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TOP 64 ideas What to give a Sister for her birthday +37 gifts and Tips

The eldest, the middle one, the youngest, the native, the half-blooded, the cousin, the named… There are never too many sisters! They will listen, console, fool around with us or give us a magical “ slap on the head ” if we have turned off the right track.

For sincere care and love, we appreciate our sisters and are ready to spend more than one evening looking for what to give our sister for her birthday.

After all, only a sister can smile so sincerely in response to your congratulations and open the cherished box with a surprise with such impatience!

A sister’s birthday is a wonderful occasion to give a loved one a nice gift. What to give your sister for her birthday? We are looking for options together!

TOP 64 ideas that you can give your sister for her birthday

  1. Glowing table. An interesting option for the interior is the best gift and option for a birthday present for your older sister, if you are familiar with her tastes.
  2. The guitar trainer will delight your little sister if she dreams of learning how to play this musical instrument.
  3. Cocktail set.
  4. A device for transmitting kisses is an idea of ​​​​what to give a married sister for her birthday if romance is fading in her family life.
  5. Twister tornado – this device will be appreciated by the sister if she likes to feast on chips. Now she can cook them herself!
  6. Hydromassage foot bath.
  7. Silicone mat for forming a roll.
  8. Aquarium with its own ecosystem.
  9. Compact USB vacuum cleaner.
  10. Tritium keychain. The tritium in the flask is incredibly useful. It glows in the dark without additional power sources.
  11. Detector of bills with an ultraviolet lamp.
  12. An ATM piggy bank is an idea of ​​what to give your younger sister for her birthday so that she can start building her capital and control it personally.
  13. Facial sauna.
  14. Form for fritters.
  15. Knife for slicing potatoes.
  16. Forms for scrambled eggs.
  17. Basket shelf. It is also good for extra space in the refrigerator, closet or chest of drawers with doors.
  18. Home photoepilator.
  19. Wireless audio speaker.
  20. Illuminated rug for the bedroom.
  21. Sports water bottle with filter.
  22. Slicer for vegetables.
  23. Portable printer.
  24. A night light humidifier is a useful device and a choice of what to give a pregnant sister for her birthday. She now needs an optimal water balance, and at night – a restful sleep and confidence that everything is in order around her.
  25. Dressing room mirror.
  26. Set for making sushi or rolls.
  27. Comfortable urban backpack, fashionable handbag or clutch made of genuine leather.
  28. Plant in a jar or growing kit.
  29. Portable mini reading lamp.
  30. Long pillow with your photos.
  31. Set of natural organic cosmetics.
  32. A set of professional makeup tools (brushes, sponges, eyebrow corrector, tweezers, eyelash curlers).
  33. Marmalade made with premium alcohol.
  34. A plan to conquer the world or a washing card for travel lovers – on the map you can mark the places where the birthday girl has visited or plans to visit.
  35. Good quality makeup case.
  36. Aroma lamp with a set of essential oils (lavender, lemon balm, chamomile, cedar and other aromas).
  37. A designer notebook complete with exquisite writing materials is a perfect birthday present for an adult sister.
  38. Electronic photo frame – you can pre-load various commemorative pictures into it.
  39. A set of exotic fruits in a hat box.
  40. Fitness bracelet with heart rate measurement and step counting function.
  41. A lamp filled with glycerine and wax. The lamp creates the effect of lava, and the wax flows from one form to another, forming funny figures and bubbles.
  42. Mini key holder made of genuine leather.
  43. Iron, hair dryer, curling iron, multi-styler, electric curler or other hair device.
  44. A set of champagne glasses with personalized or congratulatory engraving.
  45. Ceramic mini-fountain that runs on electricity.
  46. Soft and warm plaid with sleeves.
  47. Aqua farm – an unusual aquarium with fish. You feed the fish regularly – waste products help grow the tree that cleans the aquarium.
  48. Original wall-mounted piggy bank for wine corks.
  49. A balance board is a good gift for a younger sister from a brother or sister.
  50. Collectible decorative doll.
  51. Dishes for sushi and rolls – painted plates, bamboo mats, gravy boats, chopsticks and beautiful Japanese-style cups.
  52. Sweatshirt with a bright print or an original inscription.
  53. Beautiful dumbbells for sports, made in the favorite color of the birthday girl.
  54. Smart alarm clock with star projection and nature sounds.
  55. The word “Sister” or the name of the birthday girl, made from photographs.
  56. A thermo glass with a flap valve is an inexpensive gift idea for your sister’s birthday.
  57. Women’s watch with a stylish strap.
  58. Leather vintage diary.
  59. Roller or regular skates, as well as protection – a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads.
  60. Cozy desktop or floor biofireplace.
  61. Women’s purse.
  62. A gift for a coffee lover is a stylish manual coffee grinder, a copper cezve, a French press or a geyser coffee maker.
  63. Comfortable bathrobe, soft slippers and terry towel.
  64. Original handmade bottle for perfume or soap.

What can you give your little sister for her birthday?

Younger sisters require special attention – they are anxious about the holidays and joyfully await their approach, especially if it’s a birthday.

If you need to pick up a gift for your little sister, pay attention to the following ideas:

Creative set for baby. Many older brothers and sisters are wondering what to give their little sister for her birthday. A good gift is items for creativity and self-expression: a modeling kit, a designer for a girl, “live coloring”, beads for weaving. She will love an interactive soft toy, a house, a set of toy dishes, or a doll that can walk and talk.

Goods for beauty. If the birthday is celebrated by an older girl, preference should be given to cosmetics, jewelry or fashionable clothes – at this age, girls are especially worried about their appearance. A great gift for a sister from a brother is a speaker for a smartphone, a keyboard case for a tablet, a USB mug holder or other technological devices.

Table game. You can choose a board game for both a child and an older girl – a huge number of different options are sold in stores. These can be children’s “Consciousness”, “Svintus”, “Zoobilliards” or games for adults – “Monopoly”, “Mafia”, “Dungeons and Dragons” and others.

Beautiful decoration. What can you give your younger, but already adult sister for her birthday? A good gift would be gold or silver jewelry – earrings, bracelet, ring or chain. If a girl does not like jewelry, you can give her beautiful handmade jewelry.

Gifts to give your older sister for her birthday

Older sisters are most often distinguished by kindness and caring. The birthday of an adult sister is a wonderful occasion to repay her in kind.

What to give an adult sister for her birthday? Here are some ideas :

A painting or a gorgeous portrait. It can be an item that will complement the overall interior of a home or office. A good idea is a chic panel, a creative lamp or floor lamp, an appliqué wall clock and other similar things. You can also give a reproduction of a painting by a famous artist or a portrait made by a professional photography artist.

Book. A universal birthday present for an older sister is a good book. Ideas: a collector’s edition of a book by your favorite contemporary author or a classic in a beautiful gift cover. If your sister loves to cook and spends a lot of time in the kitchen, you can give her a collectible cookbook with recipes from the most famous chefs from different countries.

Exotic plant in a ceramic flowerpot. Very beautiful and original gift for my sister. Options: indoor banana, limonella, Phalaenopsis Orchid, pomegranate. If the sister is not a lover of exotic plants, give preference to simpler options.

Manual massager. This is a good gift for an older birthday girl. Perfect for acupressure and vibration massage. It can be used to massage the abdomen, waist, hips, back, ankles and more. Other ideas for similar gifts for an adult sister include a hot tub, a pillow-top mattress, and a memory foam pillow.

Original gifts for sister on DR

The decision of what to give your sister for her birthday sometimes comes spontaneously.

If inspiration has not visited you, and the deadline is running out, check out some of the most unique surprises for sisters.

  • Tetris nightlight . It can be assembled in any combination, it does not lose its functionality from this. Such a lamp will never get bored of the birthday girl.
  • Chocolate fountain . Yes, almost everyone has seen him in the photo. Give your sister this little sweet miracle in reality. She certainly hasn’t had such impressions for a long time!
  • Digital lighting for bicycle wheels . A sister who loves to be not only in motion, but also in the center of attention will be delighted with such a gift.
  • Niche perfumery . The bottle with the unique fragrance can be used by the sister on special occasions or every day. Scent is one of the most important factors for creating a pleasant experience. Use it to please your sister!
  • Electronic notebook . Why not use modern technology for your own convenience, even in small things?

A couple more interesting ideas for what to give your sister for her birthday


Did you spend your entire childhood with your sister, or did you only see each other at big family celebrations?

It often depends on this that we cannot find a solution for what to give an adult sister for her birthday.

It remains the option of presenting unique gifts, such as:

  1. Suitcase transformer . It will become an indispensable assistant to a sister who often travels or goes on business trips. Every time she gets ready for the road, she will remember you.
  2. Selfie ring . Social networks have become an integral part of our lives. Give a functional piece of jewelry to a sister who loves to pamper her followers with her self-portraits.
  3. Table chest of drawers for jewelry . Even if your sister is a minimalist, she probably has a few pieces of jewelry. Give a relative a miniature chest of drawers for her personal treasures so that she remembers you with warmth every day.
  4. Music rug . More than one child dreamed of such an instrument! Fulfill your sister’s childhood dream on her birthday and try out the mat game together.
  5. Device for instant freezing of desserts “Fried ice” . Let your sister feel like a real sorceress with such a kitchen appliance. Even if she does not like to cook, her sister will appreciate such a surprise.

Perhaps a few more ideas for what you can give your beloved sister for her birthday will help you:

  • Cousin. A wonderful surprise for a cousin on her birthday – an exquisite handmade decoration. This gift will be relevant at any age – they can surprise a schoolgirl, a teenager, and an adult girl. It can be earrings, a beautiful ring, beads, a bracelet or hair ornaments.
  • Pregnant sister. A good gift for a sister who is expecting a baby is a comfortable orthopedic pillow, a fitball for pregnant women, a textile album for a future mother. Also, a pregnant sister can be presented with the following original gifts: a device for tracking baby movements, a portable fetal heart rate detector. The main thing is to give what is useful to the birthday girl right now.
  • Married sister. What to give a married sister for her birthday? A perfect gift would be a bed linen set with a bright and unusual print, an expensive festive tablecloth or a porcelain service. If you want to give a more personal gift, choose a good perfume from your sister’s favorite store.

DIY gifts for sister’s birthday

The sister will definitely be delighted with a gift that she made herself. Especially if it was made by a younger sister or brother. Here are some original ideas of what to give your sister for her birthday with your own hands:

  1. Memories box. The gift is suitable for a person of any age. Paste the shoe box with magazine clippings, decorate with ribbons, beads and lace. Inside, put something that will cause positive emotions for the birthday girl – letters and notes from childhood, family photos, tickets for joint events and more.
  2. Edible gift. What to give for the birthday of an older sister from a younger one? It can be homemade cookies or a pie. Also, a child can make a beautiful arrangement of flowers, fruits, sweets or chocolate. If the girl is still small, but she wants to take part in preparing a gift, together with her mother she can make a beautiful birthday cake.
  3. Photo frame made by hand. A beautiful keepsake. The material that can be used is cardboard, plastic, wood, fabric. You can also buy a plain white photo frame, paint it with acrylic paints, or decorate it with small stones or shells.
  4. Decorative vase. Take a bottle with a narrow high neck, fill it with paint from the inside and wait until it dries. Apply glue to the bottle and wrap it with multi-colored threads – do it carefully, without missing a single section. Cover the bottle with a protective layer of varnish on top so that it lasts a long time.

What to give your sister for a birthday inexpensively, if you are limited in funds due to age or temporary disability? Or maybe you are a fan of unique gifts, and your sister always expects something extraordinary from you?

Not a single handmade item is repeated.

See for yourself and create for your sister:

  • Knitted plaid.
  • Panel of wax crayons.
  • A bag of cases for felt-tip pens.
  • Chandelier from ballpoint pens.
  • Book holders.
  • Game house.
  • Sweet tree.
  • Handmade doll.
  • Flash drive with original design.
  • Play tent.

wall hanger


For manufacturing you will need:

  • wooden board with a visible wood grain;
  • white acrylic paint;
  • masking tape;
  • brush;
  • hanger hooks.

Working process:

  1. Stick masking tape on the board in different directions. The edges of the tape must be well fixed.
  2. Covered the board along with tapes with paint. When it dries, apply a second layer.
  3. Before the second coat of paint is dry, remove the masking tape.
  4. When the paint is dry, screw on the hooks.

sweet piano


For work you will need:

  • penoplex;
  • elongated candies;
  • chocolate;
  • white cardboard;
  • lace;
  • transparent file;
  • corrugated paper;
  • sheets A4;
  • skewers;
  • white teip tape.

Working process:

  1. Cut a blank of a piano from foam plastic about 20 * 20 cm in size.
  2. Cut out a niche for chocolate keys.
  3. Cover the piano with white crepe paper.
  4. Wrap chocolates with A4 paper.
  5. The black “keys” need to be shortened in relation to the white keys.
  6. Cut out the piano cover from cardboard. Paste the file cut along the contour into the middle. Decorate the core of the lid with lace, and attach the edges to the piano with corrugated paper.
  7. Wrap the skewers with white tape. They will serve to support the lid of the piano.
  8. The piano can be supplemented with corrugated paper flowers for decoration.

15 Tips How to choose a gift for your sister

Often on the eve of the holiday there is a feeling of confusion – many do not know what to give their sister for her birthday.

This problem is very easy to solve – it is enough to know a few rules on how to make a gift for your sister. These tips will help you choose and give something really interesting and useful:

  1. Beloved sister is getting older – this is a bright and long-awaited holiday that requires careful preparation. Pay special attention to this event to make it unforgettable. Including you need to pre-select a gift for your beloved sister.
  2. What does your sister do, what does she like to do? A win-win option is to buy something for the birthday girl’s hobby. If she likes to sew, you can give an automatic sewing machine, if she is an avid car enthusiast, buy massage seat covers or a DVR.
  3. The age of the birthday girl should also be taken into account. A young girl will not like a service, no matter how expensive and chic it is, and an older woman who does not understand technology will not be happy with a new smartphone with fancy features.
  4. If you have doubts about what to give your sister for her birthday, try to consult with other relatives or friends of the birthday girl. Perhaps they have an idea for a good and original gift.
  5. Not all good gifts have to be expensive. You can pick up a worthy and original gift that will not ruin your budget. The main rule is that it must be of high quality.
  6. When looking for what to give your cousin for her birthday, do not stop at budget gift options. However, giving too expensive offerings is not worth it. This will put your own sister in a dependent position on you until she makes a response in terms of the value of the gift to you.
  7. Look for a gift that only your sister will use – this is the main rule for choosing a surprise for any birthday person, not just sisters.
  8. Keep your sister’s interests in mind when choosing a gift for her. What will delight you can only cause her to smile politely.
  9. Don’t donate items from any of your collections. The sister is probably familiar with the exhibits of your collection and will not be able to accept an item that is too expensive for you.
  10. If the sister refuses to name the desired gift from you, do not insist on an answer. Say that you have already bought a surprise for her. A relative will probably begin to guess what it is. The first things she names are usually her deepest desires. It remains only to follow the intonation of the sister when she names the options for the alleged surprises from you.
  11. Pack your gift with quality packaging. This enhances the perception of even a modest offering.
  12. Include a birthday card with your wishes and a signature in the gift box so that the sister knows who she received the gift from.
  13. When presenting, say a few kind words to your sister, congratulate her on her birthday. Prepare this speech in advance, keep it simple and sincere.
  14. Complement the main gift with a bouquet of flowers. Both the girl and the woman are happy with him.
  15. If it is customary in your family to give each other money for a birthday, do not change the tradition. Pack banknotes in a beautiful envelope or wallet.

What is better not to give your sister for her birthday

Thinking about what to give your little sister for her birthday (or already an adult) is better to start with the elimination method.

Not all presents will please the birthday girl. There are controversial gifts, the acquisition of which should be considered several times. When choosing what to give your beloved sister for her birthday, you should abandon the following ideas:

  • Sharp objects . In many countries, gifts such as knives, bladed weapons and any piercing objects are perceived as a desire of the giver to break the connection with the recipient of the gift. Beliefs also claim that after presenting such a surprise, quarrels and disagreements await you and the hero of the occasion.
  • Candles . It is better not to present even scented candles to an impressionable sister by nature. The sign associates this paraphernalia with the funeral ceremony, which promises imminent losses, and this may upset your loved one.
  • Crockery . When receiving such a gift, the birthday girl needs to be very careful with the service. If it breaks or cracks and chips appear on its surface, then the relationship with you will come to an end. If you still want to present dishes to your sister, put coins in each item of the set. They will “bribe” fate, and you and your sister will not lose a close connection.
  • Alcohol . Even if the sister has reached the age of majority, refuse such a surprise. Popular rumor assures that such a gift deprives the recipient of health.
  • Jewelry made of pearls or amber . Let the sister buy such items herself, because if given as a gift, such jewelry will bring her tears and grief.
  • Towel . Such a surprise does not bode well for the new owner. Belief says that giving towels is a sign of illness.
  • Pectoral cross or icon . Such things can only be presented on a birthday by parents as a blessing. It is better for the rest of the guests of the holiday not to make such gifts. It is believed that the donor thereby places on the donor part of his worries, misadventures and sorrows that he will have to endure.
  • Underwear . This is a very personal piece of clothing. A person buys it either on his own, or his parents provide it while he is still small. In other situations, a set of underwear is not a gift, but an insult, according to the rules of etiquette.
  • Pet . Did your sister become gloomy when receiving an adorable kitten or puppy? Do not be surprised! Such gifts need to be carefully taken care of, and the birthday girl may not be ready to take on such a responsibility.
  • Cheap cosmetics. Choose only proven companies – bad, low-quality cosmetics can ruin the skin and adversely affect the girl’s health. Let it be the products of not world-famous, but reputable companies. It’s much better than cheap fake brands.
  • Things that you like. Even if you are very similar, you may have different tastes and interests. Everyone independently decides whether to change his image and whether to go beyond the usual style. You should choose accessories that your sister will like first of all.

The rating of unwanted surprises can be continued with your own observations about the life and hobbies of your sister. We just tried to remind you of the most common mistakes when choosing a birthday present for loved ones.


Each of us is looking forward to a joyful holiday – our birthday. Please your beloved sister with touching congratulations and a carefully selected gift.

Surround the birthday girl with attention, care and love to make this day unforgettable. Your sister will definitely thank you!

In search of what you can give your sister for her birthday, remember the main thing:

Your gift should bring positive emotions to a loved one!

To do this, choose a surprise in accordance with the tastes, interests, principles and lifestyle of your sister.

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