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TOP 96 ideas What to give a girl for 4 years +28 gifts and Tips

At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing easier than choosing what to give a girl for 4 years. After all, the range of children’s products impresses with its diversity.

This is probably why it is very difficult to surprise modern children and when it comes to choosing a gift, it turns out that it is difficult to find an interesting, useful, original thing on the shelves full of toys.

Do not rush to despair! Today you will learn what to give a child-girl for 4 years so that she feels truly happy. The main thing is not to forget that the birthday girl is no longer that unintelligent baby, surprised by everything new and unusual. You have to choose a gift for a little coquette, who is happy to try on new outfits, mother’s jewelry and older sister’s shoes.

A girl at this age will not hide her disappointment if she does not like the gift. Therefore, your choice must be well thought out. Afraid to make a mistake with a gift – give toys. This is a win-win. If you want the girl to develop physically, sports-related gifts will do. A fashionista needs bright accessories.

You can be sure that here you will find answers to all your questions! Just be patient and choose among the abundance of gifts offered exactly the one that will turn the holiday into a real fairy tale!

TOP 96 ideas that you can give a girl for 4 years

  1. Doll carriage.
  2. Furniture for dolls.
  3. Cash register.
  4. Scooter bike.
  5. Velcro constructor.
  6. Figurines of favorite cartoon characters.
  7. Soft toy.
  8. Toy-repeater.
  9. Set for painting plaster figurines.
  10. Children’s play tent.
  11. Interactive book.
  12. Doctor’s suitcase.
  13. Castle for a doll (with several floors and furniture).
  14. Musical instrument (piano, xylophone, guitar, etc.).
  15. Toy food for dolls.
  16. Busyboard.
  17. Children’s easel.
  18. Picture for coloring by numbers.
  19. Coloring house.
  20. Loom and a lot of colorful rubber bands for weaving bracelets.
  21. Puppet show.
  22. A set of curly scissors for applications.
  23. Electric Toothbrush.
  24. Sandbox set.
  25. Cubes or poster for learning to read.
  26. A set of colored crayons for drawing.
  27. Interactive doll.
  28. Kaleidoscope.
  29. Rollers or skates.
  30. Paper doll with wardrobe.
  31. Sledge or “cheesecake”.
  32. Interactive soft toy.
  33. Bright backpack.
  34. Inflatable pool.
  35. Smart watch.
  36. Home trampoline.
  37. Jewelry with engraving.
  38. Children’s play tent-house.
  39. Warm blanket.
  40. Beach inflatable toy.
  41. A set of finger paints.
  42. Karaoke microphone.
  43. Toy tea set.
  44. A set of luminous bracelets.
  45. Children’s interactive kitchen.
  46. Bed linen set with a children’s pattern.
  47. Children’s badminton set.
  48. Large magnetic drawing tablet.
  49. Mass for modeling.
  50. Space sand with molds and an inflatable sandbox.
  51. Luminous stickers for the children’s room.
  52. Elegant dress and shoes.
  53. Ant farm.
  54. Runbike.
  55. Children’s telescope or microscope.
  56. home planetarium.
  57. Children’s mini sofa.
  58. Plush toy-night light.
  59. Bed in the form of a carriage or convertible.
  60. Basket for toys.
  61. Rubber bands, headbands, hairbands.
  62. Snow scooter.
  63. Crown or diadem.
  64. Carrying cradle for a doll.
  65. Encyclopedia about animals, birds, professions.
  66. Plane glider.
  67. Neurorope.
  68. Apparatus for making cotton candy.
  69. Soft slippers in the form of animals.
  70. Rug puzzle.
  71. Glowing shoes.
  72. Children’s laptop or tablet.
  73. Light table for sand painting.
  74. Hairdresser’s set.
  75. Children’s suitcase for travel.
  76. Kinetic constructor.
  77. Fur earmuffs.
  78. 3D coloring.
  79. Aquamosaic.
  80. Dance mat.
  81. Children’s camera.
  82. Bright poncho towel.
  83. Huge soap bubbles.
  84. Music Box.
  85. Snowflake.
  86. Coloring book with stickers.
  87. Tactile Lotto.
  88. Kite.
  89. Ponycycle.
  90. A large set of art products (pencils, paints, etc.).
  91. Stuffed toys bouquet.
  92. Children’s bathrobe and slippers.
  93. Carnival costume.
  94. Electric car.
  95. Gaming household appliances (vacuum cleaner, washing machine, stove, etc.).
  96. A set of toy dishes.

Original gifts for a girl 4 years old

Choosing a gift for a 4-year-old girl is not easy. By this age, children are usually already provided with all the necessary toys, so it is difficult to impress them. If you don’t know how to surprise a birthday girl, choose a present from the suggested ideas.

Bungee swing. A good option to give a girl for her birthday. Despite the simple design, this is a worthy entertainment for children, as well as a means of physical development.

Due to the strong rope, the bungee can withstand heavy loads. A seat of bright color, approximately 280 mm in diameter, is attached to a rope, the thickness of which is 10 mm. One of the advantages of a swing is its ease of installation.

Kigurumi. An interesting and fun gift for a 4 year old girl. This is a home costume or pajamas in the form of a funny animal or cartoon character.

Not a single baby will remain indifferent at the sight of such a surprise. She will be happy to transform into a cute unicorn, bunny, panda or kitten, to please herself and loved ones.

Canopy for the bed. Which of the girls does not dream of being a princess, so if you are still thinking what to give a girl for 4 years, consider this idea. This is a canopy over the bed, which is attached to the ceiling with a hook or to the wall above the bed.

The canopy is an element of a fairy tale in the interior, it looks truly magical. Often, it serves not only as a decoration of the room, but also performs a protective function (muffles external sounds, covers from drafts, sunlight, protects from insects, etc.).

Mermaid costume. This is a very original gift for a little birthday girl. The set includes a swimsuit and a mermaid tail. An unforgettable surprise will remain in the memory of the girl for a long time.

Arrange a photo shoot for the baby on the beach in a new look, not everyone can repeat such photos, but they will delight everyone.

What is useful to give a 4-year-old girl

If you are guided by the criterion “useful-useless” when choosing a gift, then you will definitely like the following options. None of the proposed presents will be poisoned on the mezzanine or the bottom of the toy basket. The girl will be happy to use any of them and have fun.

Educational smart robot. The perfect gift for the little one who has everything. This is both a teacher who will help the girl develop logical thinking, tell a lot of new information about the world around her, and a friend. He will conduct dialogues with the girl (since he speaks some words and sees what is happening around), and is also able to execute commands (control is carried out using a smartphone).

Convenient desk-table for creativity. Every day the girl is getting smarter. And if before she could not sit still for a minute, now there are more and more entertainments that can captivate her for a long time. And a specially equipped workplace will contribute to this.

A children’s table and chair is a suitable present for a baby. You can choose a model that will “grow” with the child.

Jacket. Great gift for four years. This is a toy that easily and at any time turns into a cozy blouse. A must have for a little girl. It is convenient to take the toy with you on the road, it does not take up much space, but it can always warm the child, create comfortable conditions for him.

On the back of the toy there is a zipper, as soon as it is unfastened, the girl will have a warm jacket in her hands. The toy itself hides in a hood and can serve as a pillow.

Bright rubber boots, an umbrella or a raincoat. A good gift option if you do not want to give another toy. What is childhood without running through the puddles, and to make this activity even more fun, you can’t do without beautiful and comfortable boots. Be sure to complement your present with a colorful umbrella or a comfortable raincoat in the color of boots, and the baby will not be afraid of bad weather.

Ideas for inexpensive presents for a girl for 4 years

Inexpensive gifts do not mean bad. Therefore, when choosing a gift for a girl, the cost is the last thing you should pay attention to.

The main thing is that your present should be bright and attractive, evoke positive emotions in the birthday girl. Here you will find some suitable ideas.

Handgum. In other words, this is chewing gum for hands – a multi-colored mass that does not stick and does not stain. Any figure can be fashioned from it, and if left for a while in a static state, it will spread over the surface.

This is an exciting activity that develops creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, manual dexterity, and coordination of movements. Handgam also has a relaxation effect, helps to relax, relieve the tension accumulated during the day.

Antistress toy Pop It.  A sensory toy that is gaining more and more popularity. An excellent answer to the question of what to give inexpensive, but useful and fashionable. “Pop It” literally translates to “pop it”. This is a bright silicone product, on the surface of which there are many bubbles.

Playing with Pop-it can be compared to popping bubble wrap. Only, if the game with the film is one-time, then you can have fun with Pop It forever.

Princess tent. Almost every girl dreams of being a princess and living in a real castle. Such a gift will help bring the birthday girl a little closer to her dream.

A four-year-old girl will definitely love the bright tent, which will become her favorite place. A product of a strong design therefore maintains even active games. The material of the tent is easy to clean, does not require special care. When folded, the princess tent does not take up much space.

Aquarium with goldfish. Many children ask their parents for pets, not understanding the full burden of responsibility, due to their age.

Do not disappoint the baby, because on her fourth birthday you can give her a small aquarium, inside of which a goldfish will live, capable of granting wishes. After all, it is very important for children to believe in miracles and fairy tales.

The best toys for a 4 year old girl

Every year it becomes more and more difficult to choose a toy for a girl. A wide range of children’s products is confusing, and the baby becomes more selective.

And if earlier she was delighted with a bright rattle, now, in order to please the birthday girl, you need to show all your imagination. The following ideas will make things a little easier for you.

Dollhouse. This is a win-win gift option if you are still wondering what toy to give a girl for 4 years. This house has a comfortable design. It is multi-storey, the doll has many rooms, but at the same time, the house does not take up much space on the floor.

There is a lot of space near the house, which means that several people can take part in the game at once. Products are often sold with sets of furniture and utensils. The game is absolutely safe, as it has no small details.

Horse with carriage. At the age of four, the girl is probably already familiar with the fairy tale about Cinderella, so she will accept such a gift with gratitude and delight. A beautifully decorated carriage drawn by an elegant and graceful horse will not go unnoticed by the little princess.

The horse not only knows how to walk, it is equipped with sound and light effects, you can take care of its mane! Comb, braid braids, decorate with elastic bands.

Dog in a bag. When choosing what gift to give a 4-year-old girl, one cannot ignore a miniature dog that you can carry with you everywhere. Funny dog ​​breed Chihuahua pleasant to the touch. The dog is dressed in an elegant dress that glows in the dark.

The muzzle of the animal is friendly, as the eyes, eyebrows and cilia are embroidered. The set also comes with a variety of accessories. Playing with animals teaches communication skills, takes care of our smaller brothers, develops imagination, creative thinking.

Children’s sewing machine. This gift will be appreciated by a creative girl who is happy to come up with models of new outfits for her favorite dolls.

A sewing machine for girls has a number of undeniable advantages: it is absolutely safe and easy to use. Such an activity develops fine motor skills, fantasy, imagination, improves sewing skills.

Gifts for a girl for 4 years for active games

Physical activity is good for health and harmonious development. Children involved in sports from an early age are physically strong, have good thinking and a strong psyche. Therefore, if you do not know what to give the birthday girl, choose items related to sports.

Sports section. So that the girl does not rush around the apartment without use, install a Swedish wall for her. This is a special area where the baby can hang, climb, climb right up to the ceiling (most importantly, complete your gift with a mat that softens the fall).

It is best to place a sports corner in a children’s room, however, a hallway or living room will do. Classes on the Swedish wall will teach the girl to sports, help develop her coordination of movements, agility, endurance. It is also an excellent prevention of scoliosis and flat feet.

Children’s hoop. Four years is the right age to get to know the hula hoop. This is a sports equipment, the benefits of which are difficult to overestimate. Hoop exercises strengthen the major muscle groups of the arms, legs, shoulders and back.

Exercises help develop flexibility, coordination of movements, endurance, strength. It is advisable to practice with cheerful music, then the girl will learn to feel the rhythm, and a charge of vivacity and a good mood are provided.

Bicycle with equipment. A bicycle is an obligatory attribute of childhood. Cycling has a positive effect not only on the physical development, but also on the emotional state of the child.

Riding a bicycle strengthens the muscular corset, immunity, forms the correct posture, improves coordination of movements, lung function, trains eye muscles, improves mood.

Jumper ball. At first glance, it may seem that jumping on a bright ball is just a fun activity.

However, such exercises have a beneficial effect on the functioning of internal organs, develop the muscles of the spine, due to which the correct posture is formed, improve coordination of movements, and cheer up.

Gifts for a 4 year old fashionista

Every year the girl pays more and more attention to her appearance. Therefore, when choosing a gift, it is worth considering that the birthday girl is a little lady who strives to imitate her mother, older sister, etc. in everything.

Wrist watch. This is a stylish accessory, thanks to which the girl will learn to understand the time. In addition, the watch is part of the image. The baby will feel older, become more confident.

If you want to win the authority of a child, this gift is what you need. Which model to choose – electronic or mechanical, you choose, the main thing is that the watch has an attractive appearance.

Jewelry set. Little ladies love to adorn themselves with a variety of accessories to look even more like adult ladies. Therefore, such a gift will suit the birthday girl just in time.

Most often, such sets consist of beads, rings, bracelets, clip-on earrings. Jewelry is not heavy, it is pleasant to wear them, they will not cause any discomfort to the baby.

Aquagrim set. It’s easy to transform into your favorite character – you just need to apply makeup on your face. This set is absolutely safe for children’s skin.

Face painting isn’t just for the holidays, it’s a great idea for a memorable photo shoot or a great way to cheer yourself up. To wash off the paint, you do not need to use special tools, plain water will do.

Fashion handbag. This is an indispensable element of the image, so the little fashionista is guaranteed to like the gift!

A girl will appreciate a handbag in the form of a funny animal or a cartoon character. It can also be a kind of handbag that the girl saw with her mother, aunt, older sister.

Gifts for a creative girl


TOP 96 ideas What to give a girl for 4 years +28 gifts and Tips

It is very important to develop creativity in a child. These skills help children perceive the world around them easier and faster, develop perseverance, fine motor skills, patience, and attentiveness.

The child becomes more independent, adapts more easily (joins the team, etc.). But most importantly – creativity increases self-esteem!

Cosmetic bag for coloring. A cosmetic bag that can be painted to your liking will definitely please the girl. She will feel like a real designer whose ideas come to life.

Moreover, the girl will not only paint the thing, but also enjoy the process, because bright colors cheer up! In addition, the set sells glitter, which can be sprinkled on the finished product, giving it a glamorous glow.

3D pen. With the help of this product, the girl will create any volumetric figure or even a toy. This exciting activity develops fine motor skills, creative thinking, spatial thinking, purposefulness, mindfulness, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases self-esteem.

To start drawing with such a pen, you do not need special skills, the main thing is desire and a little patience!

Home theater of shadows. This is both a fun and educational game. Such an activity captivates the child for a long time. Allows the whole family to have a good time.

You can create new fairy tales or play already familiar ones. Also, shadow theater develops fine motor skills, abstract thinking, and fantasy.

Set for creating your own jewelry. This is a craft kit with lots of beads, pendants and other accessories needed to create bracelets and beads. The girl will be able to give free rein to her imagination, create unique things for herself, her mother or girlfriends.

Such a pastime will appeal not only to the girl, but also to adults. After all, this is a great opportunity to strengthen relationships, teach the baby something new.


Four years is the age at which children still do not know how to hide their emotions. If the birthday girl does not like your gift, she will say so publicly.

In order not to get into an awkward situation, when choosing a presentation, be guided by useful tips.

Parents’ opinion.  Before you buy something, do not forget to consult with the baby’s parents. They will be able to push you to the right thoughts.

Age of the birthday girl. At the age of four, a girl will not yet be able to create a picture from a mosaic, she simply does not have the patience for this. But she will be happy to put together puzzles or paint coloring pages.

Original gift giving. In order for the gift to impress the birthday girl and remember her for a long time, you can invite an animator to the holiday or come up with an interesting way to the gift yourself (something like a quest).

A good option is to pack a surprise in several boxes to prolong the girl’s pleasant sense of anticipation. Parents can decorate the baby’s room with balloons before she wakes up, and hide the surprise inside them.

Pleasant trifles. Sometimes it happens that adults buy expensive and, most importantly, useful gifts for children, forgetting that kids need toys. Therefore, if you bought a birthday girl, for example, a table for classes, a sled or a beautiful winter suit, do not forget to complement your gift with a nice little surprise for the girl, which she can immediately use.

Don’t get hung up on “girly” gifts. If the baby asks for a railroad or a radio-controlled car, give in to her. After all, when do dreams come true, if not in childhood!

Don’t skimp on quality.  Before buying a toy, make sure that it is made without the use of toxic materials and dyes. Check it for strength, it will be a shame if your gift breaks an hour after delivery.

What is better not to give

Not all gifts will be able to please a four-year-old birthday girl, so before you go shopping, do not be too lazy to read the list of things that are strongly discouraged from giving to a baby.

  • Delicious gifts.  Not all children can eat chocolate or citrus fruits, before giving such a present, be sure to ask your parents for permission.
  • Money. Due to her age, the baby will not appreciate such a present. If you still cannot refuse this idea, give the birthday girl a certificate to the toy store, but first you need to ask the parents if they can take the girl there.
  • Useful gifts.  You should not try to get ahead of time by handing the girl, for example, prescriptions. Studying, of course, is good, but such a boring gift will not cause anything but disappointment in the birthday girl.
  • Casual wear.  The baby will definitely not be happy with such a gift. But a festive fluffy dress with elegant shoes, as well as complete with a crown or tiara – a dream gift!
  • The gift is not age appropriate.  The girl has already played enough with rattles, so she will definitely not like toys intended for younger children. And things designed for older children most likely will not captivate a 4-year-old child, so she will not show interest in them.
  • Pets.  Such gifts are not recommended to be given without the consent of the parents. After all, the entire burden of responsibility for a living being will fall on their shoulders.
  • Books without illustrations.  Such a gift will not interest a four-year-old child, on the contrary, the brighter the pictures in the book, the better.


Birthday for children is a huge cake with candles, balloons and, of course, a lot of gifts! The task of adults is to make the holiday the brightest and best event. Try to fulfill the girl’s dream, give the baby a gift that will delight her throughout the year. Then she will believe in magic, and, knowing that dreams come true, she will look forward to the next holiday!

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