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67 ideas What to give a guy if there is no money +15 gifts and Tips

If you have little money and you do not know what to give a guy, then you have come to the right place. Below you will find a ready list of gifts for when money is low or low, as well as individual lists of special gifts and tips.

Due to the lack of financial resources, you often have to pretty much puzzle over the question “ what to give a guy if there is no money? “. In this case, you should listen to our advice, with which you can surprise your chosen one without being left with empty pockets.

TOP 67 ideas What to give a guy if there is not enough money

  1. Beer mug or glass (you can pay attention to unusual models made of wood or metal, if your boyfriend already has ordinary glass containers);
  2. Electronic candle.
  3. A pack of cocoa complete with soft marshmallows (marshmallows).
  4. Mini tripod or monopod for smartphone.
  5. Umbrella that changes color when wet.
  6. Mini-box with drawers for tool storage.
  7. Small night light.
  8. 3D pen for creating unusual geometric shapes.
  9. A multi-tool pen equipped with a standard pen, level, metal ruler, as well as a screwdriver and stylus.
  10. Screwdriwer set.
  11. Table lamp.
  12. Baseball cap.
  13. Card board game (UNO, Mafia and more).
  14. Photo album or calendar with tear-off sheets.
  15. Pocket key.
  16. Flying away or running away alarm clock.
  17. Lunch box with multiple compartments.
  18. Sports water bottle.
  19. Glass teapot and pack of loose tea.
  20. Compass.
  21. Small camping lantern.
  22. Rug in the hallway or in the bathroom.
  23. A set of false mustaches is a cool and inexpensive gift for a guy.
  24. Cardboard perpetual calendar.
  25. 3D puzzle.
  26. Soft gift towel.
  27. Tea pot for mug.
  28. Holder for discount cards.
  29. Desktop organizer in the form of a cart from a supermarket.
  30. Interesting puzzle.
  31. Magnetic board for notes on the refrigerator.
  32. Piggy bank in the form of a funny animal.
  33. Decorative pillow for the car.
  34. Guitar pick or strings (if the guy is fond of playing this musical instrument).
  35. A decision coin that says “Yes” on one side and “No” on the other.
  36. Bath glove.
  37. Fishing tour. If your young man loves outdoor recreation, draw a map with a pre-designed location. While he is busy looking for his destination, ask family and friends to set the table and light a fire in this place. As a result, by joint efforts you will be able to arrange a holiday for the hero of the occasion in a comfortable environment for him at no special cost;
  38. A funny cartoon or just a portrait in any other style, drawn from a photograph of your chosen one;
  39. Delicious cake to order or homemade with a thematic design;
  40. A kitten or a puppy from a shelter (naturally, you need to find out in advance whether such a present will please your lover and whether he is ready for such responsibility);
  41. Warm slippers in the form of an animal;
  42. Bedside mat with backlight;
  43. Original umbrella (for example, with a handle in the form of a gun);
  44. Bath set consisting of a pair of slippers, towels and a hat;
  45. Movie tickets;
  46. Keyboard vacuum cleaner;
  47. Emergency charging unit for the phone (it is a battery with a small wire and a connector);
  48. Original passport cover;
  49. Desktop punching bag;
  50. Romantic massage with oil and aromatic candles;
  51. Fortune cookies (you can buy ready-made or bake yourself);
  52. A textile marker that can be used to update old T-shirts or decorate each other’s things;
  53. A flask filled with your other half’s favorite drink;Stylish shoe care kit;
  54. Apron with the inscription “Best Chef in the Universe”;
  55. Money clip (for those who do not recognize wallets);
  56. Beautiful diary;
  57. Signal keychain (when you press a special button, it makes a sound, thanks to which you can quickly detect the loss);
  58. A unique phone case with your joint photo or the name of your boyfriend;
  59. Folding car shovel;
  60. Keychain with the function of defrosting car locks;
  61. Thermo mug or thermos;
  62. Hand trainer;
  63. A miniature model of his own car;
  64. A rare variety of coffee or tea;
  65. Illuminated shower head;
  66. Slippers with built-in flashlight;
  67. Small basketball hoop.

What original to give a guy if there is no money

When gathering for a birthday or any other holiday, it is not necessary to come only with a postcard if your finances are limited. There are many inexpensive but interesting gifts that can be given to the hero of the occasion.

If there is no money, but you want to make a gift for a guy, pay attention to the following original ideas:

Antibook. Funny, sometimes provocative book covers that will definitely raise the mood of the owner. They have a funny drawing and a funny inscription that surprises everyone around. Give a guy some of these covers and he can put them on his favorite books, turning every public transport ride into a fun prank.

A set of statuses for the desktop. Desk calendar for a working desk with different cool images and inscriptions. Coming to work, the guy will be able to choose a certain status depending on how he feels today. A funny inexpensive gift for a guy who will cheer you up during a difficult work week.

Mug with USB heating. The perfect gift for those who prefer their drinks to be always hot. If a guy loves tea or coffee, give him a USB heated mug. A useful and original thing for home, work or the way from home to work, because the mug can be recharged even in the car.

Practical gifts for a guy if there is no money

Most guys appreciate practical gifts. even if they are inexpensive. Give the guy a thing that he will really use, every time remembering you and your care.

Ideas for inexpensive but useful gifts for a guy:

Knife-credit card. If a guy needs to sharpen a pencil, open a package, cut bread at a picnic, a penknife hidden in a plastic card will come to the rescue. Convenient to carry with you – just put a credit card in your wallet or purse. Something that comes in handy in almost any situation.

Eternal soap. A small piece made from aluminum alloys. Soap removes any unpleasant odors, and also has disinfectant properties. It does not contain additives hazardous to health, does not cause skin irritation and does not cause any harm to the environment, but looks unusual and very original.

Mobile phone touch screen gloves. Such a useful thing will help the guy always stay in touch, even if he is outside in the cold winter. His hands will not freeze – special inserts on the fingers that allow heat to pass through, allow you to receive calls, use applications and even correspond via SMS.

What to give a guy if there is no money, made by yourself

When you want to please your loved one, but there is no money at all, hand-made presents are used.

Do not think that the value of such gifts is lower compared to those bought in the store.

A certificate for the fulfillment of any one desire or a whole checkbook of desires .

Such a present is suitable for a birthday or any other holiday, as well as if you just want to please your lover. Remember what your young man dreams of, and which of these could you bring to life? Suitable options could be 5 trips with friends without reproach from you, or a one-time refusal to go to your mother. You can also give the guy “documents” with empty fields in which he himself can enter his desires;On the contrary, they have much more soul and your efforts for the sake of a loved one, which makes them truly priceless. If this position is close to you, we advise you to take a closer look at the following options:

Photo collage confession . When arguing what to give a guy, if there is not enough money for a gift, give preference to a present that will remind the man of your feelings for many years. To make such a photo collage, you need to take several pictures of yourself with letters in your hands. After that, the frames need to be combined into one poster so that the phrase “I love you” is obtained;

DIY knitted hat, scarf and gloves set . When the question “what to give a guy if there is no money and little acquaintance?” rises especially sharply, give preference to the presented option. You can be sure that every man will appreciate the warm handmade things, because this is evidence not only of your care for him, but also of your skills. Most importantly, take into account the style that your chosen one prefers in clothes, and design your products accordingly;

Bank with confessions “101 reasons why I love you” . Such gizmos are suitable as a gift for Valentine’s Day or Birthday. To implement the idea, you will need to cut out hearts from colored paper and briefly describe the merits of your lover on each of them. Ready-made mini-postcards should be folded into a glass jar and beautifully decorated on the outside;

Car wash . By connecting fantasy, even such a boring activity as washing a car can be easily turned into a whole performance for a beloved man. To do this, it is enough to put on beautiful underwear or a swimsuit and turn on the right music, and the guy is provided with an erotic show.

What to give a guy without money from intangible things

When choosing what to give a guy if there is not enough money for a gift, it is worth remembering that the best gift is positive emotions, because a thing can break down, be forgotten or lost over time, and impressions will remain with a person for life. In this regard, we advise you to consider such ideas as:

Haircut in the barbershop . A man will be especially interested in such a present if he is used to paying a lot of attention to his own hair, but has not yet had time to visit such a fashionable place. It would be ideal if the certificate also included the care of a beard and mustache, if, of course, the recipient has them. Experienced craftsmen will easily put in order all the vegetation on the face and head of a young man, and, most likely, will forever win the heart of a new regular client;

Interesting master class . Remember what your chosen one is interested in, and based on this, choose the appropriate master class. It can be boxing, pottery or drawing – the main thing is that the young man can learn something new and useful for himself. In addition, perhaps your lover has long wanted to try himself in something new – then just pick up a master class that will help him decide whether such a hobby suits him or not;

A joint trip to the quest . Today in any city you can find a huge number of quests on a variety of topics. Some of them are aimed at intimidating visitors, others can be classified as intellectual, others have a humorous connotation – choose whatever your heart desires, immersion in an unusual reality will not leave anyone indifferent;

Unusual excursion . Of course, going to an art gallery or a historical museum is unlikely to surprise a young person (although if he has long wanted to go there, then this will also be an excellent present). It is much more exciting to go down to an underground museum or bunker, wander through abandoned tunnels, visit an exhibition of wax sculptures or robots, etc. – in general, if your couple loves thrills, these options are the perfect solution.

How to choose what to give a guy if there is no money

As you can see, the choice of budget gifts for your loved one is much larger than it seems at first glance. In order not to get lost in all this diversity, follow our recommendations:

Think over the present in advance, preferably a couple of weeks before the holiday. So you can safely pick up a few worthy options and choose the best one from them. In addition, some things can be ordered through online stores, and their delivery will also require a certain time;

Listen to your man, pay attention to his reactions to certain things in stores or on the TV screen – perhaps this is where the clue lies;

In the process of choosing a gift for your chosen one, take into account the age of the recipient, his hobbies and the characteristics of your relationship and his character;

Do not try to find out the desires of a man directly – such questions confuse and even offend many representatives of the stronger sex;

Think over the beautiful packaging of your present and the original congratulations that will accompany its presentation. Stylish design and sincere, warm words can give even the cheapest thing a much greater value;

Nice additions to the gift will be coffee in bed from your girlfriend, a bunch of balloons, a delicious dinner, an ironed shirt before work and other romantic little things.

What is better not to give a guy if there is not enough money

Frankly banal things (socks, shaving accessories, ready-made cosmetic sets, etc.; the exception is the same things in the original design);Of course, it’s nice to receive any gift from your girlfriend, but it’s still better to refrain from some presents. It’s about the following things:

  • Too intimate gifts, especially when you are looking for what to give a guy if you don’t have money and don’t know much (again, socks, underpants, deodorants);
  • Money (firstly, such a present can offend a man; secondly, a small amount of money always looks much more ridiculous than an inexpensive thing);
  • Flowers (an inappropriate gift for a man);
  • Unnecessary things (frames, figurines, vases, etc.).


Lack of money is not a reason for frustration, but a great opportunity to show imagination and creativity. A creative approach and taking into account all the features of your beloved can turn even the most inexpensive thing into an exclusive and extraordinary gift, which will be more expensive than the most chic present without a soul.

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