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TOP 121 ideas What to give a friend +34 gifts and Tips

Most often, people are worried about what to give a friend for a birthday or anniversary. With personal holidays, the situation is somewhat more complicated than with general dates. However, everything is solved. And we invite you to familiarize yourself with cool gift ideas.

There are a huge number of reasons for choosing what you can give a girl you know, starting from March 8 and ending with a wedding, not counting the birthday.

Ideas for what to give a girl you know are presented in a huge assortment, this is a real headache, because you want to make an original gift that will be remembered for a lifetime and at the same time will not cause a significant blow to the budget.

Experts advise to adhere to the rule of universality when choosing.

When going for a holiday, think carefully about what you can give to a friend, because your gift should be concise and useful. Surely everyone wants their gift to be used, and not thrown into a box with other useless trinkets. If you don’t know what to give a girl you know, then read our selection of interesting ideas.

TOP 121 ideas What you can give a friend

  1. Bouquet of flowers.
  2. Book (from popular novelties).
  3. Various office.
  4. A tea set.
  5. Essential oil diffuser.
  6. Smart watch.
  7. Photo album.
  8. Humidifier or air purifier.
  9. Tea-set.
  10. Player.
  11. Bag for the camera.
  12. A set of scented candles.
  13. Dish of the month of birth.
  14. Set for growing flowers in the month of birth.
  15. Designer mug.
  16. Coffee set.
  17. Powerful hairdryer.
  18. Hand massagers.
  19. Portable player with Bluetooth.
  20. Friendship Journal.
  21. Friendship lights set.
  22. Scheduler.
  23. Phone stand.
  24. A book of witty, unusual postcards.
  25. Purse.
  26. Travel pillow.
  27. Cocktail recipe book.
  28. Lamp.
  29. Set of dishes.
  30. Mini waffle iron.
  31. Folding umbrella.
  32. Leather keychain.
  33. Figurine made of crystal or semi-precious stones.
  34. Navigator.
  35. Toaster.
  36. Salt lamp or air ionizer.
  37. Chameleon mug.
  38. Table game.
  39. A fragment of a meteorite in a glass box.
  40. Massage chair cover.
  41. Desktop or wall thermometer.
  42. Bag chair.
  43. Hammock for legs under the desktop.
  44. Set of photo frames.
  45. Wicker basket.
  46. Electric kettle.
  47. Thermo mug or small thermos.
  48. Candlestick.
  49. Painting reproduction.
  50. Travel suitcase.
  51. Dressing room mirror.
  52. Florarium.
  53. Jewelry holder.
  54. Electric massage pillow.
  55. Planters.
  56. Bamboo board for cheese.
  57. Mini pouch for travel jewelry.
  58. Unusual flower pot.
  59. Backpack.
  60. Credit card.
  61. Business card holder.
  62. Cotton calendar on the wall.
  63. Shopping bag.
  64. Refrigerator for cosmetics.
  65. Facial massager.
  66. Gravity spice grinder.
  67. Decorative pouf.
  68. Ball predictor.
  69. Nightlight.
  70. Picnic set in a basket.
  71. Electronic butterfly in the bank.
  72. Malachite casket for banknotes.
  73. Book safe.
  74. External battery.
  75. Motivator.
  76. Ring lamp with tripod for phone.
  77. Organizer.
  78. Amber tea cup with spoon.
  79. Composition with red rose.
  80. Dynamic interior figurine.
  81. Handmade glass.
  82. Fresh flowers in a vacuum.
  83. Decorative fountain with illumination.
  84. Instant camera.
  85. Desktop portable biofireplace.
  86. A set of glowing glasses.
  87. Sommelier set.
  88. LED candle.
  89. Smoothie blender.
  90. Freezer.
  91. Apparatus for making cotton candy at home.
  92. Digital pen.
  93. Portable printer.
  94. original medal.
  95. Food storage jars.
  96. Baking set.
  97. Portable outdoor speaker.
  98. Mini smoothie blender.
  99. branded umbrella.
  100. Notebook or diary.
  101. Fluffy bedside rug.
  102. Bath salt set.
  103. Coin holder.
  104. Magnetic hourglass.
  105. Aromasache.
  106. Gift Certificate.
  107. Set for mini fondue.
  108. Bath bombs.
  109. Purse.
  110. Mask for sleep.
  111. Raincoat.
  112. Plaid.
  113. Cezve.
  114. Stylish hair accessory.
  115. Silicone teapot for a mug.
  116. Cool ice molds.
  117. A boring carafe for drinks.
  118. Stylish hanger in the hallway.
  119. Festive fireworks.
  120. Honey set.
  121. Exotic fruits in the original box.

Original gifts

Many people love memorable and unusual gift ideas. Choosing an original gift for a friend is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Options for unusual ideas.

A glass with triple insulation is an unusual gift for the DR . This glass is designed for wine, champagne and even hot drinks. The main advantage of an insulated glass is its ability to keep the contents cool for a long time.

And coffee and tea stay hot longer. Such an unusual gift in the spirit of modernity, which you can take with you everywhere.

This keychain with resin letters and a real flower is a good birthday gift for a woman you know, if she needs a place to store her keys and tags. This original thing will please the birthday girl who loves everything bright, shiny and, at the same time, useful and functional.

An unusual bouquet is a great gift not only for a birthday, but also for a wedding. Beads, buttons, ribbons, beads, sequins and other paraphernalia can be used as manufacturing materials. A bouquet can be purchased at a specialized store or even made independently.

Original gifts are remembered for a long time and leave a pleasant impression of the person who gave them.

3D lamp . An unusual lamp will bring a little magic to any home. This is a kind of LED night lamp table lamp, the glow from which creates the illusion of a three-dimensional figure.

The technology used to form a three-dimensional image allows you to create only one-color figures, that is, each line has the same shade. It is possible to choose any shape and size.

Stormglass . Very unusual and harmonious decoration of the interior. A chemical meteorological instrument consisting of a glass flask or ampoule filled with an alcohol solution in which camphor, ammonia and potassium nitrate are dissolved in certain proportions. The flask is hermetically sealed, but, nevertheless, the birth and disappearance of crystals constantly occurs in it.

Depending on the upcoming weather changes, crystals of various shapes form in the liquid. The device is so sensitive that it can predict a sharp change in the weather 10 minutes before such. Stormglass works better when at the window, especially in reinforced concrete houses, probably in this case the barometer is not so shielded.

Box with a secret . Each person has their own skeletons in the closet, such a puzzle can only be opened after some non-obvious action or a series of manipulations, now the owner of such a souvenir may not worry about the safety of her secrets.

Some caskets open with a simple single press in the desired area, while others require the movement of a series of small parts to open. The most complex boxes require more than a hundred moves and come in a huge variety of sizes and designs. With such a present, you can not be afraid for the safety of secrets.

Useful gifts

One of the most difficult categories for choosing what to give a girl friend for her birthday.

Many women do not like various trinkets, but prefer only useful and practical things, but at the same time stylish. Today you can choose something memorable and necessary at the same time.

A miniature lamp that is attached to the edge of a book and provides bright illumination to the page . A useful gift that will come in handy for lovers of reading, especially at night. The device can be taken with you on a trip, guests or a business trip. An incredibly handy item. And practical.

Music column for the shower . If your friend loves to sing in the shower, then this column is for her. The device will cheer up the music lover for a long time to come.

Headphones for sleeping are one of the most useful things before bed for insomnia. With the help of the device, you can listen to the sounds of nature or enjoy your favorite tunes. The device simply saves if the neighbors unexpectedly started repairs. Great gift idea for a good friend.

Ice cream fan . White fan “Ice cream” is not just an entertaining toy, but also a great portable gadget that will cool the air in hot weather. Ease and safety of use make this product accessible to children. They will especially like the shape and original design.

It is very easy to put the mini fan into action: you need to remove the top cover and then turn on the device using the switch. The body is made of lightweight plastic, and the blades are soft rubber. The handheld mini fan creates a nice cool breeze. It can be turned on anytime, anywhere. Small and handy, it fits even in a jacket pocket.

Thermal bag . In a thermal bag, products are usually transported and stored for some time. It is convenient for travel, field trips. A thermal bag is a mini-refrigerator in which food will remain fresh for a long time.

A bag that maintains a certain temperature can also work as a thermal container. It will deliver warm pizza or delicious hot lunches. Such a gift will become a real lifesaver during long trips.

Inexpensive gifts

The most favorite option when looking for a gift for a friend is unusual and inexpensive. Inexpensive does not mean poor quality! There was a psychological test when no one wanted to buy a product at a low cost, but as soon as the price was mistakenly raised, it flew off the store shelves like hot cakes.

If you understand the characteristics of a future present, you can buy a worthy gift at a modest price.

Aqua farm . The aqua farm is a closed ecosystem that maintains a balance between plants and fish. A kind of self-cleaning aquarium that grows crops.

This is really a mini-farm, thanks to which any city dweller can provide himself with fresh herbs for the table. You grow your own crops and at the same time observe the life of the fish, and the plants take care of the cleanliness of its aquarium. The system regulates itself. The aqua farm is produced in Russia. The kit includes everything you need to create a full-fledged eco-farm. Just add fish!

Handmade soap . Handmade soap is the opposite of factory made soap.

In the soap base, in which at least half of the components are natural, natural oils are added to nourish the skin, loofah and scrubs, exfoliating dead particles, wax, clay and other useful ingredients of natural origin. Modern masters of soap making represent a huge selection of shapes and colors of the product.

Sketch map of the world . It is a map of the world on which it is necessary to mark the places where you have already visited. A chic and budget gift for those who like to visit other countries, it itself hints that it’s time to go!

The scratch map of the world is a personal diary of a tourist that will make any trip unforgettable.

High cost is not the main value of the present.

After all, the main thing is that the gift brings joy and sometimes benefit. The price may be the last one. 3 more inexpensive holiday gift ideas.

  1. A box for storing jewelry , cosmetics, accessories and other women’s accessories – beautiful and cheap. And not angry. If you choose a high-quality box with an interesting design, then the birthday girl will surely appreciate the present. Before handing the box, do not forget to put something symbolic inside: an inexpensive bracelet and a card with sincere congratulations, for example.
  2. A set of a pen and an original keychain is an inexpensive but worthy gift for a business lady who is constantly on the move. Such a gift will always cheer her up and remind her of you, even if the girl lives at work. The original stationery set will suit a lover of beautiful things, or a collector of everything beautiful.
  3. Set for making mulled wine . Pay attention to such a set if the birthday girl celebrates her birthday in a cold season, when it is frosty, slushy and there is no sun in the yard. The set for preparing a drink will warm you with warmth, add fun to and fill the house with joy and positive.

Gifts for health and beauty

Health is not in the last place. And on a birthday or New Year it would be nice to remind a person about him. So at the same time you show your concern and present a woman with a useful gift that she will surely use.

Orthopedic pillow . Beauty and health depend on quality sleep. This is the key to good health throughout the day. One of the main components of high quality sleep is the correct position of the body and head. The pillow conforms to the shape of the face and neck and provides a comfortable position. An orthopedic pillow will not only allow you to sleep well, but will also keep your face and neck youthful longer. The size and filler can be chosen at your own discretion. If the birthday girl does not have such a pillow, then she will definitely appreciate the present.

An exercise bike is a device that is equally effective both in the gym and at home. Classes on the simulator provide the body with a gentle load on the heart, blood vessels, muscles with an excellent effect. The exercise bike is equipped with many useful features: heart rate measurement, calorie control, etc.

Fitness elastic bands are a universal simulator for the development of physical fitness. The rubber bands stretch up to a certain point, and their tension depends on the resistance force. There are 4 rubber bands in total. The degree of load is chosen independently, depending on the sensations experienced.

A massage roller is a great and safe alternative to visiting a massage parlor – the dream of many. Not every girl can afford to sign up for procedures with a massage therapist. The roller solves numerous problems: relieves pain, fatigue, trains muscles, relaxes the body after a hard day’s work, reduces swelling. No special skills are required to use the massage roller. All it takes is just a few minutes a day. The effectiveness of the application is guaranteed.

Sweet gifts

If the eve of the holiday is close, and you still have not chosen and are in doubt what to give to a girl you know, pay attention to “delicious” gifts. These are almost universal gifts that will delight ladies of all ages.

  • A set of sweets is a timeless idea of ​​what to give a woman you know if she loves sweets. Put assorted chocolate, dark, milk or any other in the general set. The undoubted advantage of such a presentation lies in its originality. Pack the candies in a pretty box or basket and hand them out along with a greeting card. The wish for a sweet life will look very life-affirming.
  • Fortune cookies . On a birthday, it is customary to make wishes. If you want to bring an element of randomness and surprise to the holiday, then you should take a closer look at fortune cookies. The delicacy will tell about the upcoming changes in the life of the birthday girl. The cookie comes with a personalized box on which you can write wishes to your friend. Fortune cookies are not only a great idea of ​​what to give a girl friend for her birthday, but also a stylish interior decoration. You can present cookies with wishes as a souvenir. An excellent and unique keepsake.
  • A chocolate card is a chic and “delicious” alternative to the “standard” paper greeting card. Chocolate is guaranteed to cheer up the birthday boy and “sweeten” his birthday. Any image and / or text can be applied to the wrapper, at the request of the customer. Take the idea into service if you don’t know what to give a new friend inexpensively. A chocolate card can be given to a friend as a set with the main present, or separately. A chocolate card in itself is an unusual and inexpensive congratulation.
  • Set of exotic fruits . A good gift idea for a friend who wants to conquer new countries and surf the unknown. A basket of exotic fruits will remind the birthday girl of distant places. Such a gift combines practicality, beauty and health benefits. A fruit basket will not only make the holiday bright and unforgettable, but also saturate the body with valuable vitamins and microelements.

Delicious gifts will be appreciated by both a girl and an adult woman. If you have never given sweet presents, then we advise you to try.

wedding gifts

For a wedding, you should give a gift that will bring pleasure to both newlyweds, here are some suggestions for what to give a new acquaintance as a gift if you were invited to the marriage ceremony.

Portable projector . Home theater is a great option, all that remains is to buy popcorn. The device is relatively small in size and light in weight. Any models are not inferior to stationary ones in functionality and image quality, but they can be transported. This category has a clear trend towards size reduction and weight reduction.

There are models so compact that you can carry them not in a bag, but in your pocket. A portable mini projector is a working tool for projecting an image onto a large screen (or other surface).

Wedding glasses with engraving . Glasses are taken out for every solemn event, there is no doubt that your gift will be used. Laser engraving transforms ordinary glassware into a unique item that will remind you of your big day.

The technology of applying the image allows you to work with fragile material without damage, and in a short time to complete the order. Glasses with engraving significantly increase the prestige of the owners.

Money machine . A unique means of recycling paper waste into money! Insert a piece of paper of a suitable size into the Money Machine, twist the handle, and it will turn into a real bill! Money Machine is a great way to become an illusionist without wasting time on training and rehearsals.

Unbreakable plates . Give a great gift that will help relieve stress and forget all the words spoken in a fit of anger.

Unbreakable tableware is made of different glass: frosted, transparent, decorated, colored. It is worth noting that only due to severe mechanical damage to the plate, the cups break into non-sharp pieces, excluding any cuts.

Mittens for the bride and groom . Each of the newlyweds will have one personal mitten, and one joint. Such a gift will help remind the newlyweds that from now on they must walk in sorrow and in joy, holding hands, releasing them only to take their unborn children by the hands.

Anniversary Presents


Each of the listed gifts will correspond to these parameters – an original gift for a friend for an anniversary. With such a present, you can safely go to such a memorable event as an anniversary, which happens not so often – for 25, 30, 35 years

Levitating plant . Such a gift will never be deprived of attention, it seems as if the air around is saturated with magic. It is an amazing combination of nature and technology.

Imagine plants hovering in the air, slowly rotating, causing delight and admiration. Rotating, the plant receives enough sunlight and develops better than in a conventional flower pot.

Biofireplace . As you know, a woman is the keeper of the hearth, this present will help her never forget about it, ideal for those who dream of a big fireplace, but cannot afford it. The fireplace runs on special biofuel that burns in the chamber.

The burning of biofuels forms elegant and even fiery flames. It is worth noting that biofuel is completely safe due to the fact that soot, smell and smoke are not emitted during its combustion. The flame is adjustable and extinguished with a slight turn of the knob.

Drawing set . Drawing sets are presented in the widest range. You can pick up a set of pencils or paints, it is possible to order a canvas, a set for batik.

It is not necessary to give such a set to professional artists, if your friend is just planning to try something new, this is a great option, maybe you will help discover her new talents.

Flower in a flask . The choice for those who love cartoon or movie is beauty and the beast. The eternal rose is a flower fixed on a round wooden stand. To create a rose, a ripened living flower is taken in a flask.

It is filled with a special chemical composition that stabilizes its condition. The bud is “preserved”, retains its shape and color for up to 5 years.


Choosing a gift is a process that can put almost any person in a stupor. Even in the case of relatives and friends, it is quite difficult to choose an interesting present for a birthday, New Year or any other date. What can we say about people with whom you barely know. Here it is even more difficult to choose a gift. Therefore, you should think carefully and prepare well for an important event in order to give something that the birthday girl will really like. Let’s analyze the main points.

When it comes to congratulating an unfamiliar girl , you should not stop at choosing an overly expensive or personal gift. In this context, an acquaintance is assumed, with whom you only occasionally cross paths, say hello and linger to chat for a couple of minutes. In this case, it would be more appropriate to choose a symbolic gift. You can give a birthday girl a beautiful designer item, such as a vase, an original and stylish photo album, a jewelry box or a universal sweet present for all occasions – a bouquet of chocolates or a fruit and berry basket.

It will be much easier for a work colleague or classmate with whom you see more often to pick up a gift for an anniversary, New Year or other holiday. You have a common circle of acquaintances, and you probably have an idea what to give a friend for 30 years or another date. Despite the possible lack of close communication, you probably managed to notice what the girl is fond of and interested in. If you find out about her hobby, you can try to choose an item related to it. A decorative gift would be appropriate to decorate the home space. You can buy a potted plant or even a tea set or a set of dishes. You can stop at the choice of a board game or a book, but only if you are sure of the appropriateness of such a presentation. Choose with care.

It will be easier to pick up a gift for a friend with whom you periodically meet and attend some concerts, exhibitions and other events. You already know enough about her character traits, tastes, preferences. Despite the lack of communication on personal topics, you can give a familiar thing that would suit her interests. For example, a set of aromatic candles, a Japanese sushi set, or even perfumes would be an appropriate present for the New Year or a birthday. If in doubt about the choice, then you can always stop at a bouquet of sweets or a box with other sweets.

When choosing a gift for a friend, pay attention to such nuances:

  • Originality and interesting gift. This will make your present stand out from the background of the same type of things. But the measure is important here: you should not choose too specific and frankly unnecessary things;
  • The choice of gift depends on the event itself. For a birthday, you can choose a present that will emphasize the individuality and maturation of the girl. And the selection of a gift for the New Year requires a completely different approach, because this holiday symbolizes the coming year. In this case, it is also necessary to observe the measure: you should not choose outright platitudes. It is better to think over the idea well and settle on something really interesting;
  • We advise you to call other visitors to the holiday in order to avoid an unpleasant situation in which people give the same presents to the hero of the occasion.

Do not forget about the process of donation itself. This is not an addition to the main gift, but its foundation! After all, congratulations are even more important and valuable than the gift itself.

Try to choose more beautiful and sincere words, but also remember about relevance. Congratulate the birthday girl from the bottom of her heart so that she remembers it for a long time. Best of all, be creative and add originality and unusual congratulations. You can even say warm and pleasant words to the birthday girl in prose. If you don’t know how to compose poetry, then ask someone to do it. Approach congratulations responsibly!

Accompany your congratulations with an appropriate gift in a bright and elegant package. Complete it all with a fresh and fragrant bouquet of flowers. Such a congratulation will be to the taste of both the birthday girl and all the guests.

What is better not to give

Perfume is considered not the most appropriate gift for an unfamiliar woman. If you do not communicate well enough or rarely see each other, then you should definitely not make such gifts. Everyone has different tastes, and some do not use perfume at all. You don’t know what a woman’s preferences are. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will be able to guess with the aroma of perfume. In addition, the birthday girl may misinterpret such a gesture.

Cosmetics, especially anti-cellulite and anti-aging, are among the forbidden gifts of a friend. This also includes not only personal care products, but also decorative cosmetics. A woman may think that she looks bad and will be offended. And the holiday will be spoiled, as well as the impression of the giver. For sure.

An unfamiliar girl should not be presented with such things :

  • Clothing and footwear . A cashmere sweater, T-shirt, dress, or designer shorts is fine, but not as a gift for a girl you don’t know. Clothing belongs to the category of personal items. Again, here you can not guess with taste or size. There is a high probability that the woman will not wear your gift, and there is no way to return it to the store. As a result, clothes will litter the closet with dead weight.
  • Linens. A woman with whom you communicate little should not make such presentations. Despite the fact that this is a very common gift, it is considered not entirely ethical when it comes to just a friend. Bed linen also belongs to the category of personal items. Such a present may contain indecent hints. And the giver, without realizing it, will be in an unpleasant position.
  • Vacation ticket . Also not a very appropriate gift. Perhaps your friend does not have time to visit another country or a trip to a sanatorium. Or maybe she just doesn’t like traveling. Or a woman does not like exactly the place you have chosen to visit. There is a possibility that the birthday girl will not go anywhere or will simply give someone a tourist ticket. It turns out that there is no benefit, and the money is wasted.
  • Subscription to the fitness room . Can be regarded as a “hinting” gift. Even if the giver did not want to wish anything bad, the girl may misinterpret this gesture and be offended. As with cosmetics, the birthday girl will decide that something is wrong with her appearance.
  • Jewelry is an interesting gift for a girl, but not the most appropriate when it comes to a person with whom you do not know much. Here you can not guess with taste preferences. Products made of silver, gold or semi-precious metal, with and without stones – the range is very wide. Perhaps the girl does not wear jewelry at all. Plus, jewelry is expensive. And it may be inconvenient for the birthday girl to accept such a present.
  • Personal hygiene items and “hinting” . Floor scales, epilator, soap, shower gel or shampoo should not be given to a friend. These are not the best gifts for obvious reasons.
  • Money . In some cases, such a gift is appropriate. But not when it comes to a stranger. Money demonstrates the indifference of the donor to the birthday girl or indicates the scarcity of fantasy. In addition, this is an indirect allusion to the lack of funds from the giver.
  • “Gifts-excuses” – trinkets, cheap souvenirs, figurines bought in the passage. The best idea for a gift. The birthday girl may be offended that you did not attach much importance to the date of her birth and chose the most ridiculous gift possible. Or he will guess that you did not know what to give a girl you know for her birthday.

It is good when the giver chooses an original gift for a friend, which will both bring joy and benefit in everyday life. Finding a present like this is not easy. But it is possible. Think about what can please your friend, consult with friends or family.


When choosing a gift for a friend, you need to remember that there is no need to purchase an exclusively expensive item. It is better to choose such a present so that it is remembered for a long time. Do not forget to responsibly and soulfully approach the congratulations of a person, even if you do not know each other very well. After all, it is much more important to give the birthday girl vivid emotions and pleasant impressions that will leave a bright and warm mark in her memory. 

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