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Fresh 117 ideas for what to give Mom for 55 years and +34 gifts and Tips

It often happens that it is very difficult to decide what to give mom for her 55th birthday. Choosing a gift for mom is a delicate and very difficult issue. The difference between generations and outlook on life, the desire to present a really necessary gift, so that at the same time it demonstrates the depth and sincerity of feelings, immense respect and gratitude for everything.

You can express your love and desire to please her with a carefully selected gift for her 55th birthday.

It can take a long time to look for an answer to the question of what to give mom for 55 years. By this time, you, for sure, have already presented her with everything you need, have realized your creativity to the maximum and fulfilled all the hints and wishes.

So, what to give mom for her 55th birthday so that the gift does not enter the collection of unnecessary things and is not lost in the mass of other presents. Interesting ideas and original additions.

TOP 117 ideas that you can give Mom for 55 years

Given the variety of goods in stores, it is quite difficult to decide what to give mom for her anniversary. There are many options to choose from:

  1. Dryer or freezer for harvesting vegetables for the winter.
  2. An electric coffee grinder or a convenient coffee machine.
  3. Beautiful jewelry: earrings or an elegant pendant.
  4. Teapot for brewing with a set of cups and elite tea in the set.
  5. Thermos, french press or thermo glass with a family photo.
  6. Electronic photo frame with automatic frame change.
  7. Modern convenient juice extractor of an original form.
  8. Baking stone.
  9. High quality water filter.
  10. Fresh flowers in a vacuum or in ice.
  11. Beautiful coffee table in the living room, chest of drawers or bedside table.
  12. Electronic “smart” scales capable of analyzing body composition.
  13. A beautiful chandelier, an original wall lamp or a relaxing night light in the form of an hourglass (or other original figure).
  14. Hammock for legs for comfortable pastime.
  15. Home planetarium with the possibility of projecting the starry sky.
  16. A set of exotic fruits in a gift box.
  17. Warm bathrobe and terry towel with personalized embroidery.
  18. Set of decorative pillows with original prints.
  19. Large plasma TV on the wall or a small option in the kitchen.
  20. Fur product: a stylish collar or fur coat.
  21. Webcam to communicate with grandchildren via video chat.
  22. Handmade designer soap set.
  23. Ladies bag made of leather with the initials of the birthday girl.
  24. Topiary is a decorative tree of happiness that will please the eye and bring good luck.
  25. Set of natural cosmetics.
  26. Leather wallet, business card holder or stylish clutch.
  27. An elegant hat or gloves from a well-known brand.
  28. Personalized set of marmalade or chocolate for moms with a sweet tooth.
  29. Transformer ottoman.
  30. Rare houseplant: pineapple, honey fig, feijoa
  31. Barbecue grill or self-rolling skewers.
  32. Sports equipment: press wheel, yoga mat, step platform.
  33. Portable outdoor biofireplace.
  34. A box of your favorite perfume from the best perfume store in town.
  35. A home fountain is not only a beautiful addition to the interior, but also a humidifier and a way to relax.
  36. Luxurious tea service or silverware.
  37. Transformer blanket – it can be used as a bedspread or blanket.
  38. Electric blanket or sheet.
  39. Aroma lamp with a set of essential oils.
  40. Set of different types of honey or jam.
  41. Table or wall florarium.
  42. Home heater.
  43. Gorgeous wall key holder.
  44. A tester that tests food for nitrates and water for hardness.
  45. Carving kit (decorative carving of vegetables and fruits).
  46. Orthopedic mattress or pillow.
  47. Modern electric samovar.
  48. Stylish suitcase or travel bag.
  49. Set for manicure and pedicure at home.
  50. Kitchen scales are inexpensive, but very useful and useful in the kitchen.
  51. Music Box.
  52. Home appliance for making popcorn or hot dogs.
  53. Canape or fondue set.
  54. Mini-cupboard for spices or kitchen set.
  55. Massage chair.
  56. Warmer toy.
  57. Nice jewelry box.
  58. Clay pot or vase.
  59. Sticks for Nordic walking.
  60. Umbrella with original image.
  61. High quality silk bedding set.
  62. Hydromassage foot bath.
  63. Portable radio.
  64. E-book with the best works of world classical literature.
  65. Eco alarm clock with backlight.
  66. Picnic set.
  67. Device for cutting homemade noodles.
  68. Chocolate fountain
  69. Heated lunch box.
  70. Stencils for coffee.
  71. Original book holder.
  72. Set of decorative pillows.
  73. Double boiler.
  74. Dehydrator.
  75. Desktop weather station.
  76. Bread maker.
  77. The basis for the original flower bed.
  78. Crepe maker.
  79. Multicooker.
  80. Modern sewing machine.
  81. Ice cream maker.
  82. Stole.
  83. Desktop biofireplace.
  84. Air purifier.
  85. Shoe sterilizer.
  86. Fur clutch.
  87. Yoghurt maker.
  88. Original ring holder.
  89. Waterproof cosmetic case.
  90. Blender.
  91. Kettle of an unusual shape.
  92. Floor vase.
  93. Floor lamp.
  94. Doorbell in the old style for a summer residence.
  95. Set of seeds of exotic plants and flowers.
  96. Styler.
  97. Fitness bracelet.
  98. Exercise bike.
  99. Polaroid – they are popular again.
  100. Hair straightener.
  101. Neurohoop.
  102. Karaoke center.
  103. Wicker chair.
  104. Garden swing.
  105. Wireless headphones.
  106. Wooden tub.
  107. Smart ring.
  108. Facial sauna.
  109. Hair dryer with ionization of hair.
  110. A set of silicone baking molds.
  111. Illuminated mirror.
  112. Window cleaning robot.
  113. Smoothie machine.
  114. Electric blanket.
  115. Tandoor.
  116. Orthopedic rug.
  117. Cozy alpaca wool blanket.

Original gifts for Mom

If the birthday girl is a creative person with a good sense of humor, present an original gift to your mother for 55 years.

He already has one advantage: he will definitely stand out from the mass of other gifts. The rest of the benefits will depend on how well you know your mom’s tastes and dreams.

If your thoughts on how to surprise your mother for 55 years have come to a standstill, take a closer look at these options.

Device for automatic feeding of toothpaste . It is enough to bring the brush to the dispenser, and the required amount of toothpaste is dispensed automatically.

As a bonus, at the same time, the brush is disinfected using ultraviolet. This dispenser can be hung on the wall or put on the sink.

Electric eraser . It looks like a pen, erases the pencil quickly and precisely, without causing any harm to the paper. Usually sold with several interchangeable nozzles, battery operated.

For ordinary office workers, electroplastic is rather an extravagant accessory, but for those who are engaged in sketches, drawings, calculations, sketches, it is an indispensable thing.

Eco alarm clock . An interesting gift that will help you wake up always in a great mood and without stress.

About half an hour before rising, dawn begins in the room – the level of illumination gradually increases. And by the climax, it is filled with bird singing or other natural sounds.

If the call signs of your favorite radio station have a more beneficial effect than the din of birds, the alarm clock will turn it on.

Nitratometer . A tester with which you can instantly find out how safe a particular fruit or vegetable is.

They can be safely used in the store and on the market – 3 seconds and the result is ready. The most convenient models with a touch screen, and a built-in water hardness meter will be a nice addition.

What can I give mom for 55 years from her daughter

A beloved daughter can prepare a creative, touching present for her mother or a gift for the soul. This is a win-win surprise.

Gift ideas that you can buy mom for her birthday from her daughter:

Painting or panel . When thinking about what to give your beloved mother from her daughter, it should be remembered that at this age women especially appreciate home comfort, so home decorations are likely to be received with delight.

All for needlework . When choosing a surprise for mom, be guided by her temperament and hobbies. So, if the birthday girl prefers to do quiet things that require concentration and perseverance, present her with a sewing or knitting machine, a comfortable needlework table or a table lamp.

Elegant shawl or down scarf. It’s a good idea what you can give your mom for her 55th birthday. A surprise for those mothers who are often cold (this is generally characteristic of older people).

Present a beautiful shawl, scarf, stole or even a fur coat if funds allow. The birthday girl will definitely be delighted with such a warm gift and attention from her beloved daughter.

Gifts for beloved mother for 55 years from her son

Another category that is valued by older women is practical things. Such a gift can be given by a beloved son. Ideas for gifts for mom’s 55th birthday from son:

Dishwasher . Such an assistant is the dream of any representative of the weaker sex. These household appliances will give a woman the opportunity to spend more time with family and friends or take care of herself, instead of wasting time on tedious washing dishes.

Comfortable furniture or rocking chair . Many people think that giving mom this piece of furniture for 55 years is a brilliant idea.

In such an armchair you can relax in the evening after a hectic day, admiring the flame in the fireplace and mentally thanking your beloved child for such a cozy and comfortable thing.

Analog weather station . Nice original gift. Suitable if your mother is sensitive to temperature changes, then the presented device will not lie idle. It provides reliable information about the current weather and upcoming changes.

Gifts for leisure in the country

At 55, many ladies love to spend time in the country. And it is the personal plot that gives them a lot of positive and emotions.

Therefore, any gift that will make your stay at the cottage more comfortable will undoubtedly delight. Here is just something that will help your mother relax in the country. About work later.

Samovar . Not necessarily an authentic wood-burning samovar. It is much more convenient to present a modern electric model. Of course, in this case there will be no smell of smoke and wood, but it is much easier to use, and outwardly it is no less colorful.

Rocking chair . Can be combined with a blanket. Admiring how the sun slowly sets behind an apple tree, listening to the chirping of grasshoppers and birds singing, swaying measuredly in a rocking chair and drinking tea with fresh raspberry jam is the best relaxation session.

Ultrasonic mosquito repeller . An effective way to get rid of annoying insects at a distance of two meters. Works both from a network, and from batteries.

Decor for the site . It is the little things that create comfort and a special style. Cute garden figures, spectacular outdoor vases, topiaries, a retro-style door bell, a weather vane, funny signs and stylish signs – these accessories do not carry any practical value, but thanks to them, the site immediately acquires individuality!

If your mother is one of those who does not sit down until the last weed leaves the plot, and the grown tomato does not get into the Guinness Book of Records, the rocking chair, alas, will be used as a stand for buckets at best.

For such militant gardeners, there are also options for “dream gifts”.

Watering can with a set of functional nozzles . Gardening is practically the teaching of Lao Tzu. Each action has its own nuances, including watering. One crop can be watered exclusively under the root, the other with a fine rain – changing nozzles is easier than a watering can, and storing them is much more convenient.

Harvest basket . Harvesting with baskets is what every gardener strives for. Let your mom do it in the truest sense of the word.

A beautiful wicker basket is a reason to brag to your neighbors and an opportunity to compactly and properly store a ripe crop.

Marinator . If you have already given a vegetable dryer, a juicer, a pressure cooker for previous holidays, for 55 years it’s time to give the birthday girl a marinator.

Vegetables from the garden will be pickled in just 10 minutes, it remains to close them in jars.

By the way, in this amazing device in the country, you can just as quickly pickle meat or fish, serving them to the table with seasonal vegetables.

Garden vacuum cleaner . Thanks to this tool, the personal plot will always be kept in perfect cleanliness.

It will help to quickly and effortlessly collect fallen leaves, small branches and other debris.

Business gifts for Mom

For a 55-year-old business woman, gifts should be elegant, stylish and practical. It is not necessary to give a pen or a diary, there are other options for a gift for a business woman.

Perpetual calendar. Classic design and natural wood – such a calendar will look appropriate on the table of the highest boss.

A businesswoman cannot do without a calendar, and mass-produced glossy options are not the same level.

Globe made of stone . There is a globe in every office, but a natural lapis lazuli globe model makes a solid impressive gift. And the gilded stand only adds status to it.

Indoor waterfall or fountain . A beautiful interior item, the practical purpose of which is anti-stress. No wonder they say that you can always look at how water flows.

Silk scarf . The most popular accessory with which business women add a touch of femininity to a strict look. If you are afraid to guess wrong with the design, choose a neutral color scarf – beige, cream, pastel shades.

What to give mom for an anniversary to maintain health

Many rightly believe that it is better to give mom a present for her 55th birthday from children, with which she can monitor her health.

At this age, the issue of well-being really becomes very relevant, so the following gifts will be able to please a loved one:

Sports trainer . Such a unit will help an aged woman not only improve her health, but also keep her body in good shape, especially after retirement.

You can give mom an exercise bike, an ellipsoid or an orbit track, on each of which you can adjust the load depending on your physical capabilities.

Massager . If you are looking for what you can give your mom for her 55th birthday, pay attention to these devices. To date, you can find many models that differ in size, functionality, purpose and, accordingly, cost.

Such a variety will enable the donor to choose the appropriate option that satisfies all his requirements.

When choosing a birthday present for your mother at 55, you often want to buy something for your health so that she lives at least the same amount. Such a gift can be beautifully decorated, and then it will look truly festive.

There are other gift ideas for mom’s anniversary that will help her stay healthy.

Hydro massager . The most popular option is hydromassage foot baths. They come with various nozzles, whirlpool effect, heating, timer and many other interesting, although not always necessary, options. The more options, the more expensive the device.

But the standard model can be purchased very inexpensively, while its main tasks – massage and anti-stress – it will perform no less perfectly.

Sticks for Nordic walking . The best way to be healthy is to exercise. Nordic walking is one of the most accessible and uncomplicated sports.

To do it, you only need sticks that turn an ordinary walk into a workout. Very good for the heart, strengthens the muscles of the arms, legs, back.

Salt lamp . It is believed that such a lamp helps to strengthen the immune system and is indispensable in the midst of seasonal infections.

Its impact is even compared with the effect of a salt cave. In any case, this is an unusual and stylish interior decoration.

A few more ideas for what you can give mom for 55 years

Of course, mom will be happy with absolutely any gift, because the main thing for her is you and your attention. However, you can show your imagination and give something that will definitely come in handy for the birthday girl.

If you don’t know what gift to give mom for 55 years, depending on the character and hobbies, pay attention to the following ideas:

  • A good gift for mom on her 55th birthday is an encyclopedia dedicated to her hobby. It could be a book about gardening, sewing or knitting, or scrapbooking.
  • If the birthday girl understands modern technologies, you can give her a new mobile phone, laptop or tablet.
  • If mom loves to cook, give her a pancake maker, waffle maker, bread maker, ice cream maker, or other unusual kitchen appliances.
  • A birthday girl who cannot imagine her life without a dacha will surely be delighted with stylish wicker furniture or a comfortable hammock.
  • If mom has a sweet tooth, give her a set of oriental sweets, a handmade chocolate figurine, macaroons or chic muffins in a box.
  • For a mom who values ​​family ties highly, get a family tree book or family tree.

Household appliances that make housekeeping easier must be on the list of options for what gift to give mom for 55 years.

Only these devices should be, like the date, weighty and significant. And don’t forget to help your mom figure out all the intricacies of modern technology! And then it can serve for a very short time or it will be immediately sent to the pantry as useless.

Robot vacuum cleaner . There are many models, you can choose both by options and by color – which principle is closer to you. Pay attention to the type of navigation (how the vacuum cleaner moves, best with the mapping mode) and the processing area, everything else is secondary.

If the future owner of the vacuum cleaner is nervous about loud monotonous sounds, be sure to take this into account when choosing a model – robots can be very noisy.

Electric mop . If you already have a robot vacuum cleaner, then buy an electric mop as a gift in May for 55 years – and she can forget about the most time-consuming and time-consuming part of household chores.

Apologists for cleanliness will also be delighted: such a mop treats the floor with hot steam, which eliminates 99% of germs, viruses, bacteria. She can wash not only the floor, but also windows, furniture, and clean radiators.

Electronic kitchen scales . Accurate to the gram in a couple of seconds, down with spoons and measuring cups!

If the soup can still be prepared “by eye”, then baking is strict – only the amount indicated in the recipe. This is where a kitchen scale comes in handy.

DIY gifts for mom’s 55th birthday

When looking for what to give mom for an anniversary, it is not necessary to buy a gift in a store – you can try to surprise your loved one and create an exclusive gift with your own hands. Anyone can build the following gizmos:

Tab for books


Fresh 117 ideas for what to give Mom for 55 years and +34 gifts and Tips

If your mom loves to read, but doesn’t like modern gadgets like e-books, but prefers more classic options, you can make her a beautiful bookmark.

For this you will need :

  • velvet ribbon;
  • decorative clips;
  • rings;
  • brooch, feather or other decorative element;
  • pliers.

Progress of work :

  1. Measure the desired length of the bookmark.
  2. Attach the ribbon to the decorative clips using pliers.
  3. Attach the rings with brooches attached to them to the clips.
  4. A stylish bookmark as a gift for mom for 55 years is ready.

paper bouquet


Fresh 117 ideas for what to give Mom for 55 years and +34 gifts and Tips

A beautiful bouquet of paper tulips that can be given to mom as an additional present.

To create a craft you will need :

  • colored paper;
  • glue.

Progress of work :

  1. Cut out even squares from paper.
  2. Gather the bud, then make the stem by forming a tube out of a green piece of paper.
  3. Make a small cut at the end of the stem.
  4. Bend the edges of the paper, then glue the bud to the stem.

How to choose what to give mom for 55 years

When choosing what you can give your mother for her 55th birthday, you should remember that with your present you should not remind her of old age, but, on the contrary, make her feel that she is loved and needed by the whole family.gift for momConsider your mother’s attitude to life and to your age, and be guided by this feature when choosing a gift.

In addition, in search of a surprise for your loved one, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Choose a gift that suits a person according to his hobbies, state of mind, character and preferences. Do not start solely from the financial side of the issue;
  • Prepare for a trip to the store in advance, having previously accumulated the necessary amount of money so that you do not have to buy what you have enough money for;
  • Do not run shopping at the last moment – look for a gift in advance, so that in the absence of the necessary option, do not purchase what is;
  • Try to unobtrusively ask the birthday girl what she would like to receive. In this case, you do not have to puzzle over what you can give your mother for 55 years – you only need to find what you want;
  • Do not give a trinket to the hero of the day, the handed thing should carry value and benefit, and not be another unnecessary souvenir that will gather dust on the shelf;
  • When making a present with your own hands, try to make it efficiently and accurately so that it does not seem to be done in haste, but, on the contrary, expresses your reverent attitude towards your mother.

What is better not to give mom for her 55th birthday

It is obvious that every mother will be sincerely happy with any gift from her beloved child. However, it is better to avoid some presents so as not to cause negative emotions in the birthday girl. The list of such things includes:

  • A flower in a pot, a clock, a mirror, and everything to which we apply the expression “bad omen”;
  • Household items. Such presents will only once again remind a woman about her home routine on her holiday. The exception is things that the birthday girl wants herself;
  • Souvenirs, soft toys and cheap confectionery. These gifts are considered on duty, that is, those that can be purchased at any store and presented to any person. With such a gesture, you will show your mother your disrespect and unwillingness to work hard for her;
  • Any animal. Even if your family is very fond of animals, giving them without warning is a huge risk;
  • Alcohol. The presented product can be perceived by the hero of the day as a personal insult;
  • Expensive but useless gifts. We are talking about marble sculptures, fountain pens, expensive sets, etc. Of course, if your mother is a subtle aesthete, this option may be suitable, but in most cases such things simply do not find proper use;
  • Money. It is unlikely that a 55-year-old accomplished woman is experiencing financial difficulties. Even if there are still such problems, this present can cause offense, since it will only focus everyone’s attention on the unstable financial situation of the birthday girl;
  • Clothing and underwear. In most cases, the option is losing, since it is extremely difficult to find the right style and size. It would be better to give the hero of the day a certificate for the purchase of clothes in her favorite store.


When choosing a present for your mother for 55 years, do not try to pick up something too expensive or extravagant, believing that the birthday girl will like this gift more. In fact, a gift is just a way of expressing your feelings in a material shell. Even the most inexpensive and seemingly ordinary thing can cause a lot of positive emotions in the hero of the day if it is presented with love and from a pure heart.

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