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Cute 169 Birthday Gift Ideas for a Girl (+17 More Gifts) and Tips

The birthday of a girl (child), regardless of whether she is just a baby or a teenager. Below you will find a huge list of gifts and ideas for what to give a girl for her birthday. As well as gifts according to years and interests, I am sure that you will definitely choose the right gift.

TOP 169 ideas of what to give a girl for her birthday

When choosing what to give a child-girl for her birthday, it is important to take into account many factors: the age of the hero of the occasion, her hobbies, character traits and health, what kind of family she has, etc. If there is no time to think, we advise you to use the list of successful presentations, among which you can find the perfect option:

  1. Bathing set;
  2. Felt toys;
  3. Hand-knitted dress, hat or scarf;
  4. A kit for making products from polymer clay with a modeling manual;
  5. Roller Skates;
  6. Tickets to the dolphinarium or water park;
  7. Gloves for using touch devices;
  8. heated USB slippers;
  9. Apparatus for making cotton candy or popcorn;
  10. “Smart Plant” set, which includes a container with soil, the necessary fertilizers and already planted plant seeds that need proper care for the first shoots to appear;
  11. T-shirt with LED equalizer that reflects the power of surrounding music or voice;
  12. Children’s manicure set;
  13. Stroller for walks, summer or winter version.
  14. Children’s three-wheeled scooter with a seat.
  15. Children’s car Bibikar.
  16. Inflatable, rubber jumper in the form of a horse or donkey.
  17. Children’s kitchenette with sound and light accompaniment.
  18. A set of toy dishes: plates, spoons, forks and mugs.
  19. Table and chair for drawing, modeling and games.
  20. A set of plastic or wooden fruits and vegetables with Velcro that can be cut in half (comes with a toy knife).
  21. Children’s household appliances: vacuum cleaner, iron, washing machine, stove, ironing board.
  22. Supermarket toy cart.
  23. Doctor set with sound and light effects.
  24. Mosaic with large details.
  25. Sound puzzle with animals.
  26. A nebulizer is a device for inhalation and prevention of colds. You can buy a device made in the form of a beautiful toy.
  27. Sandbox for outdoor play.
  28. “Growing” chair for feeding with an adjustable back.
  29. A practical gift: bed linen or a terry towel.
  30. Self-made video with soundtrack, including photos of the first year of the baby’s life.
  31. A soft pillow or blanket made of quality material.
  32. A set of multi-colored crayons.
  33. Impression kit, with which you can make plaster or clay prints of the hands and feet of the baby.
  34. Xylophone is a musical toy that develops visual, sound and color perception of the child.
  35. A metallophone is a type of xylophone, consisting of metal plates and small hammers.
  36. Children’s mechanical barrel organ.
  37. Silver spoon with personalized engraving or touching congratulations in a case.
  38. A small cross on a chain without sharp edges.
  39. Soft pajamas with a fun pattern.
  40. Lacing pictures are images whose details need to be connected by threading laces through them.
  41. Things for a safe life (plugs for sockets, rubber bands for corners, latches for doors and locks for cabinets).
  42. Finger paints in different colors.
  43. Non-drying mixes for modeling.
  44. Spacious play tent or house with balls.
  45. Encyclopedia for the little ones with drawings of objects and animals.
  46. Bathing toys: water flute, juicer, faucet with a pump that supplies water to a special mold.
  47. Bicycle seat (if the baby’s parents are fond of cycling).
  48. Big bubble maker.
  49. Plastic chest of drawers for baby’s personal belongings.
  50. Wicker basket for storing toys.
  51. Whiteboard and magnetic markers.
  52. Baby doll in a toy stroller.
  53. Rug with a pattern or image of animals.
  54. Children’s sports complex.
  55. A set for learning the first words with cards and pictures.
  56. An easy chair in the children’s room – a bag or ottoman.
  57. Game tunnel.
  58. Comforter is a soft cloth-toy for a comfortable sleep of the baby.
  59. A small soft toy with batteries that can move around the room.
  60. Small toys for finger theatre.
  61. Coloring pages (regular or water-based).
  62. Small house slippers with original pattern.
  63. Small children’s apron with polka dots or flowers.
  64. Russian wooden toy Matryoshka.
  65. Yula or tumbler.
  66. Tickets for the event: zoo, circus with clowns, children’s theater performance.
  67. Magnetic drawing board.
  68. Dollhouse.
  69. Children’s dressing gown with a hood.
  70. Set of neon balls or sticks.
  71. Sandbox set – shovels, buckets, rakes, molds.
  72. Princess or superhero costume.
  73. Little cute diadem.
  74. Drinking cup-non-spill for walking or traveling in transport.
  75. Books for viewing pictures on a cardboard basis.
  76. Music book with pictures and sounds of nature.
  77. Games that develop accuracy (“Throw a ring”, “Kingling alley”).
  78. Board with magnets depicting letters and numbers.
  79. A set of large multi-colored magnets.
  80. A collage of photos of the baby and her parents.
  81. Certificate for visiting the game room or development center.
  82. Commemorative medal with engraving or congratulatory diploma.
  83. Nice piece of jewelry (earrings, pendant).
  84. Inflatable circle (vest) for swimming in a large bath or river.
  85. Audio collections with lullabies, children’s songs.
  86. Disks with children’s cartoons.
  87. A set for creating figurines from plaster.
  88. Certificate for visiting a children’s hairdresser.
  89. A ship that can be launched.
  90. An electronic swing capable of rocking a child with adjustable amplitude and speed.
  91. “Health Path” is a set of natural materials with different surfaces (for the development of tactile sensations of the feet).
  92. Kite.
  93. Flying saucer, boomerang.
  94. An innovative robot fish toy (when it enters the water, it starts wagging its tail and swimming in a jar of water or a bathtub).
  95. Multi-colored paper, whatman paper of different sizes for drawing.
  96. Large sketchbook.
  97. Turntables, sultans for games with air.
  98. Bright balloons with funny drawings or congratulations, filled with helium.
  99. A set of multi-colored bells.
  100. A small mirror, a comb or a set of funny hair clips.
  101. Gorgeous headband with a beautiful flower.
  102. Small children’s handbag or backpack.
  103. Twitch toy: parrot, turtle, bat or bird.
  104. Knee pads and elbow pads for a bicycle, scooter or sled.
  105. Kaleidoscope.
  106. Interactive computer or children’s tablet.
  107. Educational game “Magic screen”.
  108. Noah’s Ark game with animals that make sounds.
  109. A set of large colored stickers (butterflies, princesses, flowers, snowflakes).
  110. Winter thermal underwear.
  111. Clockwork toys: little ones, rabbits, snails, birds, giraffes.
  112. Baby rocking chair with an interactive panel equipped with toys and music.
  113. Warm toy that keeps you warm.
  114. Toy cash register for games in the store.
  115. LED shower that changes color depending on the temperature.
  116. Booties in the form of bunnies, mushrooms, bright boots, sneakers.
  117. Rubber boots or small stylish boots.
  118. Radio or video baby monitor.
  119. Kangaroo backpack for mom.
  120. Arena for games.
  121. Beautiful picture in the nursery, which can be hung over the bed.
  122. Mattress for safe swimming.
  123. Bright bouncing ball.
  124. Bath thermometer (for temperature control).
  125. Non-spill glass and non-spill plate made of clean, harmless materials.
  126. Electric nozzle pump.
  127. Potty or baby seat for the toilet.
  128. Soft colorful blanket.
  129. A large photo album made using the scrapbooking technique.
  130. Hypoallergenic cosmetics for baby – creams and lotions for delicate skin.
  131. Find the egg toy with chicks showing a variety of emotions.
  132. Montessori toys that develop the skills of practical life and everyday life, as well as the sensory capabilities of the child.
  133. Pool membership or certificate for swimming courses for kids.
  134. Children’s jewelry: bracelet or brooch (without beads, rings, pendants and other small details).
  135. A squish is a Japanese-style anti-stress toy that you can knead and return to its original shape.
  136. Porcelain doll to decorate the room of a little princess.
  137. Magnetic set for fishing while bathing, uplifting and developing coordination of movements.
  138. Play mat made of strips of felt or felt.
  139. Ionizer or air purifier in the nursery.
  140. Decoration for the room: a pendant or a mobile for a bed, made by hand (hand-made).
  141. Small decorative pillow to decorate the room.
  142. Travel bottle warmer.
  143. A set of stained glass paints, with which you can easily decorate any glass surface – windows, doors, lamps or glasses;
  144. Certificate for flight in a wind tunnel;
  145. Wireless headphones or sound system for a smartphone;
  146. 3-D pen that allows you to create three-dimensional images;
  147. Luminous electronic butterfly in a jar;
  148. Virtual reality glasses;
  149. House, clothes and accessories for dolls;
  150. Board games;
  151. Everything you may need in the summer on the river or in the pool: goggles, snorkel, fins, swimming board or air mattress;
  152. Certificate for visiting the trampoline center;
  153. Tickets for a performance in a theater or cinema;
  154. Bright umbrella or raincoat;
  155. A chameleon mug with a thermal pattern, when the walls are heated, one image is replaced by another;
  156. Certificate for attending a creative master class, for example, on sewing a soft toy, painting dishes, weaving bracelets from beads, etc.;
  157. A flying or running alarm clock so as not to oversleep school or kindergarten;
  158. Home planetarium (projector of the starry sky);
  159. Certificate for visiting the rope town;
  160. A personal book of fairy tales, the main character of which will be the birthday girl;
  161. Lightbox lamp with a photo of a girl with her parents;
  162. Jewelry box or chest;
  163. A set for conducting experiments, for example, on growing a crystal;
  164. A set of professional paints, brushes, pencils or an easel (for a young artist);
  165. A beautiful notebook for musical notation, a new musical instrument or microphone (for a little musician);
  166. Gymnastic ribbons, snowboard, skateboard, knee pads, tennis racket (for an athlete);
  167. Set for drawing pictures by numbers;
  168. Materials for decoupage, quilling or scrapbooking, depending on what the girl is interested in;
  169. A set of dishes with your favorite characters from cartoons or movies.

What to give a girl for her birthday for 5-6 years

The easiest way not to make a mistake with a present for 5-6 years is to ask parents directly what to give a girl for her birthday.

However, if the donor wants to solve this problem on his own or simply does not have the opportunity to do this, it should be remembered that at this age children are extremely active and strive to learn about the world around them.

The following gifts can help them meet these needs:

Teaching computer . Of course, if the question “what to give a girl for a birthday inexpensively?” is acute, the presented option is hardly suitable. If finances are not so severely limited, it is definitely worth considering. In the conditions of preparation for school, this device will not remain idle. With its help, the child will easily remember letters, numbers and learn a lot of new words from a variety of categories;

Sports complex . It is obvious that giving a child-girl the opportunity to develop physical skills on her birthday from the comfort of home is a brilliant idea. You can find a place for such sports equipment both in an apartment and in a private house – it all depends on the size of the room and the wishes of the parents. Do not forget to take care of supplementing your gift with special mats that will provide proper protection for the birthday girl from all kinds of injuries;

Dance mat . If thoughts about what to give from a boy to a girl for her birthday still have not borne fruit, feel free to give preference to such a dance floor. This platform connects to a TV or computer. The screen displays the movements and numbers that you need to step on the rug. As a result, the dancer exactly repeats the presented dance. This entertainment will surely become a favorite of the young birthday girl and will cause her indescribable delight;

Certificate for visiting the petting zoo . Do not doubt that you can give a girl a birthday for 5-6 years the opportunity to communicate with animals, because for little children there is nothing more interesting than petting and feeding our smaller brothers. At the same time, you can give a gift to the parents of the hero of the occasion: take her to the zoo on your own, thereby giving mom and dad free time.

What to give a child-girl for her birthday at 7, 8, 9 years old

If the question already arises “what to give parents to a girl for her birthday?”, Then what can we say about people “from the outside” … This is usually what guests invited to a children’s party and forced to rack their brains over a present think.

To solve a seemingly insoluble problem, it is enough to remember that at 7, 8, 9 years old, young people are already responsible for their actions, have their own point of view and show interest in new opportunities and sensations.

Taking into account these facts will lead you to successful decisions:

Bicycle . Most likely, by this age, the baby has already managed to get off the three-wheeled iron horse and learn how to ride a unit with 2 wheels, so it will come in handy. However, if your thoughts on what to give a girl for her birthday inexpensively led you to the idea of ​​\u200b\u200ba bicycle, it is better to refuse it. You should choose high-quality and safe, and therefore expensive models, so as not to cause injuries to someone else’s child;

A set of scanwords, crosswords and puzzles . The presented gift for a girl will be suitable just for those who think what to give a girl for a birthday inexpensively. At the same time, the cheapness of the present does not in the least implore its merits, the main of which are the development of intelligence and the expansion of vocabulary.

What can I give a girl for her birthday for 8 years

Answers to the question “what to give a girl for her birthday at 8 years old?” the following ideas could be:

  • Piggy bank . At this age, many adults who do not want to waste time looking for a present prefer to give the baby a sum of money so that she can manage it on her own. You can correct such a negligent attitude of donors by giving the hero of the occasion a worthy repository for cash gifts. Today, you can find many piggy banks in a variety of variations – from the simplest, traditional ones that need to be broken at the end, to modern ones, equipped with sound and light effects, opening at any convenient moment;
  • Ant farm . It seems to many that giving such a thing to a girl’s parents for her birthday means dooming herself to additional troubles in caring for her. In fact, the farm does not require any manipulations with itself – insects feed on a special gel, breaking through passages in it. Watching the life of ants, the child will be able to learn more about these insects and become one step closer to the knowledge of flora and fauna;
  • Educational Literature . Answering parents what to give a girl for her birthday, many teachers recommend awakening in children an interest in the world around them through educational books. We are talking about various kinds of encyclopedias, as well as works about curious events and facts. The topics of such publications can be very diverse: the Universe, animals and plants, countries of the world, the history of our state and much more.

What to give a girl for 10 years

This age seems ambiguous to many, since during this period the birthday girl is already approaching the time when she becomes a teenager, but at the same time she remains a child in her soul. It is for this reason that the question “ what to give a girl for 10 years? ‘ turns out to be very difficult. When choosing a gift, you need to understand that the young lady is already striving to be like her mother, trying to decorate herself in every possible way. However, one should not forget about the development of the baby, because at this time children continue to absorb information like sponges, and this ability must be maintained. Given these factors, the donor can pay attention to such gifts as:

Beaded jewelry .Such a kit can be a lifesaver when looking for ideas of what to give parents a girl for her birthday. At the same time, it is also permissible for any other person to present such gifts to the baby. It would be even better if you hand the hero of the occasion not ready-made jewelry, but a set of all the necessary materials for its manufacture, supplemented by assembly instructions. In this case, the young lady will not only flaunt new jewelry in front of her friends, but also develop fine motor skills of her hands;

Colored crayons for hair . Most adults mistakenly think that giving a 10-year-old girl such a present is not the best idea, since the birthday girl is still too small to use all kinds of cosmetics. Many are also afraid of bright hair, because it is very difficult to remove the pigment, according to others. In fact, there is nothing to be afraid of, since the crayons stay on the hair for no more than 2 days, after which the remnants are easily washed off with regular shampoo. As for the appearance of the girl, with moderate use, the paint will not look vulgar, but will only give the appearance a certain prettiness and brightness;

E-book .When the question “what to give parents a girl for her birthday?” confuses the older generation, it is worth remembering this device. It is really better to present such a gift to parents, since it is unlikely to be classified as cheap, but in the future the costs will be justified, given the prices in bookstores. Of course, it may seem to someone that you can read books for free on a computer or tablet, but the difference between an e-book is that it does not spoil the reader’s eyesight, which is very important in the case of a child.

What to give a girl for 11, 12, 13 birthday original

At this age, girls become real teenagers, they are increasingly striving to reveal their feminine essence and knowledge of the world around them. When choosing what to give a girl for her 11th, 12th, 13th birthday, you should take a closer look at the presents that contribute to these aspirations, for example:

  • Set of decorative cosmetics . It is not necessary to buy products for adults – modern stores offer many brands of special cosmetics for children, which are distinguished by the safest composition and hypoallergenicity. With the help of such a present, you will help the girl feel like a real lady without harm to her health and appearance;
  • Diary for girls . When deciding what to give a girl on her 11th, 12th, 13th birthday, do not forget about such a necessary gift as a personal diary. The beginning of adolescence in girls is often accompanied by the first secrets from their mother, which can be safely entrusted to the pages of such a book. In addition, many of them have special sections for girlfriends, in which they can leave wishes and kind words about the owner of the diary;
  • Microscope . When collecting a son for a holiday with a girlfriend, many parents are sure that something interesting and informative must be given to a boy to a girl for her birthday. A microscope will help solve this problem, with the help of which young researchers will be able to see any objects, thereby developing logical thinking, observation and perseverance. A variety of models allows you to purchase a device at a reasonable price, but with decent performance.

Good gift ideas for a 14 year old girl

When a young lady turns 14, it’s already hard to call her a baby – we are talking about an adult, conscious person with her own preferences and opinions. Teenagers love everything modern, technological and fashionable, so the following options are suitable as gifts for a girl at this age:

  • Segway . The device in question is something like a two-wheeled electric scooter that can independently maintain balance in space. On such a unit, you can safely navigate the streets of the city at a decent speed. These gizmos are very popular among young people, so by giving a Segway, you will forever remain the favorite guest of the birthday girl;
  • Scratch map of the world .A good birthday gift for girls, which will improve their knowledge in the field of geography, but also provide an opportunity to dream and plan upcoming travel routes. Under the erasable layer on the map, interesting questions, wonders of the world, mysterious places and pictograms can be hidden.

What is better not to give a girl a birthday

A child, especially a girl, is very easy to disappoint with an unsuccessful gift. In order not to spoil the birthday girl’s holiday, try to avoid such things as:

  • Money or gift certificate . A child is unlikely to appreciate a gift that he cannot see here and now. If you couldn’t find other options, invite the hero of the occasion to go to the store with you on the same day and buy what she likes. At the same time, you need to be prepared for the fact that the end result may exceed the cost of the amount you expected, since the child may not yet understand the value of money due to age;
  • Clothes and shoes for growth . In general, a beautiful dress or shoes can please a birthday girl, but everyday, though necessary things, are unlikely to delight her. And if we are talking about wardrobe items for growth, the girl will not appreciate them all the more;
  • Home pet . Even if a girl has not given up her dream of having a kitten or a puppy for a long time, you should not rush to make a choice. First of all, such a gift should be discussed with the parents, who can objectively assess whether they have the conditions for keeping the animal and whether the child himself is ready to take care of him;
  • A present that does not correspond to the age and level of development of the girl . For example, an e-book will not cause admiration from a 5-year-old birthday girl, and a developing computer will no longer be useful to a child at 10 years old.
Gifts for girls are big and small, expensive and not very expensive, for fun or study. Whatever gift you choose, remember that you should be guided, first of all, by the tastes and preferences of the young lady, and not by your own ideas about the benefits and beauty of this or that thing. In this case, the girl will remember the holiday with a good mood and unforgettable emotions.

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