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Fresh 52 Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter and Tips

Often the question “ what to give your daughter for her birthday ” becomes a real problem, because it is not at all easy to predict the reaction of a girl, whether she is 3 years old or 18 years old. Recommendations and ready-made lists of gifts below will help you make the right decision and make the holiday memorable for the birthday girl.

TOP 52 ideas that you can give your daughter for her birthday

When choosing a birthday gift for a daughter for 2-3 years or 4-5 years, many parents are confident that they clearly know the needs of their child and will not go wrong with the choice, because they spend all the time with the baby and are aware of her preferences.

However, it may turn out that the girl did not have this or that toy before, and she simply could not express interest in this subject.

What to give a daughter for 3, 4, 5, 6 years

At this age, the girl begins to meaningfully explore the world. She already knows what she likes and can talk about her preferences. It is better for girls aged 3-6 to give gifts for games, creativity, as well as educational toys or practical things.

  1. Developing rug with hanging toys (it is better if they are bright and make any sounds – rattle, ring, rustle, etc.);
  2. Large soft cubes;
  3. Finger paint;
  4. Kinetic sand;
  5. Musical night light projector of the starry sky;
  6. Bathing toys in the form of ducks, starfish, fish, fur seals, etc.;
  7. Rubber jumper in the form of a donkey, deer, horse, etc.;
  8. A balance bike or tolokar (a bicycle or a car, respectively, which are set in motion when the child pushes off the ground with his legs);
  9. Development center;
  10. Children’s musical instrument;
  11. Gold earrings or a pendant to remember your parents for life.

Playhouse for girls

A playhouse is a tent that can be set up at home or outdoors. An ideal gift for a girl who can crawl or already walks confidently – such a house will appeal to both toddlers and preschool children. You can choose folding or inflatable options, as well as houses with a slide or climbing tunnel. When choosing a gift, focus on the size of the item – the older the child, the more spacious the room should be.

Educational computer or tablet

With such a gift, you can not only have a great time, but also acquire a lot of new knowledge. Educational computers and tablets for children are equipped with various functions with which you can learn letters and words, numbers and shapes in a playful way, as well as listen to melodies and play the piano. An inquisitive girl will definitely like such a gift – it will help to prepare for school or just broaden the baby’s horizons.

Bath set for a good mood

Does your girl just love taking a bath or shower? For a daughter’s birthday from 3 to 6 years old, you can give a beautiful bath set. With a soft bathrobe with a hood and terry slippers, any water treatment will become even more comfortable. You can also pick up a soft towel for such a gift, and on the bathrobe itself you can embroider an original picture or put your daughter’s name on it.

What can I give my daughter for her birthday for 7, 8, 9 years

Girls 7-9 years old are already going to primary school, dolls and toys are gradually fading into the background, new hobbies appear. The gift should match these hobbies, as well as arouse interest in exploring the world around them.

When deciding what to give your daughter for her birthday, if her age is about 6 to 10 years old, you should remember that we are talking about a completely socialized person. During this period, the child is already attending kindergarten or even elementary school, so his tastes and opinions largely depend on fashion and the environment.

  1. Children’s developing computer or tablet;
  2. Doll complete with various accessories in the form of a house, vehicle, outfit and other things;
  3. Mini-apparatus for making cotton candy or popcorn;
  4. Tablet for drawing with water or sand;
  5. Small dressing table with children’s cosmetics;
  6. Set for weaving bracelets from rubber bands, beads or beads;
  7. Rollers or skates;
  8. Bike;
  9. T-shirt with an interesting print, for example, with the inscription “This is what the best daughter in the world looks like!”;
  10. Ant farm or aqua farm;
  11. wigwam;
  12. dance mat;
  13. Tub for skiing or snowball.

Stylish children’s watch

Do you want your girl to keep up with the times and always know what time it is? Give her a baby watch. You can choose an option with beautiful flowers, hearts, your favorite cartoon characters or other bright patterns, or you can buy plain models or make a personalized engraving – it all depends on your imagination. Other birthday gift ideas for a 7-9 year old daughter: a wall clock, a cartoon alarm clock, or a beautiful LED night light.

Backpack with original drawing and engraving

A backpack for school or outings is a great birthday present for my daughter. It can be diversified with a beautiful nominal engraving or drawing. Also, the gift can be filled with stationery – a diary with a lock, multi-colored felt-tip pens, a set of helium pens with sparkles or paints. If your daughter already has a backpack, you can give a children’s suitcase with wheels for travel, a small handbag or a spacious bag for things.

Fashion roller skates, bike or scooter

You can instill in your daughter a love for sports and an active lifestyle with the help of roller skates, a bicycle or a scooter. Having received such a gift, the girl will spend less time on gadgets, and any walk will turn into a real adventure, especially if you ride with your parents or friends. You can choose a thing of your daughter’s favorite color – stores offer a wide range of rollers, bicycles or scooters of any color and size.

What is the best gift for a 10 year old daughter?

At this age, girls try to combine their studies with sections, circles and various hobbies. Girls begin to look for themselves, they are interested not only in games, but also in sports, creativity and everything that happens around.

The book is the best gift. You can give your daughter books on her 10th birthday that have long been the most beloved children’s works – we read them, our children and grandchildren will read them. Gift ideas: Harry Potter series, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan and Wendy, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and many more books. Reading develops attention and imagination, with such a gift the child will plunge into an extraordinary fairy-tale world and will definitely not be bored.

Pet. Has your daughter wanted to have a little pet for a long time? It’s time to fulfill this dream. The little animal will teach the girl to care for others and develop in her a sense of responsibility, which must be trained from an early age. You can buy a kitten or a puppy, and if there is definitely not enough time to take care of these animals, hamsters, guinea pigs, canaries or even aquarium fish will come to the rescue.

Rug for incendiary dances. Many active girls love dancing. To spend time with benefit and fun, to get physical activity instead of the same type of sitting at the computer, a children’s dance mat will help. It can be connected to a TV or laptop, and it often comes with a special CD containing many different songs and melodies. The gift will come in handy at children’s parties, gatherings with friends and just as a daily workout.

Original gifts for daughter for 11, 12, 13, 14 years

A girl of 11-14 years old is no longer a child, but not yet an adult girl. At this age, girls begin to be interested in cosmetics, dream of modern smartphones, computers and tablets, and also communicate a lot with friends.

Modern gadget. Children grow up quickly, gadgets appear in almost all children and adolescents. You can give such a “toy” to your daughter at the age of 11-14 years. A modern mobile phone is not only a means of communication, it can be useful at school. You can download various applications for foreign language training, creativity and learning on your smartphone. If desired, you can use the parental control function to filter content that is posted on the Internet.

Gift for beauty: children’s cosmetics. At ages 11, 12, 13 and 14, girls learn to take care of themselves. Make your daughter happy by giving her a set of decorative cosmetics made from natural ingredients that are safe for baby’s skin. An eyeshadow palette in a beautiful zippered box or in a chest with a mirror, a set of hair crayons or sparkling glitter – choose what you and your daughter will like. Alternatively, you can buy other beauty products – a hair straightener, a small hair dryer or a manicure set.

Board game for fun companies. While playing table games, useful qualities are developed that are sure to be useful in life – this is attentiveness, quick wit and imaginative thinking. You can donate such games as “Imaginarium”, “Elias”, “Ekivoki”, “Tik Tok Boom”, “Danetki” and many other educational, intellectual games or games for fun companies. Another idea for a gift: you can buy a large picture from puzzles and put it together with your daughter.

Good gift ideas for a girl for 14-17 years

For girls from 14 to 17 years old, it is important how they look, what impression they make on others. Entering adolescence, girls devote more time to themselves, prepare for adulthood and try to find their place in society.

Gold or silver jewelry. You can give your teenage daughter beautiful jewelry – gold or silver (depending on the girl’s preferences) earrings, a stylish ring, a pendant with a pendant or a bracelet. In this case, the daughter will appreciate your attention. If a girl does not like jewelry, you can pay attention to jewelry and pick up stylish youth bracelets, necklaces and rings.

Concert tickets for your favorite band. Many teenage girls have favorite bands or performers, they often dream of getting to their concert. Surprise your daughter by giving her this opportunity. It is best to give two tickets so that the girl can take her friend with her. If you don’t know which concert your daughter most wants to go to or her favorite musical band has not yet announced a performance, you can give a certificate that she can spend at any time. Such a service is provided, for example, by the site Kassir.ru.

Fragrant perfumes. Many teenage girls show an increased interest in perfume. They begin to understand aromas, discuss novelties with their friends. Please your daughter with new perfume from a good perfume store. When going for a gift, take a young fashionista with you – it will be a shame if you do not guess with the aroma. Alternatively, you can give your daughter a certificate of her favorite perfume boutique for 14-17 years old, then she will choose the perfume herself.

Best Birthday Gifts for Teenage Daughter

  1. Modern smartphone and accessories for it . Any girl over 10 years old will be happy with a cool phone, because for the younger generation it is an indispensable attribute of a successful person and an opportunity to join any company. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to buy an expensive model, because the gift is intended for a child – it is enough to find a device equipped with a camera with decent characteristics and having Internet access. If the birthday girl already has such a gadget, you should pay attention to accessories for it – luminous headphones, a case with a photo of the hero of the occasion, a wireless keyboard, etc .;
  2. Sneakers with luminous soles . The presented wardrobe item itself has gained immense popularity recently, and models with a luminous sole have become real favorites among young people. The glow effect is created using a built-in LED strip on the sides of the sole, and a special button allows you to change the color and frequency of flashing the backlight;
  3. Smart watch . What to give your daughter for her birthday at 11, 12, 13 or 14 years old? Teenagers love everything modern and high-tech. One of these devices is the so-called smart watch, which allows you to track incoming calls, SMS messages and (in the case of some models) even answer them, control physical activity, have access to GPS navigation, listen to music and much more. Now you don’t have to worry that your daughter won’t answer your call because she forgets or doesn’t hear the phone somewhere – the bracelet on her arm will not let her miss the call;
  4. Electronic piggy bank. When deciding what to give their daughter for her teenage birthday, many parents opt for an envelope with money, believing that their child is already old enough to manage it on their own. Often, birthday girls prefer not to spend the entire amount immediately after the holiday, but save up for a long time to buy something expensive. Naturally, the piggy bank is the best place to store money, but even a piggy bank should be unusual for modern children. To date, you can find many options for electronic piggy banks in the form of ATMs, cash registers, soccer balls, etc., independently counting withdrawn and deposited funds. Such a device will not only encourage the birthday girl to further savings, but also teach the child to be financially literate;
  5. Gifts for young explorers : microscope, telescope, science experiment kits, home planetarium, etc. You can instill in a girl an interest in knowing the world not only in boring lessons at school, but also with the help of such exciting activities. During them, the child will be able to learn a lot of new things and, at the same time, have fun, thanks to which such a pastime will never get bored and will become a favorite for the hero of the occasion for many years;
  6. 3D pen . The device allows you to draw directly in the air and create three-dimensional images. Now your daughter will be able to express her imagination not only through drawings on paper, but also through three-dimensional figures that can take pride of place as favorite souvenirs on the shelves of your home;
  7. Gift-impression : a trip to an amusement park with friends, a photo session with a professional photographer, tickets to a concert of your favorite band or artist, etc. The opportunity to have fun is an ideal present for a teenager, so it will be appreciated. These emotions will remain in memory for a lifetime, and in many years your daughter will remember exactly them, and not material gifts, no matter how expensive they may be.

What to give an adult daughter for her birthday

Even if your daughter has already grown up, she is older than 15, 16, 17 years old, she graduated from school, studies at a university, and, perhaps, managed to get married and lives separately, she will still remain for you that little girl who waits in trepidation birthday gifts from mom and dad.

Your task is to show the girl your love and care, so the best solutions will be:

  1. Post with a photo collage of your joint photos . This incredibly cute present for 19-25 years old will definitely find its place on the wall or shelf of the birthday girl’s home and will remind her of her family every day;
  2. Running away or flying away alarm clock . If a girl has difficulty getting up in the morning, help her deal with drowsiness in this original way. The fact is that in order to turn off the sound signal on the alarm clock, you must first catch it while it is leaving or flying away from its owner. Such an awakening will give the birthday girl a charge of vivacity for the whole day and will definitely not allow you to oversleep for work or school;
  3. Lunch box with food warming function . An adult daughter who watches her figure and prefers healthy homemade food will definitely like this present. Yes, and in conditions of employment at work or study, it is not always possible to heat up food, while a lunch box will easily solve this problem;
  4. Certificate for a beauty salon or massage . Puzzling over what to give your daughter for her birthday, choose a win-win option – the opportunity to relax and pamper your body. Such procedures will cheer up the hero of the occasion and have a positive effect on her appearance and health;
  5. Attending a master class related to the girl’s hobby . The subject of the lesson can be very diverse – dancing, pottery, cooking, photography, etc. – for any hobby there is a master class.

How to choose what to give your daughter for her birthday

You can buy a suitable present for your daughter that will meet her expectations and cause genuine delight, following our recommendations:

  • If the answer to the question “what can I give my daughter for her birthday?” flatly refuses to come to mind, ask the future birthday girl directly about her desires;
  • If you still want to surprise your daughter, try to find out her preferences in other ways. For example, you can unobtrusively ask a girl about her dreams or watch her reaction to certain things in stores, on the TV screen. In addition, you can seek help from her best friends, who, due to their age, are “on the same wavelength” with your daughter and will be able to suggest a good idea;
  • Do not be afraid to give money, especially when it comes to a teenage girl or an adult girl – the hero of the occasion is unlikely to be upset, on the contrary, she will quickly find where to spend it. If the cash gift still seems doubtful to you, buy a certificate for the purchase in the store, which, in your opinion, will be to the taste of the birthday girl;
  • When choosing a gift for a teenager, forget about your own preferences. It is far from a fact that your tastes will coincide with the desires of your daughter, given that, firstly, you are from different generations, and secondly, the opinion of teenagers rarely meets generally accepted standards;
  • No matter how old the girl is, complement your gift with flowers – this gesture will be pleasant for a birthday girl of any age.

What is better not to give your daughter a birthday

To avoid disappointment in the eyes of your own daughter on her birthday, the refusal of the following categories of gifts will help:

  • Things that are needed, and not that you want (we are talking, for example, about a high-quality winter jacket – a thing that is undoubtedly necessary and expensive, but it will not create a feeling of a holiday in a child, because they would still buy it, regardless of the birthday);
  • A pet, if it comes to a little girl (the kid simply will not understand all the responsibility and will forget about his responsibilities for caring for the pet, because of which all the trouble will fall on the shoulders of the parents);
  • Heavily outdated gadgets (it is better to opt for another gift, as children, as a rule, understand technology as well as we do and will immediately notice the catch);
  • Items of poor quality or unsafe for a child (with sharp or too small details, leaving paint marks on the hands, exuding a strong chemical odor, or simply intended for use by older children);
  • Things for growth (little birthday people are able to appreciate only what can be used here and now, otherwise they lose interest in the gift).


In the hassle associated with a present for your beloved daughter, do not forget that a birthday is, first of all, another reason to spend time with your child and show him your love and care. It is much more important how you will behave on this day, whether you can create a festive atmosphere around the birthday girl and what parting words you will give her for the coming year, and the gift will be a pleasant culmination of this important day.

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