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TOP 132 ideas What to give a Guy for 15 years + 19 more gifts and Tips

In choosing what to give a guy for 15 years, you can’t make mistakes so as not to offend the birthday man.

If you’re looking for a birthday surprise, check out our huge list of win-win gift ideas for your 15th birthday!

The level of responsibility before buying or creating a present in deciding what to give a teenager for another 15 years old goes off scale. This is because the young man has entered a difficult period of growing up, where everything is still divided only into black and white.

It is at the age of 13-15 that all feelings are aggravated in young people, the strongest friendships are created, and the first disappointments are known. Guys remember these critical years in the life of every person all their lives. All this is worth remembering when you are thinking about what to give a boy for 15 years.

In order for the guests invited to the holiday not to get confused and not make a mistake when choosing what to give to a birthday boy for 15 years, we have chosen the best options for a surprise, according to the teenagers themselves.

TOP 132 ideas What can I give a Guy for 15 years

  1. Mask with snorkel for scuba diving.
  2. Bike. A mountain, high-speed or other interesting two-wheeled friend will please the guy and will be able to captivate him with walks and even tourism.
  3. Wireless gaming mouse.
  4. Gaming keyboard.
  5. Case for phone.
  6. A laptop.
  7. A tablet is a great idea what to give your son for 15 years. So he can be proud of his advanced parents with modern views.
  8. A table lamp is useful for a teenager when doing homework in the evenings.
  9. Electric scooter.
  10. Segway.
  11. Guitar.
  12. Dumbbells.
  13. Expander.
  14. 3D printer.
  15. Paintball equipment.
  16. Computer chair.
  17. Video card.
  18. Virtual reality glasses.
  19. Wireless headphones.
  20. Antigravity machine.
  21. Ant farm.
  22. Harmonica.
  23. Jumpers.
  24. Dynamo cell phone charger.
  25. interactive robot.
  26. Metal detector.
  27. Monowheel.
  28. Backgammon or handmade chess.
  29. Sports bag.
  30. Telescope.
  31. High quality men’s perfume.
  32. Hammock with mosquito net.
  33. Smart watch.
  34. 3D pen.
  35. Electroskate.
  36. USB vacuum cleaner.
  37. External hard drive.
  38. Waterproof case.
  39. Kite.
  40. Darts.
  41. Flexible video camera.
  42. media player.
  43. A computer.
  44. A model of a ship, car, motorcycle or other equipment is suitable as a gift for a collector.
  45. Music Center.
  46. Table soccer.
  47. Table hockey.
  48. Purse.
  49. Night-vision device.
  50. A radio-controlled car, helicopter, boat or submarine will interest the young man with the opportunity to study their structure and mode of movement.
  51. pen-scanner.
  52. Piggy bank.
  53. Polarized glasses.
  54. Camera.
  55. Fireworks.
  56. Color music.
  57. Clock.
  58. Spy drone.
  59. Hat with bluetooth headset.
  60. Football boots.
  61. Punching bag.
  62. Game steering wheel.
  63. City backpack.
  64. Scarf with symbols of your favorite team.
  65. Electronic book.
  66. Webcam.
  67. Hover ball.
  68. Biofireplace.
  69. Fish aquarium with its own ecosystem.
  70. Card-magnet with an erasable layer.
  71. Runaway alarm clock.
  72. Stylish diary
  73. A bracelet, chain, pendant is an option to give a teenager for 15 years if you know about his jewelry preferences.
  74. Game console.
  75. Railway.
  76. A mini-layout of the city in which the young man lives or dreams of living will show your interest and attention to his fate.
  77. Bracelet for watches.
  78. Leather cover for the passport.
  79. Table for notebook.
  80. Boxing gloves.
  81. Tennis racquet.
  82. Soccer ball.
  83. Case for a musical instrument.
  84. Dance mat.
  85. Flute Pan.
  86. Collectible coin.
  87. Massage Mat.
  88. Licensed computer game.
  89. A magnetic, wooden or electronic designer will interest a guy with a technical mindset.
  90. Game controller.
  91. Portable compact starry sky projector.
  92. Leather belt.
  93. Illuminated gloves.
  94. Pogo stick (“grasshopper”) – a simulator for jumping on two legs. He will cheer up a teenager even on the most cloudy day!
  95. Turtle.
  96. Desktop drum set.
  97. Board games, for example, such as: “Jenga”, “Monopoly”.
  98. Sofa cushions.
  99. 3D lamp. How about a globe option?
  100. Action camera.
  101. Backpack transformer.
  102. Puzzles.
  103. Luminous shoelace.
  104. Nice pencil case.
  105. Organizer.
  106. Bathrobe.
  107. Thermo mug.
  108. Lantern for camping.
  109. Antistress ball.
  110. Leg hammock.
  111. Keychain with automatic search for keys.
  112. Steel soap.
  113. Manual fan.
  114. Belt bag.
  115. Sports bottle.
  116. Digital photo frame.
  117. Voice picture.
  118. Ball predictor.
  119. Microphone for studio recording.
  120. Mini thermos.
  121. Guitar tuner.
  122. Rainstick.
  123. Tripod for smartphone.
  124. Fitness tracker.
  125. Case-stand for the tablet.
  126. Computer care products.
  127. Stylish umbrella.
  128. Light table for drawing.
  129. Selfie stick.
  130. Tent.
  131. Compass.
  132. Synthesizer.

There are incredibly many ideas of what to give a young man for his 15th birthday. Keep track of their relevance to a particular young person. So you will present one of the best surprises for him on his birthday.

Original gifts for a guy on his 15th birthday

Representations and reality in matters of what to give a male boyfriend for 15 years do not always coincide with the desires of a young man. What is extraordinary to surprise a teenager?

Medal holder . With this accessory, the room of a teenage champion will become an interactive museum of his success. Give the young man an extra reason to be proud of his achievements!

Aquamir . A ball with live shrimp and natural corals does not require maintenance. With them, observing nature will become more interesting!

Aromatic pendant . An interesting decoration on a laconic lace will appeal even to a brutal guy.

Newton’s pendulum . With such a souvenir on the table, the young man will feel like a completely grown-up and business person!

Garden candle . Such a gift is suitable for a country lover. These lighting devices can also be used on a hike with friends or on a trip to the country.

There are not many options! Therefore, we continue …

A couple more interesting ideas for what to give your son or friend for their 15th birthday

Are you looking for what to give a teenager of 15 years old to a boy, and not repeat himself in a surprise with other guests?

Glowing fan . With this device, a guy of 15 years old will not be afraid of heat and boredom either.

Wall steering wheel . Finding your path in life is the main task of adolescence. Let your gift unobtrusively remind the birthday man of this!

Bow or crossbow . A weapon with a quiver and arrows is an interesting gift solution for a young man who is fond of studying history or loves films in the spirit of Mockingjay.

DIY gifts for 15 years to a friend

When you are looking for options for what to give a guy for 15 years, take a close look at your friend’s hobbies. Perhaps you can create a gift for him with your own hands. Interesting ideas for such surprises include:

  1. Mini-safe handmade.
  2. Plaid with photos of the birthday boy.
  3. Lamp.
  4. Video congratulations.
  5. Painting or panel.
  6. DIY organizer.
  7. A song of your own composition, which you will dedicate to a friend.
  8. Mini wardrobe.
  9. Cache-pot handmade.
  10. Hammock.

The music of wind


TOP 132 ideas What to give a Guy for 15 years + 19 more gifts and Tips

Many guys at this age like to equip their room with original things.

For work you will need:

  • 5 (or more) old keys;
  • strong branch without knots;
  • strong thread or fishing line;
  • acrylic paints;
  • brushes;
  • scissors.

Working process:

  1. Paint the keys and branch with paints. Let dry on one side. Then paint the other side.
  2. Tie a fishing line or thread so that the branch can be hung.
  3. Tie a thread to the keys.
  4. Tie the keys to a stick at such a distance that they collide with the wind.

Tips: How to choose a gift for your best friend or son for 15 years


TOP 132 ideas What to give a Guy for 15 years + 19 more gifts and Tips

Recommendations on how best to choose a gift for a teenager boyfriend can be adjusted every year.

Fashion trends are changing, new gadgets, books and flash mobs are appearing. However, there are certain things to keep in mind. Here they are:

In the question of what you can give a guy for 15 years, you need to rely only on the tastes and preferences of the birthday man himself. So you definitely will not disappoint either son or friend.

During the period of growing up, which begins at the age of 11-13, the young man begins an active search for himself, his style, and principles. In this he should help even with gifts. Choose something educational and positive. Teenagers can’t stand boredom.

Take a look at the social pages of the birthday boy. They may contain a hint about the guy’s hobbies and interests. However, a feature of the 15-year-old age may be the complete absence of any range of interests. There is no point in speaking negatively about this.

At the age of 13-15, a guy often emotionally closes off from the environment. Such isolation is a consequence of separation from parental care, the desire for independence and balance in feelings. Even a teenager sometimes cannot understand them; it can be even more difficult for a young person to explain them to someone else. The young man also lets his parents into his world to a limited extent.

Another criterion for choosing a gift should be its relevance. At the age of 15, you want to have a fashionable, modern and trendy thing. And nothing else!

When choosing a gift, do not forget to decorate it beautifully. Packaging, a bow and a card inside with your signature are required.

Just giving a gift is boring. Ask the friends of the hero of the occasion to arrange a surprise or small tests on your behalf. So the surprise will be remembered by the young man for a long time!

Whatever your gift, avoid an instructive or educational hint in them. What else should be avoided in choosing a present?

What is better not to give a guy at 15

In search of what you can give a boy for 15 years, the first thing you need to do is make a TOP list of gifts that are better not to give to a teenager. Feeling insecure about this issue? Do not despair! We offer you a list of such surprises for a 15-year-old boy.

  1. Don’t break the law! Alcohol, cigarettes, gifts marked 18+ for a guy are not only too early, but also illegal. Even if you decide to appear as a modern and liberal giver, refuse such offerings.
  2. Used items . At 15, the soul of a teenager is very vulnerable. Avoid gifts that are damaged and look like they are not new.
  3. Clothing and footwear . These are very risky gifts. The teenager already has his own ideas about the beauty and comfort of the main wardrobe items. In addition, it is likely that you will not guess not only with the style of clothes and shoes, but also with the size of things.
  4. Certificate . On the one hand, this seems like a great gift option for a 15 year old. Especially if you can’t decide on a suitable gift. However, a teenager will not be able to use many services without parental presence, and the parental schedule with the son’s free time may not coincide for a long time.
  5. animal or plant . Such gifts can become a bone of contention in any family. Are you sure that a teenager is ready to take responsibility for a living creature or follow the watering schedule for a plant? If not, all the worries will fall on the parents. Will they find the time and desire to take care of someone else?


When choosing what to give your brother for 15 years, be guided by your own observations of his life, intuition and information from influential sources about fashion items, accessories or devices. So you probably won’t go wrong with the selection of a surprise for a guy at 15!

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