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TOP 102 ideas What to give a boy for 3 years +19 gifts and Tips

What to give a boy for 3 years is a very simple and very complex question at the same time. A three-year-old kid is consciously waiting for a holiday, and especially gifts. However, due to his age, he still cannot say what he would like to receive as a present, so adults face a difficult task. A long-awaited surprise can cause delight in the boy or disappointment that he will not be able to hide. If you do not want the birthday boy to burst into burning tears, approach the choice of a gift more carefully.

Thinking about what to give a child to a boy for 3 years, use the proposed selection of the most interesting and unusual gifts. This material is guaranteed to help you make your choice. The range of gifts is huge! After all, a three-year-old baby is an incessant little why and a perpetual motion machine. He will definitely like toys for active games or aimed at creative development. Be bolder, don’t be afraid to experiment, perhaps it is your gift that will contribute to the disclosure of your baby’s talents and abilities!

Even the most caring and loving parents cannot say for sure what to give a boy for 3 years, especially if the nursery has already accumulated a sufficient number of toys for every taste and color. This is a future man, whose desires are quite difficult to guess. However, we know one thing for sure – all kids love to play, so choose toys and entertainment, but on a “male” theme!

TOP 102 ideas What can you give a boy for 3 years

  1. Non bursting soap bubbles.
  2. Superhero mask.
  3. Bean bag in the shape of a soccer ball.
  4. Bicycle or scooter.
  5. Horse on a stick.
  6. Farm with animals.
  7. Stick with a ball.
  8. Double-sided drawing board.
  9. Flying saucer.
  10. Dinosaur figurines.
  11. Gum for hands.
  12. Indian wigwam.
  13. Cardboard house for coloring.
  14. Cash register.
  15. Face painting.
  16. Children’s camera.
  17. Karaoke microphone.
  18. Superhero attributes (sword, shield, etc.).
  19. A set of cars or soldiers.
  20. Puppet theater (set of toys-gloves).
  21. House or tent with a tunnel.
  22. Water gun.
  23. Notebook with development tasks.
  24. Luminous sneakers or laces.
  25. Coloring book.
  26. Toy tram.
  27. Lightsaber.
  28. Bath foam generator.
  29. Soft toy in the shape of your favorite cartoon character.
  30. Rollers on 4 wheels.
  31. Mosaic.
  32. Detective set (with compass, binoculars, walkie-talkie, etc.).
  33. Book with reusable stickers.
  34. Big garbage truck.
  35. Musical instrument (guitar, synthesizer, drum, harmonica, etc.).
  36. Sand painting table.
  37. Bibicar car.
  38. Soft plasticine dough.
  39. Kigurumi.
  40. Volumetric puzzles.
  41. Magnetic constructor.
  42. Racing track.
  43. Fashionable baseball cap.
  44. Radio controlled smart robot.
  45. Magic water painting mat.
  46. Bright umbrella or raincoat and rubber boots.
  47. A set of building tools for children in a suitcase.
  48. Ring throw.
  49. Kinetic sand with a sandbox and molds.
  50. Bath toy in the form of a boat.
  51. Velcro darts.
  52. LED faucet attachment for fun swimming.
  53. Circle and sleeves for swimming.
  54. Book of fairy tales with colorful illustrations.
  55. Set for role-playing games (police officer, doctor, etc.).
  56. The machine on the control panel (for example, an SUV).
  57. Finger maze.
  58. Slide projector.
  59. Machine with tools (for assembly and disassembly).
  60. Warmer toy.
  61. Wooden puzzle.
  62. Tolokar or runbike.
  63. Busyboard.
  64. Children’s backpack.
  65. Glow in the dark interior stickers.
  66. Railway with light and sound.
  67. Airplane or helicopter.
  68. Lifting mega-crane.
  69. Play garage parking.
  70. Swedish wall.
  71. Floor puzzle mat.
  72. Trainer for tying shoelaces.
  73. Set for modeling from polymer clay.
  74. Electric car.
  75. Machines and molds for the sandbox.
  76. Set for blowing soap bubbles.
  77. Hanging gymnastic rings.
  78. Shadow play.
  79. Inflatable swimming toys.
  80. A large set of felt-tip pens or pencils.
  81. Sandbox pool (2 in 1).
  82. Snowball making machine.
  83. Chair and table with height adjustment.
  84. Photo wallpapers or photo curtains with the image of your favorite character.
  85. Colored crayons.
  86. Glowing stars on the ceiling.
  87. 3D lamp.
  88. Bedding set with the image of your favorite characters.
  89. Soccer ball with a goal.
  90. Sleepwear or pajamas.
  91. Magnetic drawing board.
  92. Aeroball.
  93. Sledges, glacier, snow scooter, snowmobile.
  94. Mini rackets for tennis.
  95. Interactive book.
  96. Basketball hoop on the rack.
  97. Slime that glows in the dark.
  98. Jumpers-flyers (a simulator that develops intelligence and leg muscles).
  99. Lego.
  100. Soft antistress toy.
  101. Wheelchair.
  102. Fire, ambulance or police car.

Original gifts for a boy on his 3rd birthday

Giving gifts is always a pleasure, and giving them to children is doubly pleasant. At the age of three, the boy strives for independence, learns to interact with the world. Therefore, he will enthusiastically accept an unusual gift for him. Consider some interesting ideas.

Fancy dress. For example, spiderman, Batman, pirate or any other character. Great gift idea for a 3 year old boy.

The kid will be happy to transform into a superhero. Such special paraphernalia will help the child cope with shyness or fear.

Entering the image of his favorite hero, the boy will be able to hone the skills and inclinations of leadership, train managerial talents, and increase self-confidence.

Swing for home. Great gift for a 3 year old boy. They bring not only joy to the child and fun to parents, scientists have proven that swinging is good for health.

Such an activity trains the vestibular apparatus, improves coordination of movements, improves mood, and has a positive effect on intellectual development.

Monotonous movements stimulate the parts of the brain responsible for speech, reading, and writing.

Talking pen. A good option if you do not know what gift to give a boy for 3 years. This is a smart device that can read text fragments on its own.

The pen will make the learning process interesting and exciting. She can teach the kid counting and reading, a foreign language, etiquette and traffic rules, introduce him to the flora and fauna of our planet, tell about the seasons and much more. This is a real find for both parents and children.

Glowing constructor. Choose this gift if you are still thinking about what toy to give a boy for 3 years.

Many children love to invent and create fantastic animals or other figures from scrap materials.

You can be sure that the luminous constructor is exactly what you need!

This is not just an educational toy, with the help of your present, the boy will be able to independently make an unusual lamp or an original accessory to his image.

What useful gifts you can give a boy for his birthday 3 years

Often you want to give your child something useful, but the baby is unlikely to be happy with a piece of clothing or a new set of bed linen.

For a birthday gift to please, it must be really cool!

Here are some of the best ideas that everyone will love.

Machine bed. Pay attention to this gift if you are still wondering what it is better to give a boy for 3 years.

Almost every young man dreams of his own car. Fulfill his dream by giving an unusual bed.

It is beautiful and comfortable, will give the baby a lot of positive emotions, healthy and sound sleep, and will create a unique playful atmosphere in the children’s room.

Play carpet on the floor. Such a gift can be used in different ways, for example, as a protective cover or a learning space.

The rug will contribute to the development of fine motor skills, tactile sensations.

The boy can choose a product with the image of roads, animals, cartoon characters.

Cleaning such a carpet takes a few minutes, since it absolutely does not absorb moisture, it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth.

Night light-projector with the function of setting a melody or an audio fairy tale. Such a surprise can create a magical atmosphere in any room.

Thanks to this device, the baby will be able to calm down faster, his sleep will be strong and sweet. The music and the projection of the night light turns off on its own.

The product is equipped with a sound sensor that will be activated every time the child wakes up. Then the projector turns on automatically, helping the baby fall asleep again.

Bright orthopedic rug. Great gift for a 3 year old boy. Each module of such a rug imitates a different relief surface, for example, sea pebbles, cones, spikes, and so on.

Regular exercise on the massager improves blood circulation, forms the correct arch of the foot, stimulates the brain, and strengthens the immune system.

Ideas for inexpensive presents for a boy for 3 years

The three-year-old is growing every day and his hobbies are constantly changing. He may be delighted with a new toy, but quickly lose interest in it.

In addition, the baby still does not understand the value of the present, it is much more important that the presented thing evokes positive emotions.

Here are inexpensive gifts that will attract any little boy.

Throwing glider. It’s easy to feel like a pilot sending a foam plane into the sky. It is light and durable, it is launched with a throw of the hand, so it will be interesting for the baby to play with it.

The glider can be launched in any way, in any case it will be picked up by the air and continue its flight. The plane soars beautifully in the air, making loops for 30-40 seconds.

Game tape set. An interesting and inexpensive gift for a little car enthusiast who can play with cars or trains for hours.

Such an activity will captivate the baby for a long time. In addition to adhesive tape, the set includes a lot of road signs and other fragments of the road, from which it is easy to build your own city.

This useful game will introduce the boy to the rules of the road, teach him constructive thinking.

Kite. This aircraft will give the baby a lot of joyful moments, make outdoor recreation fun and active.

The lightweight design can be launched even with a slight breeze, thanks to the long tail it effectively maneuvers in the air.

The kite is easy to manage, enjoying its beautiful flight is a pleasure.

Wallpaper coloring book. Almost all children love to draw and color, their first art can most often be seen on the walls of a house or apartment.

Creative impulses cannot be predicted, but they can be prevented by giving the child proper space in advance.

These wallpapers are attached to the wall, they captivate the baby for a long time, developing his memory, imagination, artistic perception, training fine motor skills.

Gifts for the physical development of the boy

At the age of three, the child is actively developing physically. His mobility and excessive activity can be directed in a useful direction.

The kid with great pleasure will accept the educational toys offered below.

Children’s balancer. Game exercises on such a simulator develop coordination of movements, joint mobility, flexibility, and help strengthen several muscle groups.

The child will not only receive positive emotions, but also train the vestibular apparatus.

This product is compact in size, it will fit perfectly into any interior of the children’s room.

Neurorope. With such a present, the whole family is guaranteed a fun pastime. This is a rope consisting of a stick, on one side of which there is a ring, and on the other side there is a luminous and spinning ball.

The ring is attached to the ankle of the leg, then the rope must be twisted around you, trying to jump over it with the other leg.

Advantages of the simulator: strengthening the muscles of the legs, training the respiratory system, improving flexibility, posture.

Mini trampoline for home. Jumping on a trampoline is not only fun, but also useful. All children love to fly into the air, feeling moments of delight.

This is a great exercise that develops gross motor skills, coordination, and balance. Balancing on a trampoline relieves stress and tension, and improves the child’s behavior.

The kid will spend his irrepressible energy, as a result of which he will become more collected.

Jump trainer. He is better known as the jumper. This is an inventory designed for physical development. Jumping on such a simulator is very simple, fun, and most importantly useful.

You can jump both at home and on the street, the process is accompanied by a funny sound. To avoid falls, it is better if the surface is flat and not slippery.

This is a very curious thing, from which any child will come to an indescribable delight.

Ideas for developing creativity


TOP 102 ideas What to give a boy for 3 years +19 gifts and Tips

Many people mistakenly believe that only girls love creative gifts. However, this is not so, small men also do not mind making something with their own hands.

Therefore, if you still have not decided on a gift, pay attention to the proposed options.

Tactile Lotto. This is a playing field with cards, each of which depicts an animal with fluffy, smooth or curly hair.

According to the rules of the game, the kid must get a card out of the bag and put it correctly on the field.

This game will help develop imaginative thinking, logic, fantasy, as well as patience and perseverance. All details of the game are bright and absolutely safe.

Plasticine that does not stick to hands. Magic clay is a real find for a child and his parents.

With it, you can mold any figure, which then hardens and becomes an element of the game. This activity teaches you how to achieve your goals. If the child sculpts in the evening, this will contribute to a sound and healthy sleep.

In addition, plasticine modeling develops fine motor skills, reveals creative talent, and improves speech.

Dancing mat. Such a gift will make you feel like a real dancer, and it is not necessary to professionally control your body. You can arrange real dance tournaments by inviting friends over.

The rug will help out when it’s bad weather outside, and the energy is overflowing. Let your child have a fun and useful time by directing his activity in the right direction.

The product is absolutely safe, thanks to a special coating on it it is impossible to slip.

Finger paint. This is not only exciting, but also a very useful activity. Drawing with fingers develops fine motor skills, tactile sensations, teaches you to navigate in space. The kid learns colors faster, expresses his feelings and emotions, develops them.

Finger paints do not contain harmful substances, have a gel-like structure. They are easily washed off hands, washed off clothes and furniture.


Making a gift for a three-year-old boy is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. We can say that this is the first conscious holiday, which he is looking forward to. In order not to disappoint the hero of the occasion, when choosing a present, you need to take into account many nuances.

Any thing the child wants to touch, so make sure that the gift you choose is safe, does not contain harmful materials and dyes. A three-year-old boy will be delighted with a brightly colored toy, preferably one that glows and makes a sound.

Remember that several gifts are much better than one. Keep them cheap. For a small birthday boy, quantity is much more important, because he still cannot evaluate a thing by its value.

Or you can present one, but a very large toy. A boy will be much more impressed by a huge car than a small but more expensive one.

To feel the atmosphere of the holiday, be sure to “dress up” your present. For example, wrap it in colorful paper or decorate it with a large bright bow.

It is also important to take into account seasonality. For example, if a boy was born in winter, then it would be quite appropriate to give him a snow scooter or a sled; in summer, an inflatable pool, a mattress, etc. will come in handy.

Consider the individual characteristics of the boy. So, a tomboy and a fidget will like toys for active games more, a kid with a calm temperament can be presented with sets for creative development.

When giving a gift that the boy will find difficult to master on his own, be patient. After several unsuccessful attempts and the phrase: “I myself!”, He will certainly ask you for help. Be sure to tell or show how to deal with the gift item.

If you find it difficult to choose a gift, you can directly ask what a three-year-old kid dreams of. Then your present will definitely cause joy in the boy, give happy moments. Also, it will not be superfluous to get advice from parents, they will tell you exactly what their son lacks for complete happiness.

If possible, guests should agree in advance who and what will give. So the baby will not receive several similar presents at once.

The gift should arouse interest in the baby. A piece of clothing or furniture for a nursery will rather please the parents of the birthday boy, and not himself. Be sure to complement your present with a pleasant trifle.

What is better not to give

Do not make common mistakes, do not give objectionable gifts to a three-year-old. Many of them may appeal to adults, but not to the liking of the baby.

What should not be given to a young man, you will learn below.

  • Gifts-emotions.  Try not to arrange surprises like a bubble show, etc. At this age, the boy will not be able to appreciate such a gift, material things are much more important to him.
  • Toys that require concentration and perseverance. The vast majority of boys at this age are characterized by excessive mobility, so they are unlikely to like the sets for burning or prefabricated models of cars.
  • Toy weapon. This is a very dangerous gift, especially if it is loaded with plastic bullets.
  • Gifts for the future. The little birthday boy wants to receive an interesting gift that can be played immediately. Therefore, he definitely will not approve of items of clothing or household items.
  • Toys for growth.  The child will either immediately abandon such a gift, or break it until they figure out how to play with it.
  • Money.  A three-year-old boy will not be able to properly dispose of such a gift; due to his age, he simply will not understand its value.
  • Items that are too loud.  Maybe the kid will like such a toy, but his parents will get tired of it the next day.


A three-year-old boy is a naughty, adventurer, little explorer. A correctly selected present will help direct his indefatigable energy into a creative direction, give him the opportunity to misbehave, and teach him something new. Pamper children, give them gifts, do it with an open mind and a pure heart. Then their childhood will be real – colorful, carefree and happy!

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