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TOP 129 ideas What to give for 17 years + more Gifts and Tips

Seventeen is a wonderful and controversial age. Childhood is already leaving, there are many prospects and adventures ahead, and adulthood and seriousness are still far away.

Teenagers are in uncertainty – this is a time of experimentation, trial and error. Some are trying to earn their first money, while others are hard at work on the granite of science. One thing unites them – I want to quickly cross the threshold of adulthood and learn an independent life.

Choosing what to give for a birthday of 17 years, you need to rely on the goals and life priorities of the birthday person. Buy unexpected things, experiment with packaging – let it be of unusual textures and shapes.

TOP 129 ideas What can be presented for 17 years

The birthday boy will definitely be delighted with such things:

  1. Selfidron. This is a foldable quadcopter with a built-in camera for taking photos and videos. The flight of the device is monitored through a smartphone.
  2. Apparatus for making popcorn or cotton candy.
  3. Virtual reality glasses.
  4. Cocktail set.
  5. Selfie accessories: monopod, lens or lens for smartphone, flash. A practical present for my 17 year old daughter.
  6. Notebook devices: cooling pad, external hard drive, convertible table, AC adapter, battery, combination lock, security cable.
  7. Waterproof backpack for hiking or city backpack.
  8. Headphones: monitor, overhead, wireless, sports, gaming. Fashionable brother for 17 years – that’s it!
  9. Roombox. This is an interior designer, which, when assembled, is a miniature room. The toy is distinguished by high detailing and realism: furniture, a floor lamp, paintings on the walls, indoor plants, a “carpet” on the floor. The “Christmas” roombox includes a cozy winter house, a snowman and a magical sleigh with a reindeer.
  10. Gaming accessories: chair, keyboard, mouse or pad. Gaming vibrator cape.
  11. Unusual lamp or night light. Lamp with levitating switch. A lamp that glows with music. Night lamp in the form of a lunar disk, recreating a 3D lunar landscape and showing the phases of the movement of the night star. Creates a romantic atmosphere. 3D lamp in the form of an animal: a bear or an elephant.
  12. Telescope for beginner astronomers. The device allows you to see the details of the lunar relief up to 8 km in size, the phases of Venus, the surface of Mars, the belts of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn.
  13. Chocolate making set.
  14. Something for an active life: a scooter, a bicycle, a longboard, a rollersurf, a penny board, a unicycle, a scooter, a hoverboard or a skateboard. My 17 year old son will be very pleased to receive such a gift.
  15. Touch screen gloves.
  16. Candy stealing slot machine. Great gift for a fun party.
  17. Nice air mattress. In the form of a huge piece of pizza, donut, pineapple, watermelon slices.
  18. Piggy bank safe with a combination lock.
  19. Sketchbook or travel book.
  20. Mechanical metal toy. A big boy at 17 still wants toys. Even though he won’t admit it.
  21. Bike computer.
  22. Backpack for bicycle.
  23. Slippers in the form of a cute little animal or the paws of a “serious” snow leopard and leopard. It’s funny to see instead of their human feet the paws of a beast with powerful claws.
  24. Zen pendulum. The sand pendulum is a wonderful thing to relax and improve your mood. Fascinating drawings on the sand and measured rocking distract from problems and give inner balance.
  25. Splitter for 3 headphones.
  26. Ceramic thermostat.
  27. Personal growth poster. This scratch poster contains 30 challenges (challenges) for every day to get rid of bad habits and acquire good ones.
  28. Bicycle rack.
  29. Tent or tourist awning.
  30. Sleeping bag (in the form of a cocoon or blanket).
  31. Perfumer set. Opens the world of aromas, reveals the secrets of fragrant formulas, allows you to create your own unique perfume.
  32. Tourist navigator.
  33. Camping lantern.
  34. Wallet-holder for documents. An essential item for travel.
  35. A set of tourist dishes.
  36. drinking system.
  37. Flask or thermos.
  38. Outdoor water filter.
  39. Self-inflating mat or travel seat.
  40. Tourist burner or gas stove.
  41. Camping lightweight bed.
  42. Hanging panel for photos.
  43. A real professional ball. Depending on the sports hobby: football, basketball, volleyball.
  44. Great table tennis racket. Or a table tennis net.
  45. Swimming accessories: fins, mask, snorkel.
  46. Large emoji pillow. With such a smiley pillow, you can play a trick on a friend and even confess your love to a girl.
  47. The umbrella is bold. The original dome with a defiant middle finger will be appreciated by an amateur / lover of shocking.
  48. Brake belt with parachute for swimming.
  49. Punching bag or punching bag, gloves.
  50. Shingarts. This is an element of protective equipment in power martial arts: sambo, grappling, fights without rules, hand-to-hand combat, jiu-jitsu. They look like gloves with cut off “fingers”.
  51. Makivara. A popular hitting implement: a bundle of straw attached to a resilient board. Used in contact martial arts and archery.
  52. Balance board or balance board.
  53. Trampoline.
  54. Buildable cardboard model.
  55. Fitness accessories: mat, expander, elastic bands, fitness bracelet, dumbbells, gym ball.
  56. Board LED for messages. This is a stylish design accessory with which you can communicate. It is worth attaching the letters from the set to the board, and they will begin to glow. Decorating your interior with funny phrases and inspirational quotes is so cool!
  57. Magnetic photo frames. The design is reminiscent of a Polaroid, but with a modern print instead of white borders. A wonderful gift for those who love the unusual in the interior. These frames will make your party shots look even cooler!
  58. LED lamp with wireless charging.
  59. Chameleon mug.
  60. Leather bracelet with metal plate and name engraving. Or a leather belt with an original buckle.
  61. Smart bonsai lamp. Unique 3 in 1 device: light, wireless charger and Bluetooth speaker. A beautiful gadget looks like a small tree.
  62. Backpack for tablet.
  63. Sleep gel mask.
  64. Glowing plush Teddy. A charming gift for a younger sister for 17 years.
  65. Electronic LED candle. It shimmers like a real one, creates coziness and a romantic mood.
  66. Pocket organ. An amazing handmade music box is a great way to play along with your congratulations! When you install the hurdy-gurdy on different surfaces, the tonality of the melody changes. Nice present for a music lover.
  67. Plaid with sleeves or poncho for two.
  68. Thermal bag with cold accumulator.
  69. Magnetic slate board.
  70. USB heated slippers.
  71. Triple lunchbox. A useful thing for a student with a busy life.
  72. Professional lightweight thermos for athletes made of stainless steel. Or a sports water bottle.
  73. Pig is a nutritionist. A funny and very useful thing, vigilantly guarding the refrigerator from night raids. The pig knows the rules of the diet and will be outraged if the refrigerator is opened at the wrong time! A homemade and very principled nutritionist will grunt loudly, protecting the stocks and figure of the birthday man.
  74. Jar with juicer.
  75. Manual mini coffee machine.
  76. USB warmer for drinks in the form of cookies.
  77. Paired mugs: hugs or hearts. Or paired mittens for lovers. Nice idea what to give a girl for her 17th birthday.
  78. Leather keychain.
  79. Fondue mini set.
  80. Decorative shelf-box.
  81. “Magic” non-blown candles.
  82. Inflatable crown, colorful wig or party mustache. This is a cool gift for a fun party that will change your appearance beyond recognition. You can experiment with looks, take selfies, post photos to accounts and collect likes! And also – enjoy the positive from others, who will definitely be delighted with such reincarnations.
  83. Basketball for the toilet.
  84. Set for 3D cast of hands. You can create a unique sculpture of one or two hands held together. Skin relief and fingerprints are reproduced in great detail.
  85. Crystal growing kit.
  86. A set of growing pencils.
  87. Set for painting with light. With the help of a double-sided tablet, a light marker and a stencil, you can create masterpieces! Until the lines disappear…
  88. Set for chemical experiments. You can create your own invisible ink, real sparklers, or make a “noisy powder” that is triggered by touch or even a loud sound. Cotton releases iodine gas in the form of a purple cloud. And you can also create a fiery rainbow.
  89. World map in the form of a realistic puzzle with scale models of states. The set includes brightly colored stickers to mark places you have already visited.
  90. Leather soft book.
  91. Set for creating a stained glass picture.
  92. Pillow-stand with a pocket for a tablet.
  93. Luminous bottle stopper.
  94. Ocean waves projector.
  95. Home air football.
  96. USB light-cloud for drawing. Illuminated notes and drawings look bright and fun. Everything is easily erased, turning the lamp into a new blank canvas.
  97. Glass markers. In order not to lose your drink at a big party, you need to attach “your” bright unicorn. It’s a good idea what to give a guy for 17 years inexpensively, but with benefit.
  98. Leg hammock.
  99. Wireless waterproof shower speaker.
  100. Drum set or guitar for fingers.
  101. Smartphone projector.
  102. Polygraph.
  103. A set of bright silicone laces. A cool and useful present to a fashionable friend for 17 years.
  104. Self-cleaning aquarium Aquafarm.
  105. Wireless dance mat.
  106. Disco ball. Or a liquid laser with a lens to create an underwater effect.
  107. Tail light for a bicycle with a laser path, in the form of a skull.
  108. Mobile vibration speaker.
  109. Japanese gadget with “blinking eyes”. These are two large eyes that can blink very realistically, and make any object “alive”, you just have to attach them.
  110. Musical drumsticks.
  111. Ant farm with backlight.
  112. Shower radio.
  113. Chocolate mini fountain.
  114. Zoom lens for iPhone.
  115. Animated column in the form of a lion.
  116. Device for preparing sausages in dough or roller grill for frying sausages.
  117. Flexible holder for a smartphone on a clothespin.
  118. Sports bag-case with a window for the phone on the arm or on the belt.
  119. A helmet with a stand for cans with drinks. Cool gift idea for a 17 year old guy who loves to party.
  120. Travel pillow with fleece hood.
  121. Binoculars.
  122. Pizza knife + pizza, of course.
  123. Home ping pong.
  124. Moto and bike holder for iPhone.
  125. Desktop mini-vacuum cleaner in the form of a funny cow or frog.
  126. Key finder radio.
  127. Book-safe for storing money and secrets. The birthday boy will find something to hide in this cache from the eyes of a curious younger brother, or an all-seeing parental eye. Give the hero of the occasion the right to personal space.
  128. T-shirt with a cool joint photo or a funny picture from social networks. If you are thinking about what you can give a guy for 17 years, this is a great option.
  129. Creative passport cover.

DIY gifts for 17 years

Friends or younger relatives can make unusual gifts on their own. What can you give for 17 years of the original?

Ideas for cute little things in front of you.

good mood bag


TOP 129 ideas What to give for 17 years + more Gifts and Tips

This is an ordinary cute bag filled with sweets with wishes attached.

It can be made from any material and decorated as you like, turning it into an original gift bag.

The main thing in creating such a gift is fantasy, creativity and sincerity. Your wishes, advice, ironic suggestions, short jokes, statements that make the candidate for a gift smile. Anything – the main thing is that on each candy.

For example: “Be loved”, “Be happy”, “Be the best”. Or turn sweets into useful pills: “From fatigue”, “From bad mood”, “From sadness”. Or good advice for the day: “It’s time to take a break”, “It won’t hurt to get some air”, “Call me”, and in the same vein.

To make this miracle bag of positive, you will need:

  • dense fabric – the basis of the bag;
  • a bright piece of fabric – future decor;
  • ribbons or braid for decoration;
  • buttons, beads, rhinestones, sequins or other elements that complement the decor;
  • thick colored paper, printer or gel pens / felt-tip pens;
  • stapler or double sided tape.

Having spent quite a bit of time, you will make a wonderful present for a friend or girlfriend.

Useful things from felt


TOP 129 ideas What to give for 17 years + more Gifts and Tips

From pieces of felt or other bright material, with the most minimal skills, you can sew nice little things: bookmarks, a headphone holder, a case for charging a mobile phone.

Another useful idea

Many children at this age begin to earn money. There are few vacancies for teenagers (promoter, merchandiser, courier), therefore, as a presentation option, what to give for 17 years old, training courses for additional skills are suitable:

  • learning the basics of WEB-design;
  • training of animators for children’s centers or the tourism sector;
  • school of guides.

We are sure that the birthday boy will be grateful for such support.

Delicious present

One of the ideas of what to give a girlfriend for 17 years: order a cake in an unusual design from a professional confectioner.

For example, in the form of a realistic saucepan with “noodles” and a dumbfounded bird.

Tips and tricks on how best to choose a gift for 17 years


TOP 129 ideas What to give for 17 years + more Gifts and Tips

We offer 7 effective tips that will turn congratulations into a real event. Tips on how to make a gift unforgettable, what to give a guy or girl for 17 years:

  1. Give effectively.

The pleasure of finding and unwrapping a gift cannot be underestimated. Especially at 17 years old. Be creative, be imaginative.

Alternatively, prepare a surprise in an unusual (memorable, romantic) place by sending the hero of the occasion in search of treasure. Let him use the clue codes that you hide in his favorite book, balloon, soft toy, Ace in the collar – anywhere.

  1. There are not many gifts.

Sometimes quantity turns into quality. This is exactly the case: several small presents are more pleasant than one big one.

  1. Impressions are not forgotten.

For a gift to be remembered, positive emotions are needed. Instead of a banal present, focus on ideas that are saturated with vivid feelings. A lover of cooking can be given a regular set of dishes, or you can have dinner at the best restaurant in the city or a lesson from a haute cuisine master.

  1. Make a list.

The list of our ideas is quite large. Before you make your final choice, make your personal list of things that define the essence of the birthday man. After spending a few minutes, you will clearly define the circle of ideas, and by the method of “brainstorming” reduce it to a minimum. And then leave the coolest option.

  1. A look into the past.

It is quite possible that the recipient of the gift recently graduated from school – give a cool album for school photos. Niece got a dog – please her pet. My little brother’s game console is broken – buy a new one! Turning to the past makes it easier to find the key to the future.

  1. Appreciate the present.

Think about what the birthday boy needs at this particular moment in his life. Most likely, ahead are exams, student life: with fun entertainment, but also with a different way of life. Maybe the best gift would be a tutor fee, a mini coffee maker or a disco ball for parties?

  1. Useful information.

In the digital age, everyone is surrounded by a trail of useful information. It can be used to judge hobbies, character, current needs.

Study the pages of social networks, read the messages on the forums – you will definitely understand the direction for finding a gift.

What is better not to give for 17 years

We have compiled a stop list: what is better not to give seventeen-year-olds. To choose a good present, consider 10 important little things.

The most important thing is to avoid common mistakes:

  • Joking gifts that can offend are prohibited. Even a sense of humor will not save the situation: teenagers perceive jokes addressed to them extremely painfully.
  • It is undesirable to give live presents if you have not been asked about it. You can give a rabbit, a kitten or fish in an aquarium only to the person who is ready and wants to take care of him.
  • Don’t donate religious items. What you consider to be a pretty souvenir has a special meaning for someone else. Ritual masks, icons, rosaries, crosses, amulets, figurines of deities and paintings of religious content are usually purchased on their own.
  • Avoid too prosaic everyday presents. “Practical” but not fashionable clothes, boring household items. A girl will be upset by a dull nightgown, but she will like the original kigurumi pajamas.
  • Something against the flaws in appearance is an absolute taboo. For example, cosmetics for acne, the book “1000 diets”, scales. This is the worst thing you can give a girl for 17 years. Such a present will spoil both the mood and the holiday.
  • Books for study. Even if the hero of the occasion is fond of serious science, it is not worth “loading” it on this day.
  • Things “for growth.” It’s not about clothes. Expensive jewelry, bank deposits, “serious” household appliances will not be needed soon, and a gift should bring joy at the time of receipt.
  • “Children’s” presents. If last year the hero of the occasion was a fan of Barbie, do not remind about it. After all, she is almost an adult and is waiting for appropriate gifts.
  • Don’t focus on just having fun. Grown up children strive to prove that they are already adults.
  • Do not give obviously cheap gifts. If there is no money for a worthy present, it is better to buy a quality souvenir or an inexpensive useful / cool thing. Here is an example of how you can present an ordinary towel in an original way by making a charming teddy bear with the help of thin rubber bands.


Give up any stereotypes, turn on your imagination and prepare for the holiday in advance.

Choose a present that will be of interest to the birthday man: active, purposeful, driving. Give joy!

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