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TOP 97 ideas What to give mom from daughter + 26 gifts and Tips

Choosing what to give mom for her birthday from her daughter is a difficult task. After all, this woman is the main person in everyone’s life, so you need to approach the purchase of a present with all responsibility. The birthday girl will immediately understand whether you have chosen a gift with a soul or if it was bought in a hurry. In the first case, mom will be sincerely happy, but when she sees an unnecessary thing, she can criticize your choice to the nines.

Every year the fantasy dries up and sooner or later there comes a moment when there are absolutely no ideas how to please mom. To thank the parent for the love, tenderness, affection, care and understanding given to you in childhood, use the selection of presents that the birthday girl will definitely like and will be remembered for a long time.

Mom’s birthday is a holiday that evokes bright feelings in the soul. This is the best person in the world who gave you a carefree and happy childhood.

Now it’s your turn to turn into a wonderful sorceress in order to fulfill the most cherished desire of your beloved mother!

TOP 97 ideas, What can you give mom for her birthday from her daughter

  1. Scarf with jewelry.
  2. Tea house.
  3. Indoor plant.
  4. A set of forms for baking.
  5. Interior pillow.
  6. Bath and massage oil.
  7. Electric samovar.
  8. Set for manicure and pedicure.
  9. Massage pillow.
  10. Name vase.
  11. Hydromassage foot bath.
  12. Rainproof shower radio.
  13. Biofireplace.
  14. Electronic book.
  15. Ionizer or humidifier.
  16. Cleaning equipment (robot vacuum cleaner, automated mop, window cleaning robot, etc.).
  17. Home textiles (tablecloth, curtains, set of napkins, etc.).
  18. Teapot or French press.
  19. Handmade soap.
  20. Soft bedside rug.
  21. Perfume or eau de parfum.
  22. Cozy blanket.
  23. Compact cosmetic bag.
  24. Ultrasonic scrub.
  25. Elegant gloves (cashmere or leather).
  26. Table mirror with illumination.
  27. Handmade sweets.
  28. Massage mat.
  29. Quality jewelry set.
  30. 3D lamp.
  31. Vacuum leather cleaner.
  32. A set of towels (terry or bamboo).
  33. Germinator-microfarm.
  34. Stylish watering can for the garden.
  35. Faucet with instant water heating.
  36. Set of organic cosmetics.
  37. A set of candlesticks.
  38. Wall or pocket key holder.
  39. Kitchen timer.
  40. A set of face masks.
  41. Filter for water purification.
  42. Seeds of exotic plants.
  43. Bright potholders for hot.
  44. A basket of sweets or an edible bouquet.
  45. Original mobile phone case.
  46. Beautiful notebook with a pen.
  47. Set of wooden combs.
  48. Hammock or swing for a country house.
  49. Bright and beautiful keychain.
  50. Hair care equipment (hair dryer, styler, iron, etc.).
  51. Pocket mirror.
  52. Confectionery set for decorating cakes.
  53. Warming belt or heating pad.
  54. Organizer for cosmetics.
  55. Eye patch for comfortable sleep.
  56. Sports water bottle.
  57. Orthopedic mattress or pillow.
  58. Home exercise machine (treadmill, stepper, etc.).
  59. Aquarium with fish.
  60. Chocolate fountain.
  61. Gift set of tea or coffee.
  62. A set of oriental sweets.
  63. Yoga mat.
  64. Thermos or thermo glass.
  65. Jewelry decoration.
  66. Purse or handbag made of genuine leather.
  67. Florarium (garden in glass).
  68. Floor lamp.
  69. High-quality service or a set of cutlery.
  70. Rocking chair.
  71. Fur product (fur coat or vest).
  72. Heated lunch box.
  73. Coffee or tea pair.
  74. Touch screen gloves.
  75. Umbrella with an unusual print.
  76. Mixer mug.
  77. Home bonsai tree.
  78. Honey with gold.
  79. Fortune cookies.
  80. Apparatus for marinating meat.
  81. Set for making cocoa, chocolate, marshmallows, mulled wine.
  82. Cozy slippers.
  83. Decanter and set of glasses.
  84. Smoothie maker.
  85. Bath salt or powder.
  86. Paraffin SPA gloves.
  87. A set of hair accessories (hairpins, headband, elastic bands, etc.).
  88. Elegant headwear.
  89. Musical flower pot.
  90. Machine for sewing or knitting.
  91. Kitchen appliances (slow cooker, bread machine, double boiler, etc.).
  92. Sports suit, fashionable sneakers, sports bag (for a mother who prefers to lead a healthy lifestyle).
  93. Pajamas or home wear.
  94. Foot massager.
  95. Silver brooch.
  96. A set of beautiful salad bowls.
  97. Set of capes for sofa and armchairs.

Original gifts for mom

Mom is the closest person, so she wants to choose the best gift that can be. If you don’t have any ideas, consider the following options.

Basket for needlework. If mom is fond of some kind of creativity, then this is a suitable answer to the question of what to give mom inexpensively from her daughter. It can be one large box or several small ones.

In order for the basket to serve for a long time and please with its appearance, when choosing, pay attention to the fastening, size, strength and water resistance of the product. It is also important to consider the material of manufacture. Caskets are wooden, wicker, covered with fabric.

Sweets poster. A wonderful gift from a girl 10-11 years old. The gift is similar to a large wall newspaper, on which, along with congratulations for mom, various sweets will be attached: sweets, chocolate bars, chewing gum, etc. Such a surprise can be given to mom for her birthday, it will be to the taste of the sweet tooth, it will give a good mood.

LED shower head. An interesting idea of ​​​​what to give mom for her birthday up to 1000 rubles. With such a present, water procedures will turn into a bright and positive event for mom.

The nozzle does not require batteries to operate, the magic shower powers the flow of water. The nozzle will allow you to create a romantic atmosphere, help you relax, relieve stress and fatigue.

What inexpensive gifts can you give your mom for the holidays?

Thinking about what to give mom for her birthday inexpensively, pay attention to the following options. Each of them looks presentable and is useful in everyday life.

Gingerbread board. Nice birthday present for mom from daughter. This board is designed to form gingerbread. For its manufacture, natural wood is used, and to protect it from moisture, it is treated with linseed oil.

Thanks to this device, the resulting gingerbread looks like a work of art. They are not only tasty, but also unusually beautiful. The board can serve as an interior decoration. If you put it on a shelf, it will give the room warmth and comfort.

Self-watering planter. A pot with automatic watering is a suitable option for giving mom a birthday from her daughter. This invention will be useful to a beginner grower, as well as a woman who loves home plants, but does not have time to take care of them.

A planter will save time on caring for indoor plants, as well as grow capricious plant species without much effort.

Portable blender. It’s a good idea what you can give your mom for her birthday inexpensively. The blender is compact in size, so you can take it with you anywhere: to work, on a trip, for a walk, to the gym, etc.

In just one minute you can get a delicious and healthy drink or smoothie. The product is equipped with a power bank. The tight cover will not allow the drink to spill.

Set of eco bags. Another interesting option is how to surprise mom on her birthday. These are bags designed for storing groceries or going to the store. In addition to the fact that the products are made of natural materials, they have a number of other advantages: they can be used several times, are light in weight, look stylish and elegant, and provide products with good air circulation.

Useful gifts for mother from daughter

If mom loves practical things, then it will not be difficult for her to please her by choosing one of the proposed presents.

Smart garden. This “pot” itself takes care of the plants, providing them with enough light and water.

For the smart garden to work, it is necessary to insert the capsules with plants into special compartments, fill the container with water and turn on the device in electricity. A microcircuit is built into the device, thanks to which the system itself recognizes the plant and sets the mode suitable for its care.

Bag on wheels with folding seat. If a mother is often forced to carry burdens, for example, products from a store or a harvest from a summer cottage, then she will definitely like such a gift.

The bag is characterized by spaciousness, and large and durable wheels allow you to use it even on rough roads. The bag is easy to care for and detaches from the trolley so it can be washed.

Warm shawl. It is an essential element of a woman’s wardrobe. The shawl not only gives individuality to the image, but also reliably protects from cold and wind. When choosing, it is advisable to pay attention to handmade products, as they are much better and warmer than factory ones.

In addition, due to the uniqueness of the pattern, it will be impossible to find two identical scarves. Needlewomen try to use only natural materials in their work, as a result of which the shawl is soft, pleasant to the touch.

Cushion tray. How pleasant it is to have breakfast not at the table, but in a warm and comfortable bed. Such a sign of attention will impress mom, melt her heart. The tray with a pillow looks presentable, so it will fit perfectly into any interior.

The product does not have to be used exclusively for breakfast, it can serve as a stand for a laptop, tablet. Another plus of trays is that only environmentally friendly materials are used for their manufacture.

Gifts to maintain youth and beauty

No woman will refuse a present that will help her hide her flaws and emphasize her virtues. Therefore, hurry to please your mother by giving her one of the proposed surprises.

Bath pearls. This bath product is also called “beads”. Balls that can be used for relaxation, as well as to create the necessary atmosphere during water procedures.

Bathing with pearls has a beneficial effect on the skin, as the water becomes softer. Balls improve blood circulation, relax, fill the bathroom with a pleasant aroma, give a feeling of cheerfulness.

Rose quartz gouache scraper. It is known that rose quartz has beneficial properties, a rejuvenating effect. Therefore, it is used to get rid of edema, pimples or blackheads, age spots, etc.

Regular procedures allow you to relieve tension, improve complexion, smooth mimic wrinkles, and have a regenerating effect.

Electric brush for cleansing the face. Having such a device, your mother will forget about going to the beautician, as well as the use of scrubs, exfoliating products.

Due to the fact that the device makes vibrating movements, the skin of the face receives a high-quality massage, the pores are cleansed. This is a unique opportunity to get rid of skin problems without leaving home.

Sticks for Nordic walking.  Nordic walking is recognized as one of the best sports that involves almost all muscle groups, helps to fight extra pounds, and strengthens the immune system. This activity has no contraindications, walking can be practiced by all people, regardless of age and physical characteristics.

Regular exercise helps to avoid depression, relieve stress and tension, provide a good mood, improve the functioning of internal organs.

Delicious gifts for mom

If you are afraid of not guessing right with a gift, use a win-win option by giving your mom something tasty.

Candies with letters. Such a sweet gift will make any solemn event unique and memorable.

From candies with letters, you can add any word or sentence, for example: “Mommy, I love you”, “Mom, happy birthday”, etc. This present will help convey emotions, express the feelings that you have for your loved one.

Rose petal jam. An original gift that will not go unnoticed by the hero of the occasion. In addition to the fact that the dessert looks beautiful and unusual, it has a positive effect on the entire body.

Just a few spoons a day will provide mom with a boost of energy, have a healing effect (for example, if there are wounds on the gums or oral mucosa). Jam can be used as a prevention of stomach ulcers.

Gingerbread. This is a beautiful, tasty, and most importantly healthy delicacy. The composition of gingerbread includes cloves, ginger, nutmeg, honey, so they are very nutritious.

These sweets strengthen health, are considered a source of iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium. In addition, gingerbread has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, improves digestion, and energizes.

Set with exotic fruits. This gift looks beautiful and festive. It will cheer you up, replenish the supply of vitamins. When mom opens the surprise box, she will be overjoyed as she sees different varieties of mangoes, drinkable coconuts, pineapples, carom, guava and more.

It is very pleasant to receive such a present, because it will immediately become clear that you have prepared for the holiday in advance, have spared no time, effort, money to please your beloved mother.

Gifts for the soul

The main thing in a gift is emotions, so even the smallest souvenir, chosen with a soul, will bring much more positive impressions than an expensive gift bought “in haste” in the first store that comes across.

Album with family photos. What could be better than remembering the brightest moments of life together. Choose photos that show the whole family, print them out and place them in an album.

Believe me, if mom is even a little sentimental, she will be delighted with such a gift. With this present, at any moment she can mentally be in a certain place, among close and dear people, even if at the moment they are not nearby.

Japanese rock garden. An excellent gift that will become a worthy decoration of the interior, as well as allow you to relax, put your thoughts in order.

Such a garden is a miniature copy of a real rock garden in Japan. This is a tray with decorative sand and beautiful pebbles. The set also includes small rakes, which are useful for drawing patterns in the sand. Mom will be very carried away by such an activity, she will become more calm and balanced.

Bathroom stand. If mom, after a hard day’s work, likes to lie in the bathroom, then she will definitely like such a surprise.

The tray stand is established on any bathroom. It has special compartments where you can put a glass, a fruit plate, a book, a phone, etc. The device will help you relax, enjoy water treatments.

Silk bedding set. Bedding made from natural material not only looks impressive, but also has a high thermal conductivity.

That is, in winter they warm well, and in summer they give coolness, allow the skin to breathe. In addition, silk absorbs moisture well, does not lose its attractive appearance even after repeated washings, and lasts about 15 years.

DIY gifts for mom

To surprise and touch your mother, it is not necessary to give expensive gifts, it is enough to connect your imagination, find some free time and use the following tips.

As a result, you will get a work of art that will please the hero of the occasion and will be remembered for a long time.

orange candle

A suitable idea for a gift you can give your mom with your own hands. To make such candles, you do not need to have special skills, just desires and improvised materials are enough.

What you need:

  • one medium-sized orange;
  • olive oil;
  • spices (cloves, star anise or cinnamon);
  • knife;
  • lighter;
  • small saucer.

How to do:

  • First you need to try to separate the peel from the orange. To do this, you need to make an incision along the diameter of the fruit, trying to cut only the skin;
  • it is important that the peel is intact, there is also a white rod in the center of the orange, it must be removed along with the skin, it will be used as a wick;
  • therefore, all actions must be performed slowly, you can use a spoon and take out the slices one by one;
  • inside the “bowl” (half of an orange) you need to pour olive oil;
  • put the candle on a saucer, decorate it with spices, light the wick and give it to your mother. Such a candle can burn for several evenings, and thanks to spices, it will fill the air with pleasant aromas.


This is a small tree that a girl of 12, 13, 14 years old can make on her own. Most often it is made from natural materials: coffee, sweets, dried spices, etc. Consider one of the simplest ways.

What you need:

  • coffee beans;
  • foam ball (diameter about 10 cm);
  • acrylic paint (white and bronze);
  • thermal gun;
  • small plastic pot;
  • a branch that can be used for a tree trunk;
  • alabaster or gypsum, water;
  • decorative elements.

How to do:

  • the ball must be painted bronze, and the barrel white;
  • carefully insert the barrel into the ball, fix with glue;
  • using a thermal gun, you need to carefully glue the coffee beans to the ball;
  • if desired, decorate the ball with grains with decorative elements (these can be cones, pearls, small beads, artificial flowers, etc.);
  • the cache-pot also needs to be decorated (for example, with lace, satin ribbons, half beads, etc.);
  • fill the pot with gypsum or alabaster, fix a tree trunk inside it.

Biscuit cake with banana and kiwi

No need to be upset if there is no money. After all, you can always cook something delicious. To create this dessert, you do not need to have special skills, just a little patience and everything will work out.

What you need:

  • eggs (6 pieces);
  • sugar (2.5 cups);
  • 1 sachet of baking powder;
  • water (5 tablespoons);
  • flour (2 cups);
  • boiled condensed milk (300 milliliters);
  • sour cream (500 grams);
  • banana and kiwi (2 and 5 pieces);
  • vegetable oil (half a tablespoon);
  • shortbread cookies (100 grams);
  • coconut flakes (30 grams).

How to do:

  • using a mixer, beat the eggs with sugar until a stable foam;
  • add flour and mix with a wooden spoon;
  • pour the mixture into a mold and bake in the oven for 50 minutes at 180 degrees;
  • while the biscuit is baking, it is necessary to impregnate. To do this, mix water with sugar;
  • cool the biscuit, cut it lengthwise and soak each half with syrup;
  • Next, you need to prepare the cream. Mix sour cream and condensed milk so that a homogeneous mass is obtained;
  • peel and cut fruit into small pieces;
  • take the first cake, grease it with cream, put some fruit on top;
  • cover with a second biscuit, coat the cake with cream on all sides. Decorate it with cookie crumbs and fruit, leave it to soak for several hours, and preferably overnight.


The daughter, like no one else, knows about the tastes and preferences of her mother. However, in order not to make a mistake with a gift, play it safe and read the following tips.

The practical side of a gift . If you do not know what to give, choose useful things for the hero of the occasion. So they will definitely not be lying in the closet, but used by the mother for their intended purpose.

Price is not the main thing.  Don’t go for a low cost if you can’t afford to buy an expensive gift, even among the budget options you can find enough things.

If finances sing romances. If you are limited in money, this is not a reason to leave your loved one unattended. The best way to please mom is to make a gift with your own hands.

Don’t ignore gift wrapping . The more beautiful and interesting your surprise will be packaged, the better. Remember, original packaging is the key to success. Be sure to complete your present with a bouquet of your mother’s favorite flowers, balloons, a box of chocolates, a card in which you write warm words for your mother by hand.

Get the perfect start to the day. Prepare a festive breakfast for the hero of the occasion, bring it to bed. Clean up in advance, try to make every corner of the apartment shine with cleanliness. Buy a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for mom. Draw a bright poster and place it in the most visible place. Put a letter of warm wishes in the place where mom usually likes to sit.

What is better not to give

Mom will be delighted with any gift received from the hands of her child. However, this does not mean that you can give the first thing that came to hand. There are a number of presents that definitely should not be given to the hero of the occasion.

  • Stuffed Toys. This is a cute and pleasant present for a girl or a young girl. An adult woman who has her own children is unlikely to be happy with such a surprise.
  • Kitchenware.  Frying pans, pots, new scoops and salad bowls will not please a woman. After all, she already spends a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking for the whole family.
  • Decorative cosmetics, hygiene products, perfumes. You can give such a gift only if you are sure that you know the tastes and preferences of your parent well.
  • Clothing and footwear. If you are not sure that you can guess with the color scheme, style and size, then it is better not to try to pick up a gift of this kind.
  • Knives and sharp objects, watches.  If you believe the signs, then such a gift can lead to a quarrel or a long separation, so if your mother is a superstitious person, it is better to avoid such presents so as not to inadvertently upset her on a holiday.


When choosing a gift, remember that mom does not care how much it will cost. The main thing is not how much money you spend on a gift, but your love, attention and care. Therefore, even a small bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates or a postcard will sincerely please mom if they are presented from the heart and with a pure heart!

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