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New 68 ideas of what to give a girl for 1 year old + 11 more gifts and Tips

The first birthday of a girl always brings a lot of emotions to both the guests and the parents themselves.

For many people, the question “what to give a girl for 1 year old?” turns out to be a real problem.

Below you will find a large list of gifts and recommendations on what to give a girl for a year.

TOP 68 ideas of what to give a girl for a year

  1. A modern model of a sled with soft covers and additional wheels that can be lowered in areas without snow (for a winter birthday girl).
  2. Ball (optional – inflatable, textile, rubber, wood or plastic).
  3. Tolokar with a musical horn (a machine that is set in motion with the help of the legs of a small driver when pushing off the floor).
  4. Wheelchair on a stick with musical and light effects.
  5. Dry pool (filled with plastic balls).
  6. Rocking chair in the form of a horse, zebra, donkey, etc..
  7. Hanging or floor swing.
  8. A set of soft cubes or a pyramid.
  9. Designer with large details.
  10. Sorter (a closed container for distributing figures according to some attribute – color, shape, size).
  11. Busyboard (a board on which various elements are fixed – an intercom handset, door handles, locks, switches, latches and much more).
  12. Interactive books that can independently tell the baby poems and fairy tales, as well as sing songs.
  13. Toy musical instruments (drum, tambourine, whistle, synthesizer, maracas, etc.).
  14. A dance mat that makes sounds when pressed with a foot.
  15. Play music table with multiple buttons that can be pressed one by one to let your child create their own tune.
  16. The doll and things for her – a bed, clothes, a stroller, dishes.
  17. Playhouse or wigwam in the children’s room.
  18. Glove puppets for games with theater elements.
  19. Toy phone.
  20. Night light in the form of a projector of the night sky.
  21. Training shoes (an analogue of adult shoes, with which the baby can quickly learn how to tie shoelaces and fasten Velcro).
  22. Children’s bowling.
  23. Height meter.
  24. Talking toys (the girl will repeat the words after them and thereby develop speech skills).
  25. A set of large figurines of animals, fruits, vegetables, etc. (may be soft or plastic).
  26. Floor mat-puzzle.
  27. Sound posters with letters, animals, birds or cartoon characters.
  28. Small home trampoline.
  29. Rubber jumpers in the form of animals.
  30. Development center.
  31. Children’s toothbrush and paste.
  32. A set of children’s dishes on suction cups.
  33. Non-spill drinker.
  34. Arena for games.
  35. Game table for creativity.
  36. Children’s play tent with a tunnel.
  37. Easel or magnetic board for drawing.
  38. A set of children’s cosmetics complete with cream and shampoo for the little ones.
  39. Children’s developing tablet.
  40. An interactive toy that can communicate with the owner.
  41. Electric car.
  42. A set of toys for playing in the sandbox.
  43. A set for a cast of the palm or heel of a baby.
  44. Big kaleidoscope.
  45. Lovely baby pajamas for sleeping.
  46. Children’s hat in the form of a funny animal (cat, fox, bunny).
  47. Chair for feeding, regulated by age.
  48. Children’s household appliances (iron, vacuum cleaner, stove).
  49. Mosaic with large details.
  50. Bed linen in delicate colors.
  51. Soft terry blanket for warmth.
  52. Speaking alphabet.
  53. Xylophone or metallophone.
  54. Bubble.
  55. Bathrobe.
  56. Twitch toys.
  57. Warmer toy.
  58. Headband or set of cute hair clips.
  59. Soft children’s slippers in the form of animals.
  60. Coloring book for the little ones.
  61. Squish is an anti-stress toy that returns to its original shape when crushed.
  62. Multicolored finger paints.
  63. Comforter – a toy for a birthday girl’s sweet dream.
  64. Ring toy.
  65. A robotic fish that swims when it comes into contact with water.
  66. Ionizer or air purifier in the nursery.
  67. Children’s musical spinning top.
  68. Matryoshka or tumbler.

What to give a child for a year (girl) for physical development

A one-year-old child is just starting to walk, so the development of physical abilities at this time becomes more important than ever. To strengthen the muscles of the baby will help special devices that turn this process into a game.

In addition to a positive effect on muscle development, they increase dexterity and improve coordination of movements. The list of such toys includes:

Tricycle . Giving your daughter, goddaughter or sister a gift of this kind for a year is a great idea, since children, as a rule, no longer let go of it. Having decided that you can give this present to a girl for 1 year, give preference to models with a special handle, with which parents can roll the girl.

A great addition to the unit will be various lighting and musical effects (for example, luminous wheels or a horn on the steering wheel) – children come to extraordinary delight from them;

Low home slide . When choosing what to give a girl for a year on her birthday, remember that some children love to ride downhill, while others are afraid of them. In both cases, your present will come in handy.

A brave baby will be able to have fun without leaving home, and a birthday girl who does not dare to master noisy outdoor playgrounds will gradually overcome her fear. A nice bonus from training on the hill will be the strengthening of the muscular frame;

Inflatable mini-pool .In search of a suitable idea, many people forget that kids and their parents spend most of their time on the street and that you can give a child for a year (a girl) something to spend time outside the home. The pool will find its place in the garden in the country and will become a child’s favorite place to relax and play in nature. When buying, it is better to give preference to options with low slides and a hinged roof, which will save the little summer resident from direct exposure to sunlight.

A great addition to the gift will be bright rubber toys, which can then be easily moved to the bathroom. Having decided to give such a unit to my daughter for a year, it is necessary to monitor compliance with safety regulations every time it is used.

We are talking about exercising control over the child by adults in the process of bathing and filling the pool with water only to an acceptable level. If it is a gift from a godmother or family friends, it is their job to warn parents of potential dangers;

Massage mat for games . Such rugs are also called orthopedic, because they allow the child to form a beautiful posture and correct gait, so there is no doubt about their usefulness and relevance for a one-year-old child.

This original massager will be able to replace the hands of a professional masseur, while giving the opportunity to continue to have fun during the game.

What to give a girl for 1 year (Birthday) to develop creative abilities

You can choose an original gift for a year for a girl, based on the need for his creative development. Even a one-year-old child is already a small creator, who just needs to be correctly directed, and then he will not be torn away from the new fun.

Among other things, the argument in favor of giving a girl something creative for 1 year old is the fact that such things develop fine motor skills, imaginative thinking, calm and organize the child.

So, a good decision would be to buy:

Safe plasticine or kinetic sand . Both ideas have many advantages: both plasticine and sand contribute to the development of fine motor skills of hands, spatial thinking, the formation of artistic taste and imagination in children.

Moreover, in the process of modeling, special points on the palms and fingers of the baby are massaged, which activates the brain and contributes to the development of speech and intelligence. In the end, a one-year-old child simply enjoys the process and gives mom the opportunity to do her own thing;

An easel for drawing . The idea of ​​​​what to give a child for a year if he likes creativity. A gift for a baby, for example, a sister for a year, should take into account the wishes of the birthday girl, and, as you know, the ultimate dream of many young children is to decorate the house with their artistic “masterpieces”.

Therefore, do not hesitate that giving a girl for a year such a device from a godmother or any other donor is the best solution that can keep the walls of her home untouched by the hand of the “master”. It is better to choose a double-sided model, on which you can draw with both crayons and markers.

In addition, having decided that you can give the girl an easel for a year, pay special attention to two important points: the stability of the structure and the presence of a stand for markers and crayons;

Water felt-tip pens and a special drawing mat .Parents can support the aspirations of other donors aimed at preserving the family home in its original form, and give their daughter a set of felt-tip pens for a year, which are easily washed off from any surface with water and soap.

Moreover, such a present will help to avoid damage to clothes, since stains from it can also be easily washed off. In the case of a small child who is not yet quite confident in holding objects in his hands, it is better to choose felt-tip pens with a hemispherical tip.

This will allow the baby to hold the felt-tip pen at any angle, and it will still draw and never push inward. As for the rug, its peculiarity lies in the fact that within a few hours the drawing applied with water felt-tip pens gradually fades and as a result disappears completely, which allows the little artist to start work anew.

What to give a girl for a year on her birthday as a keepsake

Many are sure that to give a girl for a year on her birthday you need such a present that will serve as a reminder of this important event for many years.

And indeed, such things become real family heirlooms, which grown-up birthday people show their children in a few decades.

If this point of view is close to you, and you are looking for what you can give a girl for 1 year old, we advise you to take a closer look at the following options:

Silver spoon . Such a present will be especially relevant from the godmother. You should not associate this little thing exclusively with the first tooth – this tradition has long been in the past. Today it is just a pleasant souvenir, on which the name of the hero of the occasion will be symbolically engraved. Moreover, by the age of one, the girl has already grown enough to eat not from a special children’s spoon, but with the help of a more “adult” cutlery, which, moreover, has bactericidal properties;

Gold jewelry – earrings, pendant, chain . Thanks to such a present, the first birthday will be warmly remembered by parents and the baby for many years, and after a while the product will pass from the birthday girl to her daughter or granddaughter, which makes it a real relic. Deciding to give a girl, a daughter of close friends or a sister a similar decoration for a year, you should take care of the safety of the girl: choose light, miniature round-shaped products without sharp elements and with reliable fasteners;

A painting based on a photograph of a baby . If it seems to you that giving a girl such a present for 1 year old is a brilliant idea, it is enough to send the artist a photograph of the birthday girl, the image from which he will transfer to the canvas. This creation will be a wonderful decoration for a child’s room and after many years will remind the girl’s parents what a baby she once was;

Photo session with a professional photographer . It is unlikely that the baby’s parents will give up the idea of ​​spending their daughter’s first birthday in the company of a person who will capture the happy moments of their family in honor of the holiday. The main thing is to warn them in advance about the upcoming event so that they have time to choose the right images for themselves and the baby, as well as get to know the photographer and find beautiful locations for shooting.

How to choose what to give a girl for 1 year

Find the correct answer to the question “what to give a child for a year (girl)?” It can only be done by taking a responsible approach. The responsibility in this case is to follow certain guidelines, which are as follows:

  • Contact only trusted stores with a good reputation, where they are ready to confirm the quality of products with the appropriate certificates. Remember that you can give a girl a birthday present only from good material, with neat seams and strong fasteners;
  • Try to surprise the baby – look for an original gift, a thing that the hero of the occasion has not seen before;
  • When choosing what to give a girl for a year, pay attention to the age for which the purchased product is intended. If things are marked, for example, “18 months. + ”, but you liked it and, in your opinion, will delight the birthday girl, be sure to warn her parents about this circumstance;
  • Remember that to give a daughter for a year or, for example, a goddaughter, you need something that matches her age and level of development. Thus, rattles or, on the contrary, a developing computer will be ignored by the girl;
  • If the present is not intended for your child, be sure to consult with the baby’s parents – perhaps the family already has the item you want to buy or is not, in their opinion, necessary;
  • Pay attention to the appearance of the item that you want to present to a one-year-old girl – it should evoke only positive emotions, not scare the child and not express aggression;
  • Accompany your gift with a pleasant addition for the girl’s parents, because for them this date is even more important than for the hero of the occasion herself;
  • Do not neglect gift wrapping – of course, the child will not even pay attention to such trifles, but parents will be pleased that so much effort has been put into the present for their beloved child.

What is better not to give a girl for 1 year

Recommendations on what to give a girl for a year are clear. However, there are options that are included in the so-called stop list, which means that it is better to refrain from them. These are the following presentations:

  • Soft toys (collect dust and, as a rule, do not arouse interest in babies due to their static nature);
  • Radio-controlled toys (their sharp sounds and movements can scare the child);
  • Toys with small details (such gifts for a girl for a year are not safe, as they are easy to swallow);
  • Excessively expensive things (if you are not in a very close relationship with the girl’s parents, an expensive present can put the family in an awkward position or even offend);
  • Too practical gifts, the value of which a child at the age of one will not understand (for example, a car seat, furniture, diapers, etc.);
  • Chocolate and other sweets (may provoke allergies).
In search of an answer to the question “what can I give a girl for 1 year old?”, It is important to remember that the main thing is to express love and attention to the child. Guided by this principle, you will find a thing that is really worthy and necessary for the baby, and also touch her parents with a reverent attitude towards their beloved child.

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