What to give a woman

573 gift ideas for a woman on her 60th birthday

60 years is a symbolic milestone, marking the onset of a new life stage, characterized by calmness and measuredness. At this age, women gain freedom from prejudices and imposed ideals and especially appreciate true feelings and warm relationships.

When choosing a gift for such a significant event, do not forget that the present must be aesthetic, necessary and effectively packaged. Make informed decisions and be sure to take into account the worldview, interests and lifestyle of the birthday girl – only in this case you will be able to make an appropriate and original surprise.

TOP 131 ideas of what to give a woman for 60 years

  1. fur coat
  2. Serving rack
  3. Kazan for pilaf
  4. portable weather station
  5. perpetual calendar
  6. wine aerator
  7. Preserved flowers in glass
  8. Multibaker
  9. Capsule coffee machine
  10. Album of reproductions
  11. Menagerie
  12. Biofireplace
  13. Charcoal grill
  14. Double boiler
  15. Bouquet of strawberries in chocolate and flowers
  16. Musical plant pot
  17. bonsai tree
  18. Nail Stamp Printer
  19. Comb with ionization
  20. Florarium
  21. Set of salad bowls
  22. Interior perfumery
  23. Electric crepe maker
  24. Silver water ionizer
  25. Window cleaning robot
  26. Cosmetic organizer
  27. barrel of honey
  28. Wine cabinet
  29. Deli Basket
  30. Multicooker
  31. Steam Mop
  32. dance mat
  33. Slippers with lights
  34. Digital camera
  35. Certificate for a beauty salon
  36. Heater
  37. Hairdryer with ionization and thermal protection
  38. Cheese set
  39. A bottle of wine produced in the year the birthday girl was born
  40. Laptop stand with cooling function
  41. Tablet
  42. Beach foldable bag-mat
  43. Karaoke system
  44. Reusable raincoat
  45. Unusual umbrella
  46. Cache-pot with automatic watering system
  47. Bedside lamp
  48. Manual coffee grinder
  49. ham
  50. Electric corkscrew
  51. Decorative pillows
  52. Apparatus for manicure and pedicure
  53. Water cooler
  54. Terry towel set
  55. Fashion bag/clutch
  56. Pillow-warmer
  57. Multistyler for hair
  58. yogurt maker
  59. Hanging balcony table
  60. woolen plaid
  61. Set for mulled wine
  62. drying lamp
  63. Plasma TV
  64. Leather gloves
  65. Suitcase on wheels
  66. French press
  67. Fur coat
  68. Set of electric brushes for cleaning
  69. Air ozonizer-ionizer
  70. Thermoglass-transformer
  71. air grill
  72. Blanket with sleeves
  73. Noodle cutting machine
  74. straw hat
  75. Gift Lotto/Checkers/Chess
  76. Fur vest
  77. creative photo session
  78. Moss living tree
  79. Set of plates
  80. catalytic heater
  81. Knitted fur mittens
  82. Waterproof portable speaker
  83. Banquet for legs
  84. smart garden
  85. Perfume atomizer
  86. Siphon for carbonated water
  87. Silk sleep mask
  88. porcelain tureen
  89. Ski resort ticket
  90. interactive globe
  91. Graphics tablet
  92. Honey pot
  93. Table mirror with LED light
  94. Set of food storage containers
  95. Serving table
  96. Home suit
  97. A set of elite tea/coffee varieties
  98. Long body pillow
  99. Family wall key holder
  100. Massage Slippers
  101. Ikornitsa
  102. Planner Notebook
  103. A set of watering cans for watering indoor plants
  104. Robot vacuum cleaner
  105. Fur hat
  106. Marble mortar and pestle
  107. Beverage dispenser
  108. Vertical clothes dryer
  109. Dish for pilaf handmade
  110. digital photo frame
  111. Electric curlers
  112. Electric grater-shredder
  113. Touch screen gloves
  114. Virtual reality glasses
  115. Furniture safe
  116. Certificate for a shoe / clothing store
  117. Jewelry made from natural stones
  118. Photoepilator
  119. Picnic set
  120. SPA certificate
  121. Jewelry holder
  122. Webcam
  123. personalized pen
  124. Breakfast tray table in bed
  125. Bluetooth Key Finder Keychain
  126. silk robe
  127. Electric meat grinder
  128. Set of professional makeup brushes
  129. Dressing table
  130. Subscribe to your favorite periodical
  131. Set for carving and canapes

Original gifts for a woman for 60 years

If you want to pleasantly surprise the birthday girl and give her a gift that she will remember with a smile for many years to come, we offer you a list of non-trivial ideas:

Bordeaux vine rental certificate.  Give the birthday girl vines in the famous wine-growing province of France for one harvest. A sign with the name of the hero of the day will be placed on the site she rented, and she will be able to observe the work that will be carried out on the site in a special blog. After the harvest, the lady will witness the birth of her wine, which she will spend 1.5 years in oak barrels, and then will be bottled with personalized labels and sent to her address. By the way, the design of labels can be developed independently.

Panel made of natural stone with personalized engraving.  An original and unique present will be a wonderful decoration of the room, it will fit perfectly into any interior and will invariably attract the eyes of the hostess and her guests.

Cake made to order.  The zest and exclusivity of such an ordinary delicacy will be given by an individual design and details that reflect the character and hobbies of the birthday girl, her portrait or figurine and a personal congratulatory inscription.

Also an original present will serve:

  • desktop rock garden;
  • mood calendar;
  • weather forecaster;
  • porcelain landline;
  • decorative wall mask;
  • chocolate fountain;
  • carpet made of natural materials;
  • deluxe edition of the Bible/Quran;
  • Galileo’s thermometer;
  • aquafarm;
  • cooking stone;
  • a set of incense with a stand;
  • money tree from gems;
  • a set for making coffee on the sand;
  • electric samovar;
  • vintage powder box;
  • foot hammock;
  • fondue set;
  • a set of dishes for the tea ceremony;
  • retro filmoscope with selection of tapes;
  • led window curtain
  • vinyl player;
  • set for making cocktails;
  • designer boots with a pattern.

Useful gifts for a woman for 60 years

Practical gifts are a win-win option for any celebration. The main thing is to know what the birthday girl needs and what will be useful for her. We offer you the most popular gift ideas for pragmatic persons:

Ecovisor.  This indispensable device combines the functions of four devices and allows you to measure the level of nitrates in vegetables and fruits, check the background radiation, control the accumulated dose of radiation and measure electromagnetic fields. Thanks to this ecovisor, the birthday girl can easily determine the quality of food, determine the hardness of water and check the filter’s performance.

Smart toothbrush.  The gadget is designed for professional cleaning of the oral cavity and is able to completely clean the teeth from plaque. Ideal for people with sensitive gums and teeth. It has 4 modes of operation, which allows you to choose the most comfortable cleaning.

Wrist watch.  If the lady is not superstitious, give her a quality wrist watch in a stylish design. Such an accessory never goes out of fashion and allows you to find out the time without removing your mobile phone from the bowels of a women’s handbag.

Ultrabook.  A stylish and high-status gadget with a low weight (up to 2 kg) and a thickness (up to 2 cm) will delight the birthday girl with excellent performance, ease of use and will become her indispensable assistant on travel and business trips.

In addition, the hero of the day can be presented with the following useful gifts:

  • electric blanket;
  • smart pen;
  • video peephole for the front door;
  • a set of luxury bed linen;
  • table service;
  • computer chair;
  • sewing machine;
  • thermal pot;
  • external battery;
  • steam generator;
  • manicure set;
  • flashlight-stun gun;
  • smartphone;
  • cutlery set;
  • dishwasher;
  • bladeless fan;
  • magnetic board on the refrigerator;
  • backlit keyboard;
  • split system;
  • table lamp;
  • washing machine with drying function;
  • a ticket to a rest house / sanatorium;
  • stand for indoor plants;
  • laser printer;
  • set of satellite television;
  • multifunctional iron;
  • duvet;
  • electric can opener;
  • organizer for storing clothes;
  • freezer;
  • repair in the apartment / house;
  • country cottage area.

Inexpensive gifts with taste for a woman for 60 years

Each person may be invited to an anniversary not at the best of their financial times. However, you should not refuse the invitation. It is quite possible to choose an interesting and suitable gift at an affordable price. It could be:

Wish Pearl.  Give the birthday girl a little fairy tale by presenting such a gift and giving her the opportunity to make a wish. The pearl is located exactly in the shell in which it was born and raised, while no one knows what color it is. And the color is just the key to the fulfillment of desire.

Desktop design maker.  If the hero of the day is having difficulty deciding what to send this or that amount to, a funny device for making financial decisions will help her with the options: “in business”, “to the bank”, “to shares”, “under the pillow”, “in real estate”, “in a casino”, “in yourself”, “in taxes”.

The birthday girl will also be pleased with:

  • French press;
  • a set of handmade chocolates;
  • bag holder;
  • a set of handkerchiefs with the monogram of the hero of the day;
  • trolley bag;
  • glasses case;
  • copper Turk;
  • personalized chocolate card;
  • document storage box;
  • apron with a cool print;
  • a mug with a temperature sensor;
  • stand for remotes;
  • geysers and bath bombs;
  • a set of massage oils;
  • waterproof case for smartphone;
  • pillow-toy antistress;
  • bath set;
  • kupyurnitsa-box;
  • original computer mouse with a rug for it;
  • nominal diary;
  • laptop bag;
  • table bell;
  • stand for rings;
  • soft curlers.
  • heated lunch box;
  • manual mill for spices;
  • selfie monopod;
  • a set of photo frames;
  • tea pair.

Memorable pleasant gifts for a woman for 60 years

With age, any person becomes more sentimental and is very sensitive to memorable and sincere presents. For him, the most important thing is society and the support of relatives and friends. Therefore, absolutely any, not necessarily expensive, thing can become a memorable gift, especially if it is engraved with a personal engraving or photograph of the birthday girl or her relatives. A memorable gift can be presented both separately and in addition to the main one. Best ideas:

Family coat of arms.  You can entrust the creation of the coat of arms to professionals or design it yourself. But in any case, creating such a unique symbol, you will need to rely on family traditions and relics. If you know your pedigree, what kind of family your family belongs to and what outstanding personalities were among your ancestors, you can easily create the appropriate symbolism.

Picture from amber.  As you know, amber is a source of health and longevity. It has a positive effect on human bioenergetics, attracts wealth and good luck to homes, and drives away ill-wishers. Aesthetic and durable picture can become a family heirloom of the birthday girl and will be passed down from generation to generation. It is not afraid of dust, moisture, or sunlight and does not change its original appearance throughout the entire period of existence.

Family calendar.  An indispensable assistant will remind the birthday girl and her household of all family holidays and birthdays of relatives. This is an excellent and original gift that will appeal to the most capricious lady and will help her not to forget about solemn events.

In addition, the following presents will help preserve memorable memories:

  • gold bar;
  • picture from amber;
  • photoplead;
  • congratulatory wall newspaper;
  • video greetings from friends and family;
  • coin with the profile of the hero of the day;
  • genealogical book;
  • wall family tree;
  • portrait of a birthday girl, made from a photograph;
  • set of onyx glasses;
  • gilded cup holder;
  • panels for photographs;
  • voice picture;
  • a table clock;
  • photo collage;
  • nominal icon;
  • casket made of natural stone/ivory;
  • decorative pillows with family photos;
  • souvenir award (medal, diploma);
  • personalized bathrobe.

Impressions as a gift

Undoubtedly, the success of the gift will depend on the impression it makes on the birthday girl, so you can move away from the material and choose one of the following options, not forgetting to take into account the state of health, hobbies and character of the hero of the day:

  • certificate for a nominal star in the sky;
  • travel to an exotic country;
  • family dinner in a restaurant with good cuisine;
  • congratulations in the local media;
  • excursion around the native city with a personal guide;
  • a master class related to the hobby of the hero of the day;
  • horse riding;
  • a trip to the carnival / bullfighting / safari;
  • idol’s autograph;
  • driving school certificate
  • family weekend at the recreation center;
  • theater premiere tickets;
  • river / sea cruise;
  • family quest;
  • visiting the room of rage;
  • certificate for cleaning services;
  • yacht trip;
  • swimming with dolphins;
  • karting race;
  • congratulations on a billboard;
  • secret organization of the anniversary celebration;
  • balloon flight;
  • fireworks;
  • certificate for training courses of interest;
  • extreme driving lesson;
  • dress tailoring certificate;
  • subscription to museums;
  • tickets for a cultural event (exhibition, ballet, concert);
  • a song performed by relatives in honor of the birthday girl;
  • tasting of alcoholic drinks or exotic dishes from a famous chef.

Gifts for health

The onset of the silver age requires the birthday girl to have a more reverent attitude towards her health. Therefore, gifts that help prolong the activity of a lady will be more than ever welcome. If you decide to present something from this industry, pay attention to the following options:

Massage chair.  A chic gift will allow the birthday girl at any time to feel the delights of several massage techniques at once: vibration, exotic shiatsu technique, Swedish massage and roller impact. The high-tech device is controlled by a remote control and helps to normalize the general condition of the body and tone the muscles.

Magnet to remove fat while cooking.  It is no secret that heavy meals provoke the appearance of excess weight and cause poor health. This device will allow you to avoid many diseases and reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, in a matter of seconds, removing the fat layer from the surface of the soup or side dish.

The following devices will also help maintain the health of the birthday girl:

  • salt lamp;
  • subscription to the pool;
  • robot massager;
  • smart scales;
  • gymnastic stick with expanders;
  • raclette;
  • darsonval;
  • portable sterilizer;
  • multi-stage filter for water purification;
  • air quality monitor;
  • set for Nordic walking;
  • fitness bracelet;
  • a set of herbal preparations;
  • hot tub for feet;
  • compression massager;
  • juicer;
  • pillow «Beauty Sleep»
  • facial sauna;
  • irrigator;
  • Insoles heated;
  • a set of essential oils for a bath;
  • air washer;
  • portable USB blender;
  • acupuncture massage mat;
  • orthopedic mattress with memory effect;
  • humidifier;
  • home exercise machine;
  • heart rate watch;
  • massage cape on the chair;
  • nitrate tester;
  • mechanical massager made of natural wood.

beauty gifts

At any age, a woman wants to look spectacular and beautiful, and therefore gifts that can support her luxurious appearance will be accepted with special gratitude. The main thing, in this case, is to follow certain rules and refrain from donating things that hint at respectable years.


For a lady who does not deny herself makeup, a set of high-quality decorative cosmetics will be a very relevant gift. It is worth considering that the main difficulty of such a presentation is guessing the right shades. Alternatively, on the eve of the celebration, you can arrange a campaign for the hero of the day to the makeup artist, who will make the right make-up and select the appropriate shades of lipstick, foundation, powder and blush. It is on this data that you will need to rely on when choosing.

Also, the birthday girl, for sure, will like:

  • hydrogel patches with diamond powder;
  • certificate to a cosmetics store;
  • a set of winter cosmetics for the body;
  • cosmetics with gold particles;
  • means for night face care;
  • a set of Korean serums in capsules;
  • sunscreen;
  • a set of cloth face masks;
  • a set of products for skin care;
  • series of cosmetics with black caviar extract.

Beauty treatments

It is well known that with age, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness and needs more thorough care. That is why the beauty services of a beauty salon will never be superfluous for any woman. The most popular procedures for ladies of silver age:

  • thermal lifting;
  • floating
  • mesotherapy;
  • botox;
  • plasmolifting;
  • laser skin resurfacing;
  • photorejuvenation;
  • various wraps and massages;
  • peeling;
  • elos rejuvenation;
  • biorevitalization;
  • contour plastic;
  • RF-lifting;
  • SPRS therapy.


Choosing perfume as a gift and not knowing the preferences of the birthday girl, the probability of buying something is too high. If you want to present such a present, take a closer look at the spirits of the hero of the day or ask her directly what perfume lines she prefers. Do not forget: perfumes should be of high quality and expensive, and not a crude fake or a cheap replica. The most popular fragrances for ladies of this age:

Coco Eau de Parfum Chanel is a legendary luxurious oriental fragrance with contrasting notes slowly gaining strength.

YSL Opium is a brand new evening fragrance that pays tribute to the great couturier’s oriental beauty and sensuality, hinting at passion and sorcery.

Eaudemoiselle de Givenchy is a relatively new floral fragrance that has quickly conquered ladies’ noses and hearts. It sounds with tones of musk and ylang-ylang, has a daring and ambitious disposition.

Lanvin Eclat d’Arpege pour Femme – most women are impressed by the freshness and tenderness of this fragrance, reminiscent of the spring awakening of nature.

Demeter Fragrance Library – A feature of American perfumers are mono-aromas, that is, fragrances with one note, but their number is so large that you can easily create a personal perfume for daily wear.

In addition, when choosing a lady’s perfume for her 60th birthday, you should heed these recommendations:

  • vanilla and citrus notes are relevant for women under 40;
  • warm aromas are suitable for winter, fresh, oceanic ones for spring;
  • a lady of elegant age should not be given cheap perfumes;
  • fragrance for a woman over 60 should be multifaceted, complex and noble.

It is also worth considering that often people like the perfume that was popular during their youth. For this reason, you should take a closer look and sniff the following aromas:

  • Lancome Climate;
  • Lancome Black Magic;
  • Chanel №5;
  • Yves Saint Laurent Cinema;
  • Byredo 1996 Inez & Vinoodh;
  • Givenchy Organza.


When choosing accessories for an elderly lady, first of all, you should pay attention only to high-quality and interesting products made from natural materials. It could be:

  • silk scarf;
  • cashmere tippet;
  • designer hair ornaments;
  • leather belt/belt;
  • precious metal eyeglass chain;
  • author’s pocket housekeeper;
  • leather wallet/cardholder;
  • natural wool poncho;
  • fur muff for hands;
  • openwork downy scarf;
  • expensive quality jewelry.

Gifts for the interior

Any person tries to create comfort in the house in which he lives. Women do it more zealously and subtly. You can help them in this important matter by donating the following items:

  • vertical gardening system;
  • indoor plant;
  • convection oven;
  • dream catcher;
  • picture with Swarovski crystals;
  • aroma diffuser;
  • photo frame with slideshow function;
  • a piggy bank for wine corks;
  • a set of bath mats;
  • a pair of candelabra;
  • original door mat
  • screen for the room;
  • composition of sea stones and mountain minerals;
  • floor hanger mannequin;
  • cocoon chair;
  • countertop that matches the design of the room;
  • outdoor ikebana;
  • a set of curtains;
  • floor vase
  • talisman “Music of the wind”;;
  • textile tablecloth with napkins;
  • 3D night light;
  • mini bar;
  • LED picture;
  • newspaper case;
  • make-up mirror.

Gifts for the garden

The happy owner of her own house or summer cottage will surely be pleased with the following gifts:

  • plastic / galvanized flower bed;
  • belt bag for tools;
  • ultrasonic trap for repelling rodents;
  • seedlings of rare plants;
  • juicer;
  • tree house;
  • greenhouse / greenhouse;
  • tandoor;
  • forged shop;
  • garden wheelbarrow;
  • autoclave for canning;
  • garden figurines;
  • lounge chair;
  • tent;
  • smokehouse;
  • garden composter;
  • frame pool;
  • Summer shower;
  • battery sprayer;
  • fire bowl;
  • Garden swing;
  • door handle knocker;
  • wood splitter;
  • garden lamp-torch;
  • weather vane;
  • walk-behind tractor;
  • drip irrigation system;
  • a set of garden tools;
  • phytolamp for indoor plants and seedlings;
  • insect trap;
  • wicker garden furniture.

Hobby Presents

For pet owner

  • pet carrier;
  • house-transformer;
  • lapomoyka;
  • address book;
  • luminous leash;
  • designer lounger;
  • rocking chair with a lower tier for a pet;
  • drinking fountain;
  • interactive bowl for small dogs;
  • automatic cat toilet;
  • game complex;
  • cooling bed;
  • battery hammock;
  • dog umbrella;
  • nose balm;
  • ball catapult;
  • car seat belt for dogs;
  • toy with a cord;
  • soap bubbles with the scent of bacon;
  • gadget for communicating with a pet at a distance.

For the needlewoman

  • painting by numbers;
  • row counter;
  • dummy;
  • tablet for reading diagrams;
  • needle bed;
  • mini iron;
  • interesting scheme for embroidery;
  • needlework organizer;
  • overlock;
  • tweezers with a magnifying glass and backlight;
  • bowl for yarn;
  • flexible knitting needles;
  • a bouquet of skeins of yarn;
  • knitting machine;
  • storage baskets;
  • machine for embossing and cutting;
  • table with a magnifying glass for embroidery;
  • spinner for beads;
  • tailor’s scissors;
  • hoop-frame.

For the Reader

  • a wooden box stylized as a bookcase;
  • “floating” bookshelves;
  • Trolley for books;
  • Pillow stand;
  • Bookmark-backlight;
  • Armchair with bookshelves;
  • Literary quest;
  • A set of antibooks;
  • phone case in the form of a book;
  • book-scented candles;
  • electronic book;
  • a table for reading books in the bathroom;
  • scratch card “100 books”;
  • book holders;
  • portable reading lamp;
  • reading glasses lying down;
  • bookcase;
  • guide to the best books in the world;
  • stand lamp;
  • flower pot book;
  • book miniature editions;
  • reading pillow.

Cooking fan

  • measuring spoon with display;
  • planetary mixer;
  • kitchen scales;
  • string for cutting cakes;
  • cream injector;
  • a set of bowls;
  • cooking thermometer;
  • kitchen hood;
  • a set of dishes for baking;
  • bread machine;
  • set for sauces and oils;
  • grater with a tray;
  • vacuum cleaner for products;
  • wooden curly rolling pin;
  • marmite;
  • recipe book;
  • gastronomic bouquet;
  • food processor;
  • dish for pancakes with a lid;
  • electric knife sharpener;
  • a set of pots / pans;
  • fruit and vegetable dehydrator
  • cake pan;
  • waffle maker;
  • set for making rolls and sushi
  • container for punch and fruit salads;
  • a set of cocottes for julienne.

Gifts for relaxation for a woman at 60 years old

Sometimes you really want to get distracted and find yourself in a different, fabulous world. Give the birthday girl something that will help her relax a little. For example:

Night light-projector “Ocean Waves”.  An unusual device scatters the light of the ocean on the ceiling and walls of the room, accompanying this action with the sound of the ocean. The night light has volume control, touch control, remote control and can be used as a speaker to play any music.

Aroma pen.  An extraordinary gift for those who still write with their hands. A capsule filled with natural aromatic substances is hidden in the body of the pen: coffee beans, mint leaves, lavender flowers and more. The smell is active for 12 months. The pen is sold in an elegant frame or a beautiful bag.

Musical instrument “Sound of the brook”.  Rotating, this device fills the room with the sound of water: rivers, sea waves, rain and mountain streams. Gorgeous and stylish gift.

Presents for sports for a woman for 60 years

For a birthday girl who leads a healthy lifestyle and is fond of sports, you can give:

  • yoga mat;
  • fitball;
  • thermal underwear set;
  • cooling sports towel;
  • dumbbells;
  • jump rope with a jump counter;
  • swimming set;
  • bike;
  • wireless headphones;
  • sport gloves;
  • mini-stepper;
  • comfortable shoes;
  • skis;
  • balance board;
  • health disc;
  • orthopedic insoles for sneakers;
  • fitness membership;
  • illuminated water bottle;
  • phone bag;
  • expander;
  • sports bag;
  • a set of fitness rubber bands;
  • quality clothes for classes;
  • wristbands and a headband.

Presents for car lady

Avid motorists will love the following presents:

  • pillow in the car with a cool inscription;
  • trunk organizer;
  • nominal autoframe;
  • ionic air purifier;
  • video recorder;
  • compressor;
  • wiper blades;
  • smartphone holder;
  • parking system;
  • mittens;
  • auto-shovel;
  • heated scraper;
  • car multitool;
  • certificate for dry cleaning of the salon;
  • car mug heated from the cigarette lighter;
  • car vacuum cleaner;
  • baby car seat;
  • heated seat covers;
  • card holder-organizer with visor attachment;
  • anti-radar;
  • seat organizer pocket;
  • cover for autodocuments;
  • rugs made of waterproof foam polymer;
  • driving glasses;
  • roadside assistance certificate.

Presents to a colleague for 60 years

At the age of 60, many women continue to work, and some go on a well-deserved rest. In both cases, a gift from colleagues should be memorable, solid and original. In addition, it does not hurt to prepare a letter or written gratitude for good work. We offer you options for presents that the hero of the day will like:

  • desktop writing set;
  • figurine corresponding to the profession of the birthday girl;
  • levitating plant;
  • flower vase;
  • engraved wall clock;
  • reproduction of a famous painting;
  • desktop organizer for stationery;
  • rice porcelain tea set;
  • fountain pen;
  • topiary;
  • decorative waterfall;
  • a set of stamps with comic resolutions;
  • reusable diary;
  • chic cover;
  • watch with flip dial;
  • a single glass of author’s work;
  • photo album with joint pictures;
  • tiered jewelry box.

Gifts from acquaintances to a woman on her 60th birthday

If you are among those invited to the 60th birthday of an unfamiliar woman, try to choose something neutral and not very expensive as a gift, so as not to oblige the birthday girl. Ideal gift options are:

Wall clock with a hiding place.  An original and functional gift. An outwardly inconspicuous watch will never reveal the secret of the mistress, and hardly anyone will guess what is actually stored in their depths. And they can store everything that the birthday girl puts in them.

Eye Massager.  This unique invention, thanks to vibration and pneumomassage in the eye area, will relieve signs of fatigue and puffiness, slow down the withering process and maintain visual acuity.

Garden hammock.  Almost all ladies by the age of 60 are owners of summer cottages. In this case, a garden hammock will be an excellent gift, which will turn your stay in the country into a real vacation.

DIY gifts for a woman for 60 years

If you want to give a truly original and exclusive gift, create it yourself. In any case, the birthday girl will appreciate your attention, but keep in mind that an inaccurately made thing can be put away in the closet.

Homemade pendant

If you decide to make a pendant for a lady, boundless horizons of ideas open up before you. He can store anything in himself. The product is made quite simply, and the blank for it can be purchased on the open spaces of specialized Internet sites.

Tiffany style vase

Materials:  transparent glass vase, stained glass paints.

Progress:  trust your imagination and turn a faceless vessel into a real masterpiece. As an ornament, you can use recognizable brand patterns: dragonfly, wisteria and apple flowers.

Set of original sofa cushions

If you have basic sewing skills, it will not be difficult for you to make such interior items. Keep in mind that original pillows can be obtained if you combine a variety of techniques.

Knitted or crochet shawl

A handmade lady can knit a shawl for the birthday girl by choosing her favorite shades of yarn.

Batik handkerchief

This is a very expensive gift for true fashionistas.

Image from pins, threads

Materials:  base board, pattern template, office pins, paper, thick thread, glue, scissors.

Progress:  glue the board with paper and attach a template to it. Poke pins into the board along the outline of the template so that their heads are on the same level. Wind the thread around the pins in random order until you get a tight mesh.

Shell decoration

Materials:  shells, adhesive tape, fishing line, drill, scissors.

Progress of work:  drill holes in the shells, after sticking a square of adhesive tape in the place of drilling, so as not to split the shell. String the shells on the line. The decoration is ready.

Candy pineapple and a bottle of wine, champagne

Materials:  candies in a golden wrapper, green paper or real pineapple leaves, a bottle of champagne, scissors, ribbon, postcard, glue.

Progress of work:  glue the bottle tightly with sweets and attach paper or real leaves to the top. Sign the card and tie it with a ribbon to the pineapple.

Also, the birthday girl will appreciate if you present her with such hand-made gifts:

  • candy marshmallow bouquet;
  • birthday cake;
  • candy horseshoe;
  • painted dishes;
  • plaid made in the technique of patchwork;
  • cosmetic bag / bag;
  • wicker baskets for storage or harvesting.

What flowers to give for the 60th anniversary

Of course, for such a solemn event, a lady needs to be presented with a bouquet. Flower arrangement can be framed in kraft paper, transparent film, hat box, basket or even ice. In honor of the 60th anniversary, the following flowers would be appropriate:

Peonies are a symbol of purity, love and richness of feelings.

A composition of chrysanthemums, spray roses and carnations will communicate your affection and gratitude.

Gerberas with lilies and freesias will indicate pure thoughts and devotion.

Flowers for wife:

Roses of red and pink shades are royal flowers.

Orchid – a declaration of love. Different varieties in one bouquet indicate the palette of feelings that the birthday girl evokes in you.

Daisies and gerberas are family flowers that speak of tenderness between spouses.

Flowers for a colleague/girlfriend:

Orchid and iris symbolize eternal friendship and respect.

Tulips are a talisman of financial well-being and good luck.

Dahlias are the perfect flower for persistent and strong-willed women.

Callas emphasize the status of the birthday girl and her significance.

What is better not to give a woman on her 60th birthday

In order not to spoil the holiday and the mood of the hero of the day, you need to know what you should not give:

  • items of personal wardrobe and hygiene;
  • Underwear;
  • medications;
  • pharmacy certificates;
  • T-shirts with funny inscriptions;
  • too complicated technique to use;
  • money;
  • pets;
  • counterfeits of famous brands;
  • very expensive and very cheap things;
  • alcoholic beverages and tobacco products;
  • piercing and cutting objects;
  • inappropriate gifts;
  • trinkets;
  • used items.

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