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TOP 151 inexpensive gift ideas for Mom +23 gifts and Tips

Mom is the closest and dearest person in the life of a child who deserves the best gift. Before any celebration, in order for the surprise to succeed, you have to think and come up with something bright, because this day should be remembered by your loved one, mommy, forever.

But, sooner or later, the ideas of how to congratulate mom on her birthday end and it becomes difficult to find a worthy present. Especially when the budget is limited: temporary financial difficulties or minor age, when there is no own income yet. And I don’t want to give an ordinary trinket that will lie on a shelf and gather dust. Fortunately for most moms, the best proof of your love is whether you think about her needs and comfort. The price of the gift doesn’t matter.

And also, in order to maximize the effect of a gift to mom on others, it is better to prepare for the event in advance. And in order to get a 100% hit with a purchase, you just need to answer the question: “What is she, your mommy?”.

Do not worry, because if there is not enough money, you can find a surprise that can give pleasure and good emotions to the hero of the occasion!

In this article, a large selection of interesting options has been prepared to help you, what to give mom for her birthday inexpensively, which she will definitely like. And also separate lists of what you can give mom for her birthday, so that it is budgetary, but original, and interesting do-it-yourself examples with detailed instructions.

TOP 151 ideas, What can I give Mom inexpensively

  1. Shaped silicone baking dish.
  2. Mug maker.
  3. Aroma sachet set.
  4. Painted pocket mirror.
  5. Cutting board.
  6. Beautiful containers for bulk.
  7. Wall key holder.
  8. Spa silkworm cocoons.
  9. Pearls for cooling drinks.
  10. Lanterns on the solar battery for a summer residence.
  11. Nut paste set.
  12. Doormat with a cheerful inscription.
  13. Foldable footbath.
  14. Makeup brushes.
  15. Bamboo tray.
  16. Base oil for body care.
  17. Keychain for keys.
  18. Fluffy bath towel.
  19. Rug-substrate for ironing.
  20. Box of fruit marshmallows.
  21. Crepe maker.
  22. Sponge to cognac.
  23. A jar of honey with edible gold.
  24. Cosmetic bag with interesting embroidery.
  25. Thermo mug.
  26. Nice pitcher of olive oil.
  27. Manual coffee grinder.
  28. “Metallic” soap for the kitchen.
  29. SPA-bouquet of fragrant soap roses.
  30. Inexpensive power bank.
  31. Case for smartphone.
  32. Silicone oven mat.
  33. Gouache scraper.
  34. Digital photo frame.
  35. Satin sleep mask.
  36. Phytolamp.
  37. Table lamp for needlework.
  38. Wicker laundry basket.
  39. Compact waffle iron.
  40. Yoga mat.
  41. Electric Toothbrush.
  42. Sets of photo frames for a family collage.
  43. Patterned rock.
  44. Electric curlers.
  45. Professional hairbrush.
  46. Dryer for shoes.
  47. French press.
  48. Tea house.
  49. Milk jug of unique design.
  50. Fleece blanket.
  51. Unusual associated tea.
  52. Organizers for storage.
  53. Thematic brooch.
  54. A jar of 100% aloe vera universal moisturizing gel.
  55. Jewelry box.
  56. Bouquet of spices.
  57. Beauty box of care products.
  58. LED candles to create a cozy atmosphere.
  59. Sugar bowl-bonbonniere.
  60. Filter jug.
  61. Magnetic slate board for notes.
  62. Watering can with a long spout for garden or indoor flowers.
  63. Multiframe.
  64. Assorted nuts or a set of dried fruits.
  65. Hot pads.
  66. Composition of dried flowers.
  67. Table mirror with backlight function.
  68. Pedometer bracelet.
  69. Painted stand for a spoon or ladle made of ceramics, wood.
  70. Silver pendant.
  71. Natural handmade soap.
  72. Home amulet.
  73. Name hanger for your favorite outfit.
  74. Breadbox.
  75. Cezve.
  76. Salt insoles.
  77. Steam Mop.
  78. Photo album in scrapbooking style.
  79. Cotton house suit.
  80. Tea couple.
  81. Nice shower curtain.
  82. Chinese ebony sticks.
  83. Wooden barrel and honey spoon.
  84. Gingerbread board.
  85. Rose in a flask.
  86. Organizer for cosmetics.
  87. Eye patches.
  88. Toaster.
  89. Multi-tiered food containers.
  90. 2 in 1 oil and vinegar bottle.
  91. Mini blender for sauces and smoothies.
  92. Steam sauna for the face.
  93. Herbal pillow for a comfortable sleep.
  94. Rug – dryer for berries, vegetables and fruits.
  95. Comfortable slippers.
  96. A set of fabric or hydrogel face masks.
  97. Palo Santo.
  98. Fruit bowl-transformer.
  99. Scarf and hat set.
  100. Case for cosmetics.
  101. Ceramic bathroom set.
  102. Silk robe-kimono.
  103. Clay pots for baking.
  104. Electric brush for washing.
  105. Cream injector.
  106. Hat with wide brim.
  107. Dry brush.
  108. Beach towel.
  109. Set for creativity.
  110. Textile heating pad for teapot.
  111. Recipe book with notes.
  112. Long pillow.
  113. Wish tree – a collage on which all family members left pleasant wishes.
  114. Soft bath mat.
  115. Ice molds.
  116. Chair cushions.
  117. Selfie stick.
  118. Sky lantern in the sky.
  119. Carved shoe horn.
  120. Gloves “with claws” for easy weeding.
  121. Non-slip socks for training.
  122. Doorbell.
  123. Scarf – necklace / bracelet.
  124. Case or chain for glasses.
  125. Fleece buff.
  126. Lamp-panel for reading a book.
  127. Jam with flower petals.
  128. Serving napkins on the table handmade.
  129. Miniature perfume set.
  130. Flower arrangement with dessert.
  131. Ugg socks.
  132. Touch soap dish with dispenser.
  133. Shopping bag.
  134. Bathroom table.
  135. Bath bombs for relaxation.
  136. Painting by numbers.
  137. Smart health calendar.
  138. Home weather station.
  139. Manicure tools, a lamp for drying nails or a set of gel polishes.
  140. Diary of a gardener or cook.
  141. Travel bag for cosmetics.
  142. Teaspoon original design.
  143. Bright umbrella.
  144. Chameleon mug.
  145. Mini greenhouse on the windowsill.
  146. White noise generator.
  147. Electric saw for hand care.
  148. Wallet in various styles.
  149. Board or pizza cutter.
  150. Book-box.
  151. A set of exotic spices.

Inexpensive beauty gifts for Mom

I really want to please my beloved mother with something good, beautiful and at the same time useful. In this category of gifts, you can safely include items for beauty and self-care. Keep cool and inexpensive gifts for mom:

A hairpin made of wood  will look original in the hair, and, most importantly, will not harm them. Complementing the radiant look of the future hostess with a bright element in the hairstyle.

A baseball cap  is a fashionable accessory that allows you to express yourself and complete your look. The visor, made of memory foam silicone, holds its shape well and curves to the shape of the head.

You can choose from a classic straw version, a sporty cut or trendy transparent plastic.

Bijouterie. A cute decoration with meaning, it will become a touching gift that will warm you on cold evenings. It could be:

  • Delicate chain of silver or steel with a commemorative pendant.
  • Classic studs with pearls.
  • Brooches with filigree.

Electric comb – rectifier. A useful device that will allow you to create a stylish image in a matter of minutes. The device combines two devices at once – a comb and an iron.

In addition, it has the function of ionization, which makes the curls smooth and shiny. Mom will be delighted!

Turban for drying hair.  Such a towel is made of microfiber, which allows you to speed up the drying process without resorting to a hair dryer, less traumatizing your hair. And it is also convenient in the bath and when applying masks.

Budget gifts for health and relaxation

Every day, mothers create comfort in the house, solve the problems of all households, and envelop them with their love and support.

Please your loved one and give her a present for precious moments of relaxation and self-care:

Peeling socks,  an original gift if there is no money. Due to the incoming soft acids, in just a few days, the skin on the feet is completely exfoliated, which makes them soft, supple and elastic. You can complement such a present with  Spa mittens  for hands.

A set of dried petals and herbs for the bath. Such aromatic mixtures are very popular, or as they are otherwise called pot-pourri.

The gift will allow you to arrange a real spa treatment without leaving your home. Soften and nourish the skin, relieve irritation and stress after a hard day’s work.

Reflex massage slippers  are a great way to massage your feet at home.

Due to specially located acupuncture points, foot massage is carried out, which improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins, relieves stress and tension.

In addition, the load on the knees is absorbed, posture is developed and much more.

The first thing we always wish our relatives is health. So give your mom real health, created by nature itself, in the form of  essential oils. 

They are used for therapeutic purposes, increasing immunity, and oils help to calm down or, conversely, cheer up.

The “Ice” face roller is  an inexpensive birthday gift for mom that will surely please her.

This is a modern alternative to ice. The roller cools and soothes the skin, removes discomfort, irritation and redness after various cosmetic procedures, promotes rejuvenation.

In addition, it will help to instantly relieve pain on any part of the body: sports injuries, burns and insect bites, hair removal.

Gifts for comfort and coziness in the house on DR Mama

Perhaps the most versatile gift for any woman is home decoration or something useful in everyday life.

Below is a list of inexpensive gift ideas for home and coziness for mom’s anniversary.

Salt tile made from natural Himalayan salt. A unique gift on which mom can cut salads, and the ingredients will be evenly salted.

In addition, it can be used for frying, heating up slowly, the tile will serve perfectly as a seasoning for meat, fish and vegetables. And tile is used for a beautiful presentation.

Wooden utensils  – loved by many (menazhnitsa, flat bowls, containers, trays).

Such dishes always look stylish and beautiful, and also have many advantages: environmental friendliness, improves the condition of stomach diseases, does not break, wood enriches the taste and aroma of food, and much more.

Stands for flowers.  A very nice gift, if your pocket does not allow, buy an expensive thing.

Usually these are forged, plastic or wooden products. Can be purchased, for example, in the form of a bicycle, gnome or lace planters.

A flexible wall heater is a  compact and efficient device in its functionality. It adheres to the wall, saves space, maintains heat in the room, and is completely safe. In addition, it creates a bright accent in the design.

The aroma lamp is  a beautiful gift and a wonderful tool that helps improve health and cheer up.

When heated, the water evaporates, and particles of essential oils enter the lungs, which gives a therapeutic effect.

Depending on the amount of the budget, you can buy a product made of ceramics, glass, clay or stone.

A selection of inexpensive ideas for the interests of Mom

Each person has interests and favorite activities, so a present, the choice of which will be based on your mother’s hobbies, will be the most useful

Gifts  for Cooking Moms : Measuring bowls or smart mixing bowls, logo cutting board, nice knife, saute pan, exotic spices, chocolate or mulled wine maker, baking rack, kitchen thermometer, salt and pepper grinder, mortar and sauce pestle.

If mom is  fond of needlework : a set for growing plants, a diamond mosaic, tools related to needlework (knitting needles, hooks, brushes), consumables, Sasha for yarn, a mug in a knitted cuff, a mannequin pincushion, various decorative elements for creativity, thematic decoration .

Garden Mom : Unusual seeds or seedlings, mini garden tool set, harvest basket and storage containers, wireless radio, gardening apron, peat tablet or cup set, knee pads, plant markers, cooler bag, water pistol – sprayer.

Sports birthday girl : sports nutrition (protein, pp-sweets, vitamins), weights, sports bottle, training gloves, healthy food recipe book, natural dark chocolate, cross body, pocket humidifier, inexpensive fitness tracker.

Surprises for the car lady : car hanger, steering wheel braid, mini vacuum cleaner, suction cup toy, organizer pocket, heated thermal mug, car pillow, document cover, cool mitts, car iron, sun visor.

Top 5 gifts for Mom up to 500 rubles

A gift for an anniversary or mother’s name day does not have to be at the price of equipment. Catch some interesting and inexpensive ideas for any holiday:

A series of fridge magnets with family photos. Such an inexpensive congratulation for mom will always be in front of her eyes, and will evoke pleasant memories of vacation and travel. The main thing is to select the brightest photographs.

Also, as a gift for mom, you can consider  a plate with a photo on which you are with the whole family. It will decorate the wall and allow you to admire the picture every day.

A set of related teas . It is a bunch of dried tea leaves that are neatly wrapped around a dried flower bud.

When brewed, they bloom into a spectacular composition, enveloping those present with a delicate aroma. This is the perfect gift if mom loves tea parties.

Scratch – a poster, for example, “100 best films”, “200 dishes from around the world.” The latter is a large poster on the refrigerator with hundreds of dishes from around the world.

The poster will decorate the interior and will be a wonderful gift for a mother who loves to pamper her family with interesting delicious dishes.

Automatic watering system  for indoor flowers, in the form of multi-colored flasks. This is a very beautiful and convenient device that provides flowers with watering for up to two weeks. Flasks are suitable for any plant, regardless of type and size.

With such a gift, mom can safely leave her plants, and, for example, go on vacation.

A homemade mushroom farm is  an unusual gift that will cause a wow effect. This is not just a present, it is a unique opportunity to grow fresh mushrooms at home.

Oyster mushrooms, chanterelles, champignons, white and even shiitake, without visiting the forest thicket. The main thing is to follow simple instructions and, after a few weeks, enjoy a fresh harvest.

Birthday gifts for Mom

An inexpensive but nice handmade birthday present for mom, as mentioned above, is relevant for those who do not yet have their own income. But not always!

Sometimes it is so pleasant to make a product with your own hands that not only children, but also adults do it.

So, if you want to please your mother with a gift to which you have put your efforts, then the top 3 amusing options are offered for you.

“Checkbook” with wishes for mom

The gift is very unusual and memorable. With the help of such a book, which is easily made with your own hands, you offer various pleasant little things as a gift: “a day of idleness”, “a walk”, “any whim”, “sleep until dinner” and much more to your taste.


  • cardboard;
  • scrapbooking paper – for decoration;
  • hole puncher;
  • satin ribbon;
  • colored paper (for loose sheets);
  • glue stick, scissors.

Working process:

  1. We cut out pages for a checkbook from cardboard and colored paper according to the following parameters: 20 cm x 7 cm.
  2. We put the resulting blanks in a pile and punch holes on the left side through which it is necessary to pass a satin ribbon.
  3. We make a selection of beautiful images in the same style (prints from the Internet or clippings from magazines), suitable for each desire in terms of subject matter.
  4. Decorate the cover as you wish. It can be sheathed with velvet, glued with decorative elements (rhinestones, ribbons).

That’s all the instructions for creating such an interesting gift. There is nothing impossible, so even a child can handle it.

Decorative kitchen jars with decoupage

Another original birthday present for mom. Decoupage is a technique for decorating various surfaces with the help of single-layer table paper napkins with a pattern.


  • glass jars;
  • acrylic primer and varnish;
  • PVA glue;
  • patterned napkins;
  • wide brush and sponge.

Working process:

  1. Thoroughly wash the jar and wipe dry.
  2. Using a sponge, cover the container in two layers with acrylic primer.
  3. After the soil has completely dried, cover the jar with PVA glue.
  4. We cut out the size of the jar – a napkin with a pattern, and immediately glue it, covering it with a thin layer of PVA glue on top.
  5. After complete drying, we decorate the bottom with soil and make the transition from the napkin smoother.
  6. Then cover with acrylic varnish, let dry.
  7. We decorate at will with decorative elements (satin ribbons, beads, etc.).

Solid perfume with a delicate scent

An inexpensive but nice birthday gift for mom that will delight her for a long time.


  • beeswax or paraffin;
  • container for perfume;
  • base oil – olive, coconut, jojoba, shea, etc.;
  • glycerin – enhances the aroma of perfume;
  • essential oil for fragrance.

Working process:

  1. We heat wax or paraffin in a water bath.
  2. As soon as it becomes soft, add the base oil and mix without removing from the water bath.
  3. Remove from heat and let cool for a couple of minutes.
  4. Add essential oils to the wax container. Do not allow the cooling process until thoroughly mixed.
  5. Pour into a container while warm. Ready!


A common truth when choosing budget gifts for a loved one: your mother will be pleased with everything that you give her. Therefore, no matter how original your version turns out to be, it will still be the best for her.

One in the whole world . Each person in this world is unique, and what will cause delight and joy in one may not suit another. Therefore, remember that your mother is one of a kind, she is unique, and it is important to take into account her age, character, hobbies and lifestyle.

Ears  – they will become your main tool until your birthday. It is not easy to listen, but also try to hear and analyze what the parent says. For example, complains of feeling unwell – think about how to alleviate it. I saw a friend’s new care product – hand her the same one.

The gift should be for mom, not for yourself.  Do not look for your favorite shade, brand or style. Think of the person to whom the surprise is intended, believe me, your tastes and points of view are very, very different due to the difference in age.

Benefit . Souvenirs are not bad, but for most, these are dust collectors, which are simply impossible to store in large quantities. Therefore, it is better to look for a practical gift that will be useful in life.

Quality . Limited budget – do not chase cheapness. It is better to give a good decanter or a quality set of natural fabric towels than a cheap iron or kettle that will break in a week.

Finances sing romances.  Given that the budget is small, you can prepare a joint surprise from a brother / sister, grandparents, etc. – it will be cheaper, and the choice is wider. In addition, the approach to finding a gift can be chosen based on the proverb: “One head is good, but two, etc. – even better!”.

Memory . Most people are sentimental, and mothers especially. Therefore, memorabilia can be a wonderful gift. For example, you can engrave on a jewelry or keychain “The best mom in the world!”.

Shopping center.  Organize a joint walk with your mother on a day off in the shopping center and carefully monitor what windows or objects she stares at.

Congratulation.  Try to complement the gift with an interesting presentation that she will remember. For example, congratulate in the morning by handing a cup of fragrant coffee / tea or make a newspaper with warm wishes from all family members.

And, do not forget, any even a symbolic present must be  placed in a gift bag,  box or wrapped in festive packaging.

What is better not to give

In addition to a huge list of options for what you can give mom from an inexpensive one, there are categories of gifts that are better not to give to a loved one.

  • Sweets from the supermarket.  A box of soy candies, which you yourself are unlikely to eat, is not worth giving mommy for a holiday. Even with a small budget, you can find something worthy in pastry shops.
  • Underwear . Such a gift will surely embarrass your mother. Even if you think you’re very close to her, it’s good etiquette to avoid such things.
  • Eliminate  the purchase of household cleaning products in the house  (even very expensive ones).
  • imperfections.  These include anti-wrinkle products, diet sweets, scales, weight loss drugs, etc. Such a present will only offend your mother, even if she does not show it to you. It is better to stick to the “golden mean”. For example, not an anti-wrinkle cream, but a natural care product to maintain the beauty and youthfulness of the skin.
  • You can not give alcohol or smoking accessories to the hero of the occasion  . This is a manifestation of disrespect and a reminder of bad habits.
  • Postcard with printed text  – to please mommy, prepare the text yourself, or better yet, make a postcard with your own hands.
  • Even if your budget is limited and you decide to create something with your own hands,  it should not be done anyhow.
  • Cheap cosmetics,  in general, it is very difficult to choose such a category of gifts, even for a loved one, and if the budget is limited, then it is more relevant to purchase, for example, one washing gel, but of high quality, than a somewhat incomprehensible production of funds.
  • Soft toys . Remember that you are choosing a gift for your mother – an adult woman, so she is unlikely to be happy when she receives such a gift. In addition, plush products are breeding grounds for mites and dust.


After reviewing the guide, you probably noticed that there are a large number of ideas and not always expensive ones. Do not try to give something expensive on a holiday, because it is important for mom not what gift, but who gives it. Any of your surprises, presented with love for her, will be the most valuable and expensive. And be sure to show care and attention to her, and be there on a holiday.

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