What to give your husband

TOP 74 ideas What to give your Husband inexpensively +39 gifts and Tips

What to give your husband inexpensively is the question of what takes you by surprise on the eve of a birthday, on February 23, on an anniversary or any other holiday. Despite the fact that you know your spouse very well, you still feel nervous when you have to look for the right gift. After all, you want to not only please him, but also surprise him, while it is not always possible to allocate a fairly large amount of money from the family budget.

To find a good inexpensive present, you need to stop focusing on the price. Often we pay too much attention to the cost of the product, worrying not to offend a loved one with a cheap price, forgetting that attention, love and care are priceless. Much more important for a man is what will be useful or beneficial to him.

Below are super gift ideas that you can give your husband inexpensively for any celebration or just like that, regardless of whether he is a man who has everything, or a guy with his own taste – from clothing items and electronics to drinks and unusual accessories. Among them, you will surely find wonderful gift ideas for your man, even on a small budget.

To help you also, useful recommendations and TOP anti-gifts that will help you make the right choice.

TOP 74 ideas What can I give my Husband inexpensively

  1. Cake, complemented by decor and candles, can be ordered, you can bake at home.
  2. Belt.
  3. Swiss knife.
  4. Perpetual calendar.
  5. Training gloves.
  6. Money clip.
  7. Bath towel with embroidered monograms.
  8. Warm clothes (socks, sweater, scarf, gloves).
  9. A brutal apron for a real chef.
  10. Pocket hookah or a set of tobacco, coal, tweezers.
  11. Army dry ration.
  12. Checkbook of desires.
  13. Camping ax-tomahawk.
  14. A jar with notes “100 reasons for my love.”
  15. Bath and sauna set.
  16. Keychain – multitool.
  17. Electric ignition for firewood and coal.
  18. Combined model of military equipment.
  19. Alarm clocks: flying, with a target, escaping, anti-stress, exploding… You won’t find any.
  20. Table clock with weather station.
  21. Thermal underwear.
  22. Digital compass.
  23. Camping lantern.
  24. Shaker.
  25. Space food in tubes.
  26. A tactical bracelet is a super-useful gift.
  27. Skewers with wooden handle.
  28. Floor bar-canister.
  29. Habit tracker.
  30. Pulse lighter recharged by USB.
  31. Guinness Book of Records.
  32. Road plaid transformer.
  33. Himalayan salt plate for roasting meat, vegetables.
  34. Baseball cap, bandana, sports cap.
  35. Petanque set. An exciting game in the fresh air – in the country, on the beach, in the yard or even in the forest.
  36. Foldable camping chair or umbrella to protect from the sun.
  37. Thermos.
  38. Cool wading boots.
  39. An interestingly designed bottle opener, for example, “talking” or electric.
  40. Glass for beer.
  41. Karemat.
  42. Flask-canister.
  43. Ice molds.
  44. Lamp-panel for reading books.
  45. Inflatable sofa – lamzak. Cool gift for a small price.
  46. A set of camping dishes for a feast in nature.
  47. A set of bonfires.
  48. Manual grass trimmer, gardener.
  49. Cult Monopoly – adult level.
  50. Smokeless ashtray.
  51. Bucket for cooling bottles. Good for hanging out with friends.
  52. A box of fortune cookies.
  53. Toolbox.
  54. Keychain defroster.
  55. Auto-vacuum cleaner.
  56. Massage Slippers.
  57. Chased coaster with a classic faceted glass.
  58. Glass: luminous, heated.
  59. Case – Tetris or charging.
  60. Flint or an eternal match.
  61. Dryer for shoes. Constant care of boots will not be superfluous.
  62. Spade-transformer.
  63. “Male” jams and sweets, with bourbon, beer or even Margarita.
  64. Inexpensive but comfortable headphones.
  65. Self mixing mug.
  66. “Parcel from the forest” with fir cones, nuts, mushrooms, herbs.
  67. The set is a time capsule.
  68. Buff. There are thin summer and warm winter models.
  69. Meat thermometer.
  70. Eternal pencil, lasts up to 25 years.
  71. Beard trimmer. Definitely a useful thing, and there are quite inexpensive models.
  72. Filtered water bottle.
  73. Canned socks with a fun print.
  74. Sandalwood oil for a bearded husband.

Inexpensive but sincere gifts for Husband

What an inexpensive gift to give to her husband is a difficult question, but solvable. There are many items suitable for congratulating a loved one. The main thing is to try to think in advance how much you plan to spend.

A large mug (0.6 l.)  is a cheerful gift-hint for a spouse who knows how to impress. A wide handle for a strong hand, an impressive volume and a laconic design are three components, and in total an excellent gift for a real man.

And yet, you can pour a lot of tea or coffee at once and not often run to the kitchen.

If you have little money, you can donate  network charging for several devices . An actual present if the spouse has several gadgets.

The device is equipped with several high-speed ports for charging several electronic devices, one USB charging station.

The spouse is a jack of all trades, hand him a  magnetic bracelet. Designed to fix fasteners, bolts, screws and other iron-containing objects on the hand when working in hard-to-reach places.

Thermal bag for lunch  – will become a constant companion of your husband at work, on trips, outings.

Your loved one will also appreciate the food bag and your care of him. Thanks to a special lining, lunch will keep warm for a long time at the required temperature.

BBQ set  with tools for slicing and grilling meat. A perfect gift for those who like to spend their free time outdoors.

Skewers, brush, tongs, fork, spatula, and all this, in a black case. Indeed, for a man, cooking meat on fire is like playing music, where you simply cannot do without good instruments.

For a birthday man with a good sense of humor, you can choose a  comic present . There are many examples of such gifts:

  • Cool mini keyboard vacuum cleaner. It will allow you to clean any gadget from dust and dirt, you can also use it to clean the car panel.
  • Superman T-shirt. Your loved one will be pleased that you recognize his strengths by comparing him to such a cool character.
  • The device for rotating skewers will be a great addition to any barbecue, as it is easily attached to its side walls. Runs on batteries.

TOP-budget gifts for Spouse

You can be sure that an inexpensive gift for a spouse can be symbolic, but useful. You can pay attention and think about buying things such as:

Folding shovel 10 in 1  is a multifunctional tool for any man.

Suitable for all motorists, as well as all lovers of outdoor activities – hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, survival in the wild, off-road driving. Compact size, in the assembled format allows you to put even in a backpack.

Another useful option for giving your husband the right and inexpensive gift can be a  compact desktop weather station. 

This stylish device with the ability to inform the user about the state of the atmosphere will fit perfectly into the interior of any room! Especially like a man who is used to keeping absolutely everything under control.

Infrared portable heater  powered by gas. As one of the options, what to give your husband for his birthday is inexpensive and original.

The main advantage is that it can be used in a tent or boat while fishing, as well as for heating the garage.

If the holiday falls in the winter, give the man  a heated glass scraper. 

With its help, the husband can easily and quickly clear the car of snow and ice. The device is universal, so it is suitable for any car and is connected via the cigarette lighter.

A cauldron is  a great gift for someone who loves to cook delicious food! Perfect for cooking both on an open fire and in a special oven or at home, on a gas stove.

If you want to surprise your husband with something original and, most importantly, useful, pay attention to funny  underwear. For example, with a cool 3D drawing.

Surprises for hobbies and hobbies for a beloved Man up to 1000 rubles

Gifts that resonate with her husband’s passion are one of the best solutions. Such a thing will certainly not remain unclaimed and will remind a man of you at the most pleasant moments of your favorite hobby.

Interesting ideas  for a motorist husband  inexpensively and tastefully:

  • The compressor is  a device that should be in the trunk of every driver. The road is always full of surprises, so if you want to give something inexpensive and useful, then this is the perfect choice.
  • Clock in the car. Most models are equipped with a thermometer and a voltmeter. Thanks to this, the husband will be able to find out not only the current time, but also the voltage in the on-board network of the car, as well as the air temperature.
  • Anti-glare visor,  in the daytime it protects from the sun’s rays, and at night – from the headlights of oncoming cars.

Budget options for  a male fisherman :

  • The fishing box  is the best helper in all seasons! Waterproof, roomy, great for storing reels, lures or other fishing equipment.
  • Electronic float. In the daytime, it will notify you of a bite with a sound signal, and the luminous top of the float will not let you miss the night bite.
  • Foldable fishing bucket –  when folded, it takes up minimal space.

What to give  a tourist spouse  for other and more:

  • Salt hand warmer or insole. Maintain a certain temperature locally, has a warming effect. Always ready to use.
  • Extreme phone case.  Shockproof, waterproof and at the same time tactilely pleasant body material that prevents the gadget from slipping out of your hands.
  • Mug-coffee maker french press. Allows you to enjoy your favorite drink anytime, anywhere.

You can inexpensively congratulate  a bath attendantby handing him one of these:

  • A bouquet of brooms –  from oak, Caucasian herbs, tansy, birch, lavender, etc. Such brooms are very durable and will last a long time to their owner.
  • Bath gloves.  Without them, in the bath, it is almost impossible for strong heat to burn your hands.
  • Himalayan salt briquette . Salt crystals during evaporation, have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, immunity, stimulate the body.

Original ideas of what to give to the hero of the occasion, who  spends a lot of time at the computer:

  • Pillow-stand  for long work at the PC. For example, in the form of a stone or a spaceship – an original gift for a computer scientist.
  • Vertical computer mouse. When using such a mouse, the hand is in an organic position, which means that working with such a device is much more comfortable.
  • Hammock for legs under the desktop.  If there is no money, feel free to give it. This is very convenient – it makes it possible to change the position, unload the muscles and avoid pinching and overstraining them.

Gifts  for athletes and/or those leading an active lifestyle:

  • Cooling towel for training. Lowers skin temperature and gives coolness during and after exercise.
  • Isotonic is a  sports drink with carbohydrates and beneficial minerals that increases endurance and energy.
  • Press roller.  Increases the effectiveness of this exercise. Allowing you to train the muscles of the back, chest, arms and thighs.

Top gifts for a  hospitable husband:

  • A book with  recipes for making non-alcoholic, alcoholic cocktails , and many more funny stories and interesting facts from the history of their creation.
  • Himalayan salt glasses are  an excellent gift for others inexpensively and tastefully for a lover of everything natural. For example, this glass is perfect for drinking tequila with friends.
  • Chess for three is a  classic game with a modern twist, for three players to play at the same time.

Ideas for what to give  a summer resident man:

  • Garden shears  will allow the spouse to decorate the hedge without much difficulty.
  • Ultrasonic mosquito repeller. A small device, thanks to sound waves inaudible to humans, repels annoying insects.
  • Solar lanterns , which are suitable for illuminating the path to the gazebo, veranda, bath. Durable, charged by sunlight.

Inexpensive original gifts for a loved one

TOP 74 ideas What to give your Husband inexpensively +39 gifts and Tips

We are sure that care and love are always shown in small things. And here are some useful options that will make your husband’s life much more pleasant and interesting.

A bracelet with an inscription in Morse code  is an original and inexpensive congratulation for a loved one.

A message will be encrypted in the jewelry with a dot dash code about which only you or the husband to whom you will present this bracelet will know.

A glass or glass with a bullet. It’s not every day that you see a glass with a real bullet embedded in it. With such a glass, your spouse will look like a real esthete connoisseur of original things.

Still thinking about what to give your husband an original and inexpensive gift, feel free to give  an oriental coffee set. 

The main feature of the gift, an invigorating drink, will be prepared according to an ancient tradition – on the sand. How – you ask. It’s simple – the set includes a cezve and a special brazier with sand. Suitable for all types of hob except induction.

Desktop mini-pear is an  excellent anti-stress tool in the form of a punching bag. The best way of psychological relaxation after work. Attaches securely to any table with suction cup. The kit includes a pump for inflating the pear.

Manual mini coffee grinder. Coffee is one of the most widely used drinks in the world. If the spouse cannot imagine his morning without a cup of aromatic coffee, then this gift is for him.

The mill is designed to produce a freshly ground product right before coffee is brewed.

A set of spices for mulled wine and a glass. This is a warm warming drink based on wine or juice with the addition of various spices, fruits and spices. The original design will allow you to present it to the most significant and beloved people.

A few more ideas on what to give your Husband the right and inexpensive

As one famous phrase goes: “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But they will never forget what you made them feel.” Therefore, edible gifts can be noted in a separate category. And if you take into account that the heart of a man lies through the stomach – it turns out to be a 100% hit!

Gift set of honey. It can be assorted honey soufflé, nuts in honey or natural honey in combs.

Such honey is, as it were, preserved in its natural shell – cells in which all vitamins and useful substances are stored.

If the hero of the occasion is friends with sports, then  sports nutrition will be a good gift for him.  For example, a ready-made kit or a box assembled by yourself.

You can put in it: protein, bars, isotonic, complex amino acids, vitamins and minerals. If you are not sure what to choose, present the certificate to the appropriate department.

Ditchbox with dried meat is a  spectacular inexpensive present for a brutal man. It consists of dried or cured meat of various animals, including wild ones.

Irish whiskey  is a cool birthday present for a man. A strong drink is produced from cereals by triple distillation. Because of what the drink has a rich taste and aroma. This 5-year-old whiskey can be bought up to 1,000.

A men’s bouquet is a  universal men’s gift for any celebration. Can be assembled from a variety of components.

The only limit is your imagination and budget. These can be snacks, meat sausages and cheeses, sweets, small bottles of alcohol or soda, fruits or vegetables, nuts or dried fruits.


The easiest solution to finding an inexpensive gift for your husband is to ask directly. But, this method has a number of disadvantages:

  • There is no surprise effect.
  • You may not have enough budget for these options.

Therefore, it is better to put this idea aside and try to come up with something on your own. And in order to choose the right inexpensive gifts for your husband, it is important to consider several points.

The perfect gift formula can help you  . Yes, yes, and there is one. So, the perfect gift should:

  • be useful;
  • correlate with the inner world of the spouse;
  • correspond to the age of the husband;
  • be with a WOW effect;
  • have value in his eyes, bearing in itself the memory of something.

When a gift contains at least one of these items, congratulations – you did it!

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an expensive or symbolic present, the main thing is to  think over ideas in advance.  Any original gift should be conscious, and not bought spontaneously, in a hurry in the nearest supermarket. Haste always leads to the wrong acquisition, and as a result, you are unlikely to see the desired reaction from your husband.

The main criterion when choosing a cool gift for a spouse: the  thing should seem absolutely useless to you. You were not mistaken, it was demon-po-lez-noy. You will definitely have a bewildering question: who is buying this, if you see that, in your opinion, men are coming up to this counter with a stupidity and buying this “dumbass” – attention, you just have to pay.

You can always discuss ideas with his friends or family . Even if the spouse does not admit that he wants to receive, perhaps his friends or your mother-in-law with the father-in-law know about it.

The next thing you should pay attention to is  practicality in a gift . According to statistics, more than 80% of males prefer style and beauty, favor.

When choosing  a surprise, choose it for a man, not for yourself. No need to choose your favorite color, brand, style or model. Think about the person you love, not about yourself.

Say “no” to everyday things . If for some reason you did not manage to find a suitable present for your husband, limit yourself to verbal congratulations, a romantic dinner, and leave the gift for later. Buying on the principle of “just to give something away” is the worst option. The hero of the occasion will immediately understand that you are giving away.

Every age has its own gift.  So, a present for a husband for 30 years involves active and daring devices, for example, a survival kit, toys for adults. At 45, for example, an interesting headdress, an e-book, car tools, status items related to work are appropriate. Search, delight, surprise. After all, a beloved man deserves special treatment, right?

Pay attention to the  packaging  of your gift. Make it unusual and bright. This will be half the success of your gift.

And, remember , a man at any age remains a child in his soul . Your husband will be indifferent to the value of the donated item. The main thing is that it should please, give pleasure and benefit.

What is better not to give

It is important to remember that not all gifts will be accepted with enthusiasm. The most inappropriate presentations will be:

  • Gifts related to husband’s hobby.  The option is good, however, its purchase should be approached with caution. Only if you are familiar with related accessories and tools for his passion firsthand.
  • Things that are  more interested in women are not appropriate  : dishes and cutlery, home textiles, souvenirs, candles, interior decorations, cosmetics.
  • It is worth excluding  things that are related to the spouse’s workflow . But those items that can improve the working environment or make it more comfortable are what you need.
  • Gifts for health  (massage wraps, irrigator, vitamins). For any man, regardless of his age, such presents look insulting, as if he is already an old wreck for you.
  • When looking for an inexpensive gift, avoid buying  copies , of which there are many on store shelves. Most often, such products do not differ in quality and serve for a short time.
  • Underwear, socks  – the most boring option. For most men, this is an everyday thing, vilified, thrown out, no festive mood. This also includes  shaving kits, shower gels, shampoos , which are the basis of many jokes.
  • Instruments.  Yes, they are. Firstly, with a small budget, a good device is unlikely to be found, and secondly, giving such a present is the same as giving a frying pan to a woman for her birthday. Yes, she will use it, but it will not bring idleness and joy.
  • Eliminate  an item that you can use  – in some cases you can turn a blind eye to this, but still such a gift is not recommended for a birthday.
  • Alcohol  is appropriate among men with business or work relationships.
  • A number of gifts fall into a number of taboos due to  superstition:  watches, knives, skewers, slippers, handkerchiefs, an empty wallet, soap, towels. But if you are not superstitious, then this item is not for you.


Using this selection, remember that a good gift is not always expensive, you just need to give it from the heart and make your spouse’s holiday memorable. And, most importantly, remember that every day there are opportunities to show care, and not just for birthdays and celebrations. And also, do not forget about warm words that will help you understand your love for your beloved man.

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