What to give a girl

TOP 117 ideas What to give your girlfriend +27 gifts and Tips

The question of what to give to your girlfriend frightens men, causes panic. But since you are on this page, do not rush to succumb to emotions.

It is known that a gift should be chosen with love, and if you put your soul into it, you can convey all the feelings and emotions that you have for your chosen one. But at the same time, the present should be of interest to the girl, be useful in everyday life. So how do you bring all these factors together?

Right! Refer to the suggested gift list for help. Here you will not only find out what you can give your girlfriend, thanks to useful tips, you can turn her day into a real fairy tale. Be sure, the second half will certainly appreciate your efforts and reciprocate. The “same” gift will cheer her up, elevate you in the eyes of your beloved.

Hurry up to find out what to give your beloved girl for her birthday, how to please her just like that. Choose a gift among creative, useful, romantic and interesting options, and you will easily be able to find exactly the thing that your chosen one dreams of.

TOP 117 ideas What you can give your girlfriend

  1. Gift box (inside there can be anything from stationery and sweets to many useful accessories).
  2. Romantic keychain (this is not just a trinket, but an accessory that reminds you of your feelings).
  3. Aqua farm.
  4. Cozy fluffy blanket.
  5. Massage Slippers.
  6. Kigurumi pajamas.
  7. Rose in gold or silver.
  8. Cushion tray.
  9. Salt lamp.
  10. Candles with remote control.
  11. Touch screen gloves.
  12. High quality manicure set.
  13. UV lamp for drying nails.
  14. Wireless speaker.
  15. Hydromassage foot bath.
  16. Electric brush for facial skin care.
  17. Instant camera.
  18. Fur product (hat, mittens, and possibly a fur coat).
  19. Florarium.
  20. Magnetic chalkboard for refrigerator.
  21. Mug in a sweater.
  22. Smart garden.
  23. Portable USB Mixer.
  24. Living plant in a pot.
  25. Cozy robe with personalized embroidery.
  26. A beautiful wallet.
  27. Fashionable sunglasses in a case.
  28. Set of honey with gold.
  29. Personalized towel with embroidery.
  30. Shaker for cocktails.
  31. Reusable diary-designer.
  32. An unusual lamp or night light (for example, a projector of waves or a starry sky).
  33. Hair decoration (a set of rubber bands, a hair clip, a headband, etc.).
  34. Skates or roller skates complete with protective equipment.
  35. Cardholder with girl’s initials.
  36. Silk bedding set.
  37. Smart diary.
  38. Smart jewelry (ring, pendant, earrings).
  39. A set of spices and spices (if the girl is fond of cooking).
  40. Facial sauna.
  41. Aroma lamp.
  42. Salt, foam and bath bombs.
  43. Original molds for ice.
  44. Festive fireworks.
  45. Cookies with wishes or predictions.
  46. A set of luminous glasses.
  47. Luminous bookmark for books.
  48. Set for making mulled wine, chocolate or marshmallows.
  49. A set of scented candles.
  50. External battery in the form of a powder box with a mirror.
  51. Bottle with column and lamp.
  52. Colored wireless headphones.
  53. Sky lattern.
  54. Cup-chameleon.
  55. Dishes for sushi.
  56. Soap rose set.
  57. Flowers in ice.
  58. A very large chocolate.
  59. 3D lamp.
  60. A set of professional makeup brushes.
  61. Paired jewelry (bracelets, pendants, rings).
  62. New gadget (smartphone, tablet, etc.).
  63. Set of LED candles.
  64. Beauty box.
  65. Nice thermos.
  66. Warmer toy.
  67. Eternal rose in a flask.
  68. Umbrella with an unusual print.
  69. Warm palatine.
  70. Stud earrings with shimmering LED crystal.
  71. Painting by numbers.
  72. Hand warmer.
  73. Beautiful and stylish gloves.
  74. Decorative pillow.
  75. Electronic book.
  76. Perfume with the girl’s favorite scent.
  77. Original teapot.
  78. Underwear set.
  79. Jewelry box.
  80. Illuminated pocket mirror.
  81. Electric roller file for heels.
  82. A set of sweets (marshmallow, marmalade, etc.).
  83. Silk scarf.
  84. Sports goods (sneakers, leggings, sports bag, a set of fitness rubber bands, etc.).
  85. Yoga mat or hammock.
  86. Eye Massager.
  87. Hair care device (electric curlers, ionized comb, hair dryer, etc.).
  88. Mask for lucid dreaming.
  89. Small movie projector.
  90. Home exercise machine (for example, a folding walkway, a vibratory floor tape massager).
  91. Dressing room mirror with lighting.
  92. Convenient organizer for cosmetics.
  93. Thermos with temperature indicator.
  94. Smart speaker.
  95. Handmade soap set.
  96. Cool alarm clock (with a target, running away or flying away).
  97. Shower with lighting.
  98. Pillow toy.
  99. Compact and handy cosmetic case.
  100. Lightbox with glowing letters.
  101. Cookie stamps or rolling pin for baking.
  102. Pillow for the whole body.
  103. Consumables for needlework.
  104. Tracker for finding things.
  105. Smartphone printer.
  106. A set of growing pencils.
  107. Ultrasonic humidifier-fragrance with light.
  108. Beauty pillow, with memory effect or orthopedic.
  109. Selfie kit (mono stabilizer for smartphone, etc.).
  110. Electric scooter.
  111. Vase.
  112. A set of silk sleep masks.
  113. Fitness bracelet or smart watch.
  114. Sofa cushion with backlight.
  115. Cache-pot with self-watering function.
  116. Heated mug.
  117. Alarm clock mat.

Original gifts for your beloved

Wanting to surprise a girl, men rack their brains in search of something interesting and unusual. Spare yourself this pain by using the following options.

Bouquet of rainbow roses. If you want to really surprise your beloved, pay attention to these flowers, each bud of which shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. This is a small miracle that can bring a smile to even the most capricious young lady.

Roses of this color symbolize joy and happiness. Therefore, through such a gift, they wish a positive mood, carelessness, and love of life.

Portable biofireplace. What a great gift idea for the girl you love. Thus, without words, you will let her know that the fire of love burns in your heart. And although the biofireplace serves more for decorative purposes, it is still capable of warming.

It does not need to be specially mounted, the device can be installed anywhere in the house. The fireplace is based on bioethanol, so during operation it does not emit toxic substances or an unpleasant odor, as well as burning and smoke.

Illuminated bag. When choosing what gift to give to your girlfriend, do not disregard the main accessory of women’s attire – a handbag.

Only girls know how difficult it is sometimes to find the right thing, it would seem, in a bottomless bag. She, like a black hole, absorbs the necessary items.

A handbag with lights is not a fantasy, but a reality! The backlight turns on automatically when you open the bag. The girl will be very grateful to you for such a convenient, thoughtful invention!

Home mini planetarium. If you don’t know what gift to give your girlfriend, things with a hint of romance will always be appropriate.

Without leaving your home, you can make an exciting journey into space, even make your most cherished wish during shooting stars.

Watch together thousands of stars and dozens of constellations. Just by pressing one button, the ceiling of any room will turn into a mysterious starry sky.

Useful Gift Ideas

Not all girls scream with delight at the sight of cute soft toys, trinkets and other little things.

There are those who prefer practical gifts. If your significant other is one of them, stay here longer and carefully consider all the ideas.

Light alarm. From this moment on, you don’t even have to think about what kind of gift you can give your girlfriend, since you have an almost perfect option in front of you. The alarm clock makes it easy to wake up. He will wake up his mistress at the set time, simply by gradually increasing the illumination of the room.

The device will simulate the dawn, so the girl will forget about sleep problems and depression, she will get a charge of good mood for the whole day.

Bath support. Another interesting option that you can give the girl you love. This is a “tray” that is securely attached to the sides of the bathroom. With the help of such a device, the girl will be able to fully relax at the end of the day, comfortably read a book, drink a glass of wine.

The table is equipped with special holes in which you can put a plate of fruit, put a mobile phone and not be afraid that they will fall into the water.

Massage pillow. If you do not know what is better to give your girlfriend, this is the perfect gift option for you.

The pillow can be adapted to any part of the body, it will relax the muscles of the back and neck. This is a great way to relieve the feeling of fatigue, drowsiness, the girl will quickly cheer up, gain vitality.

It is also an excellent prevention of osteochondrosis, headaches. The pillow is compact in size, so it is convenient to take it with you on the road.

Bluetooth mask with headphones. Perfectly suitable gift for your beloved on DR. Using this device, the girl will be able to relax and unwind. She will not be annoyed by external noise, her favorite tunes will sound in her ears or inspiring classical music, the sound of the surf, the sounds of rain or forest.

The mask is equipped with a fleece band, so it does not put pressure on the head. Headphones are comfortable to use in the supine position and even during sleep.

What inexpensive gift can you give your girlfriend

The girl you love just wants to please. If you are a man who is not looking for a reason to see a happy smile on the face of the chosen one, then the ideas below are just for you.

Sweets in a hatbox. Great idea how to give a beautiful ring to your girlfriend. The box can contain a variety of sweets, add Kinder Surprise to them, inside which hide the ring. To do this, carefully remove the foil wrapper, use a knife to cut the chocolate egg into two halves, remove the “yolk”, replace the toy with a ring.

So that it does not make sounds and does not prematurely please the recipient, it is advisable to put it on something soft (cotton wool or foam rubber).

Set of diffuser and flowers . An interesting gift for a girl. The set includes a bouquet of stabilized flowers, a glass vase, a filler (you can choose any flavor), a dispenser and a wooden stand, fabric sticks, and a silicone mat.

Thanks to such a present, the girl’s room will always be fragrant, and, as you know, natural aromas have a positive effect on the body: they cheer up, improve memory, performance, help fight insomnia, etc.

Rose petal jam. Use this hint if you don’t know what to give your girlfriend just like that. This is not only tasty and beautiful, but also a very healthy delicacy.

Rose jam contains many vitamins, has antibacterial properties, improves mood, gives vitality, improves immunity.

A present from such an exquisite plant as a rose cannot be called banal, so the girl will certainly be surprised and delighted.

Table fountain with lighting. It’s a good idea what to give your girlfriend for her anniversary. The flow and sound of water are soothing, it’s a pity it’s not always possible to sit quietly on the river bank, so your gift will come in handy. It will add zest to any room, and also help to calm down, relax, and get rid of pressing problems.

And, according to signs, indoor fountains lure good luck. In addition, they increase the humidity in the room, delight the eye and ear.

Romantic surprises for your beloved


TOP 117 ideas What to give your girlfriend +27 gifts and Tips

Giving your loved one a gift associated with romance is a win-win option. Therefore, if you do not have any ideas, you can pay attention to the following gifts.

Plaid with sleeves for two . Romantic gift for a girl. A rukpled for two is a handy accessory that can be used at home, outdoors or in the country.

The advantage of the product is that you can go about your business, while your hands will be free, and your body will be warm and comfortable.

The blanket is made of microfiber, so it is light and quickly takes the form of the human body. Easy to care for, machine washable, dries quickly and doesn’t fade.

Mug with chalk. An interesting option, what to give a girl just like that, for no reason.

Chalk is sold with the cup, write them a declaration of love and give a present to the girl. Her delight knows no bounds! After all, it is so sweet and touching to receive messages in an unusual way, and most importantly, it is very unexpected.

Be creative, draw, surprise your chosen one, then your feelings will flare up even more.

Breakfast table in bed. Use this option if you can’t decide what kind of surprise you can give a girl just like that. What could be more pleasant than spending time with your loved one, and even having breakfast in bed. To have such pleasant moments more often, you need a special table.

When you are not around, the girl will be able to use it as a stand for a laptop or any other things. Make your gift memorable by engraving it.

Tropical butterflies in a gift box. A great tip if you don’t know what flowers to give your girlfriend. Having received a beautiful box, she will not even suspect that in just a few moments she will admire the salute of butterflies.

This delightful gift will not leave anyone indifferent. With proper care, butterflies will delight your beloved for several more days, or even weeks.

Presents for health and beauty

No girl will refuse a present that can emphasize her beauty or preserve her youth. If you want to truly make your loved one happy, choose a gift from this category.

Portable hydrogen water generator. A great gift idea for the girl who has everything. If your chosen one tries to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, then she will definitely like such a present, because it is not for nothing that they say that hydrogen is the key to life.

The girl will be able to drink healthy water saturated with hydrogen, which means that her skin will look healthier and fresher, bones and joints will become stronger, cholesterol levels will drop significantly.

Laser hoop for hair. Useful and at the same time a very original gift for a girl. The device is equipped with dozens of medical lasers, thanks to which blood flow is accelerated.

As a result, the hair not only becomes thicker, but also longer. To achieve a positive result, it is enough to use the device for only 1.5 minutes a day.

Apparatus for diamond peeling. A good idea to surprise a girl. The cosmetic device will allow you to rejuvenate the skin at home, through powerful mechanical exfoliation. Also, the device is able to clean the pores, remove dirt.

Regular use of the device will significantly improve the condition of the skin, give it a healthy glow, reduce superficial pigmentation, acne scars, and smooth out wrinkles.

graphene mask. An unusual gift for a loved one. Having such a mask, you can tighten the skin of the face without surgical interventions, increase its elasticity, enhance the effect of nourishing masks and creams, cure inflammation, and eliminate age spots.

Using this mask is very easy. It is enough to clean the skin, connect the mask to the power supply, set the temperature and procedure time on it, and put it on your face.

After the end of the selected time, the device will turn off automatically. To achieve a positive result, the procedures should be carried out daily or at least several times a week.

Commemorative gifts

Having a desire to make the holiday of your beloved unforgettable, you need to choose presents from this category. Here are the best options for memorable gifts.

Voice picture. A suitable idea if you have not decided what gift you can give a girl. This is an unforgettable gift that everyone will love. The picture is an image of sound, it will be unique for everyone.

At the bottom of the picture is a qr-code, under which your message is encrypted. You can record anything: a declaration of love, a video, a song, a clip, a photo, etc.

Pendant with engraving. Such a small thing may contain special words that only two lovers will understand. A stylish decoration, through which it is easy to confess your feelings to your beloved.

However, these can be not only declarations of love, initials, your names, the date of your acquaintance or first date, and any other short phrases can be engraved on the pendant.

Star map of the sky. A romantic and at the same time unique and memorable gift. The stars on the map will be displayed according to the specified place and time (first kiss, birthday of a loved one, first meeting, etc.).

Such a gift will show the sincerity of your feelings, you did not just buy the first thing that came to hand in the store, but thought up and organized a surprise in advance.

Charm for the beloved. Show the girl that you care and how you care about her by giving her a special female talisman.

It can be a pin, a bracelet with a red thread, a horseshoe pendant, a sign of the Zodiac, etc. All of them help in difficult times, give self-confidence, give physical strength, and contribute to prosperity.

DIY gifts for a girl

DIY gifts are one of the best ideas to please and surprise your soulmate.

You can create each gift from this category yourself, and you do not need to have special tools at hand or have any talents. Remember, having a desire – everything is possible!

Wish checkbook


TOP 117 ideas What to give your girlfriend +27 gifts and Tips

An unusual and memorable gift. Be a good wizard for your girlfriend, fulfilling any whim.

What you need:

  • cardboard and colored paper;
  • scissors;
  • double sided tape;
  • pencil;
  • glue;
  • ruler;
  • ribbon, images, patterns (various magazines can be used).

How to do:

  • cut out the pictures (it’s good if they are of different sizes);
  • make a wish list (for example, breakfast in bed, aroma bath, relaxing massage, etc.);
  • cut out rectangles for the cover (size 9 * 17 centimeters) and for desires (8 * 16 centimeters);
  • on checks that are intended for desires, step back from the edge about 1 centimeter, this will be the tear line;
  • write a wish, stick pictures. In a word, decorate the check to your liking;
  • do the same with the cover;
  • using a hole punch, make holes on the pages and thread a ribbon through them, tie a bow.

Fragrant body scrub “Soap hearts”


TOP 117 ideas What to give your girlfriend +27 gifts and Tips

If your girlfriend loves to pamper herself and her body with all kinds of lotions, creams and body scrubs, then hurry to please her with an exclusive novelty made by yourself.

What you need:

  • soap base (it is sold in specialized stores, but you can also use ordinary toilet soap);
  • granulated sugar;
  • refined vegetable oil;
  • food coloring (they will need to be used as dyes);
  • flavors (you can use vanillin or any aromatic oils);
  • forms for ice or baking in the form of hearts;
  • capacity for a microwave oven;
  • wooden stick for sushi.

How to do:

  • grind the soap base (just cut it into cubes);
  • put it in a microwaveable container, melt it to get a homogeneous consistency;
  • in a separate container, mix ¼ teaspoon of vegetable oil, dyes, flavors. Add the resulting mass to the soap base;
  • add sugar to the resulting composition;
  • pour a mass of medium density into molds, leave until completely solidified.

bath bombs


TOP 117 ideas What to give your girlfriend +27 gifts and Tips

Having made such a gift, you can easily turn the bath into a spa-salon, for which your beloved will be very grateful to you.

What you need:

  • soda (300 grams);
  • citric acid (150 grams);
  • essential or aromatic oil (5-10 ml);
  • olive, sunflower, grape oil (about 5 ml);
  • food coloring of any color;
  • large mixing bowl;
  • bomb molds;
  • cold water dispenser.

How to do:

  • mix soda and citric acid in a container;
  • add aromatic and ordinary oils, dyes;
  • spray a little water on the mixture, start stirring continuously;
  • fill the mold with the mixture, then wait a few minutes, carefully remove the bombs and put them in a warm and dry place for several hours.


For any solemn date associated with his girlfriend, every man prepares very carefully, because he wants everything to go at the highest level. In order for your chosen one to be truly happy, and for her to remember the holiday for a long time, it will not be superfluous to arm yourself with useful recommendations.

Don’t limit yourself to material gifts. Remember that “girls love with their ears,” so don’t be stingy with compliments. Be sure to complement your present with a bouquet of flowers. Your congratulations will have a great effect on your beloved.

Not a single holiday should be without intrigue, so do not forget to pack your present beautifully. Wrap it in fancy wrapping paper and decorate with a bow. The girl will certainly appreciate your efforts. Even the simplest gift will sparkle with bright colors if it is beautifully decorated.

If you have such an opportunity, try to present a gift in a beautiful place, for example, a promenade, a cozy cafe, a recreation center, etc. Be sure that you will definitely be able to win the heart of your girlfriend.

It will not be superfluous to look at the page of your chosen one on social networks. Surely, her likes and reposts will push you to the right gift.

Before buying a present, make sure that the girl’s friends and relatives are not going to give her the same thing, and also, you must be sure that your loved one does not have this thing.

Be guided by the tastes of your girlfriend, not your own. If she likes romantic gifts, give in to her, even if they seem frivolous to you.

Don’t focus on the value of the gift. The price of the presentation should correspond to your financial capabilities.

A handmade gift will always be accepted with delight. At the same time, it is not necessary to have any special skills, it is enough to have a desire and a little free time. Even from improvised materials, you can create a beautiful postcard, write a few nice words in it, complement the present with your girl’s favorite sweets, a bouquet of flowers and get ready to enjoy the happy emotions of a loved one.

Delve into what your girlfriend says, especially on the eve of the holiday. Many women express their desires out loud without even knowing it, the main thing is to learn how to interpret them correctly.

What is better not to give

If you are afraid of making a mistake when choosing a gift for your beloved, you are doing the right thing! Do not rush to make rash decisions, as they say, it is better to measure seven times and cut once. Therefore, before you buy something, carefully study the following list.

  • Pets.  No need to prepare such a surprise in secret from your beloved. Try to carefully find out if she will be against a four-legged friend. Otherwise, it is better not to take risks, not everyone is ready to be responsible for the life of another creature.
  • Dry classic gift. All girls, even those who seem not too romantic or sensitive, will be happy if you complement your present with a bouquet of flowers, a handwritten card, sweets, balloons.
  • Presents that emphasize age or appearance flaws.  For example, anti-aging cosmetics, scales, etc. Remember, your beloved wants to look perfect in your eyes, so you should not focus on changes in her appearance. Such a gift will not be accepted with joy.
  • Cloth.  If you are not sure that you can choose a thing exactly according to the size of the girl, it is better not to risk it. Favorite guaranteed positive emotions.
  • Cosmetic or decorative products.  You are a man, which means that you are unlikely to understand all the intricacies of this area. It is better to limit yourself to presenting a certificate to a high-quality cosmetics store.
  • Money. Some girls will be pleased with such a present, while others will perceive it as an attempt to pay off. Absolutely all girls love attention, therefore, to please their beloved, it’s not enough just to fork out, you need to choose a gift that matches her interests, hobbies, lifestyle.
  • Items related to the kitchen.  Pots, pans as a gift may look like an attempt to point the girl in her place. That is, since she is a woman, then her duties are to cook, clean and wash.
  • Repeat gift.  Try to remember what you give to your loved one. It is extremely frustrating to receive an item that you have already gifted a few years ago.
  • Fake. It would be ugly of you to hand fakes to a girl, regardless of whether she likes branded items or not.
  • Souvenir products.  Cups, figurines, photo albums, candles, key rings, photo frames are not the best ideas. However, this is a good addition to the main gift.
  • Bed linen or underwear.  Such gifts can be given if the closeness of your relationship has reached a high level.
  • Things that her friends have. Even if your chosen one is delighted with a friend’s handbag or perfume, do not rush to the store for the same product. Your beloved is unlikely to appreciate your efforts, as every girl wants to be unique.


If you decide to please your beloved, you do not need to look for special reasons. You need to pamper, surprise, please loved ones not only on holidays, but just like that. With an effort, using your imagination, you will be able to find the perfect gift for your beloved, which will cause her an enthusiastic cry of joy and a sincere smile.

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