What to give for the holidays

68 ideas for housewarming gifts in an apartment or house

The change of housing for many new settlers is associated with the beginning of a new life and unlimited scope for the disclosure of creative potential in terms of decorating the now native walls.

Below you will find high-quality and selected ideas of what to give for a housewarming in an apartment or house.

What to give for housewarming: 50+ best presents

  1. Set of tools;
  2. Small household appliances (slow cooker, iron, electric grill, vacuum cleaner, etc.);
  3. Houseplant, symbolizing good luck and prosperity in the house;
  4. A set of frames for photos of different sizes;
  5. Designer coffee table;
  6. A set of folding chairs or stools;
  7. A hand-painted picture;
  8. Original shelf for books;
  9. Shoe rack;
  10. Cutting board set;
  11. An unusual lamp (for example, in the form of a moon or with a photograph of new settlers);
  12. Soft cover;
  13. Bathroom accessories (mats, holders, dispensers, shelves, laundry baskets, towel sets, etc.);
  14. A super-functional mop (for example, one that has a wringer lever, a sponge nozzle, or cleans the floor with steam);
  15. A set of beautiful and high-quality dishes (pots, pans, salad bowls, cutlery, coffee or tea sets);
  16. Jars for spices and cereals, salt shakers;
  17. Miniature home waterfall;
  18. Small ikebana;
  19. Soft floor mat, easy to care for;
  20. Racks for clothes;
  21. Funny signs / signs;
  22. Wall / flip calendars;
  23. Certificate for one-time use of the services of a cleaning company;
  24. Useful accessories for the children’s room, if the newcomers have already managed to acquire offspring (sports corner, cute lamps, toy bags, developing rugs, shelves for books, etc.);
  25. Heater;
  26. A teapot with the addition of the hosts’ favorite teas;
  27. Inflatable mattress for guests;
  28. Icon, keeper of the hearth (believers);
  29. An original alarm clock (for example, with a target that you need to hit with a laser gun or with wheels to “run away” from the awakened owners);
  30. Board game (we advise you to give preference to universal games that allow a different number of players);
  31. Warm slippers made of sheepskin or with fur (by the way, today there are even heated models);
  32. Convenient snack plate with several compartments for different foods and a separate section for small debris;
  33. A set of a quality corkscrew, a bottle of good wine and several glasses;
  34. Camera with instant printing and original photo album;
  35. Certificate for the purchase of furniture, decor items or household utensils in the relevant stores;
  36. Purifier, humidifier or whole air washer;
  37. Cake or homemade pie;
  38. Large piggy bank;
  39. A set of terry bathrobes for the owners of the house;
  40. A supply of toilet paper with jokes or funny pictures;
  41. Convenient long-handled shoehorn;
  42. “Different-sized” boxes for storing things;
  43. Barometer;
  44. Home weather station showing air temperature, humidity and barometric pressure both indoors and outdoors;
  45. Mini safe disguised as a book;
  46. Home bar in the form of a globe;
  47. Stylish aquarium with unusual inhabitants;
  48. Curtains matching the style of the interior;
  49. A grocery basket consisting of tea, coffee, sweets, fruits, alcohol, caviar and other products, in the center of which you can place a cute brownie (if you have no idea about the food habits of newcomers, it is better to purchase a gift card for purchases in any large supermarket );
  50. Electronic scales for products;
  51. Biofireplace;
  52. Wireless electric bell with different melodies to choose from;
  53. Hookah with everything you need to use it;
  54. Certificate for the installation of one door or a plastic window (if the owners have not yet managed to install them on their own and are only planning installation);
  55. Projector.

What to give friends for a housewarming inexpensive and original

When choosing what to give friends for housewarming, you should take into account the specifics of your relationship – most likely, you are very close and can afford to play a joke on each other.

As a rule, overly serious and chic presents are not expected from friends, so you don’t have to worry that your inexpensive, but original gift will be perceived somehow wrong. For a housewarming party, you can buy inexpensively:

Wall clock . If your friends believe only in good signs, according to one of which the clock guards the hearth and reminds you of the beginning of the countdown of a new, happy time, then this decision is exactly for you.

Since the present is intended for close people, you probably know their tastes and preferences, so it will probably not be difficult for you to choose the right option. At the same time, it is better to pay attention to universal models that can be placed in any room;

Horseshoe . When thinking about what to give inexpensively for a housewarming, pay attention to symbolic things. One of them is a horseshoe, which has long been considered a talisman of the house and family happiness.

Modern souvenir shops offer many models in a variety of styles and with various connotations, so even the most sophisticated buyer can choose the right option;

Board for notes . Such a present will especially come in handy for young people at a housewarming party, since it is in such families that most often there is a habit of leaving cute messages to each other.

This gift is suitable not only for a young family, but also for people who have lived together for many years – as practice shows, notes here are used more for practical purposes.

In any case, whatever the meaning of the messages to your soulmate, it is much more pleasant not just to leave them on the table, but to attach them to a magnetic or cork board or write with a special marker on a plastic surface;

Original shower curtain . If the question is “what to give friends for a housewarming party inexpensively?” still remains a real dilemma for you, just remember this extremely necessary piece of furniture.

Nowadays, you can buy or make to order a curtain with almost any image. This can be a drawing that simply harmoniously complements the environment, or, for example, an image of the pages of homeowners in social networks, a frame from an interesting movie or a reproduction of a favorite painting;

Big dream catcher . To present a friend or girlfriend at a housewarming party should definitely be something sincere and symbolic. The category of such presents includes the so-called dream catchers – talismans-keepers of peace and well-being of the hearth.

Hanging the amulet in question, based on the name, is logical in the bedroom, above the bed. You can buy such a thing ready-made in any souvenir shop or ask for help from local craftsmen who will decorate the talisman in the desired color scheme and taking into account all the preferences of the customer;

Video congratulations . Everyone is trying to present practical things to the family at the housewarming party that will be useful in everyday life and will make staying in a new home more comfortable. However, many people forget that intangible gifts evoke much more emotions and remain in memory for many years.

All this, of course, refers to a film made especially for the new settlers by their loving friends. You can also connect other close people of the heroes of the occasion to the creation of the video, for whom it will not be difficult to express their sincere wishes in front of the camera.

For the final editing of the video, it is not necessary to have any special skills – just download a special program, load the captured frames into it and follow the instructions.

What to give for housewarming in an apartment

As practice shows, people are invited to a housewarming party more often than to a house, so the problem of choosing a present for such an important occasion is relevant for many. Ideal solutions in such a situation can be considered:

Poster . Puzzling over what can be given as a housewarming gift to an apartment, one should not forget that pretentious and overly official things often look simply out of place in this type of dwelling.

This applies, for example, to chic paintings and their reproductions, while a beautiful poster can become a stylish addition to an existing interior.

As for the image printed on the canvas, it can be some kind of motivating inscription or a good photo of the owners of the apartment – making a poster to order makes it possible to create an original piece of decor, taking into account any of your preferences;

Bean bag chair . Such a piece of furniture will ideally fit into any interior, so it can be presented as a gift to both adults and children for housewarming. Modern manufacturers of such products offer a huge range of models, so you can choose the option that suits the newcomers in style, color and size.

The undoubted advantage of frameless furniture can be considered its mobility and ease of maintenance (most models have a removable cover). In addition, they are absolutely safe due to the absence of sharp corners, and are also incredibly comfortable to use, as they can take almost any shape that is convenient for your body;

Pitcher for water purification . Housing in apartment buildings rarely has high-quality tap water, which forces many city dwellers to buy drinking water in canisters and even install water coolers at home.

It is in your power to take care of the health of your loved ones by handing them a jug with a water filtration function. Such devices purify water from harmful impurities, so that it can be drunk even in its raw (non-boiled) form.

By the way, it would be nice to give newcomers a couple of replacement cartridges complete with a jug;

Organizer set . As a rule, apartments are not too large, which is why their inhabitants have to resort to various ways of organizing space for more compact and orderly storage.

You, no doubt, will greatly facilitate the life of newcomers by giving them a set of organizers in which you can place cosmetics, personal hygiene items, underwear, stationery, accessories and other little things.

What to give for housewarming

Moving to a private house is always a big event, especially if before that the newcomers had to huddle in a small apartment.

At the same time, life in this type of dwelling has its own characteristics, which must be taken into account not only by its new inhabitants, but also by guests invited to a housewarming party.

So, a good solution would be to present the following gifts for the home on this occasion:

  • Rocking chair . By presenting such a piece of furniture to relatives or friends for housewarming, you will make the atmosphere in their house even more comfortable and warm. A rocking chair always becomes a favorite resting place for all households, especially if you cover it with a soft blanket and put it in front of the fireplace. By the way, today, in addition to the classic wicker rattan models, you can find a variety of options with leather or fabric upholstery, as well as the so-called gliders with a pendulum mechanism and a fixed base;
  • Gifts for comfortable outdoor recreation . The main advantage of living in a private house is the opportunity to spend a lot of time on the street. However, to make your stay outdoors as comfortable as possible, you will also have to try. Your feasible contribution to the arrangement of the local area may consist in presenting the newcomers with a barbecue grill, a set of skewers, an electric samovar for gatherings on the veranda, folding chairs, large parasols from the sun, a hammock, an inflatable pool, sets for active outdoor games, etc. .;
  • Gifts for the care of the site . A garden or a garden, unfortunately or fortunately, involves not only a pleasant rest, but also regular work to keep this area in beauty and order. Therefore, new settlers definitely cannot do without various garden tools – watering cans, shovels, rakes, baking powder, secateurs, spray guns, shrub and lawn shears, etc. If the budget allows, you can give the heroes of the occasion a lawn mower or a chainsaw. It would also be useful to take care of the decor of the garden and give solar-powered lamps, a small waterfall or funny figurines of animals or gnomes;
  • Robot vacuum cleaner . If you are still thinking about what to give as a housewarming gift to a private house, remember that the dimensions of the house are likely to exceed the size of an average apartment, respectively, and such housing requires more cleaning. Make life easier for owners by handing them a robot vacuum cleaner – just press a button on the remote control to make this smart device collect all the garbage, dust and hair. Moreover, many models are detergents, so newcomers can completely forget about cleaning the floors;
  • Bath set . New settlers who were lucky enough to become owners of not only a private house, but also a bathhouse, such a present will definitely come in handy. Sets can have different contents, but, as a rule, they include towels of different sizes, terry bathrobes, hats and mittens for the steam room, rugs made of cardboard or felt, bath slippers, washcloths. You can complete the set with high-quality brooms, jars of essential oils and zaparkas.

10 tips on how to choose what to give for a housewarming

When thinking about what to give friends or relatives for a housewarming, take into account our recommendations that will allow you to choose the perfect gift that suits your newcomers:

  1. Consider the size of the room;
  2. Give only new things;
  3. If you decide that the best gift is money, take care of their original design (for example, you can buy a money tree and tie banknotes to its branches);
  4. If worthwhile ideas refuse to come to your mind, ask the heroes of the occasion directly what they lack in their new home (housewarming is not an event where surprises must be arranged, so such a question will not go beyond the bounds of decency);
  5. If your company has a modern way of thinking, invite newcomers to provide guests with a list of ideal gifts in advance so that each of them can choose an option that matches their preferences and financial capabilities (you can put such a list on public display, for example, on a personal page on a social network);
  6. Pay attention to the nature of the celebration (for example, if we are talking about warm home gatherings in a narrow circle, it would be inappropriate to give a prefabricated wardrobe or refrigerator);
  7. Consider the characters of new settlers (pragmatists are unlikely to appreciate a trinket, while creative people will like a creative, not even the most practical present);
  8. When choosing what to give for a housewarming girl or boyfriend who are your close friends, do not be afraid to give preference to silly but funny gifts – most likely, they will not be offended and will laugh with you;
  9. At a housewarming, a family needs to give something that all its members will like at the same time;
  10. Analyze the hobbies and tastes of the people who invited you – perhaps these characteristics will become a clue.

What is better not to give for a housewarming

When exploring store shelves in search of what you can give for a housewarming, try to avoid such presents as:

  • Exotic plants that require special care (it is better to give preference to unpretentious flowers that can purify indoor air);
  • Alcohol (the heroes of the occasion may get the impression that their house is associated with a place exclusively for general fun and drinking);
  • Floor scales (despite its usefulness, such a gift can be perceived as an offensive hint);
  • A thing that only one of the family members needs (for example, a spinning rod or a set of cosmetics);
  • Sharp objects (bad omen);
  • Pets (one cannot be sure that the new settlers are ready to take on such a responsibility);
  • A gift that you like, and not the heroes of the occasion (for example, it is inappropriate to present an antique statue that you really liked to fans of modern styles);
  • Non-standard gifts for people whom you cannot call close;
  • Money (with the exception of cash gifts in the original design);
  • Expensive gifts without prior discussion with the owners (newcomers, for example, are unlikely to be happy with a washing machine if they have already ordered it or are planning to buy a certain model).


Whatever gift you choose, remember that, first of all, you must bring a good mood and positive to your new home. Present your gift to newcomers with a smile and joy, play this moment in an original way, connect children to the action – then any thing will acquire a special meaning and will be remembered by the owners for many years.

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