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68 Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad + Extra Gifts & Tips

Every caring son or daughter, once a year, must think about what original gift can be given to dad for his birthday. The choice becomes especially difficult when a loved one is no longer so young, and he turns, for example, 56, 57, 58.59 years old.

Of course, any father will be happy with any gift from his beloved child. However, everyone wants to receive practical and useful gifts, and not banalities bought in haste, so their choice should be approached responsibly.

TOP 68 Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

When choosing what to give dad for 50 years, you should look for something original and necessary for this particular birthday man. Depending on the hobbies and preferences of a man, suitable options may be:

  1. A solid shoe shine kit that can include brushes, creams, a spoon, a piece of flannel to remove dust, etc. An expensive leather case with a zipper will be a great addition to it;
  2. E-book ;
  3. Barbecue set , consisting, for example, of skewers, a folding brazier, knives folded into a presentable case that can be custom-made;
  4. Massage courses or certificate for one session of Thai massage;
  5. Pope’s portrait . Today, on the Internet, you can find many artists who will paint a picture with only one photograph. This frees the hero from personal presence and enables the donor to make him a real surprise;
  6. home brewery ;
  7. GPS navigator ;
  8. DVR ;
  9. Cooler bag ;
  10. Name flask ;
  11. A set consisting of cigars, a cigarette case, an original ashtray, tobacco and a cigarette rolling machine or a pipe with everything necessary for its use;
  12. Tourist trip ( this can be either a large-scale trip abroad, to the beloved country of the hero of the occasion, or an inexpensive weekend tour, if you are looking for something to give dad inexpensively );
  13. Desktop or pocket business card holder ;
  14. Genealogical book for compiling the tree of life or a picture with a family tree;
  15. Certificate for car maintenance in your favorite car service;
  16. A T-shirt with an interesting slogan (for example, “This is what a superdad looks like!”) And a photo of your father or your entire family;
  17. Heated mug ;
  18. Universal remote , with which you can control several household appliances at once;
  19. Heated slippers or artificial grass soles.
  20. Cozy rocking chair for a comfortable stay.
  21. Wrist watch with personalized engraving.
  22. Barometer (a device for measuring atmospheric pressure).
  23. Purse or leather cover for documents.
  24. Stylish men’s umbrella.
  25. Travel bag or suitcase, made in a classic style.
  26. Handmade leather trouser belt.
  27. Collectible elite alcohol or personalized damask in a gift box.
  28. Gift set of cheeses.
  29. Certificate for tailoring a men’s shirt or suit.
  30. Expensive designer tie.
  31. A set of beer glasses for a beer connoisseur or a set of glasses, shots or glasses.
  32. Personalized terry bathrobe, as well as a set of towels for him.
  33. Author’s chess or checkers.
  34. Beautiful handmade teapot and elite tea set.
  35. Ionizer or humidifier.
  36. Leather case for glasses.
  37. Modern laptop or tablet.
  38. Floor lamp.
  39. Gift set of a shaving system with a machine and blades made of Japanese steel.
  40. A set of quality tools in a stylish metal case.
  41. Container box for storing tools.
  42. A ticket to a country sanatorium for the weekend.
  43. Retro radio.
  44. Desktop or wall retro phone.
  45. Modern coffee machine or coffee grinder.
  46. Leg hammock.
  47. Bath set consisting of a hat, brooms and oils for the steam room.
  48. Device for pyrography (wood burning).
  49. Desktop globe bar.
  50. Name calendar or diary.
  51. Gift set of honey.
  52. A set of records and a vinyl player.
  53. Stamp for steaks and barbecue with interchangeable letters.
  54. Homemade popcorn machine.
  55. An item for the collection: a stamp, an old coin or a lighter.
  56. Painted electric samovar.
  57. Inflatable neck and head pillow.
  58. Bicycle or scooter for outdoor activities.
  59. Massage chair.
  60. Plasma or LCD TV.
  61. Heater or fan.
  62. A new desk or a comfortable chair in the office.
  63. Wall key holder-collage with built-in clock.
  64. Stainless steel home smoker with heat resistant coating.
  65. Electric Toothbrush.
  66. Box for storing watches or glasses.
  67. Car compressor.
  68. Folding table-tray for a snack while watching TV.

What to give dad for his 45th birthday

When thinking about what to give dad for his 45th birthday, you should remember that a present for a man of this age should combine seriousness and solidity and, at the same time, modernity and a small amount of playfulness. The ideas below may be suitable.

Levitating tree in a Bonsai pot . An original anti-stress gift for dad that will decorate your desktop or bedroom. A miniature plant floats in the air and rotates – for this you only need to connect the box to the network and, holding it at a height of several centimeters, let go of the pot.

Desktop office set . Such a little thing will come in handy when the question “what to give dad for his birthday?” becomes a real dilemma, because it can be called universal and suitable for almost everyone. 45 years is the age when a man is still actively pursuing a career, and such a set will not only be truly necessary, but will also remind you of your beloved children throughout the working day.

Phone holder (preferably immediately with recharging) . This is not an expensive gift that a young son or daughter can afford. The presented device will help not to lose your mobile phone and always keep it in sight. Modern manufacturers offer customers a wide variety of models to choose from – from budget silicone to solid wood options.

Other gift ideas for dad for 45 years:

  1. Digital video and photo frame with family photos.
  2. Dear pen for writing.
  3. Quality leather briefcase or bag.
  4. Plaid with a portrait from a photograph.
  5. Dispenser for alcoholic drinks.

What to give dad for 50 years

An anniversary is a good reason to give your beloved dad a special gift. Like age, a present should carry seriousness and solidity.

Fireplace or fountain . Many people think that it is inappropriate to give something similar to dad for his 45th birthday, because the man is still too young for such presents. 50 years is a more suitable age, because during this period the stronger sex begins to especially appreciate the warmth and comfort of the family home, and a fireplace or fountain will only help maintain the desired atmosphere.


68 Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad + Extra Gifts & Tips

Such interior items will also enable the head of the family to relax after a hard day’s work, because there is nothing better than relaxing, listening to the murmur of water or watching the burning flame;

Home electric grill . It is believed that it is inappropriate for a child to give such a device to his dad for his birthday. However, if the child is already quite an adult, earns enough and shares his father’s passion for cooking delicious food, then why not?

What else can you give dad for 50 years? Here are some gift ideas:

  1. Decanter for wine.
  2. Home sports simulator.
  3. Subscription to the pool or fitness room.
  4. Suit or shoes for sports.
  5. Beautiful men’s ring or silver chain.

What to give dad for 51, 52, 53, 54 years

Even if the head of the family does not have an anniversary, but turns 51, 52, 53, 54 years old, this is not a reason to buy something ordinary. What you can give your beloved dad on such dates, see below.

Aquarium . If you still think that you can give dad an original birthday present, if he is hardworking and loves animals, then this option will definitely suit you. A glass ball with goldfish is not only an interior decoration, but also an opportunity to relax and free your head from unnecessary thoughts;

The joys of a car enthusiast . It is believed that giving such gifts to dad for his 55th birthday is too straightforward, since this is still an anniversary, and at 51, 52, 53, 54 such things will come in very handy. We are talking, for example, about a compressor for pumping wheels, a car vacuum cleaner, a video recorder, new seat covers or even a whole tank of gasoline – an avid car enthusiast will appreciate any of these presents;

Good camera .Of course, this option is not suitable for those who are puzzling over what to give dad inexpensively, since a quality unit costs a lot. However, if you have a decent budget, such a gift will be a great joy for a creative person who loves to contemplate the beautiful or just save memorable moments in the form of photographs. By the way, an aged man will be especially pleased to receive not a digital, but a film camera, which was so widespread during his youth.

Other gift ideas for dad for 51-54 years :

  1. Heated car lunch box.
  2. Cooling stones for alcoholic drinks.
  3. High quality travel bag.
  4. Bath set with good quality brooms.
  5. Lamp or lamp in retro style.

What to give dad for his 55th birthday

Many are sure that to give dad a birthday present for 55 years, you definitely need something that would support his health. Others believe that the present should motivate a man to leave work and relax more often. However, both points of view do not contradict each other and have the right to exist, therefore, such gifts as:

Salt lamp . Such a device will help maintain the health of your beloved dad by generating negative ions and saturating the air with them. With the help of a lamp, you can improve immunity, reduce the radiation of electromagnetic waves from household appliances, and also destroy unnecessary microbes and mold in the house;

Radar detector . 50, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59 years old … Yes, no matter how old your father is, this device will definitely come in handy for him, because rarely a man does not like fast driving. With this device, you will help save dad on possible fines for speeding.

A few more useful ideas for what to give your father for 55 :

  1. Dad’s favorite book in a collector’s edition or an exclusive collection of works by your favorite poet.
  2. Branded power tools (for example, a drill or a screwdriver).
  3. Piggy bank in the form of a safe with a built-in combination lock.
  4. Souvenir mini-sculpture with silvering.
  5. Nominal case for a bottle “To the best dad”.

Gifts for dad for 56, 57, 58, 59 years

When choosing a gift for your beloved dad for 56, 57, 58, 59 years, pamper your loved one and let him get distracted from work, paying attention to his hobbies.

Pleasant little things for the angler .If the head of the family is ready to spend whole days with a float, it would be a good idea to present him with something he needs for fishing: a new fishing rod, a folding chair, high rubber boots, a practical cap, an inflatable boat, a flask for any drinks, etc .;

The joys of a hunter . A man who is fond of hunting will definitely like such presents as a powerful flashlight, a camouflage suit, a hunting knife, an insect repellent bracelet, a tent with a mosquito net, a thermos and other little things that may be useful to him in the forest;

Pedometer . If you are looking for something inexpensive to give dad, pay attention to this little thing. Using this device, it is very easy to calculate the number of steps that a person passes for a selected period. The bracelet fits comfortably on the arm.

Gift ideas for dad for 56-59 years :

  1. A solar-powered charger to keep Dad connected even when out fishing or hunting.
  2. Picnic set.
  3. Wall clock of original design.
  4. A comfortable folding chair or a set of wicker furniture.
  5. A chic figured eyeglass stand or branded case.

What to give dad for 60 years from his daughter or son

When choosing what to give dad for 60 years from a daughter or son, remember that the present should express your love for your father and care for him. The following gifts will help express warm feelings:

Massage cape . This device can be used at home, in the car or at work. With it, your beloved dad’s back will never get numb and hurt;

Fur belt . Many argue that giving such a thing to your father for 60 years is ideal. Such a thing will not allow the birthday person to freeze, and will also contribute to the normalization of blood circulation and eliminate pain. In addition to the belt, you can find many other things made of wool – collars, knee pads, elbow pads, etc., depending on which areas of the man are problematic.

A few additional gift ideas for dad for 60 years :

  1. Floor or desktop biofireplace.
  2. Gift bowl.
  3. Warm vest made of natural wool.
  4. Sticks for Nordic walking (professional type).
  5. Exclusive French press with silver coating.

What to give a child to dad for his birthday

The most difficult choice of what to give dad for his birthday is for children and teenagers, because they are not yet able to present a really serious and useful gift.

Conditions are also complicated by a simple lack of money. Mom and other relatives should help to get out of this situation, both financially and organizationally. Thinking about what to give a child an original birthday present for dad, we picked up the following options:

Item with photo print . If you are looking for something to give dad for his birthday if there is no money, then this opportunity is worth taking advantage of and presenting the birthday man with a T-shirt, mug, calendar, baseball cap and much more with a unique image in the form of a family photo. You can supplement the picture with a cute inscription dedicated to the father. Such a product is inexpensive, and it will please dad for many years. Such a birthday present for a father can also be good from a teenage daughter.

Board game . Such a gift will not only please the hero of the occasion, but also give the whole family a reason to get together for a fun time;

Cake with your own hands .If a child loves and knows how to cook, he may well, with the help of his mother, bake a beautiful cake or a pie with congratulations for dad. By the way, the photo printing mentioned above can also help in this case, because the picture can also be made edible and applied to the top of the confectionery. If the head of the family does not like sweets, any other favorite dishes will do.

DIY gifts for dad

A gift made by the hands of a beloved child is the most expensive gift for any parent. What can you give dad from a daughter or son ? Here are some original ideas on what to do for dad on his birthday with his own hands:

  1. Delicious pie baked by my daughter.
  2. Knitted scarf, hat or gloves.
  3. Beautiful handmade card with warm wishes.
  4. Notebook or diary handmade.
  5. Recorded video with congratulations and wishes from the whole family.
  6. Cute money tree or topiary.
  7. Wall composition: a picture of threads.
  8. A picture drawn by you or a photo collage made by yourself.
  9. Mug hand painted.
  10. A set of handmade soaps with different scents.

What is better not to give dad for his birthday

Of course, any gift from your own child will be extraordinarily expensive. However, this does not mean at all that you can take the choice lightly and make a gift to dad by buying the first thing that comes across.

Not the best solution would be to present your father with a banal present.

We are talking about a new pair of socks, a shirt, a razor, a cosmetic set and other battered gifts. Dad will never show it, but he might take it as a sign of disrespect or think that you just didn’t make time for it.

Men are mostly practical creatures and may not appreciate gifts in the form of souvenirs, figurines, frames, paintings, etc. so beloved by romantic natures. If your father belongs to this category of people, it is better to give preference to things that can be used for their intended purpose and get a specific benefit from this.

A few more tips on how to make a birthday present for dad and what to give:

Don’t try to surprise dad with new clothes or shoes. As practice shows, the tastes of different generations do not coincide, and what you liked might not be liked by an adult. It is better to give a certificate for the purchase of clothes or shoes in the birthday man’s favorite store.

When choosing a gift for the head of the family, focus solely on your knowledge about it. Do not go along with sales assistants who persuade buyers to buy a thing that, in their opinion, will delight anyone.

Your dad is special, and a gift for him should be appropriate, not just for everyone.

A gift to your beloved dad is an opportunity to demonstrate the depth and warmth of the feelings of a child who loves him. No matter how old your father is, approach the process of choosing a present with special attention. Even if there is really little time, and financial opportunities do not allow you to chic, turn on all your imagination and creative thinking, then the idea and the possibilities for its implementation will be found by themselves.

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