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116 gift ideas for your boss’s birthday + tips

It is not easy to choose a suitable gift even for a close relative, let alone the head of the company, especially if it is a woman. It is unacceptable to give some things not only because of the inconsistency with the interests of the person being presented, but also for ethical reasons. Consider what you can give your boss for her birthday and still not lose face.

TOP 70 ideas of what to give the Boss for her birthday

Gifts can be inexpensive and valuable, large and small, multifunctional and just for beauty. The choice of the optimal option falls on the shoulders of colleagues with a heavy burden, because it is easy to make a mistake in this matter, but you don’t want to upset your boss at all.

The most popular birthday present ideas for the leader:

  1. table clock (mechanical or electronic) with an unusual design;
  2. a picture on the wall (a reproduction of the work of a famous artist or an original from a talented master);
  3. a gift certificate to a store of dishes, perfumes and cosmetics, furniture, etc.;
  4. a box or a stand for jewelry and bijouterie decorated with stylish elements;
  5. elegant personalized diary or business card holder;
  6. leather case for glasses;
  7. a set of stands for pens and pencils and boxes for documentation;
  8. multifunctional laptop bag with many compartments, decorated with beautiful unusual elements;
  9. scratch map of the world (for the boss, who often travels on business trips and constantly travels);
  10. congratulations on radio, television or a banner on a billboard with the image of a birthday girl and wishes;
  11. unusual handmade flower vase or flowerpot with decorative painting;
  12. the so-called endless calendar made of wood;
  13. a subscription to a printed publication, which the boss regularly buys;
  14. a basket of exotic fruits, cakes or other delicious and unusual products;
  15. wine shelf with engraving;
  16. a set of expensive glasses for wine or champagne;
  17. a stand for a computer or fruit plates in the bathroom;
  18. an exclusive figurine in the office, which suits the style;
  19. paperweight;
  20. tickets for a spectacular event (cinema, theater, exhibition, concert of your favorite artist);
  21. original mirror in a wrought iron frame for office or home;
  22. live flower in a pot;
  23. elite grades of tea or coffee;
  24. unusual quality lunch box;
  25. a huge basket of flowers;
  26. desktop holder for business cards;
  27. camera with instant printing;
  28. alarm clock with an unusual melody;
  29. smart lamp that turns on with a wave of the hand;
  30. beautiful scarf or shawl;
  31. photo frame in a frame made of precious wood;
  32. hand-embroidered plaid or blanket, silk bed linen;
  33. smart watch that works in conjunction with a smartphone;
  34. e-book for lovers of reading;
  35. collectible chess or checkers;
  36. glasses for drinks with an engraving;
  37. a set of chocolates from different countries;
  38. globe for a travel lover;
  39. aquarium with live plants;
  40. lava lamp for relaxation;
  41. a board game for a business woman (for example, “Monopoly”);
  42. power bank with large capacity;
  43. biofireplace;
  44. portable weather station;
  45. a hammock or garden rocking chair for the owner of a suburban area;
  46. certificate for a professional photo shoot in the studio;
  47. edible bouquet of flowers, vegetables;
  48. subscription for massage sessions;
  49. external hard drive;
  50. an antique item with a history, if the boss appreciates such gifts;
  51. fan or portable air conditioner in the office;
  52. shelf for books and documents;
  53. a bottle of rare collection wine or champagne;
  54. a set of scented candles or an aroma diffuser;
  55. a pillow with a photo of the band printed on it;
  56. copper cezve or porcelain teapot;
  57. expensive handmade carpet;
  58. branded sunglasses;
  59. decorative mini-bar;
  60. designer landline phone for receiving calls from customers;
  61. wicker furniture for the dacha, brazier with a grill;
  62. decorative hourglass;
  63. certificate for attending a culinary master class;
  64. a small music center or wireless stationary speakers;
  65. salt lamp;
  66. desktop decorative fountain or air humidifier;
  67. an unusual but comfortable suitcase for work and informal trips;
  68. nominal key holder on the wall;
  69. cube-shaped projector for watching movies after a hard day’s work;
  70. high-quality automatic umbrella with an anti-wind system and a comfortable handle.

What can you give the boss for her birthday original

There are gifts that remain in memory for a long time and evoke strong emotions. The boss will be touched by an unusual present in which employees will invest their time and soul.

Gift options:

  1. Concert. Each of the workers must prepare a number (read a poem of his own composition, play the guitar, sing a song, show tricks, etc.). Such amateur performance always cheers up and creates a homely atmosphere in a boring office.
  2. Weekend tour or a ticket to a sanatorium. This gift will be well received by the boss if she works hard, gives all her strength to the development and well-being of the company and rarely finds time for rest.
  3. Unusual airbrushing done by professionals, high-quality tires with alloy wheels, if the manager is a car enthusiast with a lot of experience and will be happy with such a surprise.
  4. Printing accessories from the skin of rare animals (if the boss is not an ardent animal rights activist) or from eminent manufacturers of elite products.
  5. Hot air balloon ride, ATV ride, buggy, sled dogs. Any option for active recreation will be received with gratitude if the leader does not like to sit still and loves adventure and new experiences.
  6. A rare item that the boss collects. It can be an expensive copy of a coin, an icon or other valuable item.
  7. Smart notepad. This device is like a tablet with a special pen included. All records can be transferred to the cloud storage and to a personal computer or smartphone of the owner.
  8. Massage chair or rocking chair. Such furniture can be designed both for the office rest of the boss, and for the home. The armchair will allow you to relax, forget about working days and put your nerves in order.

A gift from the team for the birthday of the boss

A gift from the whole team should be thought out to the smallest detail. It cannot be a cheap trinket, you need to spend enough money on a useful status present. First of all, it is important to decide on the style of congratulations. An authoritarian and tough leader should be congratulated with restraint and pomp. If a woman communicates with employees more democratically and enjoys spending time outside the office, congratulations can be more sincere, with warm wishes and appropriate jokes.

The whole team must be involved. You can allocate one employee to deliver a congratulatory speech and say wishes to everyone together in one sentence.

It is also important to choose the time for congratulations. If the boss is preparing for an important meeting, is worried and is not in the best mood, you should wait a while. It is not necessary to make a long speech, while it is important to speak slowly so that the moved woman can comment on the words of her beloved colleagues.

A woman should definitely give a bouquet of flowers. Even if a valuable gift is purchased, a flower arrangement is a necessary attribute of the celebration.

Options for gifts to the boss from the work team:

  1. wall clock for office or home use;
  2. a set of accessories for the car (eco-leather seat covers, car cosmetics), car numbers with a beautiful order of numbers;
  3. a furniture set for the office (a table made of natural wood with many compartments for storing documents and personal belongings, a leather armchair);
  4. an expensive pen for signing documents, complete with a notebook or diary in an exclusive binding;
  5. a coffee machine or an electric kettle if the boss likes to drink coffee and other hot drinks;
  6. designer scarf or handbag;
  7. a certificate for visiting the sauna or spa center (it is better to give to the boss and her spouse, other family members);
  8. collector’s edition of your favorite books.

Present to the boss from myself

In some teams, not only common expensive gifts are welcome, but also pleasant little things are given by individual employees with whom the boss has a closer relationship than with the rest. You should not spend a lot of money, because in a present from yourself it is enough to show attention and a good attitude towards a person.

Gift options:

  1. A bouquet of flowers and a card with sincere wishes, signed with his own hand.
  2. A box of handmade chocolates from a trusted candy store.
  3. A set of quality loose leaf tea and natural ground coffee. The gift must be beautifully wrapped. You can use a tin can painted with patterns and decorative tape.
  4. A set of quality cosmetics. Such a gift is acceptable if you know exactly the tastes of the leader, and you are on friendly terms. You can donate decorative cosmetics or hair and skin care products (not anti-aging).

Cool gifts for the boss with a sense of humor

In some teams, the relationship between employees is so close and relaxed that humorous gifts are not considered something shameful. At the same time, it is important to think carefully about whether it is worth giving this or that thing, whether such a congratulation will offend a good leader.

Suitable options:

  1. Team calendar. You can make a colorful calendar with funny stories to order by inserting photos of employees and the boss herself into it. On each page, in addition to photos and windows with dates, an original congratulation is placed in a playful form.
  2. A retro-album with photographs depicting employees and the most important and interesting events in the life of the company. Photos should be “live” and funny. You can mount the appropriate video if enough material has been collected.
  3. Portrait of the boss, painted to order. She must be depicted as a royal person or other unusual character.
  4. An organizer mug that can be written on with a special pencil. There are so-called chameleon mugs, when hot drinks are added to the container, funny images appear on them.
  5. The original cake, made in the form of a boss’s desk, a folder with documents, Themis and made in the form of any other item symbolizing the company’s activities.
  6. Portrait or sculpture of a boss made of chocolate.

What to give the boss for her birthday inexpensively

If you do not have a large budget, this does not mean at all that you need to find funds at all costs and purchase an expensive gift. On a birthday, attention and warm wishes are the most important, while the cost of a present goes by the wayside.

Budget gift options:

  1. a book that will please the birthday girl;
  2. a cake or pie prepared by oneself;
  3. thermos or thermo mug with engraving;
  4. an exotic plant in a beautiful pot (it is important to make sure in advance that the boss has no allergies);
  5. warm blanket or blanket;
  6. an anti-stress pillow for relaxation and rest during a lunch break;
  7. a box for needlework and other gifts related to the leader’s hobby.

What to give for the birthday of the boss who has everything?

If you show imagination and ingenuity, then even a person who has everything will be pleasantly surprised to receive an unusual gift for his birthday that no one else will give him. A banal boring present to the boss will not work, because there is a chance to disappoint the birthday girl.

Interesting presentations:

  1. Collection of stories of all members of the team. You can collect employee stories and arrange them into a large hardcover book with handwritten images, drawings, and wishes. You should list the positive moments from the life of the company and various events. Binding and other design details can be ordered from a professional printer.
  2. Named star. This is the most appropriate gift if the leader has an anniversary date. Specialized firms are engaged in the sale of stars and give them the name of the gifted person. Purchasers are provided with an official certificate, which indicates not only the name, but also registration data, distance from the Earth, coordinates, the name of the constellation with a photo and other useful information. Modern technologies allow you to admire the star with your name with the help of special computer programs.
  3. Expensive service for tea parties. It is important to choose attractive cups, saucers, coasters and other accessories. You can purchase dessert spoons and engrave them with wishes or the name of the birthday girl. The outer side of the cups can be painted with wise thoughts.
  4. Romantic and delicate arrangement of fresh roses and other flowers, framed in glass. Some firms specialize in the manufacture of glass flasks with live dehydrated flowers that retain their original appearance for 5 years or more. They do not require careful maintenance, watering, it is enough to periodically wipe the surface from accumulated dust.

DIY gift ideas

Handmade gifts are always highly valued, because the donor spends a lot of time and effort on it, puts his soul into it. Literally a decade ago, such presentations were considered bad form and were considered an unacceptable option for congratulating the leader on his birthday. At present, the situation has changed dramatically. Things made by yourself should look beautiful, be neat, solid and correspond to the status of the recipient.

Gift options for the boss:

  1. Embroidered picture. You can embroider works of famous artists, a landscape, a still life on an office theme, an image of the birthday girl herself.
  2. Beautiful panel. You can make it in any technique. The main thing is that it correctly fits into the interior of the office and looks neat.
  3. A handmade brooch or an author’s decoration by a famous master.
  4. Sculpture miniature.
  5. Handmade soap. The shape should be neutral, for example, a flower or ornament is ideal.
  6. Notebook or organizer with a handmade cover.
  7. Desk lamp with hand-decorated lampshade. Employees can all together beautifully arrange a lighting fixture for their beloved boss.
  8. Fabric picture on the wall, painted with paints.
  9. Candy bouquet.

The latter option is very popular in labor collectives. A female leader will be touched to the core by an original gift. The sweets chosen for the flower arrangement must be tasty, beautiful and fresh. It is better to purchase all the components on your own and assemble a bouquet without involving firms. On the Internet you can find many workshops on making a bouquet of sweets.

What is better not to give the boss on her birthday?

Not all gifts can be given to the boss, even if the relationship with this person is the warmest. Options to avoid:

  • Underwear and other clothing. Lingerie is too intimate a present that can only be given to relatives and other close people. Clothing as a gift is a sign of bad taste, besides, you can not guess with the size and find yourself in an awkward situation. The exception is an exclusive shawl, scarf.
  • Perfumery. Perfume or toilet water should be selected by the person himself, it is very easy to make a mistake in choosing such a gift, so this option is inappropriate.
  • Money in an envelope.
  • Strong alcoholic drinks. It is better not to give alcohol to the fair sex at all. However, if a decision is nevertheless made to present such a present to the boss, then it is better to stop at liquor, wine or champagne. In no case should you buy vodka, cognac.
  • Cheap useless souvenirs or handicrafts made in haste anyhow.
  • Cigarettes, steam generators and other smoking accessories, even if the woman smokes.
  • Wrinkle creams, cellulite scrubs, weight loss products, medicines and medical equipment. Such things do not need to be presented not only to the boss, but also to any other women. The gift, as it were, hints at flaws in appearance and health problems that require correction. For the same reason, you should not purchase a gym membership, scales, epilator.
  • Animals. Even if the boss loves cats and dogs, you should not give her a pet. Perhaps she will not have free time to take care of a living being.
  • Crockery, household appliances, kitchen utensils, which indicate that a woman is a housewife, not a leader.
  • Things associated with bad omens. Perhaps the boss is superstitious, so she will be upset when she receives such a present.

It is not easy to choose a gift for a manager, because if you make an unfortunate mistake and donate the wrong thing, you can worsen your relationship with your boss and cause negative emotions in her. By following simple rules and connecting your imagination, you can give a woman an unforgettable present, which she will remember for many years and tell others how much the team appreciates her.

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