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194 examples of gift ideas for an employee

Birthday is a holiday that an employed person has to celebrate in one way or another even if he does not love him. But the problems of the birthday boy are not even close to the difficulties that other employees have to overcome. And if the birthday girl is also a woman working, say, in a male team, there will definitely be many times more trouble. A close personal relationship with a colleague can help in choosing a gift, but what if you only see each other on work matters and do not intersect outside the office? In this case, giving the employee something really interesting and useful is hardly possible. To avoid embarrassment, the following list of gifts and ideas for presenting a work colleague in honor of his birthday and any other holiday will help.

TOP 56 gift ideas for an employee

If you can’t come up with anything on your own, we use one of the ready-made ideas:

  1. Certificate for the purchase or service (to a cosmetics, clothing, footwear, electronics store, to the provision of cosmetic services, a haircut, to a bookstore).
  2. Beautiful mug with Soft Touch coating.
  3. Vacuum cleaner for PC.
  4. Leather diary.
  5. Backlit keyboard.
  6. Desk lamp;
  7. Traveler’s set – sleep mask, pillow, earplugs;
  8. Painting.
  9. A table clock.
  10. Indoor plant (it is better to choose from non-flowering ones).
  11. Fan.
  12. Paint by numbers (only for creative people).
  13. Books for recording recipes, travel impressions from books read.
  14. Drawing set – paints, pencils, sketchbook.
  15. Non-spill cup.
  16. Thermos.
  17. Bag for keeping food hot.
  18. Fortune cookie baking set.
  19. Purse.
  20. Vase (you can make a nominal engraving).
  21. Stand for pens and pencils.
  22. Leather folder for papers.
  23. Desktop pendulum.
  24. Electric kettle.
  25. Table with original inscriptions for home or office.
  26. Piggy bank.
  27. Bouquet of fruits and flowers.
  28. Cupcake set.
  29. Fitness bracelet (only for an enthusiastic person), yoga set.
  30. Hair styling set.
  31. Needlework kit – thread, hook, knitting needles.
  32. Picture for embroidery.
  33. Handmade soap set.
  34. A basket of cosmetics for body, hair and face care – soaps, creams, shampoos, gels.
  35. Essential oils set.
  36. Bath salt with different properties and smell.
  37. A set of scented candles.
  38. Candlestick.
  39. Cup holder.
  40. Book stand.
  41. Pen pen, real pen.
  42. Set for care of leather footwear.
  43. A set of glasses, other dishes.
  44. Bank with wishes for every day of the year.
  45. Electronic alarm clock.
  46. Columns.
  47. Headphones.
  48. Massager for the neck, face.
  49. Manicure set.
  50. Coffee machine.
  51. Microwave.
  52. Iron and other small household appliances.
  53. A set of rugs for the house.
  54. Tablecloth.
  55. Bed sheets.
  56. Kitchen apron.

This list is almost exhaustive, and most importantly suitable for any wallet.

What to give a colleague inexpensively

If you can’t do without a gift, and the budget is very limited, you should pay attention to inexpensive, but pleasant little things that everyone can afford, for example:

  1. A set of sweets and drinks  – sweets, honey, tea, coffee. You can give a jar of Nesquik and a box of chocolates, the same box of sweets and a large bag of loose tea, a jar of coffee, cream.
  2. Sets for needlework.  There are expensive ones, and there are those that you can assemble yourself for a reasonable price. So, if it is known for sure that an employee loves to embroider, then threads will always come in handy for her. At the same time, it is not necessary to take all the shades presented in the store at once, you can limit yourself to 5-6 colors. Two balls of wool are enough for knitting socks or a scarf.
  3. Creator’s Kit.  Paintings by numbers can be found at a relatively low price. In addition, you can donate kits for embroidery with beads, making your own soap, etc.
  4. Mug, a set of not expensive glasses.  Not too original, but practical, mugs are never superfluous, they will always find a use. Glasses are also not too expensive.
  5. Tablecloth.  A beautiful tablecloth will definitely please any woman. Such beauty wears off very quickly.
  6. Bed sheets.  Even not expensive kits are very high quality.
  7. Blanket or small blanket.  A trifle, but it will definitely be nice.
  8. Thermos or boxes for storing and transporting food.  It’s always a pity to spend money on such trifles.
  9. Alarm.  The original alarm clock from China, of course, will cost about 400-600 rubles.
  10. Kitchen set.  Napkins, towels, potholders, apron.
  11. Comb set.  The main thing is that the employee does not take this as a hint of an insufficiently neat hairstyle.
  12. Notebook.  Not original, but if you manage to choose a notebook with an incredibly beautiful cover, the present will definitely be highly appreciated.

Inexpensive you can buy sets of spoons and knives, stands for books and tablets.

Ideas for original gifts for an employee

It is much easier to choose an inexpensive gift than the original one. But even the simplest thing can be made exclusive. So, an employee can be presented with a simple box of chocolates, but in a package on which various wishes from colleagues will be applied with colored felt-tip pens. Other original gifts include:

  • handmade postcards;
  • panel with the image of an employee;
  • a memorable photo of A4 format – an employee with a team;
  • any gifts that are engraved;
  • a barrel of honey and a book about Winnie the Pooh (funny and useful);
  • a book about tasty and healthy food and, for example, cake, pizza, a dish prepared at home;
  • a set of spices;
  • pillow with some funny inscription;
  • collage of joint photos;
  • a money tree, to each leaf of which 1 dollar (ruble) will be tied.

You should not be too original, a person may be offended when he learns, for example, that he received an empty frame of photographs with a not-so-funny inscription as a gift, while another colleague was presented with a microwave oven.

Gifts with thrills for an employee

If an employee loves thrills, you can give her:

  • sweets that Harry Potter himself tried from that very Weasley twins shop;
  • a set of hot spices;
  • certificate for parachute jump, bungee jump, river rafting;
  • certificate for participation in the quest;
  • a tree for planting as part of a humanitarian action;
  • a book with the name of the birthday boy on the cover;
  • certificate for 1 day off with the condition to spend it, for example, in a club.

Thrills will be added by paying for a trip out of town to participate in a race or orienteering. When choosing a gift, it is important to remember the individual characteristics and preferences of the person who accepts the gift.

Universal gifts for an employee

If nothing is known about the interests of a colleague, then it is better to limit yourself to a universal gift:

  • Cup;
  • makeup kit;
  • certificate for the purchase or service;
  • card;
  • bouquet of flowers;
  • sweets and other sweets;
  • tea, coffee, other drinks;
  • any of the office equipment;
  • stationery;
  • order congratulations on radio or television.

The standard set also includes all kinds of photo frames, vases, glasses, plates, spoons and forks.

Useful gifts for a colleague

If the goal is to give a useful gift, then it is wiser to ask a colleague what she would like, for example, one woman may dream of a new set of bed linen, and the other will not mind receiving any of the kitchen utensils as a gift.

Gift sets available:

  • dishes;
  • textiles;
  • soap and soap accessories;
  • for Bath;
  • for kitchen;
  • for the bedroom;
  • for washing dishes and laundry.

Even house slippers will be a good option, provided that the recipient really needs them.

Gift ideas for an employee from a female colleague

Women are more versed in gifts than men, especially when it comes to choosing a gift for a representative of their gender. So, a work colleague from a woman can give:

  • toilet water or perfume;
  • cosmetics;
  • textiles (again, it is unlikely that she will be able to choose a set of bed linen of exactly the color and quality that a woman needs);
  • a box of chocolates;
  • indoor plant;
  • Tea coffee;
  • purchase certificate.

Perhaps, if the relationship with a colleague has developed close enough, even give her some of the items of clothing, for example, a scarf or tights, pajamas.

Gift ideas for an employee from a male colleague

Men, congratulating female colleagues, give:

  • flowers;
  • candies;
  • souvenirs;
  • caskets;
  • vases;
  • stationery.

Occasionally give certificates, jewelry and toilet water. This usually happens when the team is mixed.

TOP best gifts by age

The gift must suit the giver. A lot depends on age. So, a girl of 25 years old is quite appropriate to give an inexpensive perfume and a bouquet of flowers, while a woman over 50 will surely be delighted with something useful for the home.

25-30 years old

A young woman is given for her birthday, first anniversary:

  • bouquet according to the number of years + 1 year (permissible if the team is friendly and large);
  • cake with characters from your favorite series, book;
  • a set of dishes, bed linen, spoons, cups, glasses;
  • certificate for the purchase of cosmetics, things, beauty treatments;<
  • certificate for a parachute or bungee jump;
  • indoor plant;
  • board game;
  • table pear;
  • a large box of jigsaw puzzles (assuming the young woman enjoys collecting them).

The girl will not refuse a set of cosmetics or perfumes. The gift can be accompanied by a beautiful postcard.

35-40 years old

It is also difficult to choose a gift for a woman of 35-40 years old, as well as for her younger friend. You can donate:

  • good cosmetics according to age;
  • expensive toilet water;
  • small household appliances;
  • a set of stationery;
  • notebooks, leather folders;
  • something for maintenance or work on a PC, such as a keyboard, mouse, webcam;
  • a beautiful cosmetic bag;
  • casket;
  • a set of expensive dishes, bed linen;
  • something related to the performance of professional duties, for example, a rare scientific monograph.

If a woman is not against souvenirs, then you can buy a beautiful figurine. Also, a colleague is pleased with tea and coffee sets, sweets and real chocolate.

45-50 years old

Women at this age have almost everything, so colleagues can please an employee with an invitation to a tea party, laying a small table at the time of the lunch break or after the end of the working day. A middle-aged woman will rejoice at purely useful things – various bedding, stationery. You can donate:

  • household appliances;
  • a set for the garden and garden, if a woman is passionate about this;
  • a set of fertilizers for indoor plants along with any plant in a pot;
  • indoor fountain;
  • aquarium with goldfish;
  • mobile phone stand;
  • some things for the computer – a beautiful mouse pad, webcam, mouse, good headphones, a flash drive.

If the budget is limited, a large box of chocolates with a cake will do, but if funds allow, then they give expensive sets, bedspreads, coffee machines.

55-60 years old

A woman of 55-60 years old is given jewelry made of natural stones, expensive eau de toilette and cosmetics, certificates for going to the salon, as well as:

  • glasses case;
  • digital photo frame;
  • case for phone;
  • backlit e-book
  • plaid;
  • indoor plant;
  • a set of seeds for planting;
  • shawl or beautiful scarf.

If a woman loves to cook, then she is given various baking kits.

65 years old

A woman over 65 is given various nice little things for the home, for example, a set of potholders, napkins, tablecloths. Perhaps the employee will be delighted:

  • a certificate for a gardening store;
  • cookery book;
  • a beautiful gift set of cosmetics;
  • bedspread.

If all this has already been donated and re-gifted more than once, then it is better to give a beautiful postcard and money that the recipient can use at his own discretion.

Gifts for an employee for various occasions

Gifts for different holidays, of course, are different. So, for anniversaries, it is customary to give something expensive and solid, while for a gift on March 8, they buy simpler things.


For birthday give:

  • bedding sets;
  • technique;
  • flowers in bouquets and pots;
  • sweets and cakes;
  • perfumery and cosmetics;
  • cash.

From simple – colleagues are presented with mugs with various inscriptions, stationery and little things for PC maintenance. Sometimes limited to a bouquet and sweets.


For the anniversary, they give good household appliances – coffee grinders, coffee machines, microwave ovens, electric kettles, as well as:

  • sets of dishes, bed linen;
  • certificates for the purchase of furniture;
  • certificates for specific services;
  • large cash gifts.

Mandatory as a gift a bouquet of flowers, and of course, sweets. You can also give a ticket for a steamship (on a cruise) or a theater performance.

March 8

On March 8, it is customary to give every pleasant little thing, for example:

  • candies;
  • sets of notebooks and pens;
  • sets of stickers and posters;
  • mugs;
  • holders for tablets, phones or books;
  • stands for pens and pencils;
  • socks sets.

Ready-made gift sets for the holiday are sold in any gift shop.

Upon dismissal

As a keepsake, upon dismissal of an employee, they give:

  • figurines with the name and time of work;
  • photo of the team inserted into the frame;
  • cash gift;
  • indoor plant;
  • wish book;
  • photo frame.

If funds allow, they donate equipment and sets of expensive dishes.


When an employee retires, they are given memorable necessary things:

  • large household appliances, certificates for the purchase of furniture;
  • pay for a trip, for example, along the Golden Ring;
  • buy expensive sets of dishes, bed linen.

The choice of a gift depends on the organization and the value of the employee leaving the team.

For a wedding

From colleagues as a wedding gift they accept:

  • sets of dishes, textiles;
  • blankets;
  • money;
  • cake payment.

The choice of a gift depends on the salaries of employees and the funds raised by them. Someone buys large household appliances for a young family, and someone is limited to a set of bed linen.

For a professional holiday

On a professional holiday, gifts are given, as a rule, in one way or another connected with the chosen type of activity or any pleasant small things. So, the teacher is given from colleagues:

  • flash drives and memory cards;
  • book holders;
  • stationery;
  • posters to decorate the office;
  • covers and covers for books;
  • pointers

Representatives of other professions are also presented with certificates, diplomas, chancellery, statuettes depicting the symbol of the profession (a snake wraps around a goblet, a steelworker’s hammer, etc.).

Do-it-yourself gifts for an employee

It will be no less pleasant for an employee to receive a hand-made gift. But in this case, we are not talking about crafts, the maximum that is done by hand is a postcard, but about beautifully decorating or completing things bought in a store. An exception is the gift of things really handmade, but made by professionals – wallets, leather folders, wooden bookends.

You can independently assemble and pack various sets, for example, if you take a large box and just throw all sorts of things into it, the same cosmetics, it will not be too beautiful and presentable. But if you glue the same box with wrapping paper, divide it inside with cardboard partitions and put hay, sawdust, special ornamental grass on the bottom of each cell, it will turn out beautifully. And already on this structure they put (in each cell separately) a small present:

  • face cream, hand cream, perfume, shampoo, shower gel;
  • notepad, pen, other stationery;
  • a cup or dish;
  • scarf;
  • a postcard and a certificate for going to the salon.

Even the most insignificant gift can be presented in such a way that its value and value in the eyes of the person being presented are many times over.

What is better not to give an employee

Gifts such as:

  • underwear, clothes;
  • jewelry and jewelry;
  • shoes.

An employee will not be happy with gifts that hint at any of her shortcomings, for example, a slimming belt, a gym membership, an acne cream or for problem skin. An exception – perhaps the woman herself asked for such a gift.

Gifts for women are always more difficult to choose than for men. The task becomes more complicated at times if we are talking about an employee with whom colleagues do not know enough or do not know her at all. You should not give useless and uninteresting things. If you can’t choose something worthwhile, it’s better to donate money.

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