sports.
  67. Electric scooter. What else can you give a scorpion man so that he quickly gets to the gym?
  68. Desktop punching bag. Your scorpion will relieve stress right in the office.
  69. Sports trainer.
  70. Folding shovel. An indispensable item for the amateur archaeologist.
  71. Metal detector. A scorpion treasure hunter will be delighted with such a gift.
  72. Home weather station in retro design.
  73. Astrological charts Simbolon.
  74. A decorative globe stylized as an antique instrument. Try to find a model Armillary Sphere – an unusual and expensive item. Great gift for an anniversary.
  75. home planetarium. This unexpected surprise will delight your scorpion. A realistic starry sky right on the ceiling is a great gift.
  76. Projector starry sky.
  77. Astrological puzzles. A person prone to thinking alone will get real pleasure by collecting a huge cosmic drawing.
  78. Sundial. A good gift for a scorpion living in a private house.
  79. Leather wallet, purse, briefcase.
  80. Home brewery.
  81. Books. Scorpios love detective stories, thrillers, serious psychological literature.
  82. Cloth. Most likely, your man loves black.
  83. Backgammon or chess.
  84. Linen. There are legends about the love of scorpions, a gift will come in handy for them.
  85. Home waterfall, rock garden with bonsai.
  86. Electric fireplace.
  87. Car compressor.
  88. Velolock.
  89. Vacuum cleaner for the car.

Additional Gift Ideas for a Scorpio Man or Boyfriend

Scorpio loves long trips so much that he can celebrate the New Year away from home. A battery-operated camping garland will help create a New Year’s mood. Such a gift can be found in Ikea.

What to give a scorpion to a man for his birthday is romance. A sensual person who loves to travel will enjoy a night in a hotel in their city. Your man will appreciate the feeling of distant wanderings, even if he has to work tomorrow. Waking up in an expensive hotel room, in your company – a scorpion will definitely like this gift.

What to give a scorpion on February 23if he loves mountain expeditions? Present him a quadcopter. You can find a simple economical model – for beautiful selfies from snow-capped peaks, or you can even cooler – with many functions and high quality shooting.

What to give a scorpion guy with your own hands

Handmade gifts are charged with the energy of goodness, because so much warmth, love and care has been invested in them.

What gift to give a scorpion guy on Valentine’s Day or on a memorable date? Here are two great hand-me-down gifts.

Dishes with painting


TOP 89 ideas What to give a scorpion to a man or a guy + Tips

You don’t have to be an artist to create a stylish thing. For design, for example, a simple heart and the first letters of your names are perfect.

  1. Buy a laconic mug without a pattern and decor in a dishware store.
  2. In the art shop, purchase multi-colored markers for porcelain and ceramics.
  3. Put whatever you like on the mug: touching words, symbols and pictures that mean only for you.
  4. As a rule, painting does not require additional processing for fixing. But sometimes you need to hold the dishes in the oven (about 30 minutes).

A touching and memorable gift will appeal to a romantic scorpion man on February 14, for the New Year and just like that.

Original panel


TOP 89 ideas What to give a scorpion to a man or a guy + Tips

You can give a scorpion guy a wonderful and romantic souvenir with your own hands from … nails!

  1. Find the right base. It can be an ordinary board, cleaned with sandpaper and varnished.
  2. You can add additional decor: paint the base with acrylic paint or cover it with a cloth.
  3. Draw a sketch of the drawing on the base. It can be a circle, a heart, a triangle – whatever you want.
  4. Drive in carnations along the entire contour of the pattern at a distance of 0.5-1 cm. They should enter the base by a third.
  5. Fasten a thread to one of the nails.
  6. Fill in the space of the figure by pulling the threads tightly between the studs. Any technique will do.

The panel looks like an exclusive and original item. You can show moderate creativity and complement the unusual decor with beads or threads of a different quality.

Tips – how to choose a gift for a scorpion for a male

When choosing a gift, you need to remember: your man is both a practical, economic person, and at the same time a romantic with a sensitive soul. The gift should emphasize that you know how to surprise a scorpion.

Conditionally presentations are divided into three groups:

  1. Practical . Such a gift will be useful, useful in the household, it can be put on, used, etc. This includes money, which the scorpion will accept with pleasure.
  2. Souvenirs . Not very necessary, but cute and memorable little things for home and office.
  3. Dream related . What scorpions love are gifts for the soul. They give special joy, bring closer to the long-conceived. Items related to hobbies, hobbies, etc.

Remember how your scorpion lives, what he needs and is expensive? What to give a scorpion for his birthday, what thing will please him the most? Your man should feel that the gift is truly from the heart.

What is better not to give a scorpion to a man

Scorpio is very careful about his physical form, making a lot of effort to push back the approach of age. He will definitely not be pleased with gifts, even indirectly indicating age:

  • voucher to the sanatorium;
  • health procedures;
  • massotherapy;
  • “age” medical equipment.

A practical scorpion will not appreciate useless gadgets: toothbrushes, clothes with navigation.

It is undesirable to present a gift of pets. A cute rabbit, kitten or aquarium fish needs care, but the ever-busy scorpion is not able to give it.

Never donate religious objects. What you think is a cute souvenir may have a special meaning for a scorpion. Icons, rosaries, ritual masks, amulets are acquired, as a rule, for themselves.

Thinking about what you can not give, consider signs. Many will take a mirror, a knife and a watch with dislike. Scorpios are quite superstitious, so it’s better not to risk it. After all, the list of desired gifts is in front of you. It definitely has something that will please a man.


What to give a scorpion man, you now know. Attach your love, sincerity and warm look to beautiful packaging – he will appreciate it. 

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