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TOP 64 ideas What to give a boy for 15 years +23 gifts and Tips

The question of what to give a boy of 15 years old will confuse any person. This is a difficult age when all feelings are sharpened. A teenager becomes very categorical, he is critical of himself and others, looking for flaws where there are none.

And although there is still a lot of childishness in the boy, he is far from being a child. Do not panic ahead of time, believe me, you will be able to choose a worthy gift, at the sight of which the birthday man will come to indescribable delight.

There are a lot of good options for giving a teenager a boy for 15 years. The choice of a present must be approached very responsibly, because impressions at this age are remembered for a lifetime. You no longer need to study online stores in search of a suitable gift, you can find all the necessary information here, spending just a few minutes of your precious time.

Choose from a long list of what you can give a boy of 15 years old and hurry to please him! The proposed presentation options have already managed to deliver unforgettable positive emotions to thousands of boys at this age!

TOP 64 ideas What can you give a boy for 15 years

  1. Waterproof portable speaker.
  2. Longboard (skate designed for tricks).
  3. Instant camera.
  4. Convenient computer desk.
  5. Interactive piggy bank.
  6. Night-vision device.
  7. Comfortable sleeping bag, compass, tent (for an active boy).
  8. Electric bike.
  9. Crossbow with arrows.
  10. Apparatus for making hot dogs.
  11. Hat-bluetooth.
  12. DJ controller.
  13. Glow in the dark laces.
  14. Army flask.
  15. Mountain or city bike.
  16. Salt lamp.
  17. Fashion gadget (phone, laptop, tablet).
  18. Bag chair.
  19. Gaming headphones.
  20. Mask and fins for scuba diving.
  21. Fast wireless phone charger.
  22. Guitar.
  23. Telescope, microscope, binoculars.
  24. Steering wheel and pedals for games.
  25. USB light for laptop.
  26. Cool print socks.
  27. Perfume.
  28. Dirty laundry bag in the form of a basketball hoop with a net.
  29. Electric Toothbrush.
  30. Globe with illumination.
  31. Shaving machine and cosmetic accessories (foam, gel, lotion).
  32. Flashlight with portable charger.
  33. Smart pen.
  34. Wireless headphones.
  35. Tennis or badminton rackets.
  36. Mixer mug.
  37. Keychain with search function.
  38. Carpal expander.
  39. Virtual glasses for smartphone.
  40. Camera.
  41. Gaming keyboard and mouse.
  42. Backpack.
  43. Festive cake.
  44. Bath set for men.
  45. Sports bag.
  46. Wallet with engraving.
  47. Game console.
  48. T-shirt with equalizer.
  49. Electric scooter, gyro scooter, unicycle.
  50. Hammock or hanging chair.
  51. Aqua farm or regular aquarium with goldfish.
  52. Folding table for a laptop.
  53. Synthesizer.
  54. Predatory plant.
  55. Tourist chaise lounge with an inflatable back.
  56. Bathrobe and towel with personalized embroidery.
  57. Designer chess.
  58. Metal detector.
  59. Alarm clock with nature sounds and star projector.
  60. Men’s jewelry (chain, bracelet, pendant).
  61. Fitness bracelet or smart watch.
  62. Jumpers.
  63. Solid leather notepad and pen with commemorative engraving.
  64. Table lamp.

Original gifts for a 15-year-old teenager

It is very difficult to choose a gift for a boy for 15 years. After all, you can’t impress him with toys, but you can’t guess with clothes. However, any teenager dreams of having original things that can be shown off to their peers. The following list of gifts will not leave the birthday man indifferent.

Quadcopter with gesture control. Great idea what to give a child for 15 years. You can control the drone by means of a special overlay, which is worn on the hand like a watch.

The device will change direction with every movement of the hand. This toy resembles an alien flying saucer, which is simple, interesting, and most importantly fun to control. The toy will captivate the boy for a long time, give him positive emotions.

Backpack with built-in speakers. Another good option that you can give a teenager is 15 years old. The gift will appeal to an active boy who appreciates good music. Despite the fact that the backpack is very roomy, it is small in size.

The material from which it is made is impregnated with a special substance, therefore it has water-repellent properties. The backpack will be convenient to use both on a walk around the city and on a hike.

Alarm clock mat. A good gift for 15 years for a boy who finds it difficult to wake up in the morning. The rug must be placed next to the bed, at the specified time it will start beeping.

To turn it off, you need to stand on the mat with both feet and stand for at least three seconds. It will not work to “deceive” the alarm clock by standing on it with one foot or touching it with your hands. The mat is synchronized with the PC, which allows you to customize the device as you wish.

Travel kit for survival. Such an original gift for the 15th anniversary will remain in the memory of the birthday man for a long time.

The set includes the most necessary tools that will help out while hiking, skiing or hiking, cycling, etc. This is a tactical flashlight, flint, portable lights, whistle, carabiner, compass, duffel bag and much more.

Inexpensive gift ideas for a 15 year old boy

Fifteen years  is a difficult age. Interests and hobbies of a teenager are changing rapidly. It is not always advisable to buy an expensive gift, because soon it may turn out to be unnecessary. Your attention is presented to win-win gift options that will please any teenager, no matter what he is fond of.

Magnetic darts. This gift will definitely please the boy. Darts can be hung on the door without worrying about its safety. After all, the darts included in the kit are equipped with magnetic tips.

The boy, trying to hit the bull’s-eye, will not only have a good time, but will also develop hand-eye coordination, maintain brain function, learn to remain calm in situations that require balance.

Heated slippers. An interesting idea if you are wondering what to give inexpensively. This is an indispensable thing in the autumn-winter period. Externally, the products are no different from ordinary slippers. However, they will help to quickly warm up, both at home and on a trip or even in nature.

For their work, you do not need to be tied to a power outlet, because slippers can be powered by any device that has a USB output. Power bank is perfect as a power source.

Mini keyboard vacuum cleaner. A perfect gift for a teenager who spends a lot of time sitting at the computer. A vacuum cleaner will help keep the workplace in order.

With this device it is convenient to collect small debris from the desktop and keyboard. To start working with a mini vacuum cleaner, just connect it to the USB connector of a personal computer or laptop.

Aerosol for graffiti . A good gift for a boy with creative abilities. With the help of bright images, a teenager will be able to decorate his garage or fence, breathe life into the gray walls of buildings.

This is an art that allows you to direct your creative impulses in the right direction. The lesson develops artistic skills, helps to throw out negative emotions.

Options for useful gifts for a 15-year-old boy

When choosing gifts for teenagers, boys of 15 years old, you should pay attention to the practical side.

The kid will be pleased to receive a thing that he can use daily, so take note of the proposed presentation options.

External battery. Teenagers are active users of gadgets (phones, tablets, etc.). It is important for them to always be in touch, so such a gift will be accepted with gratitude.

There are no many “power banks”! You can rest assured that even if the boy already has an external battery, one more will not hurt.

Electronic book. Looking for the best gifts for a 15 year old boy, don’t leave this useful gadget unattended. The book has many benefits. It can replace almost all tutorials. Books, reference books, dictionaries will always be at the boy’s fingertips.

It does not take up much space in a backpack or on a book shelf. You can change the font at any time, and some models allow you to listen to information in audio format.

Multifunctional multitool. It is a working tool in a compact body. An interesting gift capable of performing numerous tasks will not go unnoticed by a teenager.

The classic multitool includes several items: wire cutters, opener, scissors, pliers, saw, etc. All these tools will come in handy in everyday life and help out in an emergency.

Leg hammock. This thing will be especially useful for a teenager who spends a lot of time at his desk.

Using a hammock, the boy will sit in the correct position, which means that his posture will improve, problems associated with the spine will disappear over time, blood flow will improve, and the load on the back and legs will decrease.

A simple device is attached in just a few minutes and will allow you to relax without leaving your desk.

The best gifts for a sports boy

Many boys at this age are seriously into sports or lead a physically active life. Therefore, the following gift ideas for a 15 year old boy will not disappoint you or the birthday boy.

Universal trainer. A multifunctional simulator aimed at strengthening the muscles of the press, back and the whole body, a teenager will certainly like it.

The sports tool is compact in size, takes up minimal space, but allows you to conduct a full-fledged workout without leaving your home. The simulator is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Medal holder. This gift will appeal to a boy who can be proud of the many medals received for achievements in sports.

The medal hanger will decorate the interior and will motivate you to new victories. The medal holder can be personalized, with the addition of a frame for a photo, and the design will depend on the sport.

By giving such a gift, you show respect for the child’s passion, and also show him that his awards deserve a place of honor.

Bike computer. Such a practical device is sure to be appreciated by a fan of cycling. Thanks to a small device, you can track your progress, choose the difficulty of the route and the distance, based on your level of training.

The device is mounted on the handlebars of a bicycle, its screen is protected from rain, and everyone can handle the setting.

Stylish water bottle and large soft towel. These accessories will make training in the gym more comfortable and enjoyable.

The sports bottle should be made of plastic or aluminium, preferably with a small strap and a compartment for keys, money or mobile phone.

You are unlikely to surprise a teenager with an ordinary towel, so it is better to make a personalized embroidery on the product.

Cool Presents

Many boys at this age like to joke and have fun. Therefore, if you do not know how to please the birthday man, choose gifts with humor. You can be sure that none of the presents in the proposed selection will offend the guy and will not hurt his feelings.

Basketball hoop for the wastebasket. With such a gift, even the usual process of garbage disposal will turn into an exciting experience.

The ring, with the help of special fasteners, securely attaches to the sides of the wastebasket. The product will give you the opportunity to feel on the basketball court. Each time, getting into the basket, the boy will enjoy a standing ovation, as the device is equipped with a speaker.

Carnival lenses. This gift will definitely delight any teenager. Lenses will help you stand out from the crowd, amuse, scare or prank your friends. Products can be rainbow colored, resemble a cat’s eye, look like a soccer ball, fire, spiral, etc.

Fancy-patterned lenses help you create the look of a vampire, witch, alien, zombie, fairy tale character, and more.

Cool alarm clock. A merciless alarm clock will make the boy jump out of bed. The device, as soon as the beep sounds, will run away, fly away from the teenager, leaving him no chance to lie down in a warm bed for at least another five minutes. You can also give an alarm-shooting gallery.

In order for it to stop making an unpleasant sound, it is necessary to hit the center of the target with a laser pistol. It’s not easy to do this when you’ve just woken up.

Gifts that emphasize the image

At the age of fifteen, boys begin to pay attention to their appearance. They want to dress with taste, smell good, have things that emphasize individuality.

Therefore, you definitely will not be mistaken by choosing one or even several presents from the proposed list.

Colored leather belts for trousers. Give the boy a set of multi-colored belts, then he will look not only stylish, but also diverse every day.

Choose narrow, casual belts that will look good on jeans and non-dress pants. It is better that the product has a simple buckle, and you can decorate it with engraving. Any inscription or initials of the boy will do.

Stylish sunglasses. It is a fashion accessory and also a way to protect your eyes from exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Glasses are useful not only in sunny, but also cloudy weather, both in summer and in winter. Glasses need to be selected according to the type of face, therefore, in order not to be mistaken, invite the birthday man to go to the store together.

Bracelet made of genuine leather. This is a stylish accessory that will always be relevant.

The bracelet can be complemented with a natural stone with special properties. If you pick it up in accordance with the sign of the zodiac, then the bracelet can serve as a talisman or amulet.

Your gift will not only complement the image, but will also attract good luck and prosperity.

Wrist Watch. It is an essential everyday accessory for any man. The watch completes the look and gives self-confidence. High-quality modern products not only help to properly organize the working day, but also demonstrate the status in society.

Many people prefer classic models of wristwatches, but a teenager can also buy sports watches with great functionality.


Teenagers are capricious personalities, for whom it is extremely difficult to choose a gift. In order not to make a fatal mistake and not spoil the boy’s holiday, try to follow the following tips when choosing a present.

At this age, many boys want to stand out from the crowd, so they attach great importance to their appearance. An excellent gift option would be fashionable wardrobe items, shoes or eau de toilette. But you should not choose such a gift yourself, it is better to invite the boy to go shopping together.

If you are afraid to make a mistake with the choice of a gift or you do not have time to go shopping, technology is a win-win option. The guy will be happy with a new phone, tablet, laptop, smart watch, etc.

Young people at this age consider themselves too mature, have their own point of view, so do not try to impose your gift on a guy. Even if you don’t like his choice, put up with it. Then the holiday will be remembered by the boy for a long time.

If the boy is your son or relative, you can invite him to make a wish list. So it will be easier for you to decide on a gift. However, having chosen a present, do not rush to tell a teenager about it, keep the intrigue until the very last moment. The boy will be in anticipation of the gift, and having received the desired thing, he will experience a sea of ​​​​positive emotions.

You can also give the child the opportunity to choose a gift on their own. So you show your respect for his choice, but first stipulate the amount that you are willing to spend.

Don’t use your gift as a manipulation tool. The gift should be from a pure heart, and not for good grades or exemplary behavior.

At this age, a teenager can already give money. Surely, he will not waste them, but put them aside for the realization of a dream, he will learn how to properly manage his budget.

Sometimes, to choose the right gift, you just have to talk heart to heart with a teenager. After learning about his affairs at school, relationships with peers, you yourself can make a list of suitable presents.

If the teenager’s requests are too high for you, then you do not need to choose a gift yourself. Explain to the boy that you cannot buy this or that thing yet and offer him a worthy alternative.

As a gift, you need to choose special things that have nothing to do with everyday life. Even if a teenager needs a new carpet in the room or another set of bed linen will not interfere, this is a necessity, which means that when presenting a gift there will be no effect of surprise and admiring emotions.

When choosing a gift, you should not be guided by your desires and dreams. Don’t even try to remember what you were into when you were your birthday age. After all, times are changing, and the interests of adolescents are radically different.

Festive packaging is half the success! Try to pack your gift as cool and original as possible. Then he will make a stunning impression at first sight, which means that the birthday boy will definitely be satisfied.

What is better not to give

Fifteen-year-old boys are touchy natures. They are easy to offend, both with words and poorly chosen gifts. In order not to spoil the holiday for a teenager, carefully study the list of anti-gifts.

  • Stationery, books. Studying is the least thing that worries a teenager now. Therefore, a cool pen case or an interesting, in your opinion, encyclopedia are gifts that are unlikely to arouse admiration among the birthday boy.
  • “Children’s” gifts.  A boy at the age of 15 considers himself quite an adult, you can be sure that if he receives toys as a gift, he will feel insulted.
  • Hygiene products. Giving shower gel, shampoo, shaving foam is a sign of bad taste. In addition, these are necessities that the boy himself can buy.
  • Things “for growth”. Everyone, regardless of age, wants to receive a gift that can be used immediately.
  • Gadget.  If you are poorly versed in the latest technology, then it is better to give the boy money, he will decide for himself what to spend it on.
  • Souvenirs and other useless things. Boys are practical natures, so as a gift you need to give them useful things that will definitely come in handy in everyday life or everyday life.
  • Domestic animals, as well as exotic plants that require special care. Not many boys will want to spend their time caring for another creature, so before making such a gift, it does not hurt to consult with the birthday boy or his parents.
  • Lighters, knives, gas cartridges, firecrackers, alcohol.  Besides the fact that these are dangerous toys, you do not need to encourage the bad habits of a teenager. In addition, such gifts can cause problems with the law.


The proposed selection of gifts, for sure, inspired you. Turn on your imagination and, based on the interests of the boy, choose an interesting and useful present that he will remember for a long time. And do not forget to perceive the birthday man as an independent person. Do not impose your opinion on him, just try to fulfill the dream of a teenager!

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