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TOP 117 ideas What to give a boy inexpensively +24 gifts and Tips

Choosing what to give a boy inexpensively is not so easy. Of course, you can limit yourself to giving a traditional present (a car or a set of soldiers), but it’s not a fact that this gift will truly please the child. To choose a worthy present, you need to carefully study the market for children’s goods, and for this you need to have free time, which not everyone can boast of.

You will solve this problem by paying attention to the gifts offered in this article. Here you will find things for every taste and color! Whatever you choose, you can be sure that you guessed right with the present. You are guaranteed to see how the boy’s eyes will shine with joy.

If you don’t know what you can give a boy inexpensively, remember that children need a little to be happy! Just try to choose an unusual present, and by the time of delivery, add a little fairy tale, miracles and magic. Then your surprise, despite its low cost, will be able to please and surprise.

If you show imagination, then it will not be difficult to choose an inexpensive, but at the same time interesting and creative gift. Here is a list of the most successful ideas that have helped people more than once in the same situation. Just be patient and choose the most suitable option for you and the boy.

TOP 117 ideas What can you give a boy inexpensively

  1. Hinged basketball backboard for the house.
  2. Heated mug.
  3. Pocket flashlight.
  4. Glowing railroad.
  5. Keychain with search function.
  6. T-shirt with equalizer.
  7. Inflatable water volleyball.
  8. Scarf and hat.
  9. Set for football with goals.
  10. Ostrich pillow (for a comfortable sleep anywhere).
  11. Fingerbike or finger bike.
  12. 3D screen magnifier for mobile phone.
  13. Fishing accessories (for example, a set of spinners or hooks).
  14. Desktop organizer.
  15. Set of road games.
  16. Projector of the starry sky or ocean waves.
  17. Glowing constellation map.
  18. Robot transformer.
  19. Binoculars with night vision.
  20. Electric Toothbrush.
  21. Combined model of transport.
  22. Bicycle computer.
  23. Audio cap.
  24. Set for role-playing games.
  25. Neurorope.
  26. Mini lamp with touch control.
  27. Children’s boxing set.
  28. Board game (checkers, chess, backgammon, etc.).
  29. Luminous pillow.
  30. Rubik’s Cube.
  31. Luminous LED cap.
  32. Cool raincoat and rubber boots.
  33. Radio controlled flip car.
  34. Penny board.
  35. Express sculptor.
  36. UV pen with invisible ink.
  37. Monopod with remote control.
  38. Inflatable sofa.
  39. Leg hammock.
  40. Drum set for fingers.
  41. Radio-controlled toy (helicopter, boat, etc.).
  42. Blanket with sleeves.
  43. Runaway alarm clock on wheels.
  44. Rod-handle.
  45. Mask with snorkel for scuba diving.
  46. Dream Catcher.
  47. Toy radio.
  48. Cool print socks.
  49. Set for conducting experiments.
  50. Scratch map of the world.
  51. Toy microscope.
  52. Cutting set.
  53. Stylish diary or notebook.
  54. Pocket compass.
  55. USB heating mat.
  56. Kigurumi.
  57. Toilet golf.
  58. Ant farm.
  59. Magnetic slate board for refrigerator.
  60. Board for drawing with light.
  61. Snack plate with multiple compartments.
  62. Constructor (3D, metal, wooden, etc.).
  63. Protective equipment for rollerblading or cycling.
  64. Puzzle set.
  65. Cup with a compartment for cookies.
  66. Mini pocket telescope.
  67. Toy in the shape of your favorite cartoon character.
  68. Frisbee, boomerang, throwing glider or kite.
  69. Set of interior stickers.
  70. Hand warmer.
  71. Painting set.
  72. Snow blaster or water gun.
  73. Nice piggy bank.
  74. Set for growing plants.
  75. Apparatus for making cotton candy or popcorn.
  76. Reusable notebook with marker.
  77. Globe.
  78. Bottle-dumbbell for water.
  79. Laces that glow in the dark.
  80. Cup-chameleon.
  81. Sweets set.
  82. Micro robot beetle.
  83. Table tennis set.
  84. Musical instrument (drum, kalimba, ukulele, harmonica, etc.).
  85. Laser flashlight.
  86. Army flask.
  87. Desktop punching bag.
  88. Non bursting soap bubbles.
  89. Figured chocolate (for example, in the form of a gun or a Harry Potter wand, etc.).
  90. Heated slippers.
  91. Kettlebell or dumbbells.
  92. Football or basketball ball.
  93. Magnetic darts or bow with arrows.
  94. Set of superhero or dinosaur figurines.
  95. Kinetic sand with molds or modeling dough.
  96. Set of a young magician.
  97. Glowing headphones.
  98. Spyglass.
  99. Sand painting kit.
  100. A toy that repeats the speech of its owner.
  101. Music portable speaker.
  102. A set of crayons for drawing on asphalt.
  103. Sports equipment (cleats, sports bag, goalie gloves, etc.).
  104. Funny keychain.
  105. Keyboard or computer mouse.
  106. Coloring by numbers.
  107. Named power bank.
  108. 3D lamp.
  109. Textile wallet.
  110. Japanese Kendama toy.
  111. Waist bag.
  112. Desktop stand-organizer.
  113. Illumination on the spokes of a bicycle.
  114. Wallpaper coloring book.
  115. A set of youthful perfumes.
  116. Travel kit for survival.
  117. Set of icons for clothes or backpack.

Original, but budget presents for a boy

You have come to the right place if you are considering what to give the boy an inexpensive but unusual gift.

Having a desire, it is not difficult to find a unique present, the main thing is to be well versed in modern trends. The following options will inspire you and help you solve the problem.

Aeroball. This unusual gift will certainly please a boy of 8 years old. A powerful fan drives the toy. The ball can be pushed with normal force without fear of damaging it. They are played on any surface, both at home and on the street.

The hoverball is equipped with a soft barrier made of special foam, therefore, flying into hard surfaces, the ball bounces off without damaging them. Since the product glows with all the colors of the rainbow, it can be played even in the dark.

Umbrella gun. Such an original gift will impress even the most demanding boy. Great idea how to surprise a 7 year old boy.

The handle of the umbrella is made in the shape of a pistol grip; when closed, the product looks like a real weapon. However, it is worth removing the cover, as it will become clear to everyone that this is a rather harmless design.

To open the umbrella, you must pull the trigger. This accessory will make the boy stand out from the crowd and help him protect himself from bad weather!

Spy mini camera. Well, which of the boys does not dream of becoming a spy. This gift can be given to a boy of 9 years old so that he gets at least a little closer to his goal.

Such a camera is really miniature in size, it can be attached to your clothes to record discreetly, while being sure of high quality shooting.

It also comes with a bracket so it can be placed anywhere.

superhero attribute. Great gift for 5 year old boys. After all, many of them dream of being a superhero, for example, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Hulk, etc.

Give the hero of the occasion a carnival costume, mask, shield, sword, etc. And you will see delight in the eyes of the boy, a satisfied smile on his face. After all, a child needs a little to be happy – just add a little bit of magic to the holiday!

What can be a gift useful, but inexpensive

Even a small boy is already a man. And as you know, the stronger sex, as a gift, prefers to receive practical things.

Therefore, if you don’t know what to give a boy for DR inexpensively, you can safely use the following tips.

Stylish urban backpack. This is an indispensable attribute for a boy of 13 years old. The backpack will help out in the city, school, outdoors. The design of such a product should be thoughtful; when buying, you should pay attention to the presence of specialized pockets for carrying a bottle of water, digital equipment, keys, napkins, etc.

A city backpack is perfect for an active boy who goes to classes in the morning and to training in the evening.

Sensory gloves. A great gift for a 14 year old boy who always wants to be in touch.

Made of acrylic thread, and silver fibers are woven into the middle, index and thumb fingers, the gloves not only protect against cold, but also allow you to use the phone, such as answer calls, write messages, shoot videos, etc. Externally, the gloves are no different from the classic options.

Name towel. Not a bad idea to please a 12 year old boy. You can make any image on the towel, for example, the name of a boy or a picture with a cartoon character, a drawing symbolizing your favorite sport, etc.

This piece of bathroom is characterized not only by practicality, it will favorably emphasize the individuality of its owner. Taking such a towel with you on a trip, you can feel at home anywhere.

Polygonal padded cushion holder for gadgets. A universal stand for a phone, tablet, e-book will not go unnoticed by a boy of 11 years old.

With this device, you can enjoy watching movies, websites, reading books, etc. anywhere: on the bed, in the car and so on. The pillow is light, but strong enough, so it perfectly holds its shape.

Inexpensive gifts for creativity

Without exception, children love to create, and boys especially. They are always composing, sculpting, drawing, crafting, etc.

If you don’t know what kind of gift to give a boy inexpensively, go the easy way by giving the boy art supplies.

Easel and paints. If you notice artistic inclinations in a 6-year-old boy, then such a gift is exactly what you need.

An easel will allow you to securely fix the canvas so as not to worry that it will fall or move, in addition, this design will avoid distortion of the painted image. This gift is not a waste of money, but an investment in the future development of the child.

Wood burning kit. Another gift that will allow you to spend time fun and usefully. Boys like to burn wood, it’s like painting, but in an unusual way.

Such an occupation requires patience, attention and perseverance. But the hobby develops fine motor skills, creativity, and the ability to use writing instruments. All this will have the best effect on the success of the child, not only at school, but also in everyday life.

Aquaboard. Every child is an artist. Help the boy unleash his creativity by gifting him a water drawing tablet. This is a new, interesting and creative device that allows you to draw with only a brush and water.

The design consists of a thin plastic base with a rough surface and a special stand where water is poured, the set also includes a bamboo brush and a marker.

It is worth holding a wet brush over the surface, as it immediately darkens. However, after a few moments, the drawing begins to dry out, the thinnest lines disappear. You can draw endlessly, all the time adding new strokes to your masterpiece.

Pottery set. Pottery will bring joy and benefit to the child. First of all, working with clay is a great opportunity to express yourself.

The boy will feel pride in the work done, which means his self-esteem will increase significantly. In addition, with regular classes, the child’s sensory development is noted, motor skills are trained, and the ability to solve problems is honed.

Gifts for sports lovers

Not all boys are professionally involved in sports, but they just need to develop physically, develop endurance and agility. Take advantage of the following win-win inexpensive gifts for boys and your presents will definitely not be equal!

Balanceboard. This is a great exercise machine that helps develop muscles and joints at an early age. It will come in handy for a boy who is actively involved in sports and dreams of becoming a professional athlete in the future.

The balance board teaches not only balance, but also the ability to perfectly control your body. In addition, such a device aligns posture, strengthens the spine, and helps to hone surfing skills. The simulator has a small weight and size, you can take it with you on trips or travel.

Set of hockey sticks with ball and puck. As you know, only “a coward does not play hockey”, so the boy is guaranteed to like such a present. Hockey can be called one of the best sports because it brings invaluable health benefits.

In addition to the fact that hockey contributes to the formation of an athletic figure, develops endurance, the boy will be able to forget about problems with the spine, improve coordination of movements, learn to make the right decisions with lightning speed.

Ball for boxing on an elastic band. This training ball is great for kids who are into boxing. The ball is attached to the head with the help of a headband, it allows you to develop reaction speed and agility, hand-eye coordination. The product is made of polyurethane, soft and pleasant material.

Therefore, although the ball may return to the face, it certainly will not cause harm. It will be possible to train anywhere and at any time, since the ball is small and will fit in a small bag or even a pocket.

Cycling goggles with interchangeable lenses. Although the glasses are called bicycle glasses, in fact, they are universal and suitable for fishing or outdoor activities.

They reliably protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation, wind, and even withstand the ricochet of lead bullets. The product has a stylish design, provides clarity of the image. The kit includes five interchangeable lenses, as well as a diopter frame designed for lenses that correct vision.

Gifts for fun

We all know a funny song from childhood: “In every little child, both in a boy and in a girl, there are 200 grams of explosives or even half a kilo …”. Therefore, you definitely will not be mistaken if you give the boy a gift that lifts his spirits.

Twister. Mobile and very fun game for the whole company. This is a playing field with multi-colored circles, you need to spin the roulette wheel and put the indicated hand or foot on a certain color.

With every step it becomes more and more difficult to hold your position. The player who was able to stand and did not move from his position wins. While playing, the child develops flexibility and balance, spatial thinking.

Table soccer. Having such a thing, the boy will no longer be bored at home. The child will be able to pay attention to his hobby at any time. At first glance, this is just a game, but if you think about it, you can come to the conclusion that it brings considerable benefits to a growing body.

The boy develops fine motor skills, learns to assess the situation and make decisions quickly, negotiate with an opponent, and develops the ability to play “by the rules”.

Dance mat. To become a star of the dance floor, it is not necessary to be a professional dancer, it is enough to have such a rug. You can have fun with the whole company and at any time of the year, a lot of fun is guaranteed!

The product is connected to a computer, the image can also be displayed on a TV, and even a child can handle the control interface. This is the perfect gift for a moving boy. Dancing on the mat will help develop plasticity, coordination of movements, a sense of rhythm.

Rollers for shoes. The products are equipped with a special mechanism, due to which they are adjustable in width and put on almost any type of shoe, regardless of its size.

They are also stable, using them you can quickly learn the skills of roller skating without risking falling. The rollers are backlit, so they not only attract the attention of others, but also reduce the risk of collision.

They are compact in size, light in weight, do not take up much space in the bag, and will not become a burdensome burden on the road.

A few more interesting ideas that you can give a boy inexpensively


TOP 117 ideas What to give a boy inexpensively +24 gifts and Tips

Not everyone has an easy choice of gift. If you are still torn about in doubt, then you can bring to your attention a few more budget, but funny presents. Choose quickly and hurry to please the boy!

A set of growing pencils. These unusual pencils will definitely impress the boy. The fact is that at the tip of the pencil, instead of an eraser, there are plant seeds.

When the pencil is written off or just gets bored, it must be stuck into the wet ground. The results will be visible in a few days. This way you can grow mint, dill, parsley, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, etc.

Musical disco ball. A suitable gift for a sociable boy. With this device, he will be able to create a club atmosphere right at home. The device is capable of reading and playing music.

It has an attractive appearance, so it will fit perfectly into any interior. The sphere constantly glows, multi-colored lights light up alternately, then all at once. The ball is controlled by a remote control, it is very easy to operate, all you need to do is plug the device into a power outlet and select a musical composition.

A kit for creating harmless washable tattoos. If a boy dreams of getting a tattoo, and his parents are not happy with such a desire, this is a great alternative to body painting.

These stickers look quite realistic. They can be used to complete an outfit for a costume party like Halloween.

A tattoo is applied very quickly, after a minute you can admire a realistic image, and you can take a picture with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or cosmetic oil.

Jacket (jacket-transformer). An interesting and original gift for a boy. This is a toy that turns into a cozy and warm jacket. A unique product will delight everyone around.

Your gift will become not just a toy, but a participant in all games and adventures. The child will be able to take a soft friend with him anywhere. Using the jacket is very simple: you need to turn the back of the toy, unzip it, take out the jacket, and the toy itself is used as a pillow, hiding it in the hood.


Each boy is a unique individual. However, according to psychologists, there is still something that unites all the boys. When choosing a gift, be sure to consider the following nuances.

  1. A tete-a-tete conversation.  If possible, before choosing a gift, talk to the boy. It is not necessary to directly ask what he dreams of. Just find out who he is friends with, what he is interested in, etc. You can also talk to the boy’s parents or look at his page on social networks. Start from this information when you purchase a present.
  2. Parental restrictions.  Many are against their child playing with scary cartoon characters, weapons or military equipment.
  3. The main thing is not to overdo it.  When choosing a gift for a boy, try not to be too smart. Of course, all adults want their children to play intellectual games, believing that thanks to this they will become more educated. However, if the game does not immediately arouse the interest of the boy, he will abandon it. Choose not too difficult and age-appropriate entertainment.
  4. Childhood dreams.  Do not give what you yourself dreamed of as a child. The desires of adults and children often do not coincide, so the child may not appreciate your present. Before buying a particular thing, it would not be superfluous to ask the boy’s opinion.
  5. Money.  Be careful when handing over money. Some boys will be delighted with such a surprise, while others will be wary of an incomprehensible bill. The best way to give money is to put it in a fun piggy bank.
  6. All children are different.  A calm and assiduous child is unlikely to like an outdoor game, but a fidget and a fidget will not like intellectual activities, so you need to choose the appropriate gifts. Also, remember that the gift should not be shared. It is desirable that it was intended only for the hero of the occasion.
  7. Wow effect.  Not knowing what to give the hero of the occasion, you can choose approximately the thing that he already has. However, you should not do this, look for something new and interesting. The overwhelming majority of boys will be delighted with the effect of surprise.
  8. Don’t focus on the value of the gift.  Do not be discouraged that you cannot purchase an expensive gift. For children, most often the cost of a gift does not matter, the main thing is that it be chosen with love and in accordance with the interests of the boy. Whatever gift you give, the main thing is to accompany it with pleasant wishes.
  9. Emotions are the best gift.  Do not be lazy and pay attention to packaging. The gift should be presented in a beautiful package or elegant wrapping paper. You can go beyond this and come up with something more creative, such as wrapping your present in a matryoshka box or organizing a surprise quest for the boy. Another option is to give small gifts throughout the day. Wrap each of them in a bright package or foil and place them throughout the apartment.

What is better not to give

We often hear that choosing a gift for a boy is as easy as shelling pears. After all, he is not picky and directly expresses his desires. But, before buying a present, you should be well prepared and study the list of things that you don’t want to give the boy. The following gifts may offend the child, destroy the atmosphere of the holiday.

  • Stuffed Toys.  Boys are small men, so they are unlikely to be happy with a cute bunny or teddy bear.
  • Items of clothing or shoes.  You may not guess with the size, color or style, as a result of which the boy’s mood will be irreparably damaged.
  • Stationery.  Many boys do not like to once again remember the school, especially since their parents will provide them with pens and pencil cases.
  • Household items . A new blanket, carpet, bed linen will not cause enthusiastic emotions in the boy; the male sex is often indifferent to household items. In addition, the child is always waiting for a miracle, such a present will definitely not have a positive effect.
  • Gifts for the future or “for growth.” Every person, and especially a child, wants to enjoy the gift here and now, and not after some time.
  • Hygiene products.  Liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel – these are banal gifts that will not bring positive emotions to the boy. In addition, giving such presents is considered bad form, as if they hint to the boy that he needs to better monitor his appearance. It is better to abandon this idea.
  • Pets. It is impossible to give a four-legged friend without prior agreement, first you need to enlist the support of the boy’s parents.
  • A gift that does not match the hobbies. Try to treat the boy as a person with his own interests and preferences. Therefore, present gifts that match his hobby, even if you don’t like it.


If you have a small amount, this does not mean that you will not be able to choose a good gift. Try to convey your feelings through the presentation, cause sincere laughter, pleasant emotions in the boy, then no one will think about the cost of the surprise. Choose a gift with soul, thinking about the boy, and you will definitely succeed!

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