What to give a man

TOP 103 ideas What to give a Man when everything is there + 44 gifts and Tips

Unexpected surprises and gifts arouse interest and cheer up everyone – even if the hero of the occasion does not react too emotionally to the gift, in his heart he will be pleased with the attention shown to him.

Men especially like to feel cared for. Even if they say that they have everything, they will be delighted with a nice surprise. Therefore, the question “What to give a man who has everything”? remains relevant at all times.

TOP 103 gift ideas for a man who has everything

It is very difficult to surprise a person who does not need anything with an original gift. But, if you try hard, you can come up with some interesting options that will cheer up a man and remain in his memory for a long time. Here are the best ones:

  1. Set of exclusive cigars, pipe, hookah or smoking accessories (pocket ashtray, humidor).
  2. A set of handmade chocolate tools or a souvenir made of chocolate in the form of a soccer ball, car or any animal.
  3. Collection tea or coffee of high quality.
  4. 3D pen for creating three-dimensional models – inside it is a special plastic that heats up and takes shape when it comes into contact with air.
  5. Planning or a diary is a great gift for a manager, colleague or just a business man. A stylish wall key holder or a leather key case.
  6. Binoculars with night vision.
  7. Computer accessories: a keyboard backlight or a cool mouse pad.
  8. Soft plaid with sleeves.
  9. Aqua farm – a hybrid of an aquarium and a flower pot, a self-cleaning system.
  10. A hammock for an apartment or a hammock for legs (for relaxing at your desk).
  11. Turk for coffee or geyser coffee maker.
  12. Backpack for gadget lovers with a compartment for a laptop, fragile items and chargers.
  13. A soft bathrobe and fun USB-powered heated slippers.
  14. A clock going backwards is a fun wall memento.
  15. Unusual lamp or lamp in the shape of a soccer ball, egg, keys, etc.
  16. Shaving styler for men.
  17. A beautiful model of a car, railway or airplane.
  18. Robot vacuum cleaner for comfortable cleaning (a gift suitable for a single man).
  19. Shaker or cocktail set.
  20. Stand for the phone or glasses of the original form.
  21. Painting depicting a man’s favorite place.
  22. Traveler’s map in a baguette frame.
  23. Sports game – air hockey, petanque, twister, darts.
  24. Kettle controlled by smartphone.
  25. Portrait commissioned from a professional artist. A great gift for a husband who has everything. Alternatively, you can give a portrait of words, a picture of a voice, a beautiful picture or a panel.
  26. A set of printed or embossed leather campfires for the home bar. An elegant and durable gift.
  27. Home brewery.
  28. Wine cabinet with built-in cooling system.
  29. Electronic safe with customizable code.
  30. Table banknote in glass.
  31. Dominoes from amber.
  32. Caviar.
  33. Gilded coffee service.
  34. Zippo lighter.
  35. An elegant branded cane umbrella.
  36. Shaving set with malachite.
  37. Chess table.
  38. Watch box with winding.
  39. Fireplace clock.
  40. Crystal damask in a case.
  41. Statuette or painting by a contemporary artist.
  42. Set of personalized skewers.
  43. Decanter and glasses in the shape of diamonds.
  44. Luxurious crystal ashtray with gilding.
  45. Forged garden furniture.
  46. Flexible glass tablecloth.
  47. Picture from onyx with illumination.
  48. Large bronze stapler.
  49. Barometer in a case made of precious wood (ash, oak) and metal.
  50. Spoon on a stand for removing shoes, made of brass.
  51. Trolley for drinks.
  52. Garden fountain.
  53. Silver coaster.
  54. Pouf-column.
  55. Aircraft model made of stone.
  56. Knight’s shield.
  57. Bronze candelabra.
  58. Decorative panel or plaque.
  59. Cabinet knife for cutting paper from amber.
  60. Bronze door handle.
  61. Floor, wall or desktop biofireplace.
  62. Lacquered wood humidor.
  63. Fancy slippers: green grass flip flops, backlit foot massage slippers, microwave heated slippers.
  64. Crocodile leather wallet.
  65. French press made of brass.
  66. Sommelier gift set.
  67. Vintage set of shoe-cleaning products in a genuine leather case.
  68. Antiques.
  69. Outdoor fountain with lighting and mist.
  70. Chess with figures in the form of medieval knights.
  71. Spyglass.
  72. Electronic fish or jellyfish in the aquarium.
  73. The keyboard for the computer, issued under a tree.
  74. Telephone retro handset.
  75. Collectible model of a ship, yacht or aircraft.
  76. Camping lantern.
  77. Silver business card.
  78. Air hockey.
  79. Travel set for the tea ceremony.
  80. home planetarium.
  81. Pearls for wine.
  82. Massage mattress with fur.
  83. Multitool in the form of a business card.
  84. Frameless chair for a seating area in the living room or office.
  85. Flat water bottle. It can be carried in a case with a laptop.
  86. Weather forecaster.
  87. Walkie-talkie.
  88. Self-rotating globe with a political map of the world.
  89. Crystal growing kit.
  90. Stone writing set.
  91. Desktop punching bag.
  92. Money thrower.
  93. Men’s bracelet made of steel and spinel.
  94. Stones for whiskey.
  95. Fireplace screen.
  96. Gyroscopic simulator. You can carry it in your pocket and pump your hands whenever you want.
  97. Oak barrel for alcohol.
  98. Leather laptop briefcase.
  99. Wooden geographical puzzle. A good gift for an intellectual of any age.
  100. Monocular. Pocket telescope with 7x magnification.
  101. Chess, backgammon, cards or dice in the original version.
  102. Alarm clock – running away, flying away, light, with LED-backlight, target alarm clock.
  103. Figurine or doll made from a photograph.

Necessary gifts

Wealthy people often travel: frequent business flights, foreign tours, camping holidays with friends.

Practical gifts can make their “harsh” life easier. What can you give a man from a practical one:

Backpack-scooter . The thing seems frivolous, but it is an incredibly practical and cool thing. If your man is not only wealthy, but also young, and travels often, moving around the numerous airport terminals will become much more comfortable.

Eternal electronic lighter . Gasoline is not needed – it is charged via USB. The flame does not go out from the wind and rain. Looks stylish and brutal; absolutely safe and will never explode.

Satellite phone. You can choose a phone as a gift for travelers, hunters, fishermen who prefer to climb where there is no mobile connection.

To relieve stress

Everyday life of serious people is filled with problems. You need to get rid of stress – for example, with the help of various amusing gizmos.

3D pen Great for relieving stress after work. It can become a real hobby.

Magnetic tangram . An ancient Chinese game for the development of imagination, quick wits and intelligence. Brighten up a trip on a business trip and never get bored. The puzzle consists of only seven figures, but fantasy helps to create numerous images: numbers, letters, figures.

Catamino An exciting board game for logical thinking, reminiscent of Tetris. From individual elements you need to fill the playing field.

Musical drumsticks. At least for a few minutes, but “pulled” out of the boring business sphere.

Slippers in the form of huge bear paws or a hobbit. In these bear paws, the birthday boy will be warm and cozy.

Practical things for a busy person

What if your birthday boy doesn’t have everything? We offer to evaluate the list of unusual useful gizmos.

Set for making coffee on the sand . With unusual devices, coffee will acquire a particularly tart taste, and a man will gain a reputation as a gourmet.

Insoles heated. Thermal insoles are pre-charged, and then the temperature is adjusted with a miniature remote control. A cool thing for fans of ice fishing.

Pocket money detector. Or Express marker tester for money. You need to draw a line with a marker on the banknote. If the bill is real, the stroke turns yellow and disappears without a trace. If fake – the line darkens and becomes gray. Checks all world currencies.

Metal warmer for hands. It generates heat exactly when it is needed – you just need to press a button to start a chemical reaction and the heating pad will begin to warm your frozen hands. Easily fits in your hand. The device can be taken for a walk, fishing, warming up in the country.

Pocket fishing rod in the form of a regular pen. When folded, its length is only 20 cm. In a few seconds, it can be unfolded and assembled into a real, almost meter-long fishing rod.

The fishing rod-handle is quite functional, and can withstand prey up to 2 kilograms. What if your friend is suddenly overwhelmed by the desire to catch a mirror carp right at lunchtime?

Solid gifts for serious people

Gentlemen prefer blondes. And also – cool status things.

Handmade leather notebook briefcase or leather folder. Everything is simple here – a worthy accessory for a business person.

Exclusive backgammon made of wood, stone or glass. Status gift for the boss for the anniversary. A compliment and respect for a birthday man, a worthy addition to a rich interior.

Luxurious book. How do you like the idea of ​​a leather-bound volume with embossing and inlays “10,000 aphorisms of the great sages”? Or an encyclopedia of hunting rifles and shotguns – a great gift for those who are fond of hunting.

You can find a unique handmade piece – in leather, with natural fur, forged buckle and three-sided gold trim.

A safe book made of valuable wood with an unusual spine. Cool “Gold of the Party”, “Personal currency reserve”, or absolutely not attracting attention “The Constitution of the Russian Federation”, “English Dictionary”.

Unusual and useful gadgets that not everyone knows about

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and gadgets are a guy’s best friend. And wealthy guys too. We present you with a variety of items.

Wallet lamp. The baby will come in handy in the dark: it will illuminate the wallet, purse, handbag. Very small and thin flashlight.

Wireless floating speaker. A technical novelty will surely please your wealthy brother.

GPS beacon. The gadget will help you quickly find a car in a huge parking lot in front of the shopping center. Cloudberry lovers will be safe and will always come out of the forest. In a foreign country, you can quickly find your hotel or return to a familiar cafe.

Tetris case. A real old school, a cult game in tandem with a modern smartphone. Cool button case for iPhone 6/6+, 7/7+, 8/8+, X.

GPS tracker for your beloved cat. Attaches to the collar, synchronizes with the owner’s smartphone online. You can set boundaries beyond which the pet will not be able to escape. If his attempt is successful, a notification will be sent to the phone with information about the exact geolocation of the fugitive.

Inexpensive original gifts for a rich friend

What to give the person who has everything? Especially when you have much less. That’s right – something cool / unusual / unexpected.

We share ideas of budget, but funny presents for a wealthy birthday man with a sense of humor.

“Million dollars” in a case. An original and “expensive” birthday present for a man who has everything. Let the banknotes be souvenir, but what emotions! By the way, a presentable case with code protection is a real one.

Thermocup with a funny inscription like “Work is not a wolf …”, “Going to work – to the money.”

Cool men’s apron : SUPER Husband, “Pickled greens for the winter”, “Spider-Man”, “Minister of Culinary Affairs”, “Black Belt in Borscht”.

Growing pencils. Scribbled “stubs” give the most real seedlings if they are planted in a pot with ordinary soil.

A couple more interesting ideas

“Adoption” of a tiger with the help of WWF WWF’s endangered species support is for animal lovers. Pay the fee and make an amazing birthday present for the man who has everything.

Of course, the tiger cub will not be brought home to the birthday boy – the funds will be used to preserve the endangered species. A noble present for the birthday man and the planet.

A bottle of wine from his birth year. The older the hero of the day, the more valuable the gift.

Time capsule. A wonderful sentimental handmade gift. Gather together memorabilia to capture key moments in the birthday person’s life.

Gift for a man depending on a hobby

Hobbies and hobbies are the first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a gift for a man who already has everything.

Think about what a man likes and what kind of thing he would like to have. Any gift ideas will do – consumables (things that tend to run out) or items to develop new skills.

Car accessories. These things will always come in handy if a man has his own car. You can buy a wide variety of gizmos – seat covers, a steering wheel braid, a soft pillow under the head for the driver. More expensive gifts are a DVR, radar detector or parking radar (parktronic). A more budget option is a flavoring or a toy with a bobble head.

A gift for an athlete. As a gift for a man who is fond of sports, kettlebells or dumbbells, a pear or boxing gloves, new skis, and a universal horizontal bar are suitable. If the budget is unlimited, you can buy a home exercise machine or a treadmill. You can also donate a sports nutrition complex or a gym membership.

Gift for outdoor activities. Gift ideas: cooler bag, picnic set, folding grill, skewers with personalized engraving. Give a lover of nature a flashlight, a compass, a multifunctional folding knife, a thermos, a metal or leather flask. The fisherman will be delighted with a set of new spinners, the hunter – a pouch for cartridges.

An item for a collection that a man collects. Many men like to collect things, and it can be not only old paintings and expensive cars. You can buy an item for your collection of stamps, coins, vinyl records, prints, or other items. A contribution to the collection is sure to please a truly enthusiastic man.

Original and cool gifts for a man when everything is already there

If a man does not need anything, you can surprise him with an original present, and if he has a good sense of humor and does not need various useful things, you can give him a funny gift.

Here are some original and cool gift ideas for the man who has everything:

Reasons why he is the best. Surprise for my beloved husband on his birthday. You can hang posters around the house, on each of which write something nice about the birthday person (“You are the kindest”, “You are a miracle”, “You always achieve your goals”).

Hang stickers around the house, best of all along the route that a man follows every morning. Positive emotions and good mood for the whole day are guaranteed.

Impression gift. If a man does not need anything, perhaps he will not refuse a real adventure. You can arrange your favorite tour of the most picturesque places in the city, a horseback riding lesson, a trip to an entertainment mall where you can go karting or organize a chic romantic dinner in a restaurant.

Handmade gift for the man who has everything

If a man has everything, most likely he does not need anything. And if so, he will definitely be delighted with a gift that is made with his own hands, because the main thing is not the money spent on the gift, but the attention and care with which it was made.

Sometimes something simple at first glance turns out to be the best and most practical present.

DIY gift ideas for the man who has everything:

  1. Gorgeous homemade cake.
  2. Bouquet of sweets or chocolate bars.
  3. A wall photo collage with family photos is a good gift from your wife.
  4. Gorgeous topiary decorated with coffee beans.
  5. A mug or T-shirt with an original image (you can make it yourself using acrylic paints or fabric paints).
  6. Do-it-yourself sweater, mittens or scarf.
  7. Braided bracelet or belt.
  8. Homemade natural soap, bath bombs or a decorative candle.
  9. Stylish calendar or bookmark for books.
  10. The book is a box (to make such a cache, it is enough to cut out the middle of the book and glue the rest of the sheets with varnish).

Tips: How to choose a gift for a man who has everything

Men like to receive gifts, but if they already have everything, choosing a worthy present becomes a real challenge.

I want to buy a useful and interesting thing for a man, but will the hero of the occasion like it? How to choose a gift for a man who does not need anything and does not blunder?

  • There is no point in panicking about shopping in search of the perfect gift. Think about what a man likes, what he is fond of, remember the features of his character and habits. If you don’t know the person well, try asking friends, colleagues, or family about their hobbies. With the help of this information, you will be able to understand what to give a man who has everything.
  • Choose quality items – men who are practical by nature often pay attention to the functionality of items and the manufacturer. In stores you can find many products with an excellent price-quality ratio. Choose things that will not break after a week, but will last as long as possible.
  • Make the gift wrapping unusual and colorful, and in addition, prepare a warm speech or an original congratulation. So you can make the process of giving and receiving a gift even more pleasant.

What is better not to give a man who has everything

First of all, give up stereotypes – you should not give a man socks, deodorant or a shaving kit. The gift should be special, hinting at his personality.

The present should signal that you tried hard in choosing it. The following gifts are unlikely to show this:

  1. Money . For men, money is an unsuccessful presentation option, which shows that you are too lazy to spend time and effort searching for a worthy gift. Donate money to those who really need it.
  2. You should not give a man who has everything, too crazy and strange gifts . A performance by a gypsy camp, a stripper jumping out of a cake – in most cases, such a gift will look out of place. Trying to surprise a man with something unusual and colorful will put him in an awkward position.
  3. Too cheap or too expensive gift . Avoid such gifts, in the first case you will not be able to impress a man, in the second case you will make him feel uncomfortable. You will not be able to surprise a rich man with an expensive gift, it is best to buy something of an average price, but practical, original or stylish.
  4. Lingerie and other intimate items . Such gifts should be given only to the closest. You should also refrain from buying handkerchiefs and other hygiene items. Of course, such gifts will come in handy for a man who already has everything, but it is best to choose these things on your own.
  5. Animal . A rare breed puppy will impress the birthday boy, but can be a problem if there is no opportunity to raise him.


What to give a man when everything is already there? The answer to this question can be simple – give him attention and care that no amount of money can buy. Verbally congratulate the man on the holiday and give a cute present – not necessarily expensive and big, the main thing is to give this gift from the bottom of your heart. People who have everything value attention and sincerity more than material things.

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