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TOP 52 Expensive Gift Ideas + 8 Additional Ideas & Tips

One measure of the value of a birthday surprise is the value of the gift. If you think that another birthday is an occasion for a luxurious gift, this collection of expensive gift options is for you!

When you want to please a loved one, boss or spouse with an elite birthday present, take a closer look at their interests and lifestyle. Do not forget to also decide why you are giving an emphatically expensive gift.

Giving expensive birthday gifts is a way to show your feelings to the birthday person, to emphasize his status, talents or virtues that are important to you.

When choosing an expensive offering, you should definitely follow a number of rules and personal boundaries of the hero of the occasion. So a particularly broad gesture is appropriate in relation to close people, lovers, spouses. It is not customary for them to save on a present. Expensive gifts usually bear the imprint of intimacy, shared memories or feelings.

The search for a luxurious gift must begin in advance in order to choose the perfect option. This point is especially important when looking for an offering to the boss from the team, business partners or important clients. This is due to the fact that for each person the criterion of a luxurious gift has its own gradation. Some people value luxury items, while others will appreciate a unique handmade item.

What expensive gifts to give for a birthday to give in one case or another, how to decorate and present them, we will tell you in detail right now!

Expensive gifts: TOP 57 chic ideas

  1. A floor fountain is an expensive birthday present for a man who appreciates the harmony of beauty and practicality of interior items.
  2. Set for a poker party in a box.
  3. Carp bed Helios.
  4. Birch bag.
  5. Pouf-column.
  6. Tour trip.
  7. The tablet.
  8. Mixing DJ console DJ Mini Mixer.
  9. Trampoline.
  10. Ethnic musical instruments. The culture and traditions of the peoples of the world are diverse. Which of them corresponds to the rhythm of the life of the hero of the occasion?
  11. Interior doll.
  12. home projector.
  13. Macbook Pro.
  14. Hairpin with hand-painted.
  15. Floating globe.
  16. Chess table with figures made of natural stones.
  17. Antique player.
  18. A gyro scooter is an option when expensive gifts for children will cause the delight of the birthday boy, and not a restrained smile.
  19. Chest in retro style.
  20. Expensive car vacuum cleaner.
  21. Balanceboard.
  22. Jewelry made of precious or semi-precious metals.
  23. Premium fountain pen in a case.
  24. Travel brand bag.
  25. Quadcopter.
  26. Plasma TV.
  27. Guest book in a gift box. Each guest in the birthday man’s house will wish to put a signature in such an album!
  28. Knight’s shield.
  29. Ultrasonic aroma diffuser.
  30. A smartphone is an expensive gift for a girl who likes to use modern technologies on the go.
  31. Candelabra set.
  32. Foldable selfie drone.
  33. Caviar from natural stone.
  34. Gift set backgammon.
  35. Smart watch.
  36. Interactive T-shirt. It will be appreciated by a birthday boy with a sense of humor and nerves of steel!
  37. Holographic projector.
  38. Waterproof action camera.
  39. Plane for stunts and races SmartPlane Pro.
  40. Miniature robot Ozobot.
  41. Watch box.
  42. Souvenir hourglass.
  43. A golf set is an expensive birthday present for a friend if there are rumors of him being promoted soon. Every millionaire must be able to play this game!
  44. Horseshoe for good luck from precious materials.
  45. Suede yoga mat.
  46. A set of gilded coasters.
  47. A picnic set from a good company.
  48. Desktop biofireplace.
  49. Model of a ship made of precious wood and metal.
  50. A spyglass in a wooden box is an expensive gift for a husband who, as a child, dreamed of becoming a pirate or just a sea traveler.
  51. Telescope.
  52. Virtual reality helmet.
  53. Game console.
  54. Sport equipment.
  55. Collector’s edition of the book.
  56. Large home appliances.

Original expensive gifts for loved ones or boss

Deciding which expensive gift to buy for the hero of the occasion is important in advance. This will avoid rush and limited choice from an extensive list of gift options.

What to choose if so far no gift fits your situation or budget? We continue the list with unique ideas for expensive gifts!

Home weather station . Keeping an eye on the weather and managing your plans according to weather conditions is another indicator of a luxurious lifestyle. Why not give this opportunity to the birthday boy?

Large shoe horn . Such accessories emphasize the accuracy of the owner in relation to his things, his attention to detail and aesthetics in detail.

This attribute can be created in a unique design with durable material, making the gift very practical.

Japanese table garden . If you want to buy a VIP gift, pay attention to this idea.

In the design of such decorative elements, semi-precious stones are also used. This gives beauty and value to the thing itself.

Leather wallet . An accessory made by true masters of their craft will serve its owner for many years and will remind him of you.

Give even such a valuable gift with a banknote inside to avoid the superstitious doubts of the purse recipient.

Desktop print “Jasper” . Owning your own insignia and sealing letters with a wax seal is the dream of more than one person. Fulfill it!

A couple more interesting ideas for expensive birthday gifts


TOP 52 Expensive Gift Ideas + 8 Additional Ideas & Tips

When you want to find an expensive gift for your loved one, do not skimp. Usually, neither financial nor time costs scare the donor in search of an elite gift.

But you can save resources if you familiarize yourself with our version of unique birthday surprises.

  • Decorative handmade vase . Mom will have to order such a surprise for her anniversary in advance, but the result is worth it. Especially when parents enthusiastically collect such items.
  • Vintage brooch . Such decorations may have been used in the past. However, they bear the imprint of time, immerse in the atmosphere of past years. This is appreciated by our contemporaries no less than a thing from the latest collection of popular fashion houses.
  • Writing set . An elite item is created using natural stones, precious woods, and often has a unique design solution. With such a gift on his birthday, the team of his boss can congratulate.

How to choose an option from a wide range of birthday gifts seems to be a daunting task. In order for you to cope with it, you need to take into account many factors.

We offer not only ideas for a surprise, but also recommendations on how to choose and present a gift.


There is always a chance that the present will fail. To avoid an awkward moment at the holiday, think about how to present a valuable present. Learn gift etiquette in our rundown. In any case, whether or not to apply recommendations on how best to choose an expensive beautiful gift is up to you.

  1. A very expensive gift is an indicator of a tender attitude towards loved ones. These include parents, children, siblings and best friends.
  2. Valuable executive class souvenirs are intended for business partners, executives, important clients or key employees of the company.
  3. When presenting a chic gift, you cannot focus the attention of the birthday man and all guests on its value. This will make the recipient feel awkward and indebted to you.
  4. At the initial stage of a romantic relationship, a gift that is too expensive, even for a birthday, can discourage a guy or a girl. In order not to be refused a gift, choose a gift option from the average price range.
  5. Remember that a good expensive gift is best given if it has any symbol or engraving. They indicate the uniqueness of the product.
  6. You can’t give your boss expensive gifts in person unless you have friendly relations outside the workspace. This can be and will be regarded by the leader as a bribe.
  7. Choose unique and good packaging. A carelessly packaged item will spoil the impression of the most expensive gift in one moment.
  8. Do not forget that ladies and men give expensive gifts if they can afford them with a sincere desire to please the hero of the occasion. Expecting something in return for a valuable surprise is unworthy.
  9. Do you entrust delivery of an expensive gift to a courier? Be sure to complete the gift with a congratulatory message with your signature.
  10. When an item is guaranteed, must be accompanied by special documentation to prove its value, all papers should be packaged with the gift.

What is better not to give on your birthday from expensive gifts

To make it pleasant for the birthday person to accept an expensive gift, avoid a number of surprises. Instead of joy, they bring disappointment and rejection among people. Here is just a small list of such items:

  • Mirror . No matter how exclusive or historically valuable this thing is, you should not present a mirror for your birthday. First, it is a very fragile item. Secondly, it is with mirrors that the greatest number of bad beliefs around the world is associated. Even if the hero of the occasion does not believe in them, perhaps the mirror and its design will not suit him in style or color.
  • Underwear . Such an offering can be regarded as an invasion of personal space and the imposition of one’s own standards of beauty on the recipient of the gift. If you were not asked for such a gift in advance, it is better to refuse it, even if it is intended for your wife.
  • Weapon . Whether it is souvenir or not, it can discourage the hero of the occasion. Swords, daggers, rifles or ladies’ pistols from the beginning of the last century – any weapon requires special conditions for operation, care and storage. Perhaps they are not suitable for the recipient of the gift.
  • Animals . Representatives of expensive breeds of cats, dogs or even rare species of animals do not always lead the way of life that suits the rhythm of the life of the birthday man. If such a surprise causes inconvenience to the hero of the occasion, can it be considered a good gift?
  • Replicas . No matter how expensive replicas of bags, paintings, or other luxury items are, they should not be given as a birthday present to either a girlfriend or anyone else. This demonstrates your disrespect for the main person of the holiday, disregard for his interests and his reputation.

After getting acquainted with the general list of unwanted surprises, think that it is impossible to give an expensive birthday present in your particular case. Perhaps the birthday boy does not accept the use of things made of natural fur or leather? Make up your options for offerings that you should not make. The established frames will help you make the right choice of an expensive gift for a loved one or your director.


Why give expensive birthday gifts, each giver decides for himself. Whether it will be an elite souvenir or a practical thing is not so important. One thing unites such gifts: an elite gift is not the amount of money invested, but the birthday person receiving positive impressions from a surprise.

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