What to give a guy

TOP 112 ideas What to give a guy inexpensively but nice +19 gifts

Not only ladies like to receive gifts. But it happens that an important event is already approaching, and you still do not know what to give a guy inexpensively.

Do not be upset, armed with useful tips from this article, you can easily pick up romantic, original, useful and even tasty gifts for a young man.

Thinking about what you can give a guy inexpensively, remember that the most important thing in your gift is attention and sincere feelings. It is necessary to try not only to pass the gift from hand to hand, but also to give the young man a great mood, bright, unforgettable emotions. Do not be afraid to experiment and surprise, say “No” to banal and dull gifts!

When choosing a budget present, remember that it should evoke emotions in a guy (make him laugh or even touch), be useful, and also of high quality.

The selection of gifts offered here meets all these requirements. Therefore, make yourself comfortable, choose carefully and slowly.

TOP 112 ideas, What can you give a guy inexpensively

  1. Home weather station.
  2. Model of a tank, aircraft, military vehicle.
  3. Fortune cookies.
  4. Piggy bank of unusual shape.
  5. Space food.
  6. Original molds for ice.
  7. Set for barbecue.
  8. Named bath towel.
  9. Cooling stones for drinks.
  10. Phone stand.
  11. Smartphone holder for steering wheel.
  12. Belt bag.
  13. Straight razor.
  14. Bamboo blanket.
  15. Decanter with name engraving.
  16. Car organizer.
  17. Sleeping bag or single tent.
  18. Apron with a cool inscription.
  19. Set of tools.
  20. Perfume.
  21. Holdall.
  22. Thermos or thermo mug.
  23. Luminous shoelace.
  24. Aroma lamp with a set of essential oils.
  25. Checkbook of desires.
  26. BBQ set.
  27. Perpetual calendar.
  28. Mixer mug.
  29. The bow tie.
  30. Unusual bathroom curtain.
  31. Set for growing plants.
  32. Optical mouse on the finger.
  33. Mini lamp for keyboard illumination.
  34. Heated lunch box.
  35. Illuminated shower head.
  36. Multitool.
  37. Radio controlled car.
  38. Male key holder.
  39. Sports bag.
  40. Beard grooming kit.
  41. Portable speaker.
  42. Card case.
  43. Apparatus for making hot dogs.
  44. Stylish umbrella.
  45. Original slippers with grass.
  46. Checkers or chess.
  47. Wireless keyboard or mouse.
  48. Sports water bottle.
  49. Powerbank.
  50. Army flask.
  51. 3D lamp.
  52. Heated mouse pad.
  53. Dream trap.
  54. Diary and personalized pen.
  55. Handheld vacuum cleaner for the car.
  56. Kigurumi and soft slippers.
  57. Set of male cosmetics.
  58. Case for tablet or phone.
  59. Alarm clock with a target.
  60. Stylish keychain made of genuine leather for keys.
  61. Cocktail shaker.
  62. Bathrobe with personalized embroidery.
  63. Electric Toothbrush.
  64. Shoe care kit.
  65. Handmade soap.
  66. Sunglasses.
  67. Portable coffee machine.
  68. Money clip.
  69. Male wooden comb.
  70. Blanket with sleeves.
  71. Mug warmer.
  72. Salt lamp.
  73. Air purifier or humidifier.
  74. Name bat.
  75. Decorative pillow for home or car.
  76. Table-tray on legs or with a cushion.
  77. Smart kettle.
  78. Magnetic hourglass.
  79. Fitness bracelet.
  80. Screwdriwer set.
  81. Picnic set.
  82. Personalized coffee beans or loose leaf tea.
  83. Sports T-shirt made of breathable material.
  84. Men’s paracord bracelet with compass.
  85. Weather forecaster.
  86. Small folding chair.
  87. Heated gloves.
  88. Set for a bath or sauna.
  89. Convenient backpack.
  90. Anti-slip exercise mat.
  91. Inflatable sofa.
  92. Powerful flashlight with solar battery.
  93. Leather belt with boy’s initials.
  94. Scratch map of the world.
  95. Water filter.
  96. A pot for cooking on fire.
  97. Backpack chair.
  98. Fishing rod or spinning.
  99. Cover for documents.
  100. Compass in a shockproof case.
  101. Mini fridge for one tin.
  102. Sweater for a cup.
  103. Aeroball.
  104. Non-slip mat for car dashboard.
  105. Hand knitted hat and scarf.
  106. Tactical fingerless gloves.
  107. Pendulum “Newton’s Cradle”.
  108. Universal remote.
  109. Headphone splitter.
  110. Set of badminton rackets.
  111. Nice tea pot.
  112. Mini golf.

Original gift ideas

Not knowing what you can give a guy inexpensive, but original, consider the following gift options. Any of the offered gifts will impress and please the young man, he will be remembered for a long time.

Pocket talisman for luring financial well-being. An interesting idea of ​​​​what to give a guy inexpensive, but pleasant. One of the most popular symbols of good luck and wealth is a three-legged frog sitting on a mountain of coins. According to Feng Shui, it symbolizes money abundance, longevity, good luck, and also absorbs negative energy. Carry a talisman in a pocket or purse.

A box for storing watches or men’s jewelry. When choosing what to give a guy for his birthday inexpensively, you cannot ignore this original gift.

The box is a beautiful interior decoration, as well as a convenient way to store men’s accessories. If a young man likes to wear bracelets, chains, seals, watches, then he will definitely like such a present. Now each decoration will have its place.

Travel kit for survival. A great option to give a guy an inexpensive and original. If a young man is a lover of outdoor activities, cannot live a day without adventures, then, without hesitation, choose this present.

The kit includes everything you need in an emergency – a steel, screwdriver, knife, flashlight, etc. This gift will definitely not go unnoticed.

Traveler’s globe. A young man dreaming of traveling needs such a gift. This is a good idea for an inexpensive gift for a guy. In addition to being an unusual piece of furniture, a globe is an original way to spend your leisure time in a fun and useful way.

A set of felt-tip pens is also sold with the globe. With their help, you can decorate the countries that you were lucky enough to visit or those regions where you have yet to go.

What to give inexpensive but useful

A budget gift does not mean a bad one. When choosing which inexpensive gift you can give a guy, pay attention to useful presents. The following selection of gifts will not leave anyone indifferent.

Table-transformer for a laptop. A suitable idea for what to give inexpensively for DR. This device will prevent overheating of the laptop, provide comfortable work. The height of the table is adjustable, making it easy and comfortable to work with the keyboard. The device also provides space for a computer mouse. The table folds compactly, so it is not difficult for him to find a place for storage.

Leg hammock. An interesting option to give a guy an inexpensive, but pleasant. A young man will be flattered by your concern for his health and comfort. The hammock is attached to any model of the table and is adjustable in height, which will allow you to choose a comfortable position for your legs.

This is an original element of the interior, as well as a thing that will help you relax, relieve leg fatigue, improve posture, and increase efficiency.

Keychain with search function. Consider this option if you do not know what to give inexpensively. This invention was invented to search for lost things. As soon as the owner of the key fob hangs down, he immediately responds to the sound (begins to squeak and blink).

This is very convenient if the guy often forgets where he left his keys, phone and other small items. The keychain is compact and battery operated.

Massager for head. Not a bad idea if you don’t have much money. This unique product is able to relieve headaches, relieve stress and fatigue in a matter of minutes. The massager will allow you to relax and unwind. There are no contraindications for its use, the device has no side effects.

You can use the massager not only for head massage, but also for joints. Since it folds compactly, you can take it with you anywhere: to work, study, travel, etc.

Gifts with a touch of romance

Choosing budget, but pleasant gifts, you need to pay attention to small romantic surprises. Now you will learn how to surprise and please a guy without having a large amount of money.

Night light projector of the starry sky. Great idea what to give for a year of relationship. Such a lamp will help create a romantic atmosphere, since, by turning it on, myriads of stars and constellations scatter on the ceiling and walls.

What can be more beautiful than sitting together, contemplating the heavenly bodies and dreaming about the future. The lamp is powered by mains or batteries, so you can create a bright panorama of the sky in any corner of the apartment.

massage balls. Jade massage balls are sold in a gift box, so this is a good option to give a guy just like that and inexpensively. Jade is a stone with magical properties.

It is believed that he is able to calm and pacify, allows you to achieve your goals, protects from negative energy. In addition, it treats headaches and migraines, helps to get rid of insomnia, normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system.

Set of LED candles. Another inexpensive gift for a guy. With such candles it is easy to arrange a romantic dinner without worrying that they will quickly melt or go out at the most inopportune moment.

LED candles are battery operated and can be controlled with a remote control. The flame looks very realistic, therefore, at first glance, these candles cannot be distinguished from wax candles.

A mitt for two. The original version of what to give a guy for a month of relationship. Such a set consists of two mittens (put on both male and female hands).

The set also includes one large mitten. Thanks to her, a couple in love during a walk can hold hands, while they will not freeze. With such a present, there will be even more romance in a relationship.

An example of a gift for a sports guy

A young man who is fond of sports and leads a correct lifestyle will be delighted with any of the surprises offered here. Choose inexpensive gifts for a guy and hurry to please him.

Press roller. An interesting idea of ​​​​what to give a guy for no reason and inexpensively. This is a convenient home simulator, with the help of which the dream of having beautiful cubes on the stomach will become a reality. You can practice at any time, regardless of the weather outside.

At the same time, you do not need to spend money on purchasing a subscription and time to get to the gym. The roller is equipped with comfortable handles, it does not slip and does not scratch the floor.

Jump rope with jump counter. This sports tool will help the guy to make training even more effective. Jumping rope is classified as a cardio exercise, so they have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

In addition, exercises increase endurance, strengthen leg muscles, and improve breathing efficiency.

Overdoor horizontal bar. The horizontal bar can be attached above the doorway. The benefits of exercises on the horizontal bar are invaluable. Regular exercise helps to improve health, make the body beautiful and fit, and provide a good mood.

This is one of the most effective trainers. When pulling up, several muscle groups are involved at once: back, arms, chest, shoulders and even the abdomen.

Wrist trainer. This is an excellent trainer for the hands, the load is felt after a few minutes of use. Young people who work a lot at the computer suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. Classes with a hand simulator will prevent this disease.

It is also an effective way to recover from various hand injuries and an interesting gadget for an exciting pastime with friends and relatives.

What to give a creative young man

If a young man can be described as a creative person, then gifts should be appropriate for him. Among the proposed options, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

A large set of art products. A guy who is fond of drawing, design, you need to give a suitcase with a set of pencils, wax crayons, markers, felt-tip pens, watercolors.

The kit also includes a sharpener and a palette for mixing paints. Such a gift will make a positive impression, surprise and delight at the same time.

Drum set for fingers. This gift is sure to be appreciated by the musician. This is a drum set in miniature, so this gift cannot be called a toy. The device is powered by batteries, and in order for it to make a sound, it is enough to press the drums and cymbals with your fingertips.

The instrument is equipped with a loudspeaker that delivers pure and clear sound.

Magnetic whiteboard. Creative people are often visited by brilliant ideas, but they remain unrealized, because there was no piece of paper at hand to write them down.

If a young man has become famous as a great inventor and creative, give him a special board that is hung on the refrigerator or on any other surface. You can write on it with crayons, now not a single thought will be undeservedly forgotten.

Tasty and inexpensive surprises for a guy


TOP 112 ideas What to give a guy inexpensively but nice +19 gifts

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Therefore, if there are no ideas what to give a guy, use the win-win options and give him something tasty.

Edible bouquet. If women are delighted at the sight of a bouquet of fragrant flowers, then a man can be bribed with a bouquet collected from his favorite delicacies. This is an edible work of art that not only looks unusual, but also has amazing taste.

Please the guy with different varieties of meat, sausage, cheese. The bouquet may also consist of fish, crackers, chips, snacks, etc.

Beer marmalade. The young man definitely did not try such marmalade. This is a real adult dessert consisting of craft beer. The taste of the delicacy is also unusual.

At first, the treat tastes sweet and only the aftertaste will indicate that the marmalade is made from beer. But it contains practically no alcohol, its use is permissible for drivers, children and pregnant women. Therefore, even if the guy is a zozhnik, do not hesitate, feel free to treat.

Sweet poster. A suitable idea for what to give if there is no money. The poster resembles a large wall newspaper. It is large and colorful, decorated with bright inscriptions and photographs. But its main “trick” is sweets.

Near each congratulations you need to attach a thematic treat. This is a cool idea for those who like to please and surprise. Just imagine the enthusiastic expression on the guy’s face when he sees such an unusual congratulation.

Chocolate tools. There are legends that not a single man has yet guessed that the tools are actually made of chocolate, figured sweets look so realistic.

Hurry up to check if this is true. Delicacies are hand-crafted by craftsmen from Belgian chocolate. Even if a guy cannot be called a sweet tooth, he is unlikely to remain indifferent at the sight of this delicacy.


After reading the following tips, it will be easier for you to choose an inexpensive gift for a guy. Taking note of the important points and nuances, you will be able to buy the perfect present for a young man.

Allocate funds properly. Even with a minimum amount of money, still try to allocate funds for the purchase of postcards, wrapping paper. Be sure to pack your surprise beautifully, then it will look much more representative, and therefore will have a great effect.

Consider the guy’s hobbies.  If you don’t have any ideas, try to remember what the young man is interested in. A thing that will relate to his interests is a win-win gift option.

Congratulatory speech.  In order not to get confused at the most crucial moment, think over your congratulations in advance. It could be a funny incident that happened to the two of you, or a funny story. During congratulations, try to look the young man in the eyes, so you will show him your sincerity.

Consider the level of your relationship.  If you and your boyfriend are on friendly terms, then you can choose gifts with humor, your loved one will like romantic gifts, a work colleague, a classmate is better to buy something neutral.

Give gifts the right way.  Be sure to make sure that your gift does not have a price tag. It is best to keep the receipt and warranty card with you. When presenting a surprise, you should not tell how much effort you put in to find this particular thing.

The gift should be a surprise. Try to keep secret until the last moment what you are going to present to the young man as a gift. Then he will make a much greater impression.

What is better not to give

Having a small amount of money, at first it may seem that it is impossible to choose a worthy present. However, the range of budget presents is so wide that it is easy to get confused.

In order not to buy the wrong thing, it is better to find out in advance what gifts can upset a young man.

  • A ready-made gift set of cosmetics. Such a present indicates that you did not want to bother with the choice and bought the first thing that came to your hand. Handing such a gift, you are not surprised that the guy’s reaction will be appropriate.
  • Pets.  Giving a living being without prior approval is considered wrong. After all, you cannot know for sure whether the guy wants to take care of another creature on his shoulders or not.
  • Useless trinkets.  Since the representatives of the stronger sex prefer to receive practical things as a gift, souvenirs and interior things are unlikely to please them.
  • Things associated with negative signs.  If the guy is a suspicious nature, then you should not hand him handkerchiefs, slippers, piercing and cutting objects, mirrors and watches.
  • Perfumery. Such a present should be chosen very carefully, as you may not guess with the smell, which means you will throw money away.
  • Cloth.  When choosing shoes or a piece of clothing for a guy, make sure you know exactly the guy’s size, his color preferences, find out what style he wears, etc.
  • Crockery and other kitchen utensils.  Such presents will not please the guy, only if he is not fond of cooking.
  • Hint gifts. If a young man is not fond of sports and has a fragile physique, then dumbbells and a gym membership will look ambiguous.
  • Women’s gifts.  A bouquet of flowers, a bunch of balloons, a soft toy can offend a guy, so it’s best to avoid such presents.


Any gift should bring warmth and love, do not get hung up on its value. Even the most budgetary little thing, carefully bought, can make the holiday unique and memorable. Therefore, when choosing a gift, be sure to be guided by sincere feelings, then it will be out of competition!

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