What to give a man

TOP 44 ideas What to give a Man for 35 years + 16 gifts and Tips

Traditionally, an anniversary is celebrated more solemnly than an ordinary birthday. On a round date, it is customary to give especially significant gifts.

Finding a gift that will make a young man happy is actually not difficult. Just pick up the signals.

Does he send in a video about a cool drone, monitors smart watch reviews, or is he constantly talking about what’s new in the world of 3D TVs? Then the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bwhat to give a man for his 35th birthday is ready.

Take a look below at a selection of ideas that you can give for 35 years to a man in his prime.

TOP 44 ideas that you can give a man for 35 years

  1. A stylized portrait or figurine from a photograph.
  2. Model of a ship, yacht, sailboat.
  3. home planetarium. You can find a themed planetarium for fans of the Star Wars saga.
  4. Shower radio.
  5. Bamboo bath table.
  6. 3D table lamp.
  7. Home popcorn machine.
  8. Smart set-top box for TV.
  9. Coffee maker or coffee machine.
  10. Stereo system.
  11. Mini bar. For example, an outdoor globe bar. The best place to store collectible alcohol. If the hero of the day collects expensive drinks, a gift will come in handy.
  12. Bag chair.
  13. Large 3D TV.
  14. Weather station.
  15. Water columns.
  16. Drum set simulator. A great present for a brother who loves clear rhythms.
  17. Whiskey glasses.
  18. A set of accessories for sports training in a case.
  19. Sports weights. A great gift for an athlete involved in running or workout.
  20. Decorative panel.
  21. Alpaca wool blanket.
  22. Elite writing set.
  23. Home cinema.
  24. Leather briefcase.
  25. Baroque clock, mantel clock. A great idea what to give a man for 35 years as a keepsake.
  26. Smart watch.
  27. Action video camera.
  28. Decorative fountain.
  29. Pear-antistress.
  30. Snake skin belt.
  31. Elite coffee set.
  32. Ergonomic computer or office chair. A good option is what to give a colleague for 35 years from the team.
  33. Radio controlled or interactive toy.
  34. Perpetuo perpetual calendar.
  35. Cigar set.
  36. Aerator or decanter for wine.
  37. Pedigree book in leather cover.
  38. Bronze chess.
  39. Tea ceremony set.
  40. Treadmill or similar machine.
  41. Massage chair.
  42. Biofireplace (table, floor, wall).
  43. Electric corkscrew with charger.
  44. Plaid with memorable photos.

Useful gifts for a man for 35 years

Is your hero of the day the owner of a country house? This is wonderful for at least two reasons: there are places to go to barbecue, it is easy to choose the right gift. Explore a selection of useful gifts for a man on his 35th birthday.

  1. Lantern with a set of tools. Versatile device with many functional devices.
  2. Apron bag for barbecue.
  3. Smoking device.
  4. Combined samovar. The device works like a coal samovar or an electric kettle.
  5. Plaid in a case.
  6. Folding travel furniture. The accessories of the kit can be easily folded and transferred to the shade, to the river or to another area – wherever the owner wishes.
  7. Fireplace accessories. Of course, if the hero of the day has a fireplace, and he does not belong to the “bio” category.
  8. Bike.
  9. Folding brazier-transformer.
  10. Cooler bag.
  11. Expensive thermometer/barometer. A stylish piece of furniture and a useful thing. Focus on the preferences of the hero of the day and the design features of his country estates.
  12. Home brewery.

DIY gifts for a man for 35 years

Handmade gifts are always especially valuable.

Money present

One of the options is how to give money to the birthday man in an original way.

Take a thuja tree in a pot, tie banknotes of different denominations, wrap with a bouquet ribbon. Call it a money tree that brings good luck. The grown thuja can then be planted in the garden.

Painting boulders


TOP 44 ideas What to give a Man for 35 years + 16 gifts and Tips

Please the hero of the day, who owns a country estate, with such an original gift, decorate his plot. You need a little: paints, brushes and artistic taste. The joy and gratitude of the birthday boy are guaranteed.

Pebble rug


TOP 44 ideas What to give a Man for 35 years + 16 gifts and Tips

Easy to make, original and useful gift. The hardest part is finding the right stones. It is necessary that they are combined in size and fit harmoniously on the selected surface.

Then everything is simple – take stones, a rug and moisture-resistant glue. First, without glue, lay the pebbles on the mat in the way it should look in the finished product. Lifting each stone in turn, apply glue and return to place, pressing down each element for the right time.

The rug turns out to be very heavy, but this is only a plus: it will be fixed in one place and will not fidget.

Surprise with balloons: surprise the birthday boy


TOP 44 ideas What to give a Man for 35 years + 16 gifts and Tips

Who doesn’t love balloons? They always bring a smile and joyful emotions. We offer to deliver to your hero of the day a lot of positive impressions for the whole day. Present a gift in a box of flying balloons. A multi-colored surprise show will be remembered for a long time!

You will need:

  • cardboard box, for example, 60×60;
  • wrapping;
  • bow;
  • ribbon;
  • balloons;
  • helium balloon;
  • Scotch;
  • gift (if any).

Helium is lighter than air, so inflated balloons instantly soar up. There is an effect of surprise: the hero of the occasion unties the bow, expecting to see a gift, but at that moment colored balls fly out of the box.

  1. Wrap the box in bright paper, decorate the lid with a bow.
  2. Put a present. Lay a few small balls filled with ordinary air nearby. They are optional, but create an interesting look by surrounding the gift.
  3. Inflate balloons with helium and tie ribbons to them. The optimal length is 1.5 m so that the balls are in sight.
  4. Tape the ribbons to the inside of the box with tape so they don’t fly away. But if you want to release the balls under the ceiling – do not fix it.

A cute surprise option for your beloved man: tie light toys, photos with happy moments, postcards or a congratulatory garland to the balloons.


It is sometimes more difficult to please a man than the most demanding woman. Guys appreciate practical and high-quality gifts. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, remember how the hero of the day spends his leisure time, what kind of vacation he prefers.

The best gift takes into account the wishes, interests and hobbies of the birthday person. One is fond of fishing, the other is photography, and someone cannot tear himself away from computer arcades. This information is the main key to choosing the right present. Our thematic collections will help you with specific ideas.

A good gift for the hero of the day can be comic or serious, simple or exclusive. But the main purpose – the present must emphasize your special attitude. Choosing a gift is not an easy task, but it is doable.

What is better not to give

Not all gifts will please a man. Here are the TOP 10 not the most successful ideas:

  1. Sportswear.
  2. Theater tickets.
  3. Perfume.
  4. Art objects.
  5. Spa certificate.
  6. Cozy house dressing gown.
  7. Clothes according to your taste.
  8. Cosmetics for a beard.
  9. Animals and indoor plants.
  10. Family trip somewhere far away.

To please the birthday boy, just listen to his desires, and keep this list in mind.


Use our ideas for choosing a present, and the hero of the day will be in a good mood. A good gift should please and surprise – then the birthday man will definitely appreciate your attention.

Give the right gifts, and we will help you!

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