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Interesting 23 ideas of what to give a girl on a date +8 gifts and Tips

Meeting your lover is always an exciting moment, causing a lot of questions about what to talk about, where to go, how to behave, and also what to give a girl on a date, except for flowers.

Many young people do not know what to give a girl on a date to pleasantly surprise her and win her over. Naturally, presents without any particular reason play a huge role in the development of relationships, making them romantic and emotional, therefore, their acquisition should be approached thoroughly, with all responsibility.

Whatever the date of the date, young people in love begin to prepare for it in advance. At the same time, the question “what to give a girl on a first date (or any other)?” often confuses representatives of the strong half of humanity, since it is impossible to guess whether the handed item will be to the taste of the girl.

TOP 23 ideas What to give a Girl on a Date

Girls are gentle, romantic and impressionable creatures, they need constant attention. What can you give a girl on a date ? List of the best gifts:

  1. Love thermometer . This funny souvenir reacts to heat, so it is enough for lovers to hold it in their hands so that the heart inside the flask turns scarlet. The saturation of the hue will depend on the intensity of the feelings experienced;
  2. Boat trip .When deciding what to give a girl instead of flowers on a date, do not forget that sincere emotions have always been considered the best present. A romantic river walk will help to test them, which will provide an opportunity to enjoy not only each other’s company, but also beautiful landscapes;
  3. Visit to the planetarium . Having no idea what to give a girl on a first date with an original gift, think: what could be more romantic than the stars? To demonstrate their beauty and grandeur to your companion, it is not necessary to wait for the night – just visit the planetarium, where you can easily see all the planets and constellations;
  4. Poems of own composition . Puzzling over what to give a girl on a date, besides flowers, keep in mind that the weaker sex loves it when men make an effort to please them. The result of such efforts should be a beautiful work, for example, in poetic form. It would be useful to add a beautiful design to the creation. For example, you can print it on a sheet and enclose it in a stylish frame;
  5. Bundle of balloons . In order not to puzzle over what flowers to give a girl on a date, while wanting to present something no less romantic, give preference to the presented option. It is better to choose foil balloons in the form of hearts, flowers, cupids, etc. In addition, with the help of these products, you can beautifully arrange the end of the meeting – launch them into the sky as a sign of a wonderfully spent evening;
  6. A unique flower or an expensive rose .A beautiful and unusual flower will always melt the mood of a girl, especially if it is unique. If you want to give a rose, then you need it to be outstanding, more beautiful than those that the girl has seen before;
  7. Beautiful hairpin or brooch . When thinking about what you can give a girl on a date, remember that all women love jewelry. Since a relationship in the candy-flower stage is not the right time for earrings and rings, a stylish accessory will be a great alternative. Among other things, in the future you can check how much your chosen one appreciates your gifts, just by observing how often she wears them;
  8. Beautiful shell . If it seems to you that it is too easy to give a girl such a simple little thing instead of flowers on a date, we advise you not to rush to conclusions. In this case, the presentation again plays the main role – giving a present with an expression of the hope that the next shell will be brought from a joint trip will look very nice.
  9. Chewing gum block “Love is …” . Delicious sweets come from the 90s, but are still popular today. Lovely liners that are inside each candy wrapper will cheer up your companion.
  10. 3D postcard with original image.
  11. Wishing Lantern – it can be given at the beginning, and then launched together at the end of the date.
  12. Headphones for two.
  13. A stylish and cool keychain that a girl will hang on her keys or bag.
  14. A small rose in a vacuum flask is a good idea to give a girl for a second or third date.
  15. Puzzle-heart, simple or magnet, based on a shared commemorative photo. If the date is the first, you can pick up a beautiful image of wildlife.
  16. A lover’s castle is a great idea for a second date and subsequent meetings. It can be hung near the place of your acquaintance.
  17. A basket with exotic fruits – you can give a surprise and immediately go on a picnic in the park.
  18. Souvenir lucky coin with an eagle on both sides.
  19. Cool mug with a nice inscription or a cute image. While using the mug, the girl will remember your meeting with warmth.
  20. Cotton candy. It is especially true if the meeting is scheduled in the park – the girl can be met with a beautiful sweet pink cloud.
  21. Lovely toy. A small teddy bear or a puppy is a good idea to give a girl on a first date. If you want to give a more original present, you can choose a handmade toy made of wool or felt.
  22. Sticker pack (set of stickers) with her favorite characters. If you know that a girl is interested in any movie, cartoon or series, make her happy with bright stickers with her favorite characters.
  23. A small figurine in the form of a flower, swans or the Eiffel Tower.

What to give a girl on a first date besides flowers

The first date is an important moment in a relationship. Young people get to know each other, talk about themselves and try to make a good impression.

What can you give a girl on a first date ? Pay attention to the following surprises:

Sweet gift. A classic first date gift. However, you should not be limited to a simple box of chocolates. It is better to give handmade sweets with a unique text, flowers made from Belgian chocolate, a set of jam or honey. A few more sweet gift ideas: muffins or cupcakes in a beautiful box or chewing gummies. The set should be small and original, but without declarations of love – this is superfluous.

Air balloons. You can buy a large balloon with hearts painted on it or a transparent balloon with many small multi-colored hearts inside. No girl will remain indifferent to such a surprise. If you think it’s too early to hint at a love relationship, you can hand over a bunch of ordinary balloons filled with helium.

What can you give a girl on a date: delicious presents

If the insight about what to give a girl on a date, except for flowers, has not visited you, stop at the proven option – treat your companion with something tasty. This idea can be safely called a win-win, because rarely any woman does not like sweets, so give her one of the following presents:

Bouquet of chocolates . Giving a girl a traditional flower arrangement on a first date is too commonplace, while replacing plants with miniature soft toys will undoubtedly give her originality;

A box of fortune cookies . Thinking about what you can give a girl on a date, remember that all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity love cute notes. Thanks to them, each piece will take on a special meaning and make your girlfriend smile;

Chocolate postcard . If it seems to you that you can give a girl something purely symbolic and inexpensive on a second date and subsequent meetings, remember the good old postcards. Despite all the banality and simplicity of such a present, it can also be diversified. One way to do this is to make a souvenir of chocolate. In this case, the girl will be able not only to admire the attractive appearance of the little thing, but also to enjoy its wonderful taste.

What to give your girlfriend on a date just like that

If you have been dating for a long time, most likely you know all the tastes and preferences of each other. However, it is not always possible to choose what to give your girlfriend for the next date. Original surprise ideas:

Nice decoration. Many guys, going on a date, buy jewelry for their companions. It is not necessary to purchase expensive gold or silver. If a girl likes jewelry, you can give a beautiful handmade jewelry. It can be earrings, a ring, a bracelet or a pendant with a pendant.

Mittens for lovers. A cute gift that is relevant in the cold season – late autumn, winter or early spring. Especially for those who can’t stop holding their beloved’s hand even while walking. Give your beloved girl such mittens – this is a romantic surprise that will definitely not leave your companion indifferent. If desired, you can apply individual initials or any pattern to the present.

Lightbox with your joint photos. A photo lamp, 3D lamp or lightbox is a great gift for a date girl with whom you have been together for a long time. Choose the best photos and order a lightbox from a special company. This is a memorable gift – when a girl looks at the lamp, she will remember you and the time spent together.

DIY gifts for a girl on a date

As a cute present for a girl on a date, you can give a thing made by yourself.

This will show the companion that you have spent time, and you really care about her. What can you give a girl, made by yourself ?

  • Surprise bag. In a pre-prepared bag or a small jar, put sweets, notes with compliments and rose petals – you can buy them separately at a flower shop. Decorate the bag with a beautiful bow or colored ribbon. It is easy to make such a surprise, and the girl will like your attention.
  • Origami figurine. If you own this technique, make paper crafts for the girl in the form of a cute animal. If you don’t know how to make origami, you have a reason to learn – you can make a figurine from a napkin during a romantic dinner in a cafe. Believe me, such a simple surprise at first glance will surprise and amuse the girl.
  • Long-lasting live bouquet Take a beautiful vessel or bottle. Cleaned from pollen and incised flowers, beautifully place in a vessel, fill with a solution of room temperature (three parts of boiling water and one part of glycerin). Change the mixture from time to time – such flowers will be stored for a long time. The composition can be decorated with multi-colored stones, colored glass figurines or beads.

How to choose what to give a girl on a first date original

Choosing what to give a girl instead of flowers on a date is not at all easy. Many representatives of the strong half of humanity take this choice very lightly, thereby causing disappointment among their loved ones.

How to choose and give a gift correctly so that the date is remembered, and the girl wants to meet her boyfriend again? Useful tips and advice on choosing and presenting a gift:

  • Consider all available information about your companion. Focus on her favorite films, music, books, hobbies – this approach will allow you to determine the right gift as accurately as possible;
  • A creative and intangible present, no doubt, will cause a lot of unforgettable impressions. However, in this case, it is worth taking care of the preparation for it on the part of the girl in advance. For example, if you are going to take her to the mountains, ask her to choose the appropriate clothes and shoes. Otherwise, you run the risk of seeing disappointment and disappointment in the eyes of your chosen one;
  • When choosing which flowers to give a girl on a date, do not do it thoughtlessly. Think in advance how your present will “survive” the evening. If you are going to visit your beloved, the best solution would be to buy a traditional bouquet of cut flowers – the lady will calmly put it in a vase of water. By the way, with what flowers to give a girl on a date, you should also decide in advance, carefully learning about her preferences. In the case of a walk in the park or a trip to any public place, it is better to give preference to compositions already placed in a special container of water or miniature potted plants that can be put in a bag or bag.
  • If you decide to give a girl a gift on a first date, be sure to remember that it is designed to make meeting you memorable. That is why it is important to choose the right present. It is unacceptable to give the same thing to each meeting (for example, only flowers or chocolate).
  • Be careful – perhaps the girl herself will tell you what she likes and what she is fond of during a conversation with you. Notice casually thrown phrases – thanks to this, you can surprise your companion with the perfect surprise on subsequent dates. Try to read the information about the companion in social networks – perhaps you will find the answer there. The better you get to know the girl, the more likely she will like the gift.
  • What flowers to give a girl on a first date? Something cute and neat is perfect – a bouquet of daisies, orchids or small roses in pastel shades. In spring, you can give a bouquet of lilacs, peonies, bluebells or tulips. If the date is not the first and you know what kind of flowers the girl likes – give them, she will be glad of such attention from you.
  • The gift does not have to be material, the main thing is creativity! You can go to the nearest park to ride a Ferris wheel or arrange a small excursion to the mountains, after warning the girl that you need to bring appropriate clothes with you.
  • A gift for a first date is optional. You don’t know each other yet, perhaps the date will turn out to be the last one at all – in this case, the gift will be out of place. However, if you have known a girl for a long time, and finally she agreed to a meeting, it is not only possible to give a gift, but also necessary.

What is better not to give a girl on a date

The question “what to give a girl on a second date (or any other)?” often causes concern among men, since an incorrectly chosen present can spoil the impression of the donor and ruin the relationship in the bud. To avoid such a disastrous outcome, the following gifts should be avoided:

  • Expensive things . By giving a girl an expensive present, you run the risk of offending her and arousing distrust. In addition, with your gift, you can put your chosen one in an awkward position and make you feel obligated;
  • Cheap soft toys . In the case of toys, the opposite principle applies to the one described above – in this case, the more expensive, the better. Cheap products of this kind, as a rule, are made of poor quality materials and have an unattractive appearance. Such a thing will demonstrate your bad taste and indifference to your chosen one;
  • intimate things . When relationships are just beginning to develop, it is necessary to be extremely careful in choosing presents. Remember that you are not yet familiar enough with your girlfriend to give her too personal things in the form of cosmetics, hygiene products, underwear, etc.
  • Flowers in a pot. Bad gift for a first or second date. Not everyone likes such things – flowers need to be regularly looked after, for which, perhaps, the girl does not have the time or desire.
  • Bulky things. If you’re going to the movies, cafes, or parks, don’t give big things like a huge stuffed bear or a gorgeous bouquet of 101 roses. The girl will have to drag the thing you donated with her throughout the date. Give preference to surprises that you can carry in your hands or put in a lady’s handbag.
  • Clothing, cosmetics or perfume. These are too personal things that are appropriate to give only when you already know the girl well. There is a chance to make a mistake with the brand, color or size, which means getting into an awkward situation.


When deciding what to give a girl for a date, it is important to understand that you should focus not on cost, but on quality and originality. Such a gift will definitely make the right impression on your beloved and help you see you from a new perspective, and will also remain in your memory for a lifetime.

There are many original ideas that you can give a girl during a date. Do not be afraid to disappoint your companion with an unfortunate surprise. Remember that the best gift for a girl with whom you are not so familiar is the emotions and impressions given to her. Surround the girl with attention and care, and she will remember this meeting for a long time.

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