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TOP 85 ideas What to give a guy for 17 years +24 gifts and Tips

Often on the eve of the holiday there is confusion in my head, so it can be really difficult to figure out what to give a guy for 17 years. For young people at this age, such qualities as spontaneity, changeability, carelessness, inconsistency, and ambition are inherent. They want to go everywhere and try everything, so it seems that choosing the right gift is almost impossible.

However, there are no unsolvable tasks, because at the age of 17, life is just beginning! There are so many things ahead – new acquaintances, travel, pure and sincere love, great hopes for the future, so on your birthday you can safely, without embarrassment and awkwardness, give a guy practical, unusual and even romantic gifts!

It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to the question of what can be given to a guy for 17 years. After all, some young people are fond of sports, others are fond of computer games, others study textbooks, etc. Therefore, there is no need to think in stereotypes, try to find an individual approach to the birthday man and be sure to use the proposed list of ideas.

Seventeen is an interesting age. It is difficult to understand what a birthday person needs, but to offend or disappoint him is very easy. Moreover, young people do not throw words to the wind, they share their thoughts and dreams with reluctance. It takes a lot of effort to find the perfect match. This article will help you organize your thoughts. You will definitely succeed, because you just have to want to!

TOP 85 ideas What you can give a guy for 17 years

  1. Game console.
  2. Gamepad or joystick.
  3. Jumpers.
  4. Waterproof shower column.
  5. Rollersurf or skateboard.
  6. Knife credit card or multi-tool credit card.
  7. Telescope, binoculars or spyglass.
  8. Interesting piggy bank.
  9. Powerbank.
  10. Folding table for a laptop.
  11. Bag chair.
  12. Crossbow or sports bow with arrows.
  13. Stacked dumbbells.
  14. Predatory plant.
  15. Sunglasses.
  16. Scratch map of the world.
  17. Backlit keyboard.
  18. Money clip with initials.
  19. Convenient multitool.
  20. Gyroscooter.
  21. Purse.
  22. Set of male cosmetics or perfume.
  23. Brand sports bag.
  24. Wristwatch in a classic or sporty style.
  25. Home weather station.
  26. Basket of exotic fruits.
  27. Smart speaker.
  28. Electronic book.
  29. Anti-theft backpack.
  30. Stylish sweatshirt.
  31. Sonic toothbrush.
  32. Orthopedic pillow.
  33. Game table-football.
  34. Flexible keyboard.
  35. Light alarm.
  36. USB powered lamp.
  37. A set of badminton rackets or a table tennis set.
  38. Fitness bracelet or smart watch.
  39. Glasses with built-in video camera.
  40. Jacket with tattoo sleeves.
  41. Apparatus for making popcorn.
  42. Blanket with sleeves.
  43. Parker fountain pen.
  44. New gadget (smartphone, tablet, etc.).
  45. Leather keychain.
  46. Laser darts.
  47. Electric blanket.
  48. Orthopedic chair for working at a computer.
  49. Backpack with built-in speakers.
  50. Lantern with a set of tools.
  51. Wireless headphones.
  52. Table lamp with touch control.
  53. Keychain-Bluetooth-tracker.
  54. Mini keyboard vacuum cleaner.
  55. Virtual reality helmet.
  56. Ski kit.
  57. Leather belt.
  58. Salt lamp.
  59. Bike.
  60. Board game (chess, checkers, backgammon).
  61. Musical instrument (guitar, synthesizer, glucophone, etc.).
  62. Terry robe with name embroidery on the back.
  63. Flashlight for reading books.
  64. Case for a mobile phone with the possibility of recharging.
  65. Pen scanner-translator.
  66. Mixer mug.
  67. Compass and flint.
  68. Leg hammock.
  69. Digital camera.
  70. Electric scooter.
  71. Apparatus for making hot dogs.
  72. Portable water disinfector.
  73. Smartphone projector.
  74. Night vision camera.
  75. Aerofootball.
  76. Edible bouquet.
  77. Inflatable furniture (sofa or armchair).
  78. Action camera.
  79. Cocktail set.
  80. LED shower head.
  81. Horizontal bar for the house.
  82. Electric razor.
  83. Graphics tablet.
  84. Vertical mouse.
  85. Illuminated sneakers.

Original gifts for a guy on his 17th birthday

Seventeen years is a cherished date that many are looking forward to. In order not to disappoint the birthday man, the choice of a present must be approached responsibly. To make the surprise delight, surprise and come in handy at the same time, pay attention to the following gift ideas for a guy of 17 years old.

Surprise box. An interesting, and most importantly unusual gift for a guy of 17 years. This is not even one, but a whole box of gifts, each of which will delight the birthday man. There will be useful items that will be useful in everyday life, trendy items, as well as treats to cheer you up.

The intrigue will continue until the very last moment, the guy will know what is inside the box only when he unpacks it!

Set of meat delicacies. As you know, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Stop racking your brains, this is a win-win option if you don’t know what to give a guy for DR. A delicious set prepared with love and care will evoke positive emotions and leave pleasant memories behind.

You can be sure of your choice, because the young man will not be delighted at the sight of flowers or a cute figurine, but meat of different varieties is exactly what you need!

Electronic T-shirt. This is a unique thing that reacts to sound. The electronic equalizer, with the help of reliable Velcro, is attached to the T-shirt. The product is also equipped with a miniature power supply that can be put in a special pocket or attached to a belt.

So the T-shirt can rightly be called an unusual, stylish and bright gadget! This is an original gift for a guy for 17 years, which will give the appearance of originality, help to stand out from the crowd.

Smart notepad. A cool and modern gift for a guy who is creative or prefers to take handwritten notes. Thanks to this notepad, all information written by hand can be converted into digital information with just the click of a button.

The device is powered by a rechargeable battery with a charge of 16 hours. A pen with an electromagnetic sensor is sold with the product, and the size of the notebook is very compact, easy to carry.

What an inexpensive gift you can give a guy for his 17th birthday

Do not rush to be upset if you cannot allocate a large amount for the purchase of a gift. After all, even among the budget options you can easily find an interesting thing. The following gifts for a guy on the DR of 17 years will definitely not go unnoticed by the birthday man!

Night light projector of the starry sky. This is the perfect gift for a guy for 17 years from a girl, through which you can create a romantic atmosphere in almost any room. What could be better than admiring the myriads of stars scattered right on the ceiling and walls together.

To achieve the desired effect, you just need to turn off the light and turn on the lamp, for this you need to use an outlet or insert batteries into the device.

Pocket heating pad. Another albeit inexpensive, but no less pleasant gift. A miniature heating pad will come in handy for a guy who prefers outdoor activities or extreme sports.

A cute hand warmer will warm not only the body, but also the soul. The most popular is the catalytic heating pad, which is filled with a special liquid (refined gasoline).

During operation, it heats up to 60 degrees, retains heat for 6-12 hours. It is an environmentally friendly and reusable device.

Gift set of cream honey. A good option to give a young man from the category of budget, but interesting and useful gifts.

This set looks very presentable. It contains cream honey with different flavors, such as strawberry, cherry, sea buckthorn, blackcurrant, apricot, etc.

In other words, this is whipped honey with useful additives, in which all useful properties are preserved. Your gift will have a positive effect on the whole body of a guy, strengthen his immunity, and prove to be an excellent antidepressant.

Thinking pillow. Pay attention to this gift if you still have not decided what you will give. The pillow can be of any shape: round, oval, square, rectangular. The standard size of the “dumochka” does not exceed 40×40 cm.

Syntepuh or fiberglass can be used as stuffing, it is these materials that do not cause allergies and do not lose their shape after washing. You can also fill the pillow with herbs, for example, a mixture of dried lemon peel, orange or mint, lavender, jasmine, etc.

Some of them will invigorate, while others, on the contrary, will help to calm down and relax.

Useful gift ideas for a 17 year old boy

As a rule, it is customary for men to give practical and necessary things, those that can be used at school, work or in everyday life.

If you want to make useful gifts for a 17-year-old guy, but don’t know what to think of or doubt your choice, the following tips will definitely help you.

Modular docking station. A perfect gift from parents. This device will help to properly organize the work, save the young man’s time. The docking station is a universal wireless invention that can charge several devices at the same time.

From the moment of receiving this gift, the guy will forget about wires, a large number of sockets, he will be able to get everything at once in one set. The minimalistic design allows you to use the device both at home and on the road.

Reading pillow. A large orthopedic pillow is a great gift for a guy who loves to read or watch TV in a horizontal position.

The pillow provides comfort, it relieves fatigue from the neck, tension from the shoulder girdle, relaxes muscles, evenly distributes the load on the entire skeleton. This stylish accessory eliminates the need to use several pillows at once to build a “complex structure” out of them.

There are several popular forms of reading pillows, for example, a “back” with a cushion, a version of a chair without a seat, a triangular pillow, a cushion.

Computer glasses. It’s a good idea what to give a guy for seventeen years, especially if he spends a lot of time at the computer. As you know, this is very tiring for the eyes, which can adversely affect vision.

To work at the computer was comfortable, it is desirable to have such glasses. They are equipped with special filters that block the blue spectrum, which affects the sharpness of vision. In addition, these products have an anti-reflective coating.

The guy’s eyes will be protected from increased stress, which will save you from fatigue and visual impairment.

Picnic set. This is a bag or basket, inside which is everything that can be useful on outdoor recreation:

  • tableware;
  • cutlery;
  • glasses;
  • salt and pepper shaker;
  • cutting board;
  • corkscrew;
  • napkins;
  • warm blankets;
  • tablecloth;
  • waterproof mats, etc.

Picnic sets are available for 2, 4, 6 or more people. If you have the opportunity, it is better to choose a set designed for a larger number of people, because you can always leave the excess at home.

Gifts for keeping fit

For active young guys, as a gift, you can safely choose items, things related to sports. You will save your valuable time if you use the following tips.

Gyroscopic simulator. This sports simulator will definitely come in handy for a young man. It is also known as Powerball. Not only an athlete should have such an item at hand, but also a person who often uses a mobile phone or keyboard, since it is known that many people suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Regular exercises with the simulator develop arm endurance, prevent blood stasis and sprains. The small-sized trainer fits easily into a bag or backpack, so you can use it anywhere.

Sports vitamins. It is very important for an athlete, and just an ordinary kid, to maintain the proper functioning of all organs and systems of the body. Vitamins play a major role in this. Of course, they are found in many foods, but it is almost impossible to completely replenish their supply only by eating a balanced diet.

Multivitamin complexes increase efficiency and immunity, accelerate metabolism and regenerate muscle tissue.

Running suit. One of the best habits is morning and evening jogging. But in order for this activity to bring maximum benefit and pleasure, it is necessary to choose the right sportswear. This is the perfect gift for a 17th birthday.

When buying, the main thing to consider is that the equipment should correspond to the season, that is, for summer it is better to choose a suit that can remove moisture and protect from heat, while in winter it is necessary that it maintains thermoregulation. A running suit must be selected in size so that it does not hinder movement and is generally comfortable.

Cooling towel. With such a towel, it is easy to freshen up anywhere: in nature, in the gym or during outdoor activities. The main advantage of the product is the absence of chemicals and specific odors. It is very easy to take care of the towel, it can be washed either by hand or in a washing machine.

Do not worry, the cooling effect will not disappear after this. The product is characterized by strength and durability. By placing a towel on your shoulders or neck, you can be sure of instant cooling.

Cool Presents


TOP 85 ideas What to give a guy for 17 years +24 gifts and Tips

All young people love to have fun, joke, relieve stress after a hard day’s work, so you definitely can’t go wrong by choosing a present from this category.

Alarm clock with a target. A suitable present for a guy who loves to sleep. This thing will provide energy for the whole day. As soon as the timer goes off, the target will rise on the device. The owner of the alarm clock needs to hit the “bull’s eye” from the laser gun that comes with the kit, otherwise the sound signal will not stop.

It is no secret that many people experience negative emotions as soon as they hear the alarm clock, with the same device it will be possible to throw out their anger in the morning in order to spend the whole day in a great mood.

Survival kit. There are different types of such sets, for example, how to survive in the office or in case of a zombie apocalypse, doomsday, etc.

The kit contains useful things that should help to survive. If a young man needs to try to stay alive in the office, then he will definitely need a sleep mask, anti-stress bubble wrap, stickers, etc.

In the event of the end of the world, you can’t do without a special bracelet made of paracord, a skein of adhesive tape, a folding shovel, scrap, flint, etc.

Knitted cover for a mug. Cute, touching, cozy, but at the same time a useful gift. A “sweater” for a cup will keep the drink warm for a long time, and will allow you not to get burned if the mug is too hot.

This accessory will make tea drinking even more pleasant, the “clothing” fastens with a button, so it is easy to remove it to wash the cup.

The cover is not whimsical in care, it can be washed by hand or put in the washing machine along with other things.

Seventeen fortune cookies.  You can buy a ready-made set or make your own cookies. This does not require any exotic products, as well as certain skills.

It is enough to have butter, egg whites, powdered sugar and flour on hand. It is better to print predictions on a printer rather than write by hand, as under the influence of high temperature, the text may blur.

Gifts for a flawless appearance

Not only girls, but also many guys are concerned about their appearance. They want to look attractive and well-groomed without spending a lot of time on it. The ideas presented here will help young people reach their goal.

Face cleaning brush.  Not only girls need to have clean and healthy skin, guys also will not refuse a deep cleansing of the face. The brush, designed specifically for men, prepares the skin for a smooth shave, filling it with energy.

If you use this device only twice a day for a couple of minutes, after a few days you will be able to admire the positive results. The skin of the face will become not only clean and smooth, but also fresh, toned, radiant.

Smart ear stick. Thanks to this compact device with a thoughtful design, it will be very easy and pleasant to take care of the auricle, remove earwax. The wand can be synchronized with a smartphone to watch and control the process right on the screen.

It is almost impossible to damage the eardrum with the device, since the device can be manipulated at any angle. In the kit, in a convenient storage box, a large set of ear stick accessories is sold. A built-in rechargeable battery is built into the product, one charge of which is enough for 60 days of operation.

Smart shirt. You are mistaken if you think that there are no shirts that do not wrinkle and do not get dirty.

The smart shirt created by the Spanish company Sepia is the dream of many men and women too. She can not only maintain an impeccable appearance, but also reduce stress, improve blood circulation and metabolism, and control pressure.

The product is made of high quality materials that do not affect the environment. Such clothes do not cause discomfort, give self-confidence.

Man’s manicure set. This is the choice for real men. Each guy must have on hand wire cutters, scissors and a nail file for grinding.

If you want a gift to serve a young man for more than one year, the tools do not break or become dull, pay attention to the material of manufacture. It is best if it is medical steel with manual sharpening.

It is desirable that a young person has the opportunity to use the donated set anywhere, so the cover must be reliable, durable, with a tight clasp.



TOP 85 ideas What to give a guy for 17 years +24 gifts and Tips

If you want the birthday person to be sincerely happy with your gift, be sure to follow the following recommendations.

Try to call the guy for a casual conversation, during which find out what the young man is fond of, what he dreams of. This will narrow down the range of ideas for your search, as a result of which you will be able to choose the perfect gift.

A 17-year-old boy, of course, is no longer a child. You should not give him children’s presents, however, it is better to refuse to give solid things for the time being. Now is the time for creative, youthful, cool gifts.

It is desirable to beat the presentation of a gift in an interesting way. Guys at this age are funny and jokers, so they will appreciate your efforts. You can come up with unusual packaging, for example, put your gift in a matryoshka box, or order delivery by courier, arrange for a young man to search for a gift from notes. In extreme cases, wrap your present in bright paper and decorate with a smart ribbon or bow.

When presenting a present, you do not need to tell the birthday person how difficult it was for you to search for this thing. Also, make sure in advance that there is no price tag on the gift, and it is better to keep the warranty card with you.

Do not give a gift “for show”. If you do not take the choice of a gift with all responsibility, the birthday person will immediately notice this and, possibly, be upset, which will negatively affect your relationship.

Do not re-gift gifts that turned out to be unnecessary to you, for sure, and the young man will not need them either, they will only collect dust on a shelf or mezzanine. Before giving something, think about whether the birthday person will be happy with this or that thing, whether it will be useful to him, whether it will bring positive emotions.

It will not be superfluous to determine the amount that you are willing to spend on purchasing a gift. If you have to rely only on pocket money, and you can’t find many interesting options in ordinary city stores, you can turn to handmade craftsmen for help. After you make a choice, read reviews about this product or manufacturer. However, remember that sentimental little things made by yourself will not be received with great enthusiasm.

It is worth paying attention to the degree of relationship. If this is your relative, choose an expensive and useful surprise, you can buy something funny for a friend, but do not forget that your gift should convey the whole gamut of feelings that you have for the birthday man. But for a familiar boy, get a symbolic, non-binding present.

You don’t need to give household items to a guy who lives with his parents, but an independent young man will definitely need a set of tools, new household appliances, furniture, etc.

What is better not to give

Birthday is an important holiday and we all, of course, do not want to upset the birthday person, make him feel uncomfortable. Before buying a gift, be sure to think about whether it will hurt the feelings of a young person. It will not be superfluous to take note of the following list.

  • Soft toy.  Even if you have the warmest feelings for the birthday boy, it is still better to refuse to give a cute teddy bear, rabbit, etc. Men are not happy with such gifts, besides, a guy may be offended at the sight of a toy, because he wants to seem more mature and brutal.
  • Livestock.  This refers to animals, as well as plants that require special care. Not everyone is ready to take responsibility for the life of another being, so before giving such a gift, you must be 100% sure that your choice is correct.
  • Gifts that contradict worldview.  Agree, it’s stupid to give a pacifist a weapon, and a vegetarian a set of meat delicacies.
  • Presentations that lower self-esteem.  These include shower gel, deodorant, scented hygienic insoles, etc. Such things will offend the young man, give him reason to think that he does not take good care of his appearance.
  • Gifts related to the extreme. If you are not very close with the birthday boy, then avoid handing out certificates for skydiving, buggy riding, etc. Perhaps the guy is not an adherent of such an active holiday and he will not like your gift, such a present will even look like a desire to humiliate. In this case, it is money thrown to the wind.
  • Sharp and cutting objects.  When you think about what to give a guy for his 17th birthday, a Swiss army knife immediately comes to mind, which will especially help out on a hike, and also come in handy in everyday life. But giving a knife is not a good idea, since there are many signs associated with this item, and almost all of them are negative. If you can’t refuse this idea, then offer the guy to “buy” a gift for a symbolic price.
  • Cool gifts.  Not all guys like pillows that make obscene noises, candles that don’t blow out, a pack of chewing gum that pops out of a spider, etc.
  • Calendars and notepads.  Such presents are most often enjoyed by young ladies, but not by men. Most likely, the guy will consider your gift as extra waste paper.
  • Training courses. In fact, there are few young people who, at the age of 17, strive to engage in self-development. To give such a gift, you need to be completely sure that the guy is drawn to knowledge.
  • Underwear.  Giving panties, T-shirts and pajamas is the privilege of the second half, if you don’t belong to it, then it’s better not to risk it.
  • Perfume. It is necessary to select such presentations with extreme caution, since there is always a risk of making a mistake with the right aroma.
  • Money.  This gift is given in the case when there are no ideas, time or desire at all.


So that the guy will remember his seventeenth birthday for a long time, please him and remind him of you, show your imagination, attention, do not buy the first thing that comes to hand. Then you will definitely find a thing at the sight of which a young man’s heart will beat faster, his eyes will light up. When there is a desire, everything will work out!

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