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TOP 124 ideas What you can give a Boy for 14 years +40 gifts and Tips

When the day of the 14th anniversary of your son, brother or friend is approaching, you are lost in conjectures and thoughts, what to give a boy for 14 years? In our collection of ideas, you will find a hundred correct answers that a guy of 14 years old will like.

When choosing a surprise, keep in mind that the hero of the occasion has already matured. He has his own views on life, his own character, he has formed his own range of interests. All this will tell you what you can give a boy for 14 years. There is only a little left: be attentive to the hobbies, actions and words of a teenager.

We offer you a wide range of options for what to give a child for 14 years to a boy.

Here you will find high-tech toys, fun and sports offerings. And, of course, it will not do without stylish accessories and hype things!

Don’t miss the chance to make the best gift for a guy on the eve of his 14th birthday!

TOP 124 ideas What can I give a guy for his 14th birthday

  1. Wireless headphones.
  2. City backpack.
  3. Electronic notepad.
  4. Virtual reality glasses.
  5. Gyroscooter.
  6. Mechanics Galileo.
  7. A guitar stand will suit a classmate who is learning to play this stringed instrument.
  8. Telescope.
  9. Magnifying jar for catching and studying insects. In this case, not a single living being will suffer!
  10. Twister.
  11. Bottle holder for a bicycle.
  12. Jumpers.
  13. Harmonica.
  14. Balanceboard.
  15. Wall aquarium.
  16. A stylish sports bag will appeal to your son if he is passionate about any sport.
  17. Antigravity machine. In racing, as well as in “war games”, the guys will never stop playing!
  18. Umbrella in the form of a gun.
  19. Metal detector. What kid doesn’t dream of finding treasure?
  20. Kettlebells with a fun design.
  21. Backgammon or handmade chess.
  22. Smart watch.
  23. Runaway alarm clock or alarm clock with a target.
  24. Electric scooter.
  25. External hard drive.
  26. An XBox or Nintendo game console, by the way, will also work.
  27. Electroskate.
  28. Berge lamp.
  29. JBL Boombox portable acoustics is suitable for a relative as a gift if he loves music.
  30. Gamepad or steering wheel.
  31. Boxing gloves and a punching bag.
  32. The Ring of Omnipotence will be appreciated not only by movie fans.
  33. Microscope.
  34. Survival kit.
  35. Table hockey, football or even golf will appeal to a sports guy.
  36. Fins, mask and earplugs.
  37. A model of a motorcycle, car or ship will be appreciated by a dreamer, traveler and romantic.
  38. Passport cover. She will be the first in the life of the birthday boy. He will never forget this little thing!
  39. Penny board.
  40. Roller Skates.
  41. Pen with invisible ink.
  42. Radio controlled buggy.
  43. Walkie-talkie.
  44. Scratch map of the world.
  45. Levitating photo frame.
  46. Camera.
  47. T-shirt with equalizer.
  48. Predatory plant.
  49. DJ controller.
  50. Battery case for smartphone.
  51. Electronic piggy bank.
  52. Ski mask.
  53. Rollersurf.
  54. Electronic drum trainer.
  55. Eternal match.
  56. Hammock with mosquito net.
  57. Electronic skipping rope with calorie counter. Who said that only girls care about their appearance?
  58. Voice picture.
  59. Toilet golf. This gift is suitable only for a close friend with a great sense of humor.
  60. Manual fan.
  61. Stainless steel soap.
  62. Device for ironing linen Mister Steamy. This device will help turn a boring process into an exciting game.
  63. Ceiling bike holder.
  64. Housekeeper.
  65. Wireless charger.
  66. Headlamp or camping lantern. What about tent pegs with lights?
  67. A foldable tablet stand or selfie stick will come in handy for a young blogger.
  68. Premium quality fountain pen.
  69. Inflatable sofa.
  70. Jewelry with a stone-talisman of a guy according to the zodiac sign.
  71. Basketball hoop.
  72. Fire blanket.
  73. Headphones with built-in player.
  74. home planetarium.
  75. Bicycle alarm.
  76. Frisbee disc.
  77. Stylish belt.
  78. Rollers or skates.
  79. Football, volleyball or basketball.
  80. Bicycle (walking, racing, road).
  81. Home sports simulator.
  82. Digital pen.
  83. Yandex. Station.
  84. Electronic book.
  85. Gamepad.
  86. Action camera.
  87. Sports complex.
  88. Board game (backgammon, checkers or chess).
  89. Acoustic guitar.
  90. Miniature billiards, football or hockey.
  91. Multifunctional folding knife (useful for hiking and will be the envy of peers).
  92. Flexible synthesizer.
  93. Stick and puck.
  94. Model of military equipment.
  95. Keyboard vacuum cleaner.
  96. A set of growing pencils.
  97. Night-vision device.
  98. Ant farm.
  99. Set for experiments.
  100. Bag chair.
  101. Game steering wheel and pedals.
  102. Apparatus for making popcorn.
  103. Spyglass.
  104. Dumbbell set.
  105. Luminous shoelace.
  106. pen-scanner.
  107. Clock-weather station with a projector.
  108. Notebook in leather cover and with interchangeable blocks.
  109. home planetarium.
  110. Laser or LED lighting for the bike.
  111. A set for burning or cutting wood.
  112. Set of a young magician.
  113. Flint.
  114. Electric Toothbrush.
  115. Cycling gloves.
  116. Phone holder for running.
  117. Memory foam pillow.
  118. Set for playing tennis or badminton.
  119. Kite or boomerang.
  120. Fashionable baseball cap.
  121. Mannequin for working out blows.
  122. Compass.
  123. Press bench.
  124. Pedometer.

Original gifts for a boy for 14 years

When choosing a present for your nephew, do not be stingy. When you give a unique thing, it gives rise to positive emotions that are so important to the birthday man!

What gifts will please the guy who is about to receive a passport? For a birthday at 14, you can give:

WT Plus Translator Headset by Timekettle . The technical novelty of 2019 brings the future closer to us. When the interlocutors do not know each other’s language, they will be able to understand each other. Provided that they use this device. This device will be a great assistant for a guy traveling around the world.

Capsule coffee machine . If you find a balance between price and quality, then the hero of the occasion will surely take this car with him into adulthood from his parental home. Even if he is not a desperate coffee drinker.

Robust lantern . Although it is better to call it a “multi-tool”. It hides everything you need to survive in harsh conditions far from civilization. Well, or after the invasion of zombies or White Walkers.

Monowheel . An excellent replacement for a bicycle if a guy wants to have a personal and easy-to-use transport now, and not in 4-5 years.

Bracelet Embr Wave . This is a personal thermostat. He will warm the birthday boy when he is cold, and refresh when it gets too hot. How this device works, find out in detail on the manufacturer’s website.

Since teenagers constantly change interests and hobbies, finding an impressive present is not an easy task. But in this category, you are guaranteed to be able to pick up an original gift for a 14-year-old boy. These are universal and popular things that the birthday boy will certainly appreciate.

Solar constructor . The best gift for a 14-year-old boy who is fond of robotics and construction. This is not only an interesting toy.

The constructor can be assembled according to the presented sample, so that later you can watch it, play out your own scenarios. The assembly process does not take much time, it is a very exciting and informative activity.

The boy will learn to work with drawings, perseverance and accuracy. The assembled car or robot moves funny when something shines on them, so it does not need to be charged.

Predator plant. The most common plant that can be grown at home is the Venus Flytrap. The plant has gained its popularity due to its exotic appearance. It loves to eat insects and arachnids.

Uses its leaves as a trap. You can keep the plant on the windowsill, the main thing is that there is sunlight for 4-5 hours. It blooms for a couple of weeks in spring and summer.

For this plant, you do not need to fertilize the soil, as long as there are traps, you need to feed it a few flies, they will serve as nutrients. This is an unusual idea of ​​​​what to give a child for 14 years.

Digital backpack. It is equipped with a LED display, on which you can update the picture as you wish. It does this with the help of a special application that is installed on the phone.

The backpack is made of dense water-repellent nylon fabric. It is shockproof and powered by Power Bank, which lasts for 12 hours. The product is made in a strict design. A great gift for DR, the backpack looks very stylish and modern, suitable for any look.

Pen with hidden video camera. Almost every boy dreams of becoming a spy and you have the opportunity to fulfill his desire. This is a good gift for a 14 year old boy.

With such a pen, you can discreetly take photos, record sound and video. Many teenagers at this age maintain their own blogs, pages on the Internet, so such a thing can become a real lifesaver for them.

It can be safely placed in a breast pocket, it does not attract attention, and its management is thought out to the smallest detail.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas

If you do not have an impressive budget, do not rush to be upset. An inexpensive gift does not mean a bad one. Here are the best ideas for what to give a boy for 14 years. Seeing any of these gifts, the birthday man will not even think about its value.

Tripod for phone with remote control. An essential accessory for a teenager who dreams of being a professional photographer, as well as for selfie lovers. Flexible legs allow you to fix the device in the desired position, you can control it remotely.

This is very convenient and greatly expands the functionality of a phone or tablet.

Before you buy a device, pay attention to the height and adjustment, mounting methods. The boy will definitely appreciate your gift and will use it with pleasure.

Magnetic darts. This toy can be attached anywhere and not be afraid that the sharp tips will damage the door or other pieces of furniture. Darts are equipped with powerful magnets that are well attached to the target.

The advantage of such darts is that at any time you can roll it up, put it in a tube and take it with you on the road, travel, nature. A good option is what to give a boy for his 14th birthday, as this game develops attention and concentration, accuracy, patience, observation.

Leg hammock . A practical and inexpensive thing that will certainly please the boy. Teenagers spend a lot of time at the computer: studying or just playing. The hammock is easily mounted in two positions, allowing you to relax and unwind as much as possible.

By improving blood flow, the teenager will be less tired, will be able to get rid of many problems with posture and the spine. Do not hesitate and get this gift if you still have not decided what to give a 14-year-old boy.

Practical gifts that you can give for your 14th birthday

The choice of useful gifts is huge, but you need to understand what exactly will be in the interests of the birthday man.

If you do not have such information, use the universal options. Below are the best gifts for a boy for 14 years.

Pocket printer. An interesting invention that will help you instantly print pictures taken on your phone. For teenagers who like to relax in the company, travel, go to competitions, such a gift will be to their liking.

Pictures can be immediately enjoyed and shared with friends. One of the most suitable gifts for a teenager for 14 years. The device works from the socket or the accumulator. The printer is compact in size and light in weight. It can be carried in a bag, backpack or just in the hands.

“Smart” lamp. A lighting device that allows you to adjust the lighting in the room according to the preferences of the owner.

The device is equipped with an alarm function, a smoke and motion sensor, has several operating modes, built-in speakers, and helps to save the amount of electricity consumed.

A gift can be given to a boy on his fourteenth birthday if he follows trends and novelties. The luminaire is compact in size, and thanks to several mounting methods, it can be installed anywhere.

Smartphone projector. The gadget is synchronized with the phone, transmits an image from it or helps to manage it. It will be convenient for the boy to take it with him on the road, to the country, in order to watch videos with his friends.

The projector is useful for showing presentations or watching movies. For the image to be clear, it is desirable that the room be dark.

The device is equipped with speakers, but often the sound quality leaves much to be desired, so it is better to purchase speakers as well.

Electronic translator. It is a portable device equipped with a small screen and miniature keyboard.

One has only to say a phrase or type it on the screen, the translator will immediately translate and even voice it. Some models may have features such as a calculator, voice recorder, calendar, note book, and even a radio.

Therefore, when choosing, you need to build on the desires and needs of a teenager.

Cool gifts for a 14-year-old birthday boy

If you are in a close relationship with the birthday boy and are sure that he will appreciate your joke, then you will like the following gifts for a 14-year-old boy. This is a great way to surprise the birthday boy, cheer him up, make the holiday unforgettable.

Desktop punching bag and gloves. A great way to relieve stress, work out strikes, improve reaction speed, increase accuracy, improve coordination of movements.

The pear is securely attached to the table with a suction cup, but screws can be used for a more secure fixation. This cool gift is made of high-quality leatherette, in blue or red. The kit also includes a pump with a needle.

Polygraph. The boy will be able to feel like a real detective who is able to expose anyone. The toy looks just like a real one, and clearly reacts to skin changes.

As soon as it becomes wet, the detector will immediately report this. The kit includes information cards, sensitive wristbands attached to the fingers, a hoop that is worn on the head.

Aerofootball. One of the best gifts for a real footballer. You can even play with such a ball at home, without fear of injuring your leg, breaking glass, a chandelier or a vase. The device is equipped with side inserts, so the ball seems to float.

You can play on any surface, be it tile, linoleum, parquet or carpet. The game will look especially beautiful in the evening, because the LED backlight is built into the ball, which turns an ordinary game into a bewitching action.

Alarm clock, flying or with a target. Suitable for a boy who loves to sleep. With such an alarm clock, he will no longer be late for the first lesson. This is a suitable gift option from a girl or a friend.

In order to turn off the device, you will need to work hard: run or hit the bull’s-eye with a pistol. Many models have several modes that allow you to set your favorite tune. It would also be nice to choose an alarm clock equipped with a backlight.

Gifts to maintain a cool image

For teenagers, it is very important to look good, stand out from the crowd, and attract attention. They strive to dress beautifully and keep up with fashion trends. The top gifts below will do just fine with this task.

T-shirt with equalizer. A club t-shirt with a built-in panel. It will light up as soon as the music starts. Velcro panel with equalizer, so it can be removed to wash the item.

The control unit is equipped with a clip and is attached to any piece of clothing. This t-shirt will appeal to a guy who loves to be the center of attention.

Glowing sneakers. Over the past years, these unique sneakers have not lost their popularity. At night, they look amazing. Dimensional grid allows you to purchase any size.

Surrounding will not leave the guy without attention. In such sneakers you can go not only to the club, but also for a walk, and they will also become indispensable for cyclists.

The boy will be able to choose one of seven modes, for example, so that only one color glows or so that the colors change in turn.

Leather purse or wallet. An accessory for an adult man, and if you put a small amount of money inside, the boy’s joy will know no bounds.

When choosing a purse, pay attention to its dimensions, as well as the number of compartments.

Choose a product in a strict design, without defiant decorative elements. A teenager will remember your gift for a long time if you engrave it.

Clock. Choosing a watch for a boy is a laborious process. After all, it is a symbol of maturity and success.

Depending on which birthday person prefers style, get an adult watch or a sports model. Avoid colorful colors, it is better to choose a strict, no-nonsense, functional watch.

Particular attention should be paid to quality. Such a thing will serve for many years, and cause pleasant emotions in the boy.

A couple more interesting ideas of what to give a guy 14 years old for his birthday


TOP 124 ideas What you can give a Boy for 14 years +40 gifts and Tips

This category is for those who are still looking for an original gift or doubt their choice.

The following presents are almost win-win and will please even the boy who has everything.

Mini rollers for shoes. The rollers are compact in size, put on the heel, their width is adjustable. The boy will not only have fun, but will also be able to use the rollers as a means of transportation.

When choosing, pay attention to the methods of fastening: Velcro, straps, latches. Keep in mind that backlit videos will look more impressive.

Jumpers. A great way to be active. In appearance, jumpers resemble stilts, but their main difference is springs.

Products are securely fastened to the legs, you can not only walk on them, but also run and jump, perform various tricks. With regular use, it will be possible to tone all muscle groups, develop endurance, improve coordination of movements. Anyone can master jumpers, the main thing is to do it gradually.

Eternal notepad. Taking notes in such a notebook is a pleasure, because at any time you can erase all your notes and start all over again. A special pencil is included, it is also never written off.

The pages of such a notebook look like real ones, but it is almost impossible to tear them, fill them with water, or spoil them in any other way. The product will serve the boy for a long time and reliably, causing pleasant emotions in him.

Neurorope. This is a kind of cardio machine that can be used anywhere and at any time. The jump rope looks completely different from what we are used to. This is a ring with an axle at the end of which is a wheel.

The ring must be fixed on one leg, and the other should try to jump over the axis. Such an activity gives a feasible load to the heart, develops coordination of movements, improves endurance, attentiveness, trains concentration and coordination.

When you’re at a loss for what to offer your grandson as a surprise for his 14th birthday, stop at the following options. They are almost win-win if the birthday boy has almost everything.

  • Flexible wristband with flash drive . You can also use this decoration as a place to store digital information. It is convenient, and the hero of the occasion will appreciate the gift.
  • Brush trainer . To protect the birthday boy from carpal tunnel syndrome, give him this “toy”. He won’t let go of her! Models with LEDs are especially interesting.
  • Rear bicycle light with laser . Let the guy ride a two-wheeled friend in the evenings without fear!

Whichever option you choose, in any case, choose a gift so that it pleases the birthday man himself.

DIY gifts for 14 years old guy

Choosing a birthday present for your brother is not easy. Sometimes ideas are born in the process of thinking.

If their embodiment is within your power, then why not create a gift for the birthday man with your own hands?

For 14 years, a guy can independently make:

  1. Scarf and hat.
  2. Passport cover.
  3. Plaid.
  4. Belt bag.
  5. Master’s apron.
  6. Pillow-antistress.
  7. The fountain.
  8. Diary.
  9. Cosmetics for hair and skin care from eco products.
  10. Coffee table.

Bicycle wheel clock


TOP 124 ideas What you can give a Boy for 14 years +40 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • bicycle wheel;
  • dye;
  • clockwork;
  • wall mount kit;
  • a little courage and a complete rejection of superstition.

Working process:

  1. Clean the wheel from dirt and rust, if any.
  2. Coat the wheel itself and the spokes with paint. Dry.
  3. Connect the wheel to the clockwork and mount.

fragrant glass


TOP 124 ideas What you can give a Boy for 14 years +40 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • hydrogel sachet;
  • water;
  • essential oil – 10 drops;
  • transparent container.

Working process:

  1. Essential oil is mixed with water. How much liquid is needed is indicated on the package.
  2. This solution is stirred in a large container, then the balls are laid out, left for 12 hours.
  3. Once the balls have grown in size and scented, transfer them to glasses or a clear vase.
  4. Once the scent has dissipated, the hydrogel can be remixed with the oil drops.

Tips: How to choose a birthday present for a 14 year old boy

Choose the gift that will please the hero of the occasion. This point is so simple that often close people ignore it. So you can also present a boring encyclopedia instead of cool skates or a gadget that a guy so dreamed of on his birthday!

And speaking of books. Buy them on ordinary days, unless they are copies of books autographed by the birthday man. Choose a gift according to the hobbies, character and temperament of the young man.

Ask your teenager directly or indirectly what he dreams about. If you are able to fulfill one of the wishes of the hero of the occasion, then why not do it on the day of his 14th birthday?

  • Choose things of decent quality. A mere souvenir can upset a young man and hurt him deeply.
  • Give a gift in a beautiful package. A carefully packed item always evokes more positive emotions than a thing carelessly thrown into a package.

When handing money to a young person, avoid the usual envelope. Maybe arrange a surprise in the form of a money tree?

If you find it difficult to choose a gift for a teenager, below you will find some more useful recommendations on what to build on.

A 14-year-old boy is already old enough to discuss the topic of finance with him. It is known that teenagers want everything only the most fashionable, but they don’t want to hear about anything else.

If you are financially tight, you should not even bring up the topic of new gadgets or other expensive gifts. Talk heart to heart with the birthday man, explain that you cannot afford to buy such a gift now, but you will definitely try to do it in the near future. In the meantime, offer the boy a worthy alternative.

If you are afraid not to please with a gift and you have the opportunity to directly ask the child what he dreams about, then do it, or at least hint in a conversation.

The interests of teenagers change at lightning speed. If just a couple of months ago he was delighted at the sight of bicycles, then it is likely that now he is not at all interested in this sport.

Look at the boy’s peers. Notice what they are into, what they are wearing. Perhaps the birthday boy does not have a fitness bracelet or trendy sneakers. Surely, he will be happy with such a gift.

At this age, boys, like girls, want to look good. No need to make fun of the desire of a teenager, on the contrary, support him, get a fashionable thing that he dreams of.

Buy only the gift that the birthday person will like, not you. For example, a boring encyclopedia, stationery can be presented on any other day, but videos or a skateboard will really please the birthday boy.

Try to arrange your gift beautifully and give it in an unusual way. This will cause much more positive emotions and will be remembered by a teenager for a long time.

And what should not be presented to a young man, we will tell now.

What is better not to give a boy for 14 years

The TOP list of gifts that are better not to give a young man on his 14th birthday includes the following items:

  1. Alcohol and tobacco products . You are not only violating the laws of the country, but also violating etiquette. It is impossible to present something that will upset the balance of a person’s well-being. Do you think that in 4 years the wine presented by you will become collectible? Even if this is true, a young person can abstain from bad habits of his own free will.
  2. Gifts “for growth” . They were given to you too. Remember if any of these things came in handy for you? By the way, psychologists say that such objects cause persistent rejection in the child. Even when he can already use them, he does not want this and avoids the item that was once donated “for later”.
  3. Clothing and footwear . On the eve of his 14th birthday, a guy may decide to radically change his image. No need to interfere in the process of becoming your own style. Yes, and with the size or color you can not guess.
  4. Pet . A guy in a series of important things may forget to walk the dog or comb the cat. Coordinate such a gift with the young man’s parents, or better, refuse such a surprise altogether.
  5. Certificate . Whether this document is for services, clothing or a visit to an entertainment center, you should not present it to a young person. The validity of the certificate is always limited, and the birthday person will not always be able to use your gift without the presence of their parents. Adult family members may be busy during this period.
  6. Pets. Even if you know how much a boy dreams of a four-legged friend, before making a purchase, ask the permission of his parents. After all, all the care of a dog or a kitten will fall on their shoulders, besides, this is always an additional expense, for which not everyone is ready.
  7. School supplies. It’s rare to find teenagers who love to learn. Often, just the opposite, so you should not give presents that remind you of the school. In addition, usually children are provided with such things and will not be sincerely happy with them.
  8. Personal hygiene products . The probability of not guessing with cosmetics is very high, you can also offend the birthday boy. Teenagers have a sensitive attitude towards their appearance, the boy may think that you are hinting at his imperfections.

Complete this gift blacklist with your own ideas before heading out to pick up a birthday present. Check it out before you decide to buy. So you never go wrong with a surprise.


While you are looking for an answer on what to give a boy for another 14 years old, remember one important thing. Whatever your gifts, make them from the heart. Adolescents subtly feel falsehood and react sharply to it due to their age.

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