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New 55 ideas of what to give to Zhenya for 35 years (and tips) + 7 gifts

No matter how old your beloved wife is and no matter how long you stay together, her birthday is a serious day that requires responsible preparation. Questions “what can I give my wife for 35 years?” and even “what flowers to give my wife for 35 years?” often put many men in a difficult position, destroying all their plans for the ideal organization of the holiday.

In fact, these difficulties can be considered far-fetched, because it will not be difficult to solve the problem with the help of our simple recommendations.

When thinking about what to give your beloved wife on her 35th birthday, it is important to remember that the handed item can only be called worthwhile if it causes genuine delight and admiration in the birthday girl.

TOP 55 ideas of what to give Zhenya for 35 years

  1. Dressing room mirror with light bulbs, allowing you to create the right light for perfect makeup application;
  2. A floor lamp, a vase and other interior items that the girl wanted so much – they will surely enliven the appearance of your family nest;
  3. Swim session with dolphins;
  4. New fur coat or fur vest;
  5. Beautiful engraved jewelry;
  6. E-book is a modern gadget for reading;
  7. A pot with an exotic live flower;
  8. Certificate to the luxury lingerie store;
  9. Apparatus for brewing coffee with the possibility of making other coffee drinks;
  10. Stylish handmade wallet made of genuine leather;
  11. Romantic cruise or boat trip;
  12. A set of silk bedding in the wife’s favorite color;
  13. Romantic trip to another city or country;
  14. Certificate for visiting a massage specialist;
  15. A chic bouquet of sweets or fruits;
  16. Original women’s watch with engraving;
  17. Foot massager, relieving fatigue and stress;
  18. A designer handbag, as well as gloves and a scarf, made in the same style.
  19. Column of the original form (for example, in the form of a fruit or a globe);
  20. Universal charger powered by solar panels;
  21. Elite perfumery from a branded store;
  22. Jeweled mobile phone case;
  23. Stylish travel bag (small suitcase for small items);
  24. Stylish clock-calendar or alarm clock with a photo from the family album built into it;
  25. Modular picture, consisting of several pictures of different sizes, forming an integral image;
  26. Certificate for visiting a beauty salon;
  27. Stylish night light of the original form;
  28. Romantic trip to the sauna for two;
  29. Thermos or thermo mug for travel;
  30. Plaid with sleeves for cozy and warm evenings;
  31. A trip to a ski resort;
  32. A set of beautiful champagne flutes or wine glasses;
  33. Large cozy blanket or blanket made of soft fabric;
  34. A set of decorative cosmetics of different colors with a natural composition;
  35. Professional photo shoot (individual or family – the decision should remain with the hero of the occasion);
  36. Walk in a carriage with real servants in livery and a coachman;
  37. Jewelry box made of wood or leather (an antique piece would be a good option);
  38. Umbrella, gloves and any other accessories of a well-known brand;
  39. Household appliances to help the hostess: multicooker, coffee machine, food processor, etc. (only if the wife herself expressed a desire to receive such a present);
  40. Jade sauna for legs, relieving limbs from fatigue, pain and swelling;
  41. Congratulations on a billboard with a photo of the birthday girl, which can be seen right from the window of your apartment;
  42. A set that includes a luxurious terry bathrobe, a soft sheet, 2 large towels, a protective head cap with a beautiful print, cosmetic oils, scrubs and face and body masks;
  43. Meteobatiskaf (weather mini weather station);
  44. Massager for the skin of the face or for the legs;
  45. Hair care kit, consisting of a good hair dryer, ironing and curling iron, as well as cosmetics;
  46. A set for needlework, which includes a box or organizer with various tools and materials + a special lamp that allows you to create even in the evening;
  47. Subscription to a fitness club, dance or yoga;
  48. Stylish aquarium;
  49. A useful device in the car: a navigator, a video recorder, a car vacuum cleaner or a mini coffee maker;
  50. An ultrabook or tablet that will allow the spouse to have access to the computer anytime and anywhere and not carry heavy devices with them;
  51. A good camera (if your beloved wife likes to take pictures);
  52. Touch screen gloves that allow you to use devices without buttons even in the cold season;
  53. A comic “blonde keyboard”, where each button is signed in an unusual way (for example, the Ctrl key flaunts the inscription “Unnecessary button”, and the Alt – “Another unnecessary button);
  54. Collection of deluxe editions of books by your favorite writer;
  55. Interior photo lamp, on the luminous part of which a photo of the birthday girl is applied.

What to give a wife for 35 years to maintain beauty

Puzzling over what you can give your wife for 35 years, you should remember what the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity care about the most. The answer is obvious – about the attractive appearance.

Useful gifts can help your wife in this difficult and, at the same time, pleasant business:

Unusual and pleasant procedure in the spa . When it comes to what to give your beloved wife on her 35th birthday, thoughts immediately come to mind about giving a woman the opportunity to relax and treat herself to her beloved.

In this case, going to the salon is an ideal option, and if you give it originality in the form of an unusual procedure, the birthday girl will appreciate the present doubly.

New 55 ideas of what to give to Zhenya for 35 years (and tips) + 7 gifts

For example, you can offer the birthday girl a fish manicure or a fish pedicure. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they are performed by fish of the Garra Rufa breed. They remove the keratinized layer of the skin, providing a pleasant massage effect.

An alternative can also be a bath with champagne and rose petals. By the way, in this case, a paired certificate would be more appropriate;

Appearance tools . When choosing what you can give your wife for 35 years to maintain beauty, do not forget that often high-quality care requires the use of not only high-quality cosmetics, but also professional devices.

This refers to a hair dryer, curling iron, hair iron, manicure and pedicure tools, etc. With their help, the spouse will be able to carry out salon procedures at home, which will significantly save her time and your family budget;

Certificate for the purchase in the branded store . If it seems to you that it would be inappropriate to give money to your beloved wife on her 35th birthday, and the idea of ​​a worthwhile gift never comes to mind, a certificate will be a real salvation.

It will not look “soulless”, but at the same time it will give the birthday girl the opportunity to independently choose what she likes.

What to give your wife for 35 years for self-improvement

By visiting any forum dedicated to presents to your spouse for your 35th birthday, you will see that various certificates for training courses and classes occupy leading positions in the lists of the best gifts. The following options are the most successful:

Foreign language courses . If your spouse is a polyglot and constantly strives to learn something new, she will definitely like the opportunity to learn a new language or simply improve her existing knowledge.

Vocal lessons . Even if a girl does not dream of getting on the big stage, but simply loves to please her loved ones with her singing, she will definitely appreciate the chance to improve her skills in this direction.

A professional teacher will help the singer correct all the shortcomings and work on the development of natural data.

Dance lessons . Any forum dedicated to the issue of birthday gifts for a wife is replete with messages that this is the perfect gift, because what woman does not like to dance? The choice of directions in this case is limitless – it can be gentle ballroom dancing or burning strip plastic – you should focus on the preferences and temperament of the spouse.

driving courses .It is believed that a modern woman, in addition to all her other skills, should be able to independently drive a vehicle. If you and your wife are in solidarity with this point of view, then why not give the hero of the occasion the opportunity to master this wisdom? After all, it’s just convenient.

How to choose what to give your wife for 35 years

Choosing a present for your loved one is not an easy task. Of course, you can point your finger at the sky and just choose one of the options above or prefer the ideas that the 101st forum offers.

However, it must be understood that no matter how wonderful this gift is, it is quite possible that it will not win the heart of your birthday girl. The reason for this will be an “impersonal” approach to business and non-compliance with the following recommendations:

  • Start from the characteristics of the character, temperament and hobbies of your particular hero of the occasion. Remember that one woman (desperate and active) will be delighted with the idea of ​​skydiving, while another (calm and fearful) will not appreciate this kind of present;
  • First make sure that your gift is really necessary for your wife. A manicure set is a very useful thing in itself, but if your beloved prefers salon care to home care or doubts her own abilities, you should not impose your beliefs on her;
  • When presenting a gift in the form of some kind of adventure or a certificate for training, ask your chosen one in advance if she can allocate free time to bring it to life;
  • Take care of the design of the presentation. Presenting a gift in a bag from the store is considered bad form, so you need to decorate it with wrapping paper, ribbons, fresh flowers, or, in the end, just put it in a gift paper bag;
  • Complete the gift with flowers. Even the most practical girl will appreciate such a gesture. You should think about what flowers to give your wife for 35 years on your own, because no one knows the birthday girl the way you know her.

What not to give your wife for her 35th birthday

A gift from a loved one in any case will cause positive emotions and a sense of gratitude.

However, if in addition to this you also want to hear an enthusiastic “Wow!”, You should refuse the following presentations:

  • Common items. On such a holiday, one should try to please not all family members, but exclusively the hero of the occasion. Then she will feel special and loved;
  • Gifts hinting at the presence of any flaws in the spouse. For example, a certificate for a Thai massage session in a salon is an excellent option, while the opportunity to take a course of anti-cellulite body wraps cannot be described as such;
  • Cheap souvenirs. Although women love beautiful trinkets, winning their approval is not so easy. The thing should be truly stylish and worthwhile (for example, an antique vase), and not Chinese consumer goods;
  • Items bought on sale or second hand. They can quickly become unusable, and then the only thing left for the birthday girl from your gift will be disappointment.
Entering the 35th birthday, a woman dreams of receiving from her man not another pot or shower gel, but a truly worthwhile gift that reflects her essence and personality. At the same time, you don’t even need to chase after expensive furs or trinkets – just put all your love, care and tenderness into the present. With this approach, happiness and understanding will reign in the family for a long time, and not just for one day.

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