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53 gift ideas for Zhenya for 40 years + 18 gifts and tips

Thinking about what to give their beloved wife for their 40th birthday, many husbands get lost in the variety of goods on store shelves and begin to panic thinking that they will never be able to find a suitable present. That is why the question “ what can I give my wife for 40 years? »requires a serious approach and consideration of many nuances.

Top 53 gift ideas for Zhenya for her 40th birthday

  1. Money tree to attract good luck and financial well-being;
  2. coffee machine;
  3. Hot tub or jade foot sauna;
  4. Multistyler for hair;
  5. Manicure set;
  6. Fondue pot;
  7. dressing room mirror;
  8. Organizer for cosmetics;
  9. Gift certificate for a purchase in your favorite clothing, accessories or cosmetics store;
  10. A camera with a reflex camera;
  11. Electric blanket or electric sheet;
  12. An anatomical pillow with a memory effect that takes the shape of the owner’s body under the influence of human heat, due to which it normalizes the blood supply to the head and unloads the muscles of the shoulder girdle;
  13. Smart watches that allow you to track the physiological parameters of a person;
  14. Bath and sauna set, consisting of a soft bathrobe, a pair of terry towels, a special hat and hair and body care products;
  15. Women’s purse made of genuine leather with decent functionality (especially suitable for a serious, business lady);
  16. Expensive glasses (to improve vision or protect against sunlight) or a certificate in optics, if you are afraid to miscalculate the shape and style of the product;
  17. Club card of the fitness club;
  18. Home simulator;
  19. massager;
  20. Interior 3D lamp;
  21. A photo in processing or a portrait of a birthday girl on canvas;
  22. A set of marmalade based on premium alcohol;
  23. Jewelry made of gold or silver (ring, bracelet, chain, pendant);
  24. Exclusive jewelry;
  25. Beautiful brooch;
  26. A set of wine glasses with personalized engraving;
  27. Aroma diffuser;
  28. A beautiful gift service or a set of silverware;
  29. Name diary in leather cover;
  30. Beautiful home fountain;
  31. Cookbook with exotic recipes;
  32. A set of real Belgian chocolate or honey in gift jars;
  33. Women’s folding umbrella with elegant or bright print;
  34. Women’s wrist watch;
  35. Exotic houseplant in a pot;
  36. Interior item: designer curtains, a beautiful tablecloth or luxurious chair covers;
  37. Coffee maker with a set of collectible coffee in a gift box;
  38. A hammock or a set of comfortable sun loungers for relaxing in a summer cottage;
  39. A set of quality bed linen or a terry blanket;
  40. Elegant coat or sheepskin coat made of natural fur;
  41. Food processor, blender or electric meat grinder;
  42. Electronic hair curlers or professional hair dryer;
  43. Lamp-lamp on a high leg with a lampshade for reading;
  44. Small wall biofireplace;
  45. Handkerchief, shawl or poncho;
  46. Modern gadget – mobile phone, e-book, digital photo frame or tablet;
  47. Thematic collection of books or encyclopedias dedicated to the birthday girl’s hobby;
  48. Stylish travel case;
  49. Gorgeous decorative handmade vase;
  50. Decorative hourglass with valve;
  51. Panel or exquisite  picture in a wooden frame;
  52. Beautiful wall key holder;
  53. Handbag, gloves or other branded accessories.

What to give your wife for DR for 40 years: romantic presents

By visiting any forum dedicated to choosing a gift for the anniversary of your beloved wife, you will see that the representatives of the weaker sex value romantic gifts most of all. Good examples of such gifts are:

Bouquet of chocolates . When choosing which flowers to give your wife for her 40th birthday, keep in mind that her beloved wife, who loves sweets, flowers and a non-standard approach at the same time, will definitely like such a present. Unlike flower arrangements, you can first admire such a bouquet, and then enjoy its taste. Such a gift can be given a symbolic shape of a heart or placed in a large basket;

Weekend trip for two . Having decided that giving your wife such a surprise for 40 years is a brilliant idea, you can choose any option that suits you – from traveling abroad to an excursion to an unfamiliar city within your country. At the same time, it is important to pursue the goal of “spend a romantic weekend and enjoy each other”, and not “learn new things about a new place”;

Joint pastime in the spa complex . An anniversary at 40 requires maximum attention and care for the hero of the occasion from the beloved man. Remember that most likely recently, your beloved wife had to work hard and do household chores.

53 gift ideas for Zhenya for 40 years + 18 gifts and tips

Let your beloved take a break from everyday worries and enjoy the hammam, massage parlor and other relaxing treatments. Your presence can finally make the atmosphere of relaxation perfect, because what could be better than enjoying a vacation in a beautiful place with your adored spouse?

Breakfast in bed . Many women write on the forum that their dreams are quite mundane, and one of them is that the men they love bring them breakfast in bed at least occasionally. So why not turn the anniversary of your beloved into a great occasion for such an act? The described beginning of the day will create a festive atmosphere in the house, and a light breakfast in the form of coffee with a bun will save the birthday girl from having to cook and bring a smile to her face.

What can I give my wife for her 40th birthday, depending on her hobbies

Having studied any women’s forum, you will see that by the age of 40, most of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity manage to acquire their favorite hobby. Sometimes these hobbies occupy a significant part of their lives, so with gifts in this case, things are much easier. If your spouse also, with burning eyes, devotes herself to any business, in addition to work and household chores, then it is quite acceptable to present her with one of the presentations below:

A set of capacious boxes for needlework . The item in question is considered universal, as its functionality will be appreciated by people with various hobbies, whether it be sewing, beading, knitting, modeling, decoupage, etc .;

Master class on your favorite business . Many mistakenly believe that you need to give your beloved wife some thing for her 40th birthday. In fact, intangible gifts are often more valuable, especially when it comes to maintaining the birthday girl’s hobby. So, training courses in your city or thematic online classes can be very useful for the hero of the occasion, allowing her to improve her skills and abilities;

Certificate for purchase in a specialized store . When the question is “ what can I give my wife for 40 years if she is fond of something? ” still remains unanswered due to the fact that the donor is not sure that he can get a really worthwhile present, this option is a real salvation. Under such circumstances, the birthday girl will be able to enjoy the selection process and buy exactly what is needed;

A set of specialized tools . We are talking about a variety of sets: manicure, car, a set of stacks (for those who are passionate about ceramic floristry), a set of various types of beads, etc. Such things are not cheap at all, and a birthday girl does not always have the opportunity to purchase them on her own, but a birthday is ideal reason to fulfill her dream.

DIY gifts for wife for 40th birthday

Women especially appreciate gifts that are made by their beloved husbands, and not bought in a store. If you want to please your spouse, consider giving the gift yourself. DIY gift ideas for wife for 40 years:

  1. Handmade soap or homemade openwork candle;
  2. An edible bouquet of sweets or fruits;
  3. Photo frame;
  4. Collage made from family photos;
  5. Shredding board with hand-drawn pattern;
  6. A shelf for storing cosmetics or a stand for jewelry;
  7. Cosmetic bag or travel bag, sewn independently;
  8. Mug decorated with coffee beans.

Flower pot from teapot


53 gift ideas for Zhenya for 40 years + 18 gifts and tips

An old teapot can be given a second life – make it a beautiful interior or garden decoration. It is easy to make such a pot – before starting work, wash the kettle, degrease and dry it. Next, you will need a can of aerosol or acrylic paint. Using a stencil, you can apply various beautiful patterns to the teapot.

Space in a jar


53 gift ideas for Zhenya for 40 years + 18 gifts and tips

A nice gift that will please any woman – such a jar will decorate the interior of a bedroom, kitchen or living room. To work, you will need a small jar, dye, glycerin and glitter, as well as cotton wool and a glue gun.

  1. Take a jar and pour glycerin into it (it should cover the bottom). Put cotton wool inside and wait until it absorbs the solution.
  2. Then pour the glitter, gently spread them throughout the jar.
  3. Dilute the paint on the palette – blue, purple and pink colors will do.
  4. Put some paint in a jar, make several multi-colored layers. Alternate layers of paint, cotton wool and glycerin. Fill the jar up to the neck.
  5. Apply hot glue to the edges of the lid and close it tightly.

How to choose what to give your beloved wife for her 40th birthday

Often, many men are confused not even by the lack of suitable presents on store shelves, but, on the contrary, by their excessive variety. In this case, deciding on a gift turns out to be a real problem.To avoid such a situation, we advise you to be guided by the following recommendations when choosing:

  • Do not delay with the choice of a present. Start searching as early as possible, this will give you the opportunity to find several possible options and, in the process of comparison, choose exactly what you need;
  • If you decide to give preference to practical things, try to complete several items at once, and not give any one of them. Such a present will look original and, at the same time, have high functionality. For example, a bank of elite coffees can be an addition to a coffee maker;
  • When choosing, consider all the features of your beloved: character traits, hobbies, health status, tastes, etc.

When the perfect gift is already in your hands, it’s time to take care of its proper presentation. Be sure to treat the hero of the occasion with a beautiful bouquet of flowers – this will give your present a special sophistication. What flowers to give to your wife for 40 years – you should decide on your own, because it all depends on the preferences of the birthday girl. It is also important to think about its stylish design in the form of wrapping paper or a gift bag. The final and no less serious moment is the correct congratulatory words spoken at the time of handing over the thing.

What not to give your wife for her 40th birthday

Obviously, a woman will be happy to receive any gift from her beloved man. However, not all presents are equally capable of evoking delight and admiration in the eyes of the birthday girl – often these emotions are replaced by condescending gratitude. Refusal to avoid such a reaction will help:

  • Things, the delivery of which is considered a bad omen (watches, sharp objects, empty wallets, handkerchiefs, pearl accessories, mirrors, icons, etc.);
  • Alcohol (this can put the spouse in an awkward position in front of the other guests and offend her);
  • Scales, cosmetics and everything that could hint at flaws in appearance (except when the spouse herself asked to give her this or that thing);
  • Perfumes, clothes (it is very easy to make a mistake in choosing such items and, thus, cause disappointment on the part of the hero of the occasion – it is better to give her a certificate for their purchase);
  • Pets (even if your chosen one squeals with delight at the sight of kittens and puppies, do not rush to conclusions – not everyone is ready for the additional hassle and costs associated with keeping new pets);
  • “On duty” gifts in the form of ready-made cosmetic sets, sweets, tea, tasteless souvenirs, etc. (such banal presents that can be given to almost any birthday person will demonstrate to a woman your indifference and lack of desire to waste time looking for a worthwhile present).
Entering the fifth decade of their lives, the representatives of the fair sex expect special actions and gifts from their men that can prove all the warmth of their feelings for their chosen ones. On this day, a woman should feel loved as never before and never grow old, and the fulfillment of this task falls, first of all, on the shoulders of a loving spouse. To do this, you should start looking for the perfect present in advance, but if for some reason this was not possible, use the tips above, and the birthday girl will not notice the catch.

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